Block Facts
  1. Wizwus

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  2. GravyFather

    GravyFatherMinute ago

    Used to be crafted with just sticks? Did I go into a coma?

  3. Mr RFRM

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  4. ADVANCE thinking

    ADVANCE thinking4 minutes ago

    I see

  5. Bryan Tran (Student)

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  6. Syahir Amsyar

    Syahir Amsyar7 minutes ago

    And End crystal can be use as weapons

  7. R Rabbani

    R Rabbani7 minutes ago

    Do mod items

  8. villager number 9

    villager number 913 minutes ago

    Block facts always use USlikesrs In his vids

  9. Shivargha Bhattacharya

    Shivargha Bhattacharya14 minutes ago

    Everyone gangsta till Herobrine appears

  10. Dymond

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  11. Treyden Beingessner

    Treyden Beingessner16 minutes ago

    I want you to say that thing about smelting again reeaaaal slow for me. Now, what are the fences made of again?

  12. Teodor Todorov

    Teodor Todorov17 minutes ago

    You missed that The Ender Dragon takes damage when the Crystals, that heall him are broken

  13. Horizon YT

    Horizon YT17 minutes ago

    1 in a trillion chance


    CREEPY CODM19 minutes ago

    Please don't run out of blocks 😭

  15. Hairy Mango

    Hairy Mango19 minutes ago

    Well that was a mouthful..

  16. Fazze Steroudi

    Fazze Steroudi21 minute ago

    i kinda like when hes talking about facts of blocks, he shows herobrine and Dream SMP memebers skins, i kinda like that tho ;-;

  17. Jaya Chatterji

    Jaya Chatterji21 minute ago

    Look I am a indian 🇮🇳 child but i want Minecraft player fact

  18. Yeet Vader ?

    Yeet Vader ?22 minutes ago

    His mom probably yelled at him for being too loud

  19. Alexiane klye A. Sianosa

    Alexiane klye A. Sianosa24 minutes ago

    "Obsidian has the highest blast resistance in mine craft" "Bedrock here"


    RASHEE RADIA24 minutes ago

    Please tell us about carpet

  21. SuperIntenseGamer v1

    SuperIntenseGamer v124 minutes ago

    Love that FitMC reference.

  22. Stephano7740

    Stephano774024 minutes ago

    The oldest End Portal Frame in Minecraft history.

  23. Stephano7740

    Stephano774026 minutes ago

    The oldest End Crystal in Minecraft history.

  24. Emo Chan

    Emo Chan26 minutes ago

    Fitting to have FitMC in the thumbnail

  25. Yeppii

    Yeppii27 minutes ago

    New video idea: I replaced charged creepers with end crystals.

  26. Teodor Todorov

    Teodor Todorov27 minutes ago

    0:21 Ahem... Every one who can count knows this...

  27. penguin animations 2

    penguin animations 227 minutes ago

    Ive learnt so much

  28. WinterCraft

    WinterCraft27 minutes ago

    Minecraft Void Facts.

  29. Elyctricity

    Elyctricity28 minutes ago

    This is gonna end up in you recommended

  30. #BabyYodaforlife Mama Mia

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    ✨-✨ stop killing the foxes


    REDDISH30 minutes ago

    Lil globglomgamgala

  32. Teodor Todorov

    Teodor Todorov30 minutes ago

    0:23 useless, until that point

  33. Weile Ong

    Weile Ong31 minute ago

    u can trigger a fox person by saying hes a furry

  34. GD JUICY

    GD JUICY31 minute ago

    Pls make block fact about tuff block

  35. rianbow marshmello

    rianbow marshmello33 minutes ago

    Dream is there??

  36. TeamMateMan

    TeamMateMan33 minutes ago

    Block Facts FACTS plss

  37. keisuke horota

    keisuke horota33 minutes ago

    Awesome! I'm an app developer and I'm developing a community app. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for Minecraft friends. Would anyone like to be my friend?

  38. Green Randoms

    Green Randoms36 minutes ago

    I want to see a fact about the purple thing in the nether portal

  39. January Boi

    January Boi36 minutes ago


  40. Kevy A?

    Kevy A?36 minutes ago

    first they make it really hard to aim a bow in bedrock, then they make the crystals smaller, and you can’t shoot through the cages like java

  41. Topaz Animations

    Topaz Animations36 minutes ago

    40% of the comments: Signs used to look like this 90% of the comments: ZA WARUDO Me: Shut up it's not a jojo reference.

