My name is EazySpeezy and this channel shows off a more casual side of speedrunning. I've loved speedrunning for years and always enjoy experiencing new games, so I speedrun a variety of fun, and lesser known games, as well as larger games here and there. My videos are made to show off cool speedruns, explain how they work, and hopefully entertain others while I'm at it. I also sometimes do variety content as well so be on the lookout for that too!

I speedrun many different games, but my main ones are currently Yandere Simulator, The Sims, and games from the Papa Louie series. Other than that, I love to speedrun obscure, old, nostalgic, and simply just fun games like Minecraft, Mario Kart, Cooking Mama 2, Mario, Zelda, and more. Join me as I try to go fast.

i went on a date
  1. regi yourfluffyfreind

    regi yourfluffyfreind10 hours ago

    Speedrun Friday night funk

  2. Random boi :3

    Random boi :310 hours ago

    I bet he can’t speed run SUMMER TIME-SAGA he’s to chicken toe to do it

  3. Ayden Rojas

    Ayden Rojas10 hours ago


  4. Romaine Chutckhan

    Romaine Chutckhan10 hours ago

    This needs ro be multiplayer

  5. AlexiSonic

    AlexiSonic10 hours ago

    Oh my god. Such bad game design all over the place. This is rage games levels of bad game design, and this is unintentional. That's terrible. It's not hard, it's just freaking random.

  6. Lord Oxyn

    Lord Oxyn10 hours ago

    Where's the downloooooaaadd

  7. Mahdy pro5

    Mahdy pro510 hours ago

    This game is powered by bluestacks

  8. Teal Marjira

    Teal Marjira10 hours ago

    2b2t's spawn looks like a sort of desolate wasteland.

  9. CB Gaming

    CB Gaming10 hours ago

    Speedrun sly 2 Band Of Thieves

  10. DeDe_ HDD

    DeDe_ HDD10 hours ago

    This game was glorious!

  11. Festus Happy

    Festus Happy10 hours ago

    where is the recipe of your pasta casserole?

  12. high quality meme content

    high quality meme content10 hours ago

    I played this game all the time and I HATED the neighbors level

  13. Pikmin012

    Pikmin01210 hours ago

    Family Friendly Killing Floor

  14. xXTrueFlamePortalXx

    xXTrueFlamePortalXx10 hours ago

    EasySpeezy: Tries to speedrun getting over it Orange jump, hat jump and final tower: helo

  15. jedhair RBLX

    jedhair RBLX10 hours ago

    Bruh why this get's recommended to me after 7 yrs Ok time to Return.

  16. reset bullseye

    reset bullseye10 hours ago

    Remeber kids dont do drugs

  17. Davis FireStar

    Davis FireStar10 hours ago

    Says hes gonna buy buckshot instead buys hydra rocket pods

  18. Benjamin O Mahony

    Benjamin O Mahony10 hours ago

    *Potatoes are terrible* ANGRY IRISH NOISES

  19. colin curtin

    colin curtin10 hours ago

    thought it was vr

  20. Jet Set Tomato

    Jet Set Tomato10 hours ago

    "Advance to the medieval age" *Sends out ancient spartans*

  21. ShadowCreeper the 4th wall breaker

    ShadowCreeper the 4th wall breaker11 hours ago

    Bro don't question cartoon's umbrella physics

  22. IIMeme MasterII

    IIMeme MasterII11 hours ago

    Is this the new zombies update?

  23. Lissi Nõmm

    Lissi Nõmm11 hours ago

    Next ep of duck life: go to spaceeee

  24. darkredondego

    darkredondego11 hours ago

    Fun fact: mlg in mobile is more easier (dude just spam click man)

  25. Oliver Gallagher

    Oliver Gallagher11 hours ago

    The rough quartz additionaly examine because poland postnatally embarrass about a known bat. parallel, efficient mallet

  26. amplvfications

    amplvfications11 hours ago

    why does this get in the algorithm

  27. Daniel Jastrzębski

    Daniel Jastrzębski11 hours ago

    I loved it

  28. Dallas Casto

    Dallas Casto11 hours ago

    I bet you can’t speed run zombie catchers

  29. Nintendo Gamer

    Nintendo Gamer11 hours ago

    Is this game free?

  30. Dallas Casto

    Dallas Casto11 hours ago

    You should speed run zombie catchers

  31. ItssOn 20

    ItssOn 2011 hours ago

    Wen i played it was no banana tree and the upgrades was spread on the hol map

  32. ThePlatPotato

    ThePlatPotato11 hours ago

    "There we go buckshot" -Speezy *starts shooting Hydra Rockets*

  33. Just a Moron

    Just a Moron11 hours ago

    I got a BitLife ad on This...

  34. Theodore Scherette

    Theodore Scherette11 hours ago

    Jaystation wants to know your location.

  35. Mr BenjiBoy

    Mr BenjiBoy11 hours ago

    I loved this game

  36. Ceaseless Void

    Ceaseless Void11 hours ago

    *Speed build be like!*

  37. Ábel Pap

    Ábel Pap11 hours ago

    Where can I still play this game in 2021?

