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  1. Groove

    Groove5 hours ago

    Jadens voice kills me sometimes

  2. JayGaming

    JayGaming5 hours ago

    Dont talk to jaden fine ahh like tht 💀

  3. Keith Hoang

    Keith Hoang5 hours ago

    Jaden so ungrateful it’s crazy

  4. ceejae

    ceejae5 hours ago

    i want them overtime shorts but i don’t know if i can afford them 🥲

  5. Krayola

    Krayola5 hours ago

    All these ppl in the comments so butthurt for what😂😂I wish Julian da best

  6. Stroud4 Heisman

    Stroud4 Heisman5 hours ago

    She complaining about that home ..... that’s nicer than most peoples homes

  7. Yordi Lorenzo

    Yordi Lorenzo5 hours ago

    I didn’t even have cleats at his age and all I wore was riped up Nike shoes and there were my school shoes

  8. IX McM

    IX McM5 hours ago

    She is trying to get the best when she gets the game from her brother

  9. Justin Wilson

    Justin Wilson5 hours ago

    They complaining about rooms and allat when some people rooms like a third of the size

  10. THE Fourth Willie

    THE Fourth Willie5 hours ago

    I can't believe they're back already.

  11. End Times

    End Times5 hours ago

    His daughter will be on ONLYFANS within 3 years...Basketball ain't it for her..thats why she wants a new mattress..she needs a great work environment

  12. Robert Evbayekha

    Robert Evbayekha5 hours ago

    I feel like jaden is a good player but don't how to use his talent for winning games

  13. Cory’s chair

    Cory’s chair5 hours ago

    Jaden makes me not wanna have a daughter

  14. Devin Hernandez

    Devin Hernandez5 hours ago

    Jaden is so spoiled like bro you should be happy to sleep in a bed like bro chill all she do is complain

  15. zєαяσ ѕlαуєя

    zєαяσ ѕlαуєя5 hours ago

    Jaden is so fcking annoyed

  16. Gregory Garcia

    Gregory Garcia5 hours ago

    Great value ball family

  17. Devin Hernandez

    Devin Hernandez5 hours ago

    Why did they bring basketballs to the Grand Canyon 😂

  18. trey_luvs_u

    trey_luvs_u5 hours ago

    As much as I wanna hate on Julian, this series is so entertaining to watch 😭😭

  19. Alfonso Delgado

    Alfonso Delgado5 hours ago

    So what’s happening with his pro career I feel like I waited a while and they ain’t really saying nothing lol

  20. Gary Coleman

    Gary Coleman5 hours ago

    Jaden: It’s too cold Like 30 seconds later: The sun comes up

  21. YSNO F

    YSNO F5 hours ago

    Why do i keep watching this

  22. Live Life3

    Live Life35 hours ago

    I thought u going pro why u movin to los Vegas lol

  23. M K

    M K5 hours ago

    10:36 Yo Arkham DC gotta use him as a villain. Mans looks like he a level 1 boss for batman.

  24. M K

    M K5 hours ago

    yo everyone knows he's not going far as a pro but career wise he should be serious about being a coach later on after some pro experience at a diff country. Youth camp for kids 5'7 or shorter - call it Small Ball Central

  25. Nandito Chairez

    Nandito Chairez5 hours ago

    She's so spoiled and ungrateful like come on

  26. Ki1la 187

    Ki1la 1876 hours ago


  27. Raymond Miller

    Raymond Miller6 hours ago

    Jaden should be his main focus making it💯

  28. cross lol

    cross lol6 hours ago

    i swear jaden always be doing the most every episode 😂

  29. Jen’s Violin Worship

    Jen’s Violin Worship6 hours ago

    Repent of your sins and turn to God, for the kingdom of Heaven is near. Matthew 3:2 Jesus loves you ! Never give up on your life!

  30. cross lol

    cross lol6 hours ago

    i can't with the comment section 😂

  31. Jacob Harrison

    Jacob Harrison6 hours ago

    Jaden you can’t rap, do everyone a favor and stop

  32. Scorpion King

    Scorpion King6 hours ago

    The old picks first

  33. Enrique Lizarraga

    Enrique Lizarraga6 hours ago

    Jaden noooooo

  34. xGivenchiii -

    xGivenchiii -6 hours ago

    she’s ungrateful

  35. ToxicBeast-ROBLOX

    ToxicBeast-ROBLOX6 hours ago

    Let’s go I get see my guy Julian newman

  36. Devin D7

    Devin D76 hours ago

    Bro what was that parking at the grand canyon

  37. Bino Swish

    Bino Swish6 hours ago

    Girls 3 on 3 Was Like Dattttt💯

  38. Drew

    Drew6 hours ago

    Wait so what happened to the other house that they did a house tour in?

  39. J.W.

    J.W.6 hours ago

    Aint this nigga sposed to be out of high school

  40. Christian Rivera

    Christian Rivera6 hours ago

    Nah we not forgetting y’all gotta make Julian get in the pool tho😂

  41. KahhBmO -

    KahhBmO -6 hours ago

    Damn yo overtime why this series still going?