  42. Derpy Gengar

    Derpy Gengar38 minutes ago

    I was fully expecting, “NoTeBlOcKeS mAkE a BaSs SoUnD wHeN pLaCeD oN a BaRrIeR”

  43. Abudy Awad

    Abudy Awad40 minutes ago

    Love the 2b2t reference

  44. monster gaming

    monster gaming40 minutes ago

    Am i only one who has litterally watched all his videos

  45. Gaea Valzado

    Gaea Valzado40 minutes ago

    Fundy:oh me and my family are in the video Fundy:*sees that his famaly is getting killed* noooooooooo

  46. Kurt Ivery Arriesgado

    Kurt Ivery Arriesgado42 minutes ago

    Whoever block facts editor your a legend

  47. MoonL

    MoonL42 minutes ago

    So you finally remove Fit's hair

  48. EcoGranite

    EcoGranite42 minutes ago

    Stop yelling mate

  49. Angie Bleich

    Angie Bleich43 minutes ago

    make a playlist pleas

  50. A bad username

    A bad username44 minutes ago

    Steve, Stampy, Skeppy, BBH, Herobrine, Dream, Purpled, Steve/Herobrine twice, (x2 Unknown by me)

  51. Isaac Williams

    Isaac Williams46 minutes ago

    Another reason bedrock bosses are harder and ppl still dissagree

  52. Xbox 360 dragon

    Xbox 360 dragon50 minutes ago

    Mojang just fucking failed the first time

  53. Boxomintso

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  54. Your Average Gamer

    Your Average Gamer51 minute ago

    Be gansta until he is out of blocks

  55. kagraeb

    kagraeb52 minutes ago

    FIT MC!

  56. Draco137

    Draco13753 minutes ago

    Everybody gangsta until I point out that 0.1^12 is 1 trillion, not 1 billion.

  57. Dat

    Dat53 minutes ago

    A year from now someone is going to go down the rabbit hole of watching every single 27 second video on all the blocks.


    JERLENE MARTIN54 minutes ago

    Wait is that aphmau😳

  59. MarEpor

    MarEpor54 minutes ago

    (block) used to look like this!: *one pixel is changed*

  60. AutiW00Dy_

    AutiW00Dy_54 minutes ago

    Fit MC is in this because the most used weapon in 2b2t is end crystals.

  61. Adhinu's videos

    Adhinu's videos57 minutes ago

    2b2t pvp

  62. totally not a gold bar

    totally not a gold bar57 minutes ago

    I don't think you can smelt with stones like coal..?

  63. That S Guy

    That S Guy58 minutes ago

    “Zombies are the first mobs added in Minecraft” Steve with a seizure: what the f-

  64. Faris Aniq

    Faris Aniq59 minutes ago

    "They have a shorter hitbox in Bedrock Edition" Me: so....that's why it's hard to hit it with arrow

  65. Gabitube

    Gabitube59 minutes ago

    I'm I the only one who watched all his Vids

  66. snaukball

    snaukball59 minutes ago

    bro what, if we could heal from crystals we would need to sit by it for 10 seconds

  67. Aryaman

    Aryaman59 minutes ago

    I learned the whole game by seeing these shorts

  68. ChromaCat Animations

    ChromaCat AnimationsHour ago

    Put it in 0.75x and he won't sound like a maniac

  69. Flower Child

    Flower ChildHour ago

    Maybe transition to mob facts? Then unused stuff? I loooove unused stuff in gaming

  70. Cameron Schissler

    Cameron SchisslerHour ago

    On bedrock me n a friend managed to get a second egg somehow no sure how

  71. Modern Being Team Ruff

    Modern Being Team RuffHour ago

    The quality of these vids is going down like my sydrome

  72. Jhuk

    JhukHour ago

    Having fitmc in the thumbnail about end crystal facts is pretty cool ngl

  73. Ixed Tea

    Ixed TeaHour ago

    This was way too fast for my slow brain.

  74. Settro Blu

    Settro BluHour ago

    That's why my bow shots never hit any end crystals in Bedrock Edition

  75. Nathan PARCEL

    Nathan PARCELHour ago

    Bruh help I can't find my ears

  76. penguin animations 2

    penguin animations 2Hour ago

    Am learning

  77. 신가람

    신가람Hour ago

    Fun fact : End crystals are considered as an entity, not a block.

  78. Nightstorm The Nightwing

    Nightstorm The NightwingHour ago

    We need bowl facts

  79. Jesus Christ

    Jesus ChristHour ago

    Like my comment

  80. Manlike Goku

    Manlike GokuHour ago

    Wait is that jelly