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Welcome to the official Australia Zoo USlikes Channel. Here you can stay up-to-date with all things Australia Zoo, the Irwin family and Wildlife Warriors. Come along on a wild ride with us as you gain access to Irwin adventures, never before seen Crocodile Hunter footage and loads more. Join our Australia Zoo family and dive into missions with the Wildlife Warriors team on the frontline. Steve and Terri Irwin’s vision has always been to make Australia Zoo the biggest and best wildlife conservation facility in the world.

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  1. Kaz Hausler

    Kaz Hausler38 minutes ago

    Not Steve.. Bindi introducing Chandler and the past!




  3. Chris Curran

    Chris Curran3 hours ago

    Anyone else called Joey and it’s weird when all like zoo documentaries say you’re nam??

  4. Born Again Christian woman

    Born Again Christian woman4 hours ago

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  5. Fenyr`z Polestar

    Fenyr`z Polestar4 hours ago

    I'm tricking proud of him

  6. Andy Contento

    Andy Contento4 hours ago

    Thanks guys. Robert and Bindi are definitely a chip off the old block. Steve was such a positive role model for many people around the globe. 👍👍👍👍😁😁😁😁

  7. Bianka Tóth

    Bianka Tóth4 hours ago

    I always wonder if these small places are enough for the snakes? These are still bigger than most that I saw but still seems relative small but there's no zoo (that I know) that gives bigger places to snakes. What do you say as experts?

  8. RIVERDALE FAN Eliza rowles

    RIVERDALE FAN Eliza rowles5 hours ago

    I'm in Sydney my dream job is to work at Austarlia zoo whith the crocdiles.i absolutely love them.❤

  9. Mermaid Magic

    Mermaid Magic6 hours ago


  10. Mili Rodriguez

    Mili Rodriguez6 hours ago

    Anyone thinking back of the adorable clip when little Robert didn't know how to carry an echidna? ☺️💚

  11. J Newcomb

    J Newcomb6 hours ago

    No DNA test required. He is his father's son. We thought we lost that light when Steve died but it was just passed to Robert. Cheers to you both.

  12. Mimi PuppyLover

    Mimi PuppyLover6 hours ago

    What a Cherished moment to be captured on film, to be able to cherish that time with your dad, your dad was like no other and your mom and dad were truly a match made in heaven. You have an AMAZING Mom !!!

  13. Mimi PuppyLover

    Mimi PuppyLover7 hours ago

    This video is just beyond precious !!!!!!!!!!


    DONNA RONDEAU7 hours ago

    Miss Steve Irwin thank god we still have Terry and Bindi and Robert to carry on his legacy

  15. HolyLand Fan

    HolyLand Fan7 hours ago

    How wonderful that most of your life is on film. I know you miss him. He was unique, just like the little Echnidnas. I know your father would also be so happy that you found "the one" that is perfect for your 'mate'. 🙏

  16. Golden Retriever

    Golden Retriever8 hours ago

    Noah would be a great name for a little girl living at the Zoo. Remember Noah's Ark in the Bible.

  17. RoraBoryAlice 2187

    RoraBoryAlice 21878 hours ago

    I like Robert's new hairstyle! Looking more and more like his dad :)

  18. Eileen Phillips

    Eileen Phillips9 hours ago

    So positive this crew and a total delight

  19. Darlah Kelley

    Darlah Kelley9 hours ago

    ❤💜💙Congratulations❤💙💜❤San Dieg❤California

  20. adriancito arroyave

    adriancito arroyave10 hours ago

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  21. AlyssaC

    AlyssaC10 hours ago

    Wish we had more zoos like Australia Zoo. 💚

  22. Carol Driehorst

    Carol Driehorst11 hours ago

    What a little sweetie , takes right after her great Father.

