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  1. Amateur Wrestler 21

    Amateur Wrestler 214 hours ago

    We all know adysanna would beat Colby

  2. joseph myrick

    joseph myrick4 hours ago

    The last stupid bender πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Nathaniel Williams

    Nathaniel Williams5 hours ago

    The smart bet has got be Jan since it seems like over 90% of people think Izzy is gonna win. #playtheodds

  4. Domi Stock

    Domi Stock5 hours ago

    1:30 jack hermansson has no forehead πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Mike Mike

    Mike Mike5 hours ago

    I agree with Colby here. I like both fighters but I think Jan is just a Way way way better Kelvin gastelum. Basically, if he had trouble with kelvin a much smaller fighter, he's going to lose against Jan. I also don't think Izzy could of beat Reyes, and look what Jan did to him.

  6. DJ Kiddrocks

    DJ Kiddrocks5 hours ago

    I hope I come back as Bas Rutten in the next life.

  7. Mel Mullins

    Mel Mullins5 hours ago

    Thompson is phenomenal, however getting knocked out by worn & torn Pettis cost him sooo much credibility as how many genuine champs would lose to Anthony...especially welterweights?!

  8. Attah Kakida

    Attah Kakida5 hours ago

    Colby will always shows his stupid side πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ he never disappoint

  9. Steve G

    Steve G5 hours ago

    Best part is pulling his pants down! As if the ass whoopins weren't embarrassment enough. Lmfao

  10. BuiltOnAnime

    BuiltOnAnime5 hours ago

    Colby needs to take a chill pill lool still Burt hurt over usman

  11. paramedic79ca

    paramedic79ca5 hours ago

    If it was anyone but Bas, I would call BS.

  12. Starscream1

    Starscream15 hours ago

    Jan will destroy.

  13. Arran Robeson

    Arran Robeson6 hours ago

    Its not leon fault. In the UK we've been dealing with sticked covid regulations

  14. Arran Robeson

    Arran Robeson6 hours ago

    I'm thinking izzy gets knocked out but I could be wrong im saying 60/40 Polish Power 🍺

  15. Aaron Thomas

    Aaron Thomas6 hours ago

    If that happened in today’s time you would have gone to jail, been sued and then canceled

  16. Chauncey Curtis

    Chauncey Curtis6 hours ago

    Colby didnt even believe himself lol. I like how he sticks to the script.

  17. Bryan Gitonga

    Bryan Gitonga6 hours ago

    5:08,cobys pundit..thank me later

  18. / TrulyUnknown /

    / TrulyUnknown /6 hours ago

    If anyone wants to make money betting, just bet against Colby

  19. Levo

    Levo6 hours ago

    Let's go Wonderboy!!!

  20. JwGacey1

    JwGacey17 hours ago

    Wonder boy with the 1punchman πŸ€›πŸ»πŸ’₯

  21. Anton De la Cruz

    Anton De la Cruz7 hours ago

    'I dont get into fights unless they call me a coward or refuse to accept my advice on driving etiquette.'

  22. Frankieare

    Frankieare7 hours ago

    Colby beats Wonderboy quite easily imo.

  23. JohSentenza

    JohSentenza7 hours ago

    Hooker said Adesanyad already beat guys over 100 kilograms, which is true, but he didn't specify that Adesanya didn't do it against worldclass fighters, it was against regional talents from what I know.

  24. Leocadio M.

    Leocadio M.7 hours ago

    I got my boy Izzy for this fight. Izzy is amazing and is more skillful than Jan. On the other hand Jan is real threat to Izzy- one mistake it's over. Both of them are potential winners

  25. Preye Yinkore

    Preye Yinkore7 hours ago

    Phew Colby picked Jan, I feel better.

  26. kainoizking

    kainoizking7 hours ago

    Man people saying Izzy gonna win easy are weird. There's weight classes in fighting for a reason. You throw an elite level middleweight in with an elite level light heavy and the bigger man has a substantial advantage. Israel and his team understand this very well. Izzy is the underdog in this situation.

  27. Hunter Fuselier

    Hunter Fuselier8 hours ago

    They talk about Jan like he’s only a power puncher. He has nasty kicks and really good grappling as well.

  28. Beefy Beef

    Beefy Beef8 hours ago

    What comes around goes around

  29. wullieman

    wullieman8 hours ago

    Adesanya will be too quick I think

  30. leon kennedy

    leon kennedy8 hours ago

    Man said last stupid bender is skinny but he hasn’t seen him self , he also hasn’t won shit πŸ˜‚

  31. Peter Gonzalez

    Peter Gonzalez8 hours ago

    Love Bas! Badass dude!

  32. jask7o k7

    jask7o k78 hours ago

    Polish powerπŸ’₯πŸ’₯🦾

  33. Michael Whittaker

    Michael Whittaker8 hours ago

    Ya gotta love Bas…...

  34. Bxbowler

    Bxbowler8 hours ago

    Once Cobly said Jan I’m betting the house on Izzy!!! He still punch drunk

  35. bond james

    bond james8 hours ago

    Jan gonna hurt him

  36. Matthew Harrison

    Matthew Harrison8 hours ago

    Economics 101, leftards.

  37. Ed A

    Ed A8 hours ago

    I'm sorry but Bas' stories always seem like bullschitt

  38. nikolaneberemed

    nikolaneberemed8 hours ago

    The physically strong prefer physical abuse over nasty words. The mentally strong prefer nasty words over physical abuse.

  39. Murdie Kuzz

    Murdie Kuzz8 hours ago


  40. kmieciak

    kmieciak9 hours ago

    JANOOOOO !!!!!!

  41. poeplijer

    poeplijer9 hours ago

    How to get drunk for free: agitate Bas and he will offer a beer. Repeat the whole evening.

