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  1. sacid

    sacid4 hours ago

    This man is a beast.

  2. Wolf Galaxy

    Wolf Galaxy4 hours ago

    I get u, I cant do card swipe to save my life. It took me days to get it right after 2 tries. I still get it wrong at least three times no matter what I do XD

  3. Joseph Ward

    Joseph Ward4 hours ago

    I just wanna say I've only see. Like 2 of these streamers faces watching this video showed me what is many of the streamers look like kudos to you editor and corpse for that idea that's awesome really.

  4. Leafy Boii

    Leafy Boii4 hours ago

    Has anyone noticed that this account isn't owned by corpse? Because it doesn't link to or get linked towards corpse's official channel, they're just stealing corpse's content without permission Unless the owner of this channel can confirm with decisive evidence that this is indeed owned by corpse himself then this is technically considered a channel that's stealing content

  5. Midnight 1097

    Midnight 10974 hours ago

    wait where's toast- oh wait found him

  6. Tubenter10

    Tubenter105 hours ago

    Corpse failed the card swipe,got vote out and still failed to swipe the card being ghost His reaction is priceless..laughing enjoying the game But but but Toxic streamer: What thhhhhhhhhheee fkkkkk is the game? U guys r shit...this game is shit....aaaaaa i m triggered....suxxxsss....i cant breath...i need to break my keyboard so viewers help me to get another oneeeee.....moreee overreaction!!!

  7. CalledStorm28

    CalledStorm285 hours ago

    What's so hard about the card swipe? I think ya'll do it just for the memes. I can do the swipe on first try.

  8. NETRA P6 2020

    NETRA P6 20205 hours ago

    Am I the only one who came for the darling in the franxx reference

  9. Anita C

    Anita C5 hours ago

    Everyone calls jack sean except pewds haha


    OKFRANK5 hours ago

    It’s easy

  11. TooCompetTooChill

    TooCompetTooChill6 hours ago

    Not only is he entertaining and skyrocketing from other among us videos, his videos are the best among us content around. The editing is fucking phenominal.

  12. Aaliyah Wallace

    Aaliyah Wallace6 hours ago

    14:53 I love how when Ethan said what he was doing, jack was like “sounds like Julian” that made me laugh so hard for no reason

  13. BeeaRose _

    BeeaRose _6 hours ago

    Corpse is very sad he is always the imposter o^o, and I wish I was always the imposter

  14. Tribhuvan Nayak

    Tribhuvan Nayak6 hours ago

    Look people Pewds sucks in among us


    GLADTOHEL P6 hours ago

    How can you suck at card swipe that much? Can he read? Slow down, literally just milking the content too much

  16. jayblade

    jayblade6 hours ago


  17. Amanda Valencia

    Amanda Valencia6 hours ago

    I could fall asleep to Corpse’s voice

  18. Helene Gramming

    Helene Gramming6 hours ago

    He did ole dole doff Lmao (It's from Sweden.)

  19. Camille Miele

    Camille Miele6 hours ago

    Pewdiepie is flat out sexist imposter. The more I listen to the streams the more I sus him for being sexist. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  20. Tyler Marr

    Tyler Marr6 hours ago

    So many comments but no DITF references? C'mon

  21. D

    D7 hours ago


  22. plutosmist

    plutosmist7 hours ago

    I give you my sympathy

  23. DynamiteL

    DynamiteL7 hours ago

    Dont use lords name in vein dont curse dont swear u would get lot more fans

  24. farout

    farout7 hours ago

    When Dave trap with Corpse in contamination room 😂😂😂

  25. Kai Charm

    Kai Charm7 hours ago


  26. The MuffinCrusader

    The MuffinCrusader7 hours ago

    Watching everyone try and talk like me is absolutely hilarious

  27. Jamie 64

    Jamie 647 hours ago

    face reveal when

  28. anime helps me escape reality

    anime helps me escape reality7 hours ago

    pewds: please please dont do it, dont do it corpse: lets him walk by also corpse: kisses him pewds: *I’VE BEEN MARKED*

  29. Kai Charm

    Kai Charm7 hours ago

    hide n seek is way more fun tbh

  30. Kai Charm

    Kai Charm7 hours ago

    bahahaha the title

  31. Alt Account

    Alt Account7 hours ago

    Am I the only human being who doesnt struggle at card swipe

  32. steven guebara

    steven guebara7 hours ago

    I just don’t understand why he just never changed his speed? He swiped it literally the same way every day and expected different results .. he’s smarter than that but I guess you gotta make a good title for the videos right

  33. Jessica Moncrief

    Jessica Moncrief7 hours ago

    Who is this PJ fella

  34. Ghcsty -_-

    Ghcsty -_-7 hours ago

    I’ve never understood how people fail card swipe so much. I get it first try 9 Out of 10 times 😂. Y’all are swiping too fast

  35. Black Midnight

    Black Midnight8 hours ago

    I have to say its alot easier to convince others that your not an imposter when you can talk to others instead of just trying to type up some excuse

  36. just some random artist

    just some random artist8 hours ago

    Awwww the little I luv u felix in the description!

  37. edith e

    edith e8 hours ago

    The amount of ads in this video i-

  38. Not Today

    Not Today8 hours ago

    no one: corpse: **failing card swipe** the card swipe: too fast, slow down corpse: *yo you wanna see some real speed bitch?*

  39. xo.Alleb

    xo.Alleb9 hours ago

    Okay for the swipe , you don’t need to swipe it fast . Why does everyone keep swiping it fast .

