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door tier list

2 months ago

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bad customers

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click this video

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food fight

food fight

5 months ago

creative   vs   inventive
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super dream

10 months ago

mud run

mud run

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Two Sisters

Two Sisters

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Tree House

Tree House

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Public Transit

Public Transit

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Fidget Spinner

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Pizza is good

Pizza is good

4 years ago

Breath of the Mild
NEED AMMO [Factorio]
  1. ErrorCode_Noah

    ErrorCode_Noah14 hours ago

    That ending was probably the sadist thing I've ever seen

  2. Daniel RPM

    Daniel RPM14 hours ago


  3. thehyrulewarrior

    thehyrulewarrior14 hours ago

    The one for all sounds tho

  4. Penelope Chibangula

    Penelope Chibangula14 hours ago

    Dragon ball legends

  5. ManavIsEpic

    ManavIsEpic14 hours ago

    poor dude in the box, Andy why you do that??? R.I.P

  6. Kandy Bulu

    Kandy Bulu14 hours ago

    @Ice Cream Sandwich, I dare you to animate your favorite meme >:D

  7. Meko Chan

    Meko Chan14 hours ago

    That potion making game looks fun tbh, what’s it called?

  8. Xeon

    Xeon14 hours ago

    RIP cartoon man

  9. Satomi

    Satomi14 hours ago

    0:21 the guy has no arms so that's why he is making andy get it

  10. Ela Speaks

    Ela Speaks14 hours ago

    Just a friendly message not related to this video ☺️ God loves you, no matter who you are, where you’re from or what you’ve done. He’s waiting with open arms for you to accept Him into your lives. Please repent of your sins and ask God for forgiveness. He loves and cares for you. Jesus has already paid the price for all of our sins, you just need to believe in Him that he’s our saviour and begin to live right with God. I love you and hope you have a lovely day. God Bless You☁️🙌

  11. Kiana Dresse

    Kiana Dresse14 hours ago

    Jokes on you I never have

  12. nutmeg418

    nutmeg41814 hours ago

    I gotta admit... I would love a tutorial on the animation for that throw lol

  13. string bean

    string bean14 hours ago

    man if you're so bad at sports how'd you make the trash basket at 8:22 hmmm?

  14. Sam Mr Spam

    Sam Mr Spam14 hours ago

    4:07 Ice Cream Sandwich used door It's super effective! Beeg Spider fainted. You got $40 from defeating the Pokemon!

  15. string bean

    string bean14 hours ago

    the only reason i suck at sports is cause in elementary school i was so unpopular that no one would include me so i never learned how to play :')

  16. Im Hugury

    Im Hugury14 hours ago

    birthday was that day

  17. Johnson Joy

    Johnson Joy14 hours ago

    forgot automatic doors

  18. Jackson Anderson

    Jackson Anderson14 hours ago

    I want to do track and field but I live in Florida and midday is 100°

  19. Just a random dude

    Just a random dude14 hours ago

    Im practicing for my drining test and im sucking at parallel parking

  20. Zantetsu13

    Zantetsu1314 hours ago

    "I do other things for fun" Shows clip of himself shooting hoops in a game that has nothing to do with basketball.

  21. string bean

    string bean14 hours ago

    -snacks -hangin wit da boys -*balls*

  22. CaptainJunebug99

    CaptainJunebug9914 hours ago

    ✝️ *Jesus Christ loves you. The Son of God, Jesus Christ came to Earth through a virgin birth and died on the cross for our sins and rosed from the dead three days later and now sits on the righthand side of God. If you believe in your heart that he’s your personal Lord and Savior then you shall he saved. You’re not guaranteed a tomorrow, so give your life to Him today!* ✝️

  23. olle

    olle14 hours ago


  24. Arxis

    Arxis14 hours ago

    What is the name of the game at 0:50 ? It looks really cool

  25. Endoender5000

    Endoender500014 hours ago

    3:20 I CANT OMG

  26. Declan Bachner

    Declan Bachner14 hours ago

    the bill nye intro kinda slaps

  27. Shell knight

    Shell knight14 hours ago

    So is no-one gonna ask how or why her just died ... No ... *Okay.*

  28. ThatRobloxHotdog

    ThatRobloxHotdog14 hours ago

    jokes on you i didnt when i was born

  29. cp

    cp14 hours ago

    00:01 thats me when im playing psu

  30. The Doctor

    The Doctor14 hours ago

    I work at a pizza place, nice looking place with grest food. The thing about working with food is that everyone has weird taste or likes it a certain way. We also have people who know the manager so they assume we know everything they want, so they ask for their "usual". One time i was taking a order and i messed up the order some how because people say the names different cause our place has weird names for pizza, like what we call the meat and cheese deluxe which to some people know better as meat lovers and i had told the customer that we dont have that but we have this. She then proceeded to yell at me saying, "i go here all the time and you should know theit usual" in my head i think, " you think you're some kind of main character or something cause i get like 40 other customers a day and have worked here for five months". My manager didnt like this so im the one to blame

  31. Letorin

    Letorin14 hours ago

    5:00 andy really just retold that one scene from chicken little

  32. Shloomp

    Shloomp14 hours ago

    What game is that?