  23. Cassandra Harman

    Cassandra Harman11 hours ago

    We go to the zoo all the time, my 4yr old sons favourite is all the snakes and lizards, we had to get a pet blue tongue cause he loves them so much from seeing them at the zoo 👌

  24. Ginger Collier

    Ginger Collier11 hours ago

    Just finished watching Crickey onDiscovery +. I really enjoyed each episode and I’m not really an outdoor person. I’m from California so any of the animals I wasn’t familiar with but I loved watching the Giraffe births and the triplet cat births. I love giraffes and My family always had dogs and cats. Robert had me laughing over his desire to be in the Arizona desert to see the snakes. My maternal family is in Arizona and snakes are the last thing I’d want to see there. It was great to see you pass on your knowledge to the FD there. I’ll be watching you here and hopefully more episodes on Discovery+ too.

  25. Catherine Breitfeller

    Catherine Breitfeller12 hours ago

    I sure miss Steve 😰😰

  26. Dolly r

    Dolly r12 hours ago

    I can’t wait to finally visit Australia and the Australia Zoo 🙏🏼

  27. Benita Grattan

    Benita Grattan12 hours ago

    Thank you Terri for sharing

  28. Dolly r

    Dolly r12 hours ago

    To the 10 ppl who gave this a thumbs down, just know, ITS ON SIGHT! 👊🏼

  29. SamOSumO

    SamOSumO12 hours ago

    What I actually thought they had more than 300k subs, they deserve millions of subs on their channel.

  30. Carly Bowers

    Carly Bowers13 hours ago

    That painting is AMAZING!! I love it!

  31. werner h

    werner h13 hours ago

    In Europe there are Amusement Parks with Rollercoasters for millions of dollars where you pay the same

  32. Sarah E

    Sarah E14 hours ago

    Baby Bindi is adorable! Soon she will have a baby of her own to introduce to all of her animal pals.

  33. Taleah Thompson

    Taleah Thompson14 hours ago

    These guys are literally so wholesome, its refreshing to see 🥰💕

  34. Blayne Bomba

    Blayne Bomba14 hours ago

    Why she look like Riley Reid

  35. Liv-log Asmr

    Liv-log Asmr14 hours ago

    Is nobody else thinking how on earth they got in the country it is almost impossible for us brits to leave the country 😅

  36. linda wild

    linda wild15 hours ago

    I love to see their bromance! They are so good together!

  37. Robin Horvath

    Robin Horvath15 hours ago

    Thank you Robert.

  38. Leo Hino

    Leo Hino15 hours ago

    I'm so glad that the Irwin family is still continuing Steve's legacy. It brings me joy.

  39. Andy Contento

    Andy Contento15 hours ago

    EXCELLENT!!!! I never missed an episode of The crocodile hunter, loved Crikey it's the Irwins, can't wait to watch this fantastic family again. 👍👍👍👍😁😁😁😁

  40. Lucy Jane

    Lucy Jane15 hours ago

    steve irwin having a pit bull is the most on brand thing i’ve ever heard

  41. Cory Cruzan

    Cory Cruzan16 hours ago

    I can't wait to see y'all I love your family cindi and the energy created is absorbed by all god bless everyone over there

  42. Jane Phillips

    Jane Phillips16 hours ago

    Oh my god how wonderful please please keep up your fantastic work Jane u. K

  43. Jane Phillips

    Jane Phillips16 hours ago

    Oh my god thank you for saving her Jane u. K

  44. Cloee Soler

    Cloee Soler16 hours ago

    My fave family 💛🥺

  45. L.E. Mulder

    L.E. Mulder16 hours ago


  46. Carly xo

    Carly xo17 hours ago

    i think i missed a season

  47. Liz Pérez

    Liz Pérez17 hours ago

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  48. andrue cates

    andrue cates18 hours ago

    I feel like Chandler's not used to be in front of the camera yet.

  49. Kate

    Kate18 hours ago

    Before COVID-19

  50. Athena Rippe

    Athena Rippe19 hours ago

    Miss you too Steve always will be a great person ❤️

  51. Athena Rippe

    Athena Rippe19 hours ago

    Hi sweetie your a little beauty l love you guys so much I miss Steve but he's in heaven watching you grow the zoo I'm in Grand rapids Michigan USA so I can't travel I don't drive and I have cancer but I just love you all and chandler to welcome to the Irwin family bless you

  52. New Grandma

    New Grandma19 hours ago

    That was Beautiful to see

  53. olivia f

    olivia f19 hours ago

    I love this 😭😭

  54. Shanae Dyer

    Shanae Dyer20 hours ago

    I’ve been on walk to where they are. So beautiful.