  42. SnipingRifle671

    SnipingRifle6716 hours ago

    Bruh Jaden’s cheeks are hanging out

  43. Christian Rivera

    Christian Rivera6 hours ago

    No hate but jaden got a annoying voice 😂

  44. 6loc6a6y

    6loc6a6y6 hours ago

    Julian should just go to the g league

  45. Drew

    Drew6 hours ago

    Jaden has the worst attitude I’ve EVER seen

  46. Joshua Jean-Baptiste

    Joshua Jean-Baptiste6 hours ago

    Believe in JESUS, we are all sinners deserving the wrath of GOD, because we sin against a holy and just and perfect GOD. Therefore we all deserve the punishment hell, but GOD in his rich grace and mercy by which he loved us sent JESUS to die for us on the cross to leave his throne and suffer for us. To be the perfect sacrifice for us because he himself was sinless and perfect. That if we would have a repentant heart and believe in JESUS and place our faith in Him, we will be saved from the eternal punishment which is hell, and be given eternal life.l

  47. Havoc Yt

    Havoc Yt6 hours ago

    Her ungrateful ass

  48. Mo Uchiha

    Mo Uchiha6 hours ago

    The daughter be getting ran through 😂😂 I heard Mikey lost his v card to her

  49. JP32GAMING

    JP32GAMING6 hours ago

    I’m so happy this guy isn’t getting any offers so cocky and not a team player

  50. Kalia Daku

    Kalia Daku7 hours ago

    pingwings family

  51. Ronald Wade

    Ronald Wade7 hours ago

    The drunk hell socially slap because tsunami meteorologically load throughout a grumpy ground. normal, industrious overcoat

  52. Guilherme Menezes

    Guilherme Menezes7 hours ago

    ohh Jaden don't have a TV😩😭😭



    Bro she is a spoiled brat girl dam

  54. Alex J

    Alex J7 hours ago

    Julian talking like he cant breathe or his tongue is too long while jaden talking like she finger tutting or somethin

  55. T smith

    T smith7 hours ago

    They pulled up to the Grand Canyon and brung sum basketballs out😂😂😂

  56. 87 ONTHEBEAT

    87 ONTHEBEAT7 hours ago

    His pops has more star power and is the reason I watch...and I watch because of somebody tits...not saying who until shes....never mind....I’m....loggin off....

  57. Kenneth Medel

    Kenneth Medel7 hours ago

    ...AND HE 16!!!

  58. Owen Troesch

    Owen Troesch7 hours ago

    At least Julian scored more. Yeah that’s because melo is literally chilling and passing it half the time to his boys

  59. Loylyn Jones Walton

    Loylyn Jones Walton7 hours ago

    Wow! Jahzare's Mom has some tall height also. God Bless you Mom for great parenting.

  60. Jason Beltran

    Jason Beltran7 hours ago

    i’m ngl jaden is ungrateful

  61. jmoney2177

    jmoney21777 hours ago

    Lil super dude

  62. Terry Simmons TV

    Terry Simmons TV7 hours ago

    NEW VIDEO!!!! 🙌🏼❤️ uslikes.info/house/faCY3Leds4qOp6Y/video.html

  63. Patrick L

    Patrick L7 hours ago

    There’s no possible way they “sold out” who is buying these💀

  64. Fela Ralte

    Fela Ralte7 hours ago

    I kind of feel bad for him in a way..i hope he gets up to at least 6 foot tall..edited..basketball is his life so wish the family the best..i used to laugh alot because i thought he was a cocky dont care anything type of person but he is just a kid he is gonna make mistakes in life but overall basketball is his dream..i hope his dream comes true..he deserve that with all his hard work and dedication..but with his heght he need to be damn good... The fundamentals

  65. MACE

    MACE7 hours ago

    He is ass he can only dribble and he is not a real point guard he can’t create plays and he doesn’t pass

  66. John Solano

    John Solano7 hours ago

    This shit still going?💀

  67. AlfredGaming

    AlfredGaming7 hours ago

    I thought they will be moving overseas - _-

  68. JW

    JW7 hours ago

    7:20 that 360 layup though was crazy 💪🏾🔥

  69. Hasib YouTube

    Hasib YouTube7 hours ago

    And he said Julian Newman is better than Lamelo. Lamelo out there ballin and him playin mini gulf 😂

  70. Kevin Staffney II

    Kevin Staffney II7 hours ago

    Did Julian hit puberty or something? Cause his voice seems deeper

  71. Hasib YouTube

    Hasib YouTube7 hours ago

    Mark my word, this guy won’t make it to NBA.

  72. Halo Ninja 007

    Halo Ninja 0077 hours ago

    why does mikey always mumble talk. so annoying

  73. Gabriel Aranda

    Gabriel Aranda7 hours ago

    If Julian were to be 6 foot he been NBA right now

  74. Jaffar Zaidi

    Jaffar Zaidi7 hours ago

    wtf is dis show even about now

  75. Kirk Jones

    Kirk Jones7 hours ago

    We’re not going to talk about Jaden lost weight ?

  76. W

    W7 hours ago

    This man straight dog water at mini golf.

  77. Jakob Barrgan

    Jakob Barrgan7 hours ago

    What else is bigger than her complaining?