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This is where you come to get away from bullies and lifes problems. Here you are loved!

  1. Amber

    AmberHour ago

    Can you please do another slenderman haunted forest video with renny, ango, ali h and aldo

  2. Damon Greenland

    Damon Greenland2 hours ago

    Sounded like a lol to me

  3. Samuel Goldman

    Samuel Goldman2 hours ago

    Reason of why u heard that loud voice is because u said bad things on tom and keep doing it in most of ur videos thats why u hear voices and many other things!

  4. Vicky Dimeo

    Vicky Dimeo2 hours ago

    hay moe i pastt talsl and i see you

  5. Samuel Goldman

    Samuel Goldman2 hours ago


  6. Luis Nunez

    Luis Nunez2 hours ago

    37:41 what is that?πŸ€”

  7. Lisa Wood

    Lisa Wood2 hours ago

    Hi Moe I’m obsessed with your vlogs I watch them all the time they are so good. Thank you all the way from Yorkshire England❀️

  8. Melody Adkins

    Melody Adkins2 hours ago

    A little bit before 22:29 did you all hear a scream

  9. Shanthra Jones

    Shanthra Jones2 hours ago

    Always be respectful when talking to spirits or demons. I got summoned and chaos in my head get the frick out of my house very angry. Dang Moe you’re savage as heck.

  10. Melody Adkins

    Melody Adkins2 hours ago

    At 17:48 a little bit before that did you guys see orbs flying around or is that dust

  11. lilreco Gaming

    lilreco Gaming2 hours ago

    The bottel master instant transmission

  12. Samuel Goldman

    Samuel Goldman2 hours ago

    Thats so Amazing, i love Nasa, How come its abandoned and world famous research company? :)

  13. Shanthra Jones

    Shanthra Jones2 hours ago

    Ear ringing means that something wants to communicate with you. Creepy asf doll. I can sense five sprits three demons and one djinn and one spirit. One demon is attached to the doll. There are allot of misconceptions about demons some are bad some are not that bad. Love ya moe!

  14. Rose Hensley

    Rose Hensley2 hours ago

    Moe that case is over parents in jail

  15. Winnie Sinclair

    Winnie Sinclair2 hours ago

    We need more new videos please!!!!

  16. Holly Krystina

    Holly Krystina2 hours ago

    But.. what about the kids ? I need to know... as a mother, I am beyond stressed because of how worried I am for them.

  17. Dumb noodle

    Dumb noodle3 hours ago

    At 8:10 you can see the chandelier moving

  18. Winnie Sinclair

    Winnie Sinclair3 hours ago

    Don't get me wrong I love your shows!!

  19. E.C. Grant

    E.C. Grant3 hours ago

    Wait so zombies are real then


    606 HILLBILLY RACER3 hours ago

    It's a 2006 Nissan Maxima 3.5SE

  21. Dab Cat 17

    Dab Cat 173 hours ago

    Moe: tom my doyy>:3 tom:oh my gosh let me sleep i will kill you now shut up

  22. Dab Cat 17

    Dab Cat 173 hours ago


  23. YOUSTPGRL789

    YOUSTPGRL7893 hours ago

    F who killed the poor doggyπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

  24. orestis yeet

    orestis yeet3 hours ago


  25. Mama-Sparky C

    Mama-Sparky C3 hours ago

    That black powder was ink, called toner for a copier.

  26. Sophia Contreras

    Sophia Contreras3 hours ago


  27. bob bob

    bob bob3 hours ago

    Who is watching in 2021

  28. Arcadius

    Arcadius3 hours ago

    We care about your life and soul moe, do not use a board.

  29. KitKat 800

    KitKat 8003 hours ago

    I don’t have any social media except for this so imma just say this here, I actually suffer from a bit of depression and I’m glad that in this video you said that your here for me and anyone else who struggles with depression as well. Thank you for your kindness and thank you for just being here

  30. Stranded Star Traveler

    Stranded Star Traveler3 hours ago

    20:23 orb floating over angelo 20:33 i hear "i warned you" 20:41 i heard "you will leave" 20:58 i heard "beelzebub" or "abezethibou" 22:15 after angelo asks where are you i hear a whisper that says " i'm here" and "hello" 23:05 and 23:15 sounds like laughing 24:07 i hear "leave" 24:38 i hear a whisper say "leave" 25:34 i hear "i'm coming" 25:53 i hear "i warned you" again 27:21i hear "i said leave" except the 2 whispers the rest i heard from the spirit box

  31. Andy Smith

    Andy Smith3 hours ago

    We do

  32. Gareth Day

    Gareth Day4 hours ago

    Please do more randonautica vids moe

  33. KitKat 800

    KitKat 8004 hours ago

    Ok this is my last and final comment so sorry if it’s a bit wordy, WHO THE FRICK IS THE DAM PSYCOPATH AND WHY DOES HE KEEP KILLING RANDOM DOGS

  34. Tiffany Davis

    Tiffany Davis4 hours ago

    Good video bro

  35. KitKat 800

    KitKat 8004 hours ago

    Renny renny renny renny renny renny renny renny renny renny renny renny renny renny

  36. c jarvis

    c jarvis4 hours ago

    Does anyone know if this is in Hamilton? West 5th century manor maybe?

