1. Jasmine Sarah

    Jasmine Sarah24 seconds ago

    the fact that i never skipped an add everytime i watch Encore. im happy cause all my money goes only and only to my fav boys.

  2. RAIZA W

    RAIZA W38 seconds ago

    love you all

  3. rita bat

    rita bat56 seconds ago

    tell the truth you are not here str`+#eaming, you are just enjoying this gift from them

  4. Lara Christina

    Lara ChristinaMinute ago

    Low budget, yet the most thoughtful and moving. It really touched everyone's hearts. Even those who are not ahgases

  5. Prupru •

    Prupru •Minute ago

    After a long day I can finally watch this !!!!

  6. Elif Gobul

    Elif Gobul2 minutes ago

    İ love you

  7. Kyungsoo’s Simp

    Kyungsoo’s Simp3 minutes ago

    this makes me so happy

  8. Wu Yifrango

    Wu Yifrango4 minutes ago

    Preciosos 🥺🤲🏻

  9. tae jil lee

    tae jil lee4 minutes ago

    I like

  10. dream sonhos

    dream sonhos4 minutes ago

    Meus meninos amo vocês pra sempre

  11. Nazan Army

    Nazan Army4 minutes ago

    YEAAHH GOT7😂🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘

  12. Radhakrishnan V.p

    Radhakrishnan V.p4 minutes ago

    may. e the first time we aghases see GOT7Z video filled with lot of languages in caption section.....YAAh i can feel it....International aghase hype our boys come its confortable for see our bouyz video

  13. Aurelia Pratama Siwi

    Aurelia Pratama Siwi4 minutes ago

    Thank you for sharing this behinds the scenes and Thank you for the most unique and the Only MV that comfort our hearts seeing all GOT7 members together again #GOT7FOREVER !

  14. Daadaa

    Daadaa5 minutes ago

    I cried at the mv and I'm crying at this vlog. I think I'll just cry at anything got7 does at this point.

  15. خُلود القرني

    خُلود القرني5 minutes ago

    Happy to see my boys happy 😻😻😻😻

  16. It’s Daisy

    It’s Daisy5 minutes ago

    they need to do tv show they are amazing !!!

  17. Shiro Uwakimono — 마리아

    Shiro Uwakimono — 마리아5 minutes ago

    I love GOT7 more than words can express. And the connection i have with them is just beyond the sky❤️

  18. Mary Lacerda

    Mary Lacerda6 minutes ago

    Vocês fazem tudo

  19. Aurelia Pratama Siwi

    Aurelia Pratama Siwi7 minutes ago

    #GOT7FOREVER !!!! Miss them being together so much

  20. Giovana Nonato

    Giovana Nonato7 minutes ago

    O jeito que eu amo esses garotos juntos é tão diferente... nem sei explicar é muito amor envolvido

  21. Annabelle Kwok

    Annabelle Kwok8 minutes ago

    wowww, did anybody else notice the cross outside the studio? does this mean that Jackson is Christiannnn

  22. Slutterina

    Slutterina9 minutes ago

    Team Wang, Team Wang

  23. Mash Mellow

    Mash Mellow9 minutes ago

    Bruh they didn’t lie when the said they will comeback for ahgases

  24. Vesuvius Evergreen

    Vesuvius Evergreen10 minutes ago

    Mark, the one who directed the mv, he didnt have to reupload it but he did. He always put the sevens before anything else. The littlest things he does are so meaningful. Got7 wouldnt be the same without him.

  25. Mash Mellow

    Mash Mellow10 minutes ago

    I dont stan them but i could see how lucky and grateful got7 fans are

  26. Cristina S.

    Cristina S.10 minutes ago

    STR34M STR34M STR34M

  27. angelineee *_*

    angelineee *_*11 minutes ago

    Not an ahgase but loving makes my heart feel warm

  28. Nasreen

    Nasreen11 minutes ago

    I love your gift for us GOT7💚 GOT7 × IGOT7 forever

  29. Cristina S.

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  30. Chilean Girl

    Chilean Girl11 minutes ago

    Trust and love GOT7

  31. Jungwon Bunnydimples

    Jungwon Bunnydimples12 minutes ago

    Got7 encorre mv is so heart warming ><

  32. daytoy 9197

    daytoy 919712 minutes ago

    You guys are awesome & incredible in real meaning ... You guys deserves the whole world GOT7 ... Luv you until ma death 🤟 GOT7 forever and for eternity 💚💚💚💪