  55. Junior Singh

    Junior Singh20 hours ago

    My favorite family growing up 😍😍😍

  56. Kaye K

    Kaye K20 hours ago

    He deserved this so much! 💗

  57. KookieKoala

    KookieKoala20 hours ago

    It’s So cute

  58. Fiz Ford

    Fiz Ford20 hours ago

    His so cute❤❤❤

  59. MirageEspejismo

    MirageEspejismo21 hour ago

    What a beautiful memory 💗💗💗

  60. huhuhuhu B.

    huhuhuhu B.21 hour ago

    I wish someone would say to me "good job" just for being alive

  61. Cherryl Maree

    Cherryl Maree21 hour ago

    Absolutely gorgeous.

  62. Fan Melinda

    Fan Melinda21 hour ago

    Stay safe, Piper!

  63. Keri Vandenbosch

    Keri Vandenbosch21 hour ago

    Thank you for sharing this I wish I could have met Sui as well

  64. Dee Dee

    Dee Dee21 hour ago

    I’m so fedup hearing about them what’s so special about them

  65. Fundamental Baptist Sermons

    Fundamental Baptist Sermons21 hour ago

    You said it was your mom and dad who started it all but you seem to forget it was your grandfather who first started it, why do u give him no credit? Just curious...

  66. First Catch!

    First Catch!22 hours ago

    One place our 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 would love to visit! 🙌

  67. Rima's Wildlife

    Rima's Wildlife22 hours ago

    This happened a few days after I left Hollywood (on holiday)! Congrats Steve, you deserved it!

  68. Patry Atry

    Patry Atry22 hours ago

    That "priest" dude should've at least buttoned his overcoat, I mean come on he looked like some dude at a random HR meeting

  69. Mya Davis

    Mya Davis23 hours ago

    I don’t think this place has ever not been on my bucket list to visit

  70. Mya Davis

    Mya Davis23 hours ago

    Omg why are animals so cute and fascinating?

  71. Ianael Amaral

    Ianael Amaral23 hours ago

    Wow, Steve and Wes look so young in this video! hahaha

  72. RandomThings!

    RandomThings!23 hours ago

    The only Tasmania Devil 😈 I knew growing up was the cartoon & absolutely loved it!!! 😍😍😍❤️🥺😈😇😘 xxx

  73. A. Hernandez

    A. HernandezDay ago


  74. Horror Movie Scream Queen

    Horror Movie Scream QueenDay ago

    She's the luckiest kid in the world I would loved to have that childhood

  75. Simmone B

    Simmone BDay ago

    My home city

  76. Nadine Viljoen

    Nadine ViljoenDay ago

    Bindi is so beautiful inside out

  77. Mischief Managed

    Mischief ManagedDay ago

    Omg their killing me with their adorableness. I’m not aloud a dog, there the only thing that I have ever wanted since I discovered what a dog was.

  78. Grumpy Bumme

    Grumpy BummeDay ago

    I'm sorry but I am so tired about hearing how wonderful life for the Irwins is even after the heartache of losing Steve. I cried for weeks after I found out he died but seems some families are blessed even in adversity not withstanding that Terri estranged Steves' father something she hasn't denied from what I've seen. I can't face any more of them. Sorry but it makes me sick....maybe I'm jealous that I've never known such family but I won't ever watch their unbridled joy again. I lived on the Sunshine Coast for 10 years and couldn't afford the fees to Australia Zoo as a pensioner back then there was no way I could afford the going to the Zoo. Maybe consider as well as our Wildlife our Aged people too Terri we need saving too or at least acknowledging in a real sense. We all would love to pay your high entrance fees but we just don't have it!

  79. Adrus Ahmed his

    Adrus Ahmed hisDay ago

    Let Them Free they dont Need Attention

  80. John Smith

    John SmithDay ago

    that’s what she said