  33. Ghostly Butter

    Ghostly Butter14 hours ago

    Out of all the honey promotions i saw i liked this one the most

  34. Kitten Tamer

    Kitten Tamer14 hours ago

    The brain is a lot more powerful than given credit for. It's entirely possible that, despite having nearly zero info, they predicted the path forward. Perhaps there was something off about the screen this happens in, and your brain somehow picked up on it after dozens upon dozens of trials and compared it to memories of previous levels. The brain can do this, visual navigation is something human brains are especially good at and it will sometimes refuse to let you enter deep sleep if the room you sleep in isn't quite right from what you remember. Or you legit had future sight, for a moment. Worth noting that no experiments have yielded *consistent* evidence of psychic phenomena. Empirical science dislikes things that cannot be replicated. But this doesn't mean that, anecdotally, stuff like this does not happen. Sometimes things do be like this, and we'll never know the real reason why, if any reason at all. Gotta get comfy with the inability to understand or explain everything. Just enjoy that you beat a mario level.

  35. Eric Stankiewicz

    Eric Stankiewicz14 hours ago

    Number 18 on trending in England!

  36. engineer gaming?

    engineer gaming?14 hours ago

    bruh I just saw the wii sports recap animation yesterday

  37. Monke High Command TF2

    Monke High Command TF214 hours ago

    #18 on trending wtf

  38. Andrew Newsome

    Andrew Newsome14 hours ago

    My experience in sports is exactly the same...

  39. gamingbaton / rayalmighty

    gamingbaton / rayalmighty14 hours ago


  40. Generic Soda

    Generic Soda14 hours ago

    1:29 hmmm...

  41. Dr. Bright

    Dr. Bright14 hours ago

    6:49 that’s what she said

  42. Hellbound Shooter

    Hellbound Shooter14 hours ago

    wat game is dat

  43. Kelby Thorne

    Kelby Thorne14 hours ago

    0:47 AY, POTION CRAFT! Go check it out on Steam, it's a demo/early access last time I checked, and It's pretty fun.

  44. Colin Sabolboro

    Colin Sabolboro14 hours ago

    3:30 Me and the boys at 2 am bopin

  45. Sir Lardex

    Sir Lardex14 hours ago

    have you ever seen pro gameplay of like any video game?

  46. Emmie Temmie

    Emmie Temmie14 hours ago

    If you ever curl (the sport on ice and brooms) never leave ur knees on the ice Everyone will hate you and you will look stupid to all the curlers there Also broom races are the best, we do them at our curling club and we slide around on the ice and have the little kids sitting on our brooms and we zip them around. It is the best

  47. Fazıl Deniz Seçkin KEDİ

    Fazıl Deniz Seçkin KEDİ14 hours ago

    Noo! Why he die :(

  48. MetrioGaming

    MetrioGaming14 hours ago

    what’s the song at the end? (when Andy ‘dies)

  49. Daxt Sunday

    Daxt Sunday14 hours ago



    FUAD MAHIN14 hours ago

    your mr crabs

  51. محمد  مناف

    محمد مناف14 hours ago

    You are a psychic or ever copy of super mario is personalized

  52. Ochelcatt

    Ochelcatt14 hours ago


  53. TON O'CLAY

    TON O'CLAY14 hours ago

    what was that game you were playing? lol looks interesting

  54. Kiddo1

    Kiddo114 hours ago

    whats 1:05 game

  55. Slime gamer X5

    Slime gamer X514 hours ago

    What’s that game at the beginnings name?

  56. Edwin Norry

    Edwin Norry14 hours ago

    Take a shot every time he gets hit in the face by a ball

  57. unknown

    unknown14 hours ago

    i love that it takes me 20 mins to watch your 10 mins long video because i am constantly rewinding to rewatch each funny bit countless times

  58. Aditya Iyer

    Aditya Iyer14 hours ago

    Haha bonk guy go funny

  59. Paula Zoe Lehmann Melgar

    Paula Zoe Lehmann Melgar14 hours ago

    omg like if your in the i suck at sports gang

  60. Francesco 35

    Francesco 3514 hours ago

    hows the game at the beggining called? being thinking about it for the whole day

  61. King of Fame

    King of Fame14 hours ago

    The same thing happened to me in basketball but i made the shot in the other teams hoop

  62. G.L.B

    G.L.B14 hours ago

    I didn't even like sports in the first place so... HA

  63. Jasper Skwar

    Jasper Skwar14 hours ago

    I pressed the like button for you, little cartoon man ;'(

  64. Griffin Idukas

    Griffin Idukas14 hours ago

    ...he uSED TO BE *TALL?!?!*

  65. Half of nothing :3

    Half of nothing :315 hours ago

    Hold up what game is that? 0:59 now I wanna know. If someone knows please share.

  66. gabriel ariella

    gabriel ariella15 hours ago

    i thought you are american

  67. Ragnare

    Ragnare15 hours ago

    I remember the original title for this

  68. Echo Rose

    Echo Rose15 hours ago

    What game was he playing

  69. Foriarez

    Foriarez15 hours ago

    8:21 The liar hiding his mad basketball skills.

  70. Slyzero

    Slyzero15 hours ago

    5:14 I'm Brazilian and I don't understand baseball, but that was so cool

  71. Nícolas Guimarães

    Nícolas Guimarães15 hours ago

    Man i love your videos and sense of humor, thank you for this video hahahahahaha

  72. Amelie Weber

    Amelie Weber15 hours ago

    I love every single one of your little stories and animations! ☺

  73. KallMeKitty

    KallMeKitty15 hours ago

    we all thought it was a short at first

  74. Sgt. Snazzmen

    Sgt. Snazzmen15 hours ago

    Uhhhh that story about track and feild, i believe thats called *heatstroke*

  75. Sergio Vicente

    Sergio Vicente15 hours ago

    What game was he playing?