  33. Mash Mellow

    Mash Mellow12 minutes ago

    We love you guysss

  34. 威神V엔시티

    威神V엔시티13 minutes ago

    Got7 Ahgase forever together

  35. Orasa Petwisit

    Orasa Petwisit13 minutes ago

    กัชน่ารักกับอากาเซ่เสมอ เราจะเดินเคียงกัชตลอดไป มีกัชมีอากาเซ่สมบรูณ์แบบ💚🐦

  36. Nasreen

    Nasreen13 minutes ago

    Almost 8.6m ♡

  37. Reina Lie

    Reina Lie13 minutes ago

    I’m not even an ahgase, but this song and mv and everything really touched me. I can’t even imagine how the ahgases are feeling rn. I do hope that they’ll come together again soon. So happy that they’re still together. I wish them all the happiness and joy and success in their future ✨

  38. Cristina S.

    Cristina S.13 minutes ago


  39. Cristina S.

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  41. xxx DEAR

    xxx DEAR14 minutes ago

    Thankyou jinyeong for the good song, its addicted 💚🐥🍀

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    I love this so much!!!

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    Paula Nicole Domingo15 minutes ago

    Don't skipp ads gaizz

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  45. Malu Galvão

    Malu Galvão15 minutes ago

    It's so good watching them together like that after they leave the well-know basement. The mv is beautiful and very warm. I loved it!! 💚💚💚

  46. Cyme Wong

    Cyme Wong15 minutes ago

    When will 10M going to happen..... We need to join hands to spin harder. If we can get more than 300K of people spinning just 3 times a day, we can reach 10M this weekend! Please spread the words. Fighting!

  47. Esthela Cantu Coro

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    Love it!! GOT7 best group <3

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    //c ř y-S t a ł #freeporçay #WeLoveYouSoojin _16 minutes ago

    We support you everytime

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    6:44 The voice😻 Of course he is got7 member Me too remember this song when they say long day😸 10:13 Of course we like it😻💕

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    xxx DEAR16 minutes ago

    Oww so mark delete the video in his channel and reupload here... 🐥💚🍀

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    Los amoooo

  52. TheTwistedPotato

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    It’s not low budget, it’s PRICELESS

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    We support you everytime

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    The fact that the earnings of this video will go to their own pockets i never skip ads haha more ads to come haha

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    فرقة got7راح يشتمعون مرة ثانيا بليز فهموني😢💔

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    Please stream stream 🙏 #GOT7

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    We really love you

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    You deserve better

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    I love you my boys

  63. to be or not to

    to be or not to21 minute ago

    Aw I love it! The song, their voices, everything is amazing and feels more real even though it's simple, it makes it even better


    MARK TUAN WIFE22 minutes ago

    Guys why not let's make this mv 1b I know it's hard but we can do it even it takes a 1 year 2 or what

  65. Bárbara Naomi

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    We will sing for you

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    Lili C.22 minutes ago

    Fighting ~

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  68. ya jing

    ya jing22 minutes ago

    "low budget mv" but made by high quality men and with high quality song!! and tbh, i really looove the mv sooo much! the feels went straight to the heart

  69. Ca Al

    Ca Al23 minutes ago

    Got7 é perfeito

  70. Mjrivasl Rivas

    Mjrivasl Rivas23 minutes ago

    why do I love jinyoung never taking his sunglasses off?, he was even looking at the computer with them on HAHAHAHAH such cuties

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    love uuuuuuu got7❤😭

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  74. forever JKpop

    forever JKpop24 minutes ago

    Ya sabemos quién creo el nuevo canal de USlikes de GOT7, querido Mark estás en todo, increíble tu trabajo y el trabajo de los 7 en general lo hicieron y están haciendo genial, estoy orgullosa, y muy agradecida con Jinyoung por crear semejante canción llena de sentimientos! Siempre los estaré apoyando GOT7 fighting¡!!!!

  75. Breanna Le

    Breanna Le24 minutes ago

    Ahgases: "Jackson takes off his 'Team Wang' jacket to show he's Got7 4ever!" Jackson: "I take off my jacket because I'm indoors" lol, luv that <3 (haha, since mark moved this video off his channel, my comment can live here instead)

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    8,540,509 fighting!!

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    This vlog is perfect!!!

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    Spinning! ;)

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    love love love