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  1. Fethullah Aslan

    Fethullah Aslan22 hours ago

    dont miss " last action hero "

  2. Adam 86

    Adam 8622 hours ago

    I liked this except all the left-wing tropes and the idea the catholic church actually has anything important to say beyond bribing world governments and keeping racket going. W/o those two annoying bullshit things the series itself is actually pretty good.

  3. Mister Tee

    Mister Tee22 hours ago

    Negan is the hero TWD needed even if they didn’t realize it.

  4. Shon Jojo

    Shon Jojo22 hours ago

    I understand that GOT cant be remade but the issue fans have isn't that it dint go there way, everything that happened in the season like the mad queen thig didn't have much build up and Arya killings the night king is like having Jon kill Cersei. With stuff like the red wedding and Ned's beheading is that it made sense and had decent build up.

  5. ImpARTation2013

    ImpARTation201322 hours ago

    I thought I hated The Governor until Negan came along. If I even saw that actor on the street, I'd beat him to death.

  6. superpaul

    superpaul22 hours ago

    So basically, this video spoils the entire next phase of the MCU.

  7. Joshua Caleb

    Joshua Caleb22 hours ago

    I'd want to see what the relationship of Quill and gamora has gone up to in the third gotg film. She isn't the same gamora Peter met in the first film and it might affect him. Either way it's up to them on how that's gonna work out.

  8. Don Lee

    Don Lee22 hours ago

    Hmm, can't replace Robin Williams, he was just such an amazing Geini, Emelia Clarke in the Terminator series was awesome. Had no idea it was the famous well loved lady from Game of Thrones. Halle Berrie was in my eyes and will always be a good Catwoman. I liked her energy and uniqueness. So for Movie Ranters saying replacements are a bad thing, I beg to differ in some instances. Ryan Reynolds Was amazing in Van Wilder and Kal did fine in the second film.

  9. Charming Gentleman

    Charming Gentleman22 hours ago

    Great job! 👍🏼

  10. Susan Turner

    Susan Turner22 hours ago

    I won't watch it without him, I know alot who will boycott it

  11. Birdex S

    Birdex S22 hours ago

    Rick ending was brilliant

  12. Aidan Jowett

    Aidan Jowett23 hours ago

    Shane counts as a villain!

  13. vespacheck

    vespacheck23 hours ago

    Getting fired simply proves her point.

  14. TD 4YD

    TD 4YD23 hours ago

    She said “time, space, and love”.

  15. lee jasmine

    lee jasmine23 hours ago

    the ones who eat people ARE THE WORST

  16. vespacheck

    vespacheck23 hours ago

    It's because she refused to sear the ss uniform and has Anne Frank in her attic instead.

  17. Tony Evans

    Tony Evans23 hours ago

    If captain marvel ever lifts mjolnir I'm done with marvel

  18. cookie Nuniyabizness

    cookie Nuniyabizness23 hours ago

    Thats fine we didnt like clay anyway 🤣😂

  19. David Lee

    David Lee23 hours ago

    Not even a mention for Kate Beckinsale who great in this and previews her role in the Underworld movies.

  20. Melvin Joseph

    Melvin Joseph23 hours ago

    The better video would be 'why wouldn't Hollywood cast Jason Segal anymore?', because unlike Radnor, Segal had a couple of major studio hits and was poised to be the next big thing

  21. Mox

    Mox23 hours ago

    Why does this even need to be explained?

  22. Stazia Kibera

    Stazia Kibera23 hours ago

    Sinister cause presents sequoia blues on USlikes.

  23. Andres Rojas

    Andres Rojas23 hours ago

    Half of the population is female. Why didn't she blame women for not seeing her movie?

  24. Ram Samudrala

    Ram Samudrala23 hours ago

    It is not just plausible deniability, it is thermodynamics, it will take more energy to grow humans than they will put out. But you could argue the KIND of energy is important (plants/animals we eat per person cost us more energy than they give each person but we do it anyway since they give us the kind of energy we need to survive. Besides everyone knows they needed the human minds to run the simulation.

  25. Jamoke Anderson

    Jamoke Anderson23 hours ago

    Judith's character needs to die. What Seven was to Married With Children, is what she is to TWD.


    EXPRESS SHIRTSELF23 hours ago


  27. J B

    J B23 hours ago

    Christopher Reeve nailed it..there will be no 2, or 3 place...as Superman

  28. N Flores

    N Flores23 hours ago

    So an alien bloodlines started corona? Aka the crown virus

  29. Erwin Oberkofler

    Erwin Oberkofler23 hours ago

    Idiots 🤦‍♂️

  30. Kruy Monychothruos

    Kruy Monychothruos23 hours ago

    How abt wanda vision ?? 🤔🤔🤣🤣

  31. Galatians 4:16

    Galatians 4:1623 hours ago

    no spiderman is relying on the suit that tony stark made

  32. Juicewah Wassel

    Juicewah Wassel23 hours ago