  40. Cup of Joe

    Cup of Joe9 hours ago

    Everyone’s face cam: 1080p Pewds face cam: 140p

  41. Rocco Emmanuel

    Rocco Emmanuel9 hours ago

    I have that song in my head of TikTok like: CORPSE being sus: "dont be suspicious, dont be suspicious, dont be suspicious" CORPSE: *kills someone infront of anyone" Everyone: "he is not suspicious, he is not suspicious"

  42. Tubuh

    Tubuh9 hours ago

    Pewds is the biggest 3rd imposter

  43. Pickledbeans

    Pickledbeans9 hours ago

    i’m blessed to know corpse lives by me lmfao i would never expose his face or call him out if i saw him but it would be pretty cool to recognize his voice! 😁

  44. Dd Hh

    Dd Hh9 hours ago

    guys look at the bottom right corner at around the 3:45 to 3:50 area. shields is officially a visual task

  45. MilkyChou

    MilkyChou9 hours ago

    Corpse : it’s not me Everyone : Understandable, have a good day

  46. Katrina Le

    Katrina Le9 hours ago

    It’s took him either 31 or 37 tried to do it. I counted all of them. This was so funny I couldn’t stop laughing the first time I watched it

  47. Thranduil Oropherion

    Thranduil Oropherion9 hours ago

    his laugh <3

  48. Doomgel

    Doomgel9 hours ago

    I swear Jaiden is everywhere in the USlikes community. She just seems able to smoothly integrate into whatever situation she is in.

  49. AnimationOST

    AnimationOST9 hours ago

    Play with nux taku..... "Finally someone Worthy"

  50. kamzinoo

    kamzinoo9 hours ago

    I’m a boy and this mans voice gives me tingles no homo 😂

  51. GamingwRqmiro !

    GamingwRqmiro !9 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice that 2 people saw corpse do garbage shut?

  52. iixSannaxii Animations

    iixSannaxii Animations9 hours ago

    LISTEN CORPSE. I KNOW HOW TO DO CARD SWIPE EASY !! swipe half way, stop for a second, then swipe the rest !

  53. That_onegaygirl_ UnU

    That_onegaygirl_ UnU9 hours ago

    6:29 That scared tf out of me

  54. King

    King10 hours ago


  55. Bella Yes

    Bella Yes10 hours ago

    Poor baby is so embarrassed

  56. Gypsy Gremlin

    Gypsy Gremlin10 hours ago

    When I hear Julien's voice: *GASP!* Julien☺ Realizes that it's THE Julien: JULIEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!🤣 Also why can't ppl play like this when I Play? Ppl on this game be callin me a hoe when I'm just tryin to have fun like bruh just rowdy you are

  57. Celina Varchausky

    Celina Varchausky10 hours ago

    The editing is so good!!

  58. Elizabeth Beck

    Elizabeth Beck10 hours ago

    😂😂 that is not how we southern people sound!! I’m from Louisiana yes the place of voodoo! I am a witch and worship Lucifer since I was 14 😈 an the accent is very difficult but it is a mixture of a cowboy and a grandma saying “you want some sugarr with that honey?” 😂 if you want to know about the accent let me know! Or anything about Louisiana because we got voodoo and a lot of places that’s haunted!

  59. John Harrington

    John Harrington10 hours ago

    And they said that Infinity War was the biggest crossover.

  60. sourcreamie

    sourcreamie10 hours ago

    Is the card swipe that hard?? 😂 I always do it first try tho!

  61. Light Yagami

    Light Yagami10 hours ago

    "Triangle of lust"

  62. DrakeIGuess

    DrakeIGuess10 hours ago

    "These cat girls always fall for meeeee"

  63. SaLoNi

    SaLoNi10 hours ago

    that card swipe will be the end of corpse hahaha

  64. kaiden bradley-smith

    kaiden bradley-smith11 hours ago

    3:01 is for you Lazy people who don’t got time

  65. Alexandra Lopez

    Alexandra Lopez11 hours ago

    Kissing the homies but among us version

  66. Ketchup Grass

    Ketchup Grass11 hours ago

    Y’all ever notice how hard people try to make a funny comment

  67. cici101ct

    cici101ct11 hours ago

    How loudly you did the kiss and blowing noise.🤣

  68. Asthetixx rblxx

    Asthetixx rblxx11 hours ago

    How r ppl simping for corpes you cant see his face

  69. RaspberriehMuffinz

    RaspberriehMuffinz11 hours ago

    I want to get a kiss of death, dont really wanna breathe anymore

  70. JakeTheHuman

    JakeTheHuman12 hours ago

    Why're you laughing while purposely failing card swipe? I dont understand

  71. Terrifictayv _xox

    Terrifictayv _xox12 hours ago

    Your pfp reminds me of BJ alex

  72. Ashley Jean

    Ashley Jean12 hours ago

    he failed card swipe roughly 32 times and I honestly am here for it 😂

  73. Arianna Wilson

    Arianna Wilson12 hours ago

    lily just sits there so quiet and unbothered

  74. Deborah Blakemore

    Deborah Blakemore12 hours ago

    This is hilarious but also I have so much second hand anxiety for corpse omg 😭😭 poor thing 🖤

  75. error kakashi

    error kakashi12 hours ago

    "everybody should watch anime at least once" my weeb heart :') 4:32

  76. Shilpa Singh

    Shilpa Singh13 hours ago

    How does he play with anonymous ejections?

  77. Brooke M

    Brooke M13 hours ago

    I got so excited when I realized which Julien was playing 😂 I love him

  78. Grace T.

    Grace T.13 hours ago

    When Dave was locked in the box with corpse, i died 😂😂 These guys all probably have ptsd from corpse's slaughter 😂😂😂

  79. Qunarai

    Qunarai13 hours ago

    If you want to know the number: 32

  80. D C

    D C13 hours ago

    how hard is it to do it slowly... literally one of the easiest task