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Fun hunting

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  1. Erik Yuhn

    Erik Yuhn20 minutes ago

    I hate the Steelers but the main reason didn’t win down the stretch is that they have no run game and the playoff game against the Browns,Ben had his worse game ever but still put up points to compete at the end

  2. mr logick

    mr logick23 minutes ago

    Lebron wins , he’s the goat and mvp front runner Lose and it’s 40 games left 😂 Can’t make this shit up

  3. Relayer6a

    Relayer6a28 minutes ago

    Serviceable players = all the points in the SB. Sorry Lavar, I usually like your take. But right after you say timely plays matter you say the guys who consistently make "timely plays" are merely serviceable? I have to disagree.

  4. Rob Depace

    Rob Depace36 minutes ago

    Really clickbait title

  5. AJ RX

    AJ RX42 minutes ago

    Chris Broussard used to bully and embarrass J-Mac on every episode of their little talk show that was pretty good.

  6. Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans

    Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans43 minutes ago

    How much football has Nick played?

  7. Argus Eyed

    Argus Eyed57 minutes ago

    The diss on Harden is spectacular. He is close to lebron in every main stat and averaging 3 more assists. I can accept that Jokic, Luka (better than Lebron in every stat) are not considered because they are on thrash teams, but whats the excuse for not taking Harden as current MVP?

  8. Bill Burken

    Bill BurkenHour ago

    You lost Nick, you didn't lose much!!!

  9. Thomas Wyles

    Thomas WylesHour ago

    Nick's voice sounds exactly like Chael Sonnen

  10. Abhijeet Ryder

    Abhijeet RyderHour ago

    Tom Brady is a real-life superhero his playoffs this year is similar to movies when the hero overcomes everything to win

  11. White Diamond

    White DiamondHour ago

    Why is this man being passed around every year????? 🤔

  12. Alison Theiss

    Alison TheissHour ago

    We cant win 5 games with hurts

  13. Abhijeet Ryder

    Abhijeet RyderHour ago

    Lavar is carrying this show respect

  14. Joe Veitch

    Joe VeitchHour ago

    Everything bama has done since 2007 is directly due to Saban so stfu skip, go talk how great harbaugh is lol

  15. Real HIFI Help

    Real HIFI HelpHour ago

    Hope he gets better.

  16. Bibles36

    Bibles362 hours ago

    Skip won’t both of y’all just shut up and go be Old. Y’all don’t know what you’re talking about

  17. Insanityyy

    Insanityyy2 hours ago

    Jmac clearly idolises Nick Wright. Do you think they write each other scripts while blowing each other?

  18. KalawakawTV Yayahoo

    KalawakawTV Yayahoo2 hours ago

    Resign nick!

  19. David Abonyi

    David Abonyi2 hours ago

    Later bra, don't let the door hit you in the ass! And stick your letter where the son don't shine bc You suck!

  20. emerald88106

    emerald881062 hours ago

    I cant wait for Reagor to prove the haters wrong

  21. Rob Man

    Rob Man2 hours ago

    For some reason I can see the Washington football team giving cam one more shot.

  22. George Gonzales

    George Gonzales2 hours ago

    Brady six documentary former player and friend of Tom Brady said he trashed talk before game saying those guy gets beat my double moves, this guy overrated, and everything that he said he did and won the game.

  23. Kev Lamar

    Kev Lamar2 hours ago

    Lavar you doing ya thing fam... Oh and fuck N.E. and belllacheat

  24. Sham God

    Sham God2 hours ago

    The ill-fated pants latterly squeak because tv statistically rub aside a unable spade. guarded, obnoxious tongue

  25. Lyricaly Artistic

    Lyricaly Artistic2 hours ago

    He needs to the go to Dolphins man

  26. Ed Win

    Ed Win2 hours ago

    That guy on the left talking shit about clippers mentality (cuz he's a lakers fan) so how about the lakers mentality they just got blownout by jazz no AD no mentality? Lol oh i know what they would say.. its just ine game right? Beahahaahahaahahahahahhahahahgahahhaahaahhahahahahahha

  27. Andy Vo

    Andy Vo2 hours ago

    A fresh JJ in the secondary would be crazy 😂

  28. Abhijeet Ryder

    Abhijeet Ryder3 hours ago

    Bam Adebayo and J Cole

  29. sWho?shing

    sWho?shing3 hours ago

    They are built to contend if they remain healthy. Only thing holding down Dallas this year were the health and safety issues and nobody seems to address that. Since the team got healthy (even missing KP and Maxi for the last game) they are 7-3. And they were 6-4 before the h&s issues and still missing KP. To say that healthy Mavs aren’t a contender is plain sleeping. And Jrich wasn’t traded for his shooting ability but because of his defense, which is way better then Seths. Mavs are OK despite people loosing hope after less then 1/3 of the season when that 6 game loosing streak ended. There is still more than half of regular season to go and (if healthy) Mavs will finish 4th or higher in the standings. They are only 4.5 games away from that 4th spot. It’s as it was predicted. Dark horse. People giving up on them and not taking them serious because of bad & sloppy analysis.

