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  1. Bharani Dharan

    Bharani Dharan6 hours ago

    This is gonna be in our pockets in another 100 years

  2. Hong Rui Chan

    Hong Rui Chan6 hours ago

    Fact: this video was also prerecorded

  3. Burger Ham

    Burger Ham6 hours ago

    it seems that pixel 5's pictures are better. Big thumb up to google's engineers.

  4. John M

    John M6 hours ago

    Don't really get the point... If there's a "nuclear war" how are you going to get there quick enough?!

  5. Anshul Agrawal

    Anshul Agrawal6 hours ago

    it did broke my heart 😭

  6. aaron miller

    aaron miller6 hours ago

    Never say never


    ESTGAMING6 hours ago

    Grab your *I want to pre order this* ticket here.

  8. Press Kevin To Continue

    Press Kevin To Continue6 hours ago

    Why would cinematic pan only work with internet? I never have connection when I'm out taking pictures

  9. Raphael Hernandez

    Raphael Hernandez6 hours ago


  10. Nemesis UT

    Nemesis UT7 hours ago

    Eliminate one or two accessories from the box so you can buy those 2 missing accessories in 2 separate boxes to eliminate waste and to protect the environment.... 🤔 yeah that totally makes sense... geniuses

  11. Arjun Ambarnath

    Arjun Ambarnath7 hours ago

    Poorly edited video. Please don't make such videos again. Keep it concise and simple for the viewer to understand.

  12. AutoFOCUSED

    AutoFOCUSED7 hours ago

    You say you think the colors on the iPhone is more accurate --- completely disagree. iPhone looked oversaturated, which is an aesthetic some companies like because people like bright colors because it makes them think it's a better image. Also, iPhone has too much digital sharpness. I rather it not be overly sharp and add sharpness if I choose to using software. There's a difference between having a sharp image and over-compensating with digital sharpness, which often looks unnatural. Even the photo you claimed there were more details in the leaves, as a photographer for over a decade now, that literally just looked like someone boosted the clarity and sharpness where it almost degraded image quality.

  13. Bandana Basak

    Bandana Basak7 hours ago

    It worked very nice👍👏😊

  14. Checkma8s

    Checkma8s7 hours ago

    hope they just make a touch screen keyboard that is 3d that look like a keypad buttons.

  15. nathan hughes

    nathan hughes7 hours ago

    Nooooo I hate remotes!!

  16. aconfusedazn

    aconfusedazn7 hours ago

    Good article. I wish more people would take note of it. We got a box style one from a company called The UV Works, which has data that backed up their product in line with what is here. Since it contains all of the UV it should be much safer and effective.

  17. AEOversity

    AEOversity7 hours ago

    Blackberry is the epitome of PHOENIX FORCE. ;-)

  18. D M

    D M7 hours ago

    I’m holding out for 16k 240hz consoles

  19. Anjali Swain

    Anjali Swain7 hours ago

    Come with new tech and latest updates and looks .

  20. Md n hq

    Md n hq7 hours ago

    Its quite big ,like Bluetooth I don't like it

  21. D M

    D M7 hours ago

    I think this will beat ps 5, that hideous looking thing. What I don’t get is why these are using zen 2 instead of 3. Seems like a pc will catch up and surpass them.

  22. Justin's Cinema

    Justin's Cinema7 hours ago


  23. Justin's Cinema

    Justin's Cinema7 hours ago


  24. Jordan Resto

    Jordan Resto7 hours ago

    I've been a Pixel 2 XL user for years and for the longest time have always been asked to take photos, even among my friends who have iPhones. I would be interested to see what photos would look like after some minor processing, as I feel my photos (and Pixel's seemingly in general) capture all the details in shadows, highlights, etc. but the photos can look somewhat dull/lifeless. Similar to how a RAW image coming out of a DSLR isn't as good as the final product, but all of the data or picture information still needs to be captured in order to appropriately adjust it later. Apples photos are so "punchy" out of the gate that I'm wondering whether there is any room for adjustments without loss of detail/blooming etc. Good review!!

  25. Uzair Akram

    Uzair Akram7 hours ago

    3.2 Gigapixels

  26. Danie Bello

    Danie Bello7 hours ago

    Just put a heavy book on top it when you’re home, problem solved. OR amazon could just include a PhYsIcAl switch that locks the drone into place when you’re hole and when you’re leaving you just unlock it.

  27. Ahmad Melhem

    Ahmad Melhem7 hours ago

    How about LG C9!!! is it good TV!!!

  28. Tony Rod

    Tony Rod7 hours ago

    Easy to do it when you open the machine; try doing it in public places

  29. MTB Overseas

    MTB Overseas7 hours ago

    When it started off with one guy talking about phone vr, I knew this was gonna be an pretty bad video

  30. Cam

    Cam7 hours ago

    Wow.. I can't believe the fuckery I just witnessed

  31. leo Cj

    leo Cj7 hours ago

    Pixel is more natural and beautiful

  32. matthew spence

    matthew spence7 hours ago

    Ur boss is so cool

  33. gilbert512

    gilbert5127 hours ago

    Great does one that holds a few rounds of 9mm come as an upgrade? If so im sold.

  34. kmg501

    kmg5017 hours ago

    I assume that no physical keyboard is coming back because the market for a physical keyboard is small and getting smaller in the mobile sector. IE it is a very outdated idea with deal breaking downsides. And unless Blackberry finds a way to incorporate Android apps or attract app developers by the tens of thousands, the product is going nowhere fast. I get that there is some attachment to them but the ship has sailed.

  35. jl sc

    jl sc7 hours ago

    PT Barnum was right, there's one born every minute.