  42. Hoxton definitely not Houston

    Hoxton definitely not Houston9 hours ago

    The a in bareman stands for Γ¦hm

  43. Cuzzy Muscle

    Cuzzy Muscle9 hours ago

    After watching Eugene I think Jan might win.

  44. 95DOIDO

    95DOIDO9 hours ago

    don't sleep on jan skills, he will check or counter izzy's leg kicks with the right hand, thats for sure, he will chase him down, and body kick on the exit, AND the grapping, jan has a clear advantage in the sector, stronger and bjj black belt, if he takes izzy down, he will be in trouble... the thing that i think izzy will have the advantage with is his feints, he will feint a lot, get some big reactions and will keep jan guessing, the counters to jan's rush will play a big part too, but by no means will be a easy fight for both...

  45. Max Hammer

    Max Hammer9 hours ago

    5.06 colby

  46. Rick Deckard

    Rick Deckard9 hours ago

    I wonder sometimes about his stories.

  47. Joocey Pale Ork

    Joocey Pale Ork9 hours ago

    MRI bad for your brain bro don't have too many of them

  48. Sherbet_Bomb

    Sherbet_Bomb10 hours ago

    Broken Chaos should move up to middleweight div and try to go at it with Stylebender. Lets make it happen.😈

  49. Joe Cacunga

    Joe Cacunga10 hours ago

    What Colby said? Move up and face Izzy to see what's going on, he will take off your head.

  50. D Bowe

    D Bowe11 hours ago

    What's up Kim not using your hands anymore went straight to the mouth huh

  51. Stewiee Boi

    Stewiee Boi11 hours ago

    None of them gunna talk about Jan's kicks

  52. tuhnytte official

    tuhnytte official11 hours ago

    My second time watching this video.This guy is hilarious πŸ˜‚

  53. Dillon Hastings

    Dillon Hastings11 hours ago


  54. WaltWhitman

    WaltWhitman11 hours ago

    his toughest fight was matt

  55. Kingsley Anosike

    Kingsley Anosike12 hours ago

    Colby Covington is a stupid hater, got finished by kamaru and he knows Kamaru and Izzy bros. So he hating especially after picking kamaru vs burns. And kamaru finishes in Big boy fashion, he tryna pick against izzy stupid Maga boy.


    ZUBBEATS12 hours ago

    We haven’t seen Izzy unleash his fox yet

  57. deevahgirl

    deevahgirl13 hours ago

    I think jan should go to heavyweight cuz he's a really big dude if he wins

  58. mitttube

    mitttube13 hours ago

    Did he say Artem Lobov is top pound for pound (5.43 into the video)? DAMN RIGHT HE IS!

  59. Alexander Alvarado

    Alexander Alvarado13 hours ago

    Colby did not disappoint.

  60. SCCheaters

    SCCheaters13 hours ago

    stupidbender LOL

  61. Sumanth Reddy

    Sumanth Reddy14 hours ago

    This is one of the stupid videos.. You're asking the fighters who are fighting, their coaches and training partners who's gonna win πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  62. Skycow Reanu Keeves 320

    Skycow Reanu Keeves 32014 hours ago

    They say none of these men have livers anymore

  63. Leonel Barra-Alvarez

    Leonel Barra-Alvarez14 hours ago

    Olympic silver medalist in wresting

  64. Francis Maina

    Francis Maina14 hours ago

    5:07 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Lil twig

  65. Cat Person With Anxiety

    Cat Person With Anxiety15 hours ago

    izzy would easily bend colby over. he's gonna unli rawdog covington

  66. Jared Byers

    Jared Byers15 hours ago

    Maybe RDA was right and conor should go back to featherweight because almost the whole LW division has tossed him around at this point

  67. Cat Person With Anxiety

    Cat Person With Anxiety15 hours ago

    middleweights praying for izzy to win lhw belt .

  68. King Lucha

    King Lucha15 hours ago

    Still waiting on that JBL beating over Mauro...

  69. Marcelino of the East-West

    Marcelino of the East-West15 hours ago

    Weidman has no right to talk about steroids when he looked absolute shit post USADA, still accusing people 10 years older than him for steroid usage because he lost to them POST USADA despite being less tested than them

  70. Mr.Q

    Mr.Q16 hours ago

    U should know u fucked up big time when the guy tells you I’ll fight all 3 of you.

  71. Jason Smith

    Jason Smith16 hours ago

    Bas is the F'in man 😎🀘

  72. The Captain

    The Captain16 hours ago

    I am inspired to make a list now.

  73. Martin Pospisil

    Martin Pospisil16 hours ago

    Lets go Jan. Greets from Czechia.

  74. Phil Weed

    Phil Weed16 hours ago

    I like Bas but his stories are so heavily embellished it kind of tarnishes his credibility.

  75. teasquared09

    teasquared0917 hours ago

    I'm an Izzy fan. I think Jan could pull this one out with straight up fucking violent explosions. IDK. Super excited to see it.

  76. Ig

    Ig17 hours ago

    What do you want this idiot to say " Izy's country man broke his face".

  77. D H

    D H17 hours ago

    Feminists are so condescending... This woman just owned one of them.

  78. Honest John

    Honest John18 hours ago

    I love bas in the king of queens & the films he’s in with Kevin James & all the other guys who tend to be on the same sort of filming crew. He’s great

  79. boyaaah1

    boyaaah119 hours ago

    Eugene said it best. It also shows you the balls of Israel and his team. Talk about pushing the limits.Looks like they'll be revisiting some unfinished business.

  80. Cid Vlogs

    Cid Vlogs19 hours ago

    I go for Jan Blachowicz! I hate SUPER SHOWBOAT BULLY like Israel Adesanya 5:07 (The Last Stupid Bender)