  30. chris henry

    chris henry3 hours ago

    If he was black Shannon would not be bashing this guy. He kicked Dak's ass to make the playoffs.

  31. Aaron Flanary

    Aaron Flanary3 hours ago

    LeBron could have been an NFL athlete. Buts he's not. And wouldn't have lasted. He'd have "made it" but he would have struggled and possibly got hurt.

  32. chris henry

    chris henry3 hours ago

    He accomplished more than Dak Skip. Dak has not won a damn thing.

  33. Brandon W

    Brandon W3 hours ago

    I’m just watching for Chris at this point, when lavar starts talking I turn it off.

  34. Kale S

    Kale S3 hours ago

    Lavar is a causal

  35. Max MX

    Max MX3 hours ago

    But I thought Mahomes was the GOAT 😭

  36. Warren Rambo Terry

    Warren Rambo Terry3 hours ago

    What the hell is lavar arrington talking about

  37. //// AMG

    //// AMG3 hours ago

    You have to be a idiot to think Wentz can lead any team to a Super Bowl when he can’t even throw down field the man pass to the middle of the field only to TE! He don’t have a arm anymore because his last back injury he can’t get the throwing power from his legs anymore. Philip Rivers throw for 4100 yards 24TDs 11INT 68% and that’s a old Rivers. Carson will have to do better than that and I don’t see it happening till he prove it

  38. Beo Wolf

    Beo Wolf3 hours ago

    Bucs are going back to back, maybe 3pete,Brady will leave 2 dynasty's behind him. And the liberals will continue to cry🤣😂🤣

  39. E Harvard

    E Harvard3 hours ago

    Shannon just hate on Brady so much 😂. Rodger had a great team.

  40. Antonio Dupree

    Antonio Dupree3 hours ago

    Dude was overrated he had mike Evans catching all them 50/50 balls just throw it up an mike Evans goes to get it

  41. chrblah

    chrblah3 hours ago

    LaVar and JM are tools. All LA does is talk like he knows everything and he's so bias he just runs his mouth. There's no objectivity whatsoever. Oh and anyone who uses the "cap will cripple dallas" if they pay Dak is full of 💩. The cap is only going up and you restructure other contracts and make it work. That's what every other team does. Plus with cuts you add $. Cut our trash punter chris jones there's 2mil right there. And next time Shay and Skip go on vacation, put Broussard with Michael Rapaport. You'd get real sports debate and it would be highly entertaining lol.

  42. Jacob Sine

    Jacob Sine3 hours ago

    Goat debate over,Brady wins,roll credits

  43. //// AMG

    //// AMG3 hours ago

    Not possible when they don’t have a star WR!

  44. Too much Remy

    Too much Remy3 hours ago

    It was a time I thought that ric bucher was smart and knew what he was talking about I think I thought that way because he looks like a nba executive

  45. Gatsby

    Gatsby3 hours ago

    Luka has much higher overall fg percentage, assist, and rebound numbers.

  46. topasio

    topasio3 hours ago

    When the Buccs get their Rings hopefully it will be BIG and at a party, and they see Tommy Terrific hands full of ICE, complacency will be gone

  47. FDE PC

    FDE PC3 hours ago

    Brady, please take the Veteran Minimum. Bring em all back, and run it back.

  48. Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans

    Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans3 hours ago

    3:49 Brady can't take 2 million a year to play, that would effect franchise tags on QBs.

  49. rtmhrj

    rtmhrj4 hours ago

    one more big year for TB12, then we'll see. I believe they keep everyone together and go for 19-0...the last great achievement he has not attained.

  50. Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans

    Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans4 hours ago

    We all know what is going to happen. Brady will "restructure," his contract to be salary cap friendly.

  51. Corey Casanova Red Jones

    Corey Casanova Red Jones4 hours ago

    Why Isnt Shannon Sharpe Aging???

  52. The Bluuprint

    The Bluuprint4 hours ago

    Skip is the biggest egotistical narcissist I’ve ever seen check this out. Even if lebron t up after hearing this skip gon make it seem like he was the reason lebron upped his game if when he becomes #1 all time he still gon hate when he win another ring he still gon hate an when he retires an goes to the HOF guess wat skip still gon hate I just want this man to become irrelevant

  53. sean arya

    sean arya4 hours ago

    how can you compare Lebron to Jordan. Jordan is a diamond and lebron is coal. I have no idea why Shannon keeps bringing up resumes. Look at the competition that Jordan had to face it was ridiculously good and compare that to Lebron's era. There's no comparison. Also back in Jordans day basketball was a tough sport nowadays everything gets called a foul. Forget about comparing resumes its just stupid. Had Jordan not retired for those 3 years we'd never be talking about resumes. I think its very simple, its called the eye test, who was the greater player, Jordan by a mile. People say in soccer Messi is the greatest of all time but he has never won a world cup. thats what people say when they want to discredit him, but any real football fan when they see him play whether you hate him or love him, you sit back and think, damn he's great. So i wish Shannon would have 2 brain cells when he talks about Lebron compared to Jordan. If you look at all the things Jordan could do, no other player could ever do that. He's simply the greatest. Please Shannon use a brain cell and stop talking crap.