  38. Muhammad Haris Mirza

    Muhammad Haris Mirza11 hours ago

    U take other guy seed noob

  39. Ben Osborn

    Ben Osborn11 hours ago

    Karlson is like titanfall 2

  40. Tom Henks

    Tom Henks11 hours ago

    "Everybody loves a little bit of infection in their mouth every once in a while" - EazySpeezy, 2020

  41. TheCatWithInternet

    TheCatWithInternet11 hours ago

    Speedrun your life

  42. Osnap

    Osnap11 hours ago

    "do you believe in gravity" speezy doesnt and that makes him epic man

  43. Robo Cob

    Robo Cob12 hours ago

    Come on I have a chromebook... what do you think I do during math?

  44. Kneil Teves

    Kneil Teves12 hours ago

    bruh just do kansei dorifto

  45. Anomalocaris 0

    Anomalocaris 012 hours ago

    This took me back

  46. Omega WeebTrash

    Omega WeebTrash12 hours ago

    Easy speezy beautiful cover girl

  47. XperimentorEES

    XperimentorEES12 hours ago

    It was oddly amusing seeing the game become more fragmented as you beat it, though reminds me of rumble racing back on the ps2 lol.

  48. A PlayZ

    A PlayZ12 hours ago

    DAY 1 of telling Eazy to soeed run little nightmare 1 and 2

  49. Yeet'ies Yeet

    Yeet'ies Yeet12 hours ago

    You never experienced true creativity if you never play this

  50. MetrislicA

    MetrislicA12 hours ago

    hardest swim is geometry dash ship xd

  51. Lucien Rose

    Lucien Rose12 hours ago

    1:42 Says the person who still doesn’t have an intro 5 years later

  52. shadow walker 303

    shadow walker 30312 hours ago

    Ahhh why me forget all angry bird games. Thank you youtube to make me nostalgic

  53. Sad uwu hours

    Sad uwu hours12 hours ago

    *childhood nostalgia intensives*

  54. ZenoDovahkiin

    ZenoDovahkiin12 hours ago

    Looking below the icon instead of above: understandable. Thinking buckshot means rockets: weird. Both but he has played Bloons TD: wat

  55. Jayden

    Jayden12 hours ago

    You just unlocked a memory i forgot i had

  56. Kutsuge Mind Urmoks

    Kutsuge Mind Urmoks13 hours ago

    I loved this game

  57. AlexB

    AlexB13 hours ago


  58. David_The Superior

    David_The Superior13 hours ago

    Imagine speedrunning sonny 1

  59. Xyb3r Anims

    Xyb3r Anims13 hours ago

    damn, the days when you fed king pig until he’s big enough to burp and poop out random crap I love those days

  60. Gimamush

    Gimamush13 hours ago

    Can you Speedrun Portal, or is it too hard for you? :)

  61. Your Everyday Bob- Omb

    Your Everyday Bob- Omb13 hours ago

    i want a download for this on pc >>

  62. Alex Berriondo

    Alex Berriondo13 hours ago

    Damn... I feel strange...

  63. Warren Lu

    Warren Lu13 hours ago

    so this is why dad took so long to get the milk he fell into the void.

  64. Ghost of Silence Wench

    Ghost of Silence Wench13 hours ago


  65. Warren Lu

    Warren Lu13 hours ago

    we cn duoble ur subs if we all sub to u lol

  66. Mikael Elmblad

    Mikael Elmblad13 hours ago

    omg! i forgot about this game! It's soo fun!

  67. Pl3ys Nontinde

    Pl3ys Nontinde13 hours ago

    How many hours did this take? It’s really impressive

  68. Powerlord 42

    Powerlord 4213 hours ago

    Noice video :D

  69. ꧁༒infinity nicolas༒꧂

    ꧁༒infinity nicolas༒꧂13 hours ago

    Wait why is this on roblox it's not even roblox

  70. Volcano Fox

    Volcano Fox13 hours ago

    Speedrun QUOP I bet you can’t! It might be to complicated for a simpleton speed runner!

  71. Bruh

    Bruh13 hours ago

    youtube recommendations lead me here

  72. Taylor Hill

    Taylor Hill13 hours ago

    I haven't heard that name in a long time

  73. Richie Demo

    Richie Demo13 hours ago

    Honestly always preferred the first and Stick War

  74. Nidelimit

    Nidelimit13 hours ago

    I can't stop thinking about Vargskelethor's Jonny Zest version doing woohoo with someone

  75. Sofiya Ivanova

    Sofiya Ivanova13 hours ago

    Easy can you tell me how do you play flash games in 2021

  76. everyone is PERFECT

    everyone is PERFECT13 hours ago

    I did covid , and i won 😉

  77. Second Blackjack

    Second Blackjack13 hours ago

    Now to get Aliensrock to play this on one of his streams

  78. Beata Witt

    Beata Witt13 hours ago

    0:54 Me too, 100% is the best

  79. Michael Virisatra

    Michael Virisatra13 hours ago

    When I was a kid I really tryharding at this game

  80. Luz Puray

    Luz Puray13 hours ago

    Mr hopp speedrun pls