  36. Alexandru Andrei

    Alexandru Andrei7 hours ago

    It’s A2DP on that hardware?? I don’t find anywhere info of that. Thx

  37. Tak

    Tak7 hours ago

    I like my iphone but Apple doesn’t give two hoots about the environment...

  38. Marcustzb

    Marcustzb7 hours ago

    No port? So where the freak that I'm going sync my files to?

  39. chetjo

    chetjo8 hours ago

    Seems baised.

  40. Black Stick

    Black Stick8 hours ago

    A weed nug would’ve looked better than broccoli

  41. Harish Lahare

    Harish Lahare8 hours ago

    Waiting for blackberry New phone maybe this time blackberry rock again...🤘

  42. DEZz EDITS

    DEZz EDITS8 hours ago

    He look like he take shrooms

  43. Mike Wolf

    Mike Wolf8 hours ago

    I look at the iPad Air 4 as the iPad for college students and artists because of the magic keyboard and second gen Apple Pencil support and a reasonable price.

  44. Deepak Harish

    Deepak Harish8 hours ago

    Why they are so over obsessed with the qwerty keyboard? I mean why? An additional physical keyboard, which we don't need that much, instead of that, they can give a larger oled screen. I mean who they are targeting these phones?

  45. Timothy Addo

    Timothy Addo8 hours ago

    Imagine losing a brain charger 🤯🤯

  46. Josephoenix

    Josephoenix8 hours ago

    It should be iPhone 12 mini vs pixel 5 since they are the same price.


    ANKUR SAINI8 hours ago

    Money money money!!!!!

  48. dion smith

    dion smith8 hours ago

    I love blackberry.... just don't do away with the keyboard please

  49. V

    V8 hours ago

    "You can have any color car you want, as long as it's black." Henry Ford.


    GAMING PAKISTAN8 hours ago

    Gta 5 handling vs gta 4 handling.

  51. Zaid Adel

    Zaid Adel8 hours ago

    You Don't feel it's phone form 2020 no fast charging it's slow 18w it's not really fast charging in 2020 no 120Hz and same Design last year it's will be good phone in 2019 not in 2020

  52. Alvin

    Alvin8 hours ago

    How about blackberry make one with and without keyboard. Not everyone a fan of mechanical keyboard

  53. Doc Honest

    Doc Honest8 hours ago

    Just wanna say that Bethesda made my favorite games, but if they are kept exclusive to xbox i am still riding with playstation. Im counting on you sony.

  54. Nghia Vuong

    Nghia Vuong8 hours ago



    ALPINA TM8 hours ago

    Musk should buy blackberry. Benifits- blackberry security for tesla, and more and more reliability for tesla and blackberry.

  56. NumberSixteen BusShelter

    NumberSixteen BusShelter8 hours ago

    If you REALLY hate the dongle life and lightning cables, why not just be a reasonable person and get an Android??? They do everything you complained about in the video for cheaper and better.

  57. agust D

    agust D8 hours ago

    Why just make a cure for cancer???its been there for ages and scientist doesnt even make a move about making the medicine.people are dying....

  58. MoneyShot

    MoneyShot8 hours ago

    Why would they call it s30? They said they skipped s11 and jumped to s20 to match the year.

  59. John Donald

    John Donald8 hours ago

    Try *crack_unlock* on Instagram he's a pro

  60. Jose Federico Angulo Rodriguez

    Jose Federico Angulo Rodriguez8 hours ago

    Wow Classic, or a Priv.... Beautiful and stylish.... Good chipset and a full battery 🔋 capacity.... Will be a way back... For sure.... Y miss my classic and it's working but the apps not the same... Great hardware.... If android can handle it.... Another Will be the story!!!

  61. Timothy Hoang

    Timothy Hoang8 hours ago

    Haha she was funny! Love this host

  62. S W

    S W8 hours ago

    To connect our phones to the vehicle for Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, we would need a charging port to connect the phone to the vehicle via cable. How would this work if there's no charging port?

  63. hardlickah

    hardlickah8 hours ago

    The upstate looks amazing through both lenses, good job

  64. Nic Dulmes

    Nic Dulmes8 hours ago

    Anyone know what type of keyboard that is? Time code 11:47. Thanks

  65. SRT

    SRT8 hours ago

    Just like Nokia, nobody cares about blackberry

  66. Daygo G

    Daygo G8 hours ago

    Ok kool and all, but can it run DOOM?

  67. Kar I.

    Kar I.9 hours ago

    Will be interesting to do the comparison with the pro 12 max which has a bigger sensor with shift stabilization. Theoretically the IQ should be better and lower noise levels.

  68. Tarz Thomas

    Tarz Thomas9 hours ago

    would a good smart phone with a gimbal and mic do better ?

  69. crimsonblad5

    crimsonblad59 hours ago

    From my experience Blackberry KeyONE was one of the worst experiences I had. I I will never buy a Blackberry again. Regardless, I'm glad you covered this overview of the brand!

  70. Abdul Rafy

    Abdul Rafy9 hours ago

    Dude windows phone keyboard was just great

  71. bproducer

    bproducer9 hours ago

    This flying drone is probably already militarized and has an attached gun 🧐🧐🧐

  72. NNGX 678

    NNGX 6789 hours ago

    Who remembers when running gta 5 on pc was a flex?

  73. A B I N L A L

    A B I N L A L9 hours ago

    Definitely Iphone shines in videography. I prefer photo's from pixel more than iphone photo's. i think iphone photos are a bit over exposed .

  74. Fon Sirdanan

    Fon Sirdanan9 hours ago

    What if my pitzza delivered to me by that''

  75. shubham singh

    shubham singh9 hours ago

    So with iphone 12 and 13 we will have even more lighting cable to dispose stupid APple.

  76. Paul Ho

    Paul Ho9 hours ago

    So do Apple users only have a lightning cable just for their phone now, since the laptops and tablets use USBC?