  54. John Anderson

    John Anderson4 hours ago

    Godwin serves a specific role in Tampa...AB and Mike cannot play that role.

  55. Tuan Nguyen

    Tuan Nguyen4 hours ago

    The Patriots dynasty was over when Tom Brady left. Soon you will hear the resignation from Bill.

  56. WarriorAngel001

    WarriorAngel0014 hours ago

    Brady had 3 rings before he married Gisele. He doesnt take paycuts because of her, he takes paycuts because the salary cap exists. Brady still wasnt hurting for money.

  57. Cowboys 5rings

    Cowboys 5rings4 hours ago

    Would Dallas win a super bowl quicker by letting Dak walk and starting over with a rookie , seems to me starting over would take longer .

  58. BobbyMarley

    BobbyMarley4 hours ago

    Godwin will be franchised if they cant get a good deal,

  59. Cowboys 5rings

    Cowboys 5rings4 hours ago

    The entire offensive line was hurt , not disappointing . There’s a difference .

  60. Cowboys 5rings

    Cowboys 5rings4 hours ago

    Receivers were a disappointment ! Are you frikin nuts ???? The only reason Cee Dee , Coop and MG didn’t break every record for a season is because Dak got hurt and with 3 backup Qb’s and no offensive line the receivers still put up numbers ! Cooper had his best year . CEE DEE was almost rookie of the year and wins it easily if Dak doesn’t get hurt and Michael Gallup’s numbers were top notch ! Did you even watch the cowboy receivers ?

  61. Jaedi Rincon

    Jaedi Rincon4 hours ago

    Love how the idiot in the beginning talks about all star when the loser never has been an NBA all star

  62. Hydra Dominatus

    Hydra Dominatus4 hours ago

    I'm here for Tom getting 8

  63. The Edra

    The Edra4 hours ago

    Lakers need size

  64. flameout12345

    flameout123454 hours ago

    Things that you don't do. Talk about retirement after getting whooped.

  65. Isaiah Bealer

    Isaiah Bealer4 hours ago

    They hating hard on cousins.. Broussard should know brtter

  66. Andre Mayers

    Andre Mayers4 hours ago

    They are just saying this so the other teams that want a quarterback can trade up and rake eagles pick

  67. Victor Gonzalez

    Victor Gonzalez4 hours ago

    Im hella late lol but I hope he does well he deserves it!

  68. Orochi Maru

    Orochi Maru5 hours ago

    I like Watson over Pat. Let's see Watson with them track stars.

  69. The Real GoatMan From Da Woods

    The Real GoatMan From Da Woods5 hours ago

    Nick looks like if Tom Green got a new haircut and then snuck back on tv

  70. Jianne Legere

    Jianne Legere5 hours ago

    This Big Mouth Shannon was soooo wrong about the Great Tom Brady,completely Jealous of our Tom.

  71. Duquesne

    Duquesne5 hours ago

    "Skip....that gurl jus betta" - Shannon. lol

  72. Jianne Legere

    Jianne Legere5 hours ago

    Love Skip.

  73. Davion Cash

    Davion Cash5 hours ago

    This sucks cause of the guy on the right lb only cares about defense obviously

  74. Jianne Legere

    Jianne Legere5 hours ago

    This Shannon man is just nauseating to look at and listen to.

  75. Jianne Legere

    Jianne Legere5 hours ago

    She had always been a bad sport, not a nice person.

  76. Mellow NES Superstar

    Mellow NES Superstar5 hours ago

    Foolish kid. Most of us would give nearly anything for the chance to meet and learn from Cam... My mind is blown... Wow.

  77. Ben DeRose

    Ben DeRose5 hours ago

    Lol daddy Brady would still beat mahomes

  78. Ben DeRose

    Ben DeRose5 hours ago

    Bro nothing makes me more mad than this dude, teams have cap and the cheifs have NONE😂 JJ is gonna go to buffalo, Green Bay, or cleveland

  79. Duquesne

    Duquesne5 hours ago

    Here's a straw SW....Suck it up. The greatest acheivement in life often comes after the taste of defeat.

  80. Carlos

    Carlos5 hours ago

    I feel like let go of Barrett and try to get von Miller If von is cheaper