  37. Milka Miskovic

    Milka Miskovic4 hours ago

    Where is this house

  38. shark gaming U_U

    shark gaming U_U4 hours ago

    Moe: Hello Me: sh sh

  39. trikydz

    trikydz4 hours ago

    I remember Tom , his house burtn kinda down. Soooooooo that means I'm an og I guessπŸ€”

  40. Chris Gillette

    Chris Gillette4 hours ago

    Just saw a gun

  41. Joey Barcus

    Joey Barcus4 hours ago

    Love yall guys

  42. xx0lar

    xx0lar4 hours ago

    Bro haven’t watched you in 3 years this is nostalgic asf

  43. LurkingPsycho

    LurkingPsycho5 hours ago

    12:00 "Are you coming (female voice)", did I hear that correctly O.o

  44. Krys Dave

    Krys Dave5 hours ago

    Hey Mo Saatchi I’m in Florida I love the weather :-):-) :-)Just kidding

  45. Kara Akahana

    Kara Akahana5 hours ago

    It could be that the Spirit was using the chandelier as a giant pendulum to communicate with you.

  46. Mikael Hauge Nedrelid

    Mikael Hauge Nedrelid5 hours ago

    20:42 do you not se the slenderman there?!

  47. Kylee Mahoney

    Kylee Mahoney5 hours ago

    R.I.P Tom my boy

  48. Jania Robles

    Jania Robles5 hours ago

    I thing I saw a white ball of light coming up the stairs

  49. Kelly A

    Kelly A5 hours ago

    Both of you looked gorgeous xxx

  50. Pauline Allen

    Pauline Allen5 hours ago

    Just a let u know your eyes look terrible have you gotten ANY sleep since the decapitated dog???? I still have nightmares

  51. Hector Gonzalez

    Hector Gonzalez5 hours ago

    Sometimes I see the name Dave around and idk who Dave is

  52. Lil g David

    Lil g David5 hours ago

    I didn’t believe it at first but when I seen the trees I started to believe it

  53. Nick Medrano

    Nick Medrano5 hours ago

    Thank you for about as moe we love you man from San Antonio, Texas

  54. Vickie Welch

    Vickie Welch5 hours ago

    Moe: *hears footsteps* Omar: *hello* *Light bulb drops* Moe: *has a full on panic attack and about fell down the stairs*

  55. Pauline Allen

    Pauline Allen5 hours ago

    I swear if you call the police again and you tell them their details. BOOM! they will be done for animal harm and cruelty. Justice will be served. To the dog and to the owner.

  56. Bloody Drawer

    Bloody Drawer5 hours ago

    Did anyone hear a woman saying β€œare you coming?” 12:01

  57. debbie May

    debbie May5 hours ago


  58. Brian Gabino

    Brian Gabino5 hours ago

    Jesus is good every time and I beileve him:)😌

  59. Winnie Sinclair

    Winnie Sinclair5 hours ago

    Your camera didn't catch it!

  60. MichaelMotorSports cup series

    MichaelMotorSports cup series6 hours ago

    I have not seen this whole entire video yet is there zombies?

  61. LoveAnimeAngel_2021

    LoveAnimeAngel_20216 hours ago

    might as well use a decent lighter instead of cheap regular brand matches, not to discredit what you say but there must've been (maybe) a slight bit of a light breeze blown in that tunnel - i'm not saying that it was but what else could possibly cause that to happen ?

  62. Melissa Adams

    Melissa Adams6 hours ago


  63. Teresa kindle

    Teresa kindle6 hours ago

    Hi moa sargi I'm from Tennessee

  64. Chris Bauer

    Chris Bauer6 hours ago

    20 mins of my life missing cumon moe you can do better then this

  65. Nichola Strevens

    Nichola Strevens6 hours ago

    Gothic Vampires

  66. Kristin Jahn

    Kristin Jahn6 hours ago

    You guys should diffently go back with night vision cameras and go to the place where you guys heard the noise and see if you guys can catch whatever it is. Love the video!!!

  67. Hauntedgirl

    Hauntedgirl6 hours ago

    i know this was awhile ago but spirits and water have a connection. Please correct me if im wrong but they say water somehow makes the spirit stronger

  68. Matthew Coronado

    Matthew Coronado6 hours ago

    I know I’m late but I hope that dog is happy in heaven rip

  69. Raven Claw

    Raven Claw6 hours ago

    That ending... where that plank came from? It was not there in that room in the first place. Looks like the demon threw it from above. It purposely tried to kill you.

  70. ClapzRevert

    ClapzRevert6 hours ago

    That’s really fucked up

  71. GØĐ Gaming

    GØĐ Gaming6 hours ago

    See 23:00 we see T O but before there was only T

  72. toni Mullen

    toni Mullen6 hours ago

    I was crying

  73. April Dawn

    April Dawn6 hours ago

    Watch vedios my tv just came on

  74. SaRiyah Jackson

    SaRiyah Jackson6 hours ago

    let us see the dog

  75. Samoon bomjan

    Samoon bomjan6 hours ago


  76. Zoey Smith

    Zoey Smith7 hours ago

    My nickname is Zozo so the intro was scary to me when you said is your name Zozo

  77. Cohen Smyth

    Cohen Smyth7 hours ago

    It could be a air soft gun or BB gun

  78. Sophia Nicholson

    Sophia Nicholson7 hours ago

    Can you do more of randonautica videos can you do more horror and scary type

  79. Evan B

    Evan B7 hours ago

    sorry but the cartoon looks boo boo lol

  80. SaRiyah Jackson

    SaRiyah Jackson7 hours ago

    we did not see the head