My Name is $NOT

  1. Σ W

    Σ W47 minutes ago

    666 665 views bruh


    BACONHAXX2 hours ago


  3. EtoOwl

    EtoOwl2 hours ago

    Отличная синергия с битом

  4. Meliodas_23

    Meliodas_232 hours ago

    fuck yes denzelllllllllllllllllllllll

  5. Kristian Domino

    Kristian Domino3 hours ago

    keep in mind children [Might delete this song[ still hahahaha we like to make jokes round here

  6. boi boi

    boi boi3 hours ago


  7. Плантон Платонович

    Плантон Платонович4 hours ago

    The bar got high again

  8. Bruh Moment

    Bruh Moment5 hours ago

    Wait this beat tho... 🔥🔥🔥

  9. N O N - T A C T I C O O L

    N O N - T A C T I C O O L7 hours ago


  10. BBQburger

    BBQburger7 hours ago

    Bass made my house shake 😅

  11. Syrex

    Syrex7 hours ago

    3,400 People clearly have listened to this on mute

  12. LIL GT 19

    LIL GT 198 hours ago

    Snot looks like a gangsta kenny

  13. LIL GT 19

    LIL GT 198 hours ago

    Other rappers: Blood and crips $NOT: Ballas family

  14. Yo Ouesh

    Yo Ouesh8 hours ago

    je n'ai guère apprécié l'utilisation excessive du mot à connotation racial ' Nigga ''

  15. h0k4g3

    h0k4g39 hours ago

    Idk how this would go , they clicked perfectly

  16. Almond MilkJoy

    Almond MilkJoy10 hours ago

    Still don’t understand why he doesn’t put this on Spotify.

  17. aaadf

    aaadf12 hours ago

    this song goes trough my head all day

  18. An Insomniac

    An Insomniac13 hours ago

    Ight but the video makes the song slap x10 harder.

  19. WDR_Rizzo

    WDR_Rizzo14 hours ago

    The beat was kinda trash

  20. niub

    niub15 hours ago

    Snot never miss 💯💯💯

  21. Captain Bamboo

    Captain Bamboo17 hours ago

    keep mixing it up denzel this shit is fire, giving me some tribe called quest vibes oddly enough

  22. DJ Yellow

    DJ Yellow17 hours ago

    still here broski

  23. XNZ Kyle

    XNZ Kyle17 hours ago

    this song is such a banger🔥🔥🔥

  24. Sgt Spxff

    Sgt Spxff18 hours ago

    this is pog song

  25. glxckada

    glxckada19 hours ago

    models ?

  26. Zquilz__

    Zquilz__21 hour ago

    This song is goated ash snot is underrated lowkey but starting to make people see him been here since 2017

  27. Splash Townsend

    Splash Townsend21 hour ago

    Denzel never misses

  28. Вадим Тлумач

    Вадим ТлумачDay ago

    поплыл пацан

  29. Chroma Case

    Chroma CaseDay ago

    Ngl your music is kinda like a drug. I'm addicted to it.

  30. D M

    D MDay ago

    The beat goes hard 🔥

  31. Noe Valdez

    Noe ValdezDay ago

    ? Idk about this track. Just my onionnn

  32. Trayce Jones

    Trayce JonesDay ago

    Jeff hardy

  33. 29 DY

    29 DYDay ago

    We need a Jack Harlow remix. He'll kill this beat

  34. Noe Valdez

    Noe ValdezDay ago

    Didn't have the money. So i bootleg this off USlikes. Sorry man

  35. dreepset

    dreepsetDay ago


  36. Keqz 74

    Keqz 74Day ago

    snot / best ever no capppppppp

  37. Piyush Kashyap

    Piyush KashyapDay ago

    when you enter ballas territory

  38. welcome to my hole

    welcome to my holeDay ago

    pls I listen to this every night 🤪🤪

  39. Thomas Harry

    Thomas HarryDay ago

    0:55 who this bih

  40. Smartfox Gaming

    Smartfox GamingDay ago

    i will be ur sexy gf

  41. Kevin Krutz

    Kevin KrutzDay ago

    So they ripped off non phixion, black helicopters beat...

  42. Jonathan Barnes

    Jonathan BarnesDay ago

    this shit fire

  43. 444steez

    444steezDay ago

    everyone else: commenting on the visuals me thinking: i would love to skate there

  44. understar733 hipg

    understar733 hipgDay ago

    lets goo i have been here since 34.1k

  45. Tyrese George

    Tyrese GeorgeDay ago


  46. Jiggles

    JigglesDay ago


  47. Savage Gater

    Savage GaterDay ago

    This fier

  48. Blueberry the blue Dog

    Blueberry the blue DogDay ago

    still droping heat

  49. alec cuesy

    alec cuesyDay ago

    pls dont delete :( its fire

  50. Lil Crøw

    Lil CrøwDay ago

    Search warrants can traumatize you especially when there cameras out an all u wanted to do was shower now the devil can hear me

  51. xxbarshawaad -_0

    xxbarshawaad -_0Day ago

    This is way to 🔥 🔥 🔥!!!!

  52. D3vilMaker

    D3vilMakerDay ago

    I can't stop listening to this song

  53. Peer Schuy

    Peer SchuyDay ago

    he sounds like bbnos lol

  54. Liam Curtner

    Liam CurtnerDay ago

    ski mask would have went hard on this

  55. Skyler Cabrello

    Skyler CabrelloDay ago

    This song and “Love Me” by Lukaz are literally the only two things getting me through quarantine, thank god for music! I love you <3

  56. karina Ava

    karina AvaDay ago

    When he says this song reminds him of you -

  57. Jenn Clarke

    Jenn ClarkeDay ago


  58. Suhail Sirkoth

    Suhail SirkothDay ago

    Denzel Curry 🔥🔥

  59. Kelechi Aguocha

    Kelechi AguochaDay ago

    i came with the drac i running with josh nichols!

  60. Kylar Collins

    Kylar CollinsDay ago

    I have listened to this song so many times and it is a bop.

  61. Angelo Barbosa

    Angelo BarbosaDay ago

    Gives me bbn$ vibes and I love everything about it

  62. August Pettersson

    August PetterssonDay ago

    Denzels walk at 0:25

  63. NSEW 22

    NSEW 22Day ago

    I just bought a beretta and just found this song lmao

  64. Playing Dad

    Playing DadDay ago

    thats whack

  65. Playing Dad

    Playing DadDay ago

    bro nice bro

  66. Евгений Шаров

    Евгений ШаровDay ago

    text snot

  67. HitMeWithATrain

    HitMeWithATrainDay ago

    why does Denzel's Features just naturally go hard

  68. HitMeWithATrain

    HitMeWithATrainDay ago

    i feel like im the only one just finding this old bangers

  69. Abdu Madane

    Abdu MadaneDay ago


  70. Jax Godly

    Jax GodlyDay ago

    Why would you delete this it’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  71. Izaiah H

    Izaiah HDay ago

    Original song is called fragile

  72. Emilyxytyz Bg

    Emilyxytyz BgDay ago

    YAy he got 1 million views

  73. Soham Padalkar

    Soham PadalkarDay ago

    here after 1,000,000views