lil boat
lil boat
lil boat

  1. ChanceTheTrapper

    ChanceTheTrapper4 hours ago

    1:47 song??????

  2. Tumelo Muller

    Tumelo Muller4 hours ago

    Blxckie killed the freestyle

  3. kid zay

    kid zay4 hours ago

    I would give every thing up to go back to 2016

  4. Tee Growl

    Tee Growl6 hours ago

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaa 🥂

  5. blackboaba

    blackboaba6 hours ago

    4:38 chance run me your gta account bro

  6. Begaiym Kazakbaeva

    Begaiym Kazakbaeva7 hours ago

    Dopest shit I ever heard I swear visuals r fire 🔥

  7. Young Ogee

    Young Ogee9 hours ago

    Kodak acting like a young pinky from Friday with dreds...we directing traffic nigga

  8. Ashton Anderson

    Ashton Anderson9 hours ago

    U should have Virgil design one of your rooms

  9. Cappuccino

    Cappuccino10 hours ago

    Was he a good freind of lil yatchy before? Isent lil yartchy a plant? Brocolli mind brocolli?

  10. Chosen Bride

    Chosen Bride13 hours ago

    No that's not him you lying young male

  11. tsunami papi

    tsunami papi13 hours ago

    gucci got the best smile of all time 😂😂

  12. Chess God

    Chess God14 hours ago

    Lil yaty ain't taking no chance eating food from Kodak Mama ...won't put kno Voodoo curse in me

  13. Jesse Swaney

    Jesse Swaney14 hours ago

    What a garbage way of living life..

  14. Young Tobbie

    Young Tobbie16 hours ago

    Who thinks we should make a song together?

  15. Marcell Sárkány

    Marcell Sárkány17 hours ago


  16. thee_3arthgod

    thee_3arthgod18 hours ago

    This dude said he dont like fruit. Grow up dawg lol

  17. thee_3arthgod

    thee_3arthgod18 hours ago

    I like Yatchy music but it's just something about his demeanor that I hate. Comes off as super cocky and makes me cringe.

  18. Lasagna Boi

    Lasagna Boi19 hours ago

    First listen: thsi is trash 2nd listen : still trash

  19. fritzclaro

    fritzclaro21 hour ago

    14:00 released?

  20. Lorenzo López

    Lorenzo López23 hours ago

    Is the first time I hear he said gleee

  21. Caden Lovatt

    Caden LovattDay ago

    4:18 song name ?

  22. sisi no

    sisi noDay ago

    Not hating but rappers like yatchy are like only fans equivalent for dudes

  23. theundergroundrailroadd

    theundergroundrailroaddDay ago

    If you really think Kodak a clone you a certified dumbass 😭😭

  24. Matthew Wilcox

    Matthew WilcoxDay ago

    Life really was hitting different back then.

  25. An'War El X

    An'War El XDay ago

    Sheesh man. People are t so slow anymore. We can SEE

  26. Chance Roberson

    Chance RobersonDay ago

    2021 wit it

  27. TBM Trizzy

    TBM TrizzyDay ago

    Them beans hitting bruh 😤

  28. Poop Pee

    Poop PeeDay ago


  29. Well-known_trav

    Well-known_travDay ago

    5:28 drop it 👀🔥💯

  30. SportsNewsToday

    SportsNewsTodayDay ago

    This song always makes me think about life and everything.

  31. Kyle Me play roblox

    Kyle Me play robloxDay ago

    Bro love the cereal

  32. Keshia K

    Keshia KDay ago

    I like the song '66' by Lil Yachty ,a lot better

  33. Keshia K

    Keshia KDay ago

    I must be getting older or something because the video doesn't even match the song ,like nothing in the video even has anything to do with the song ..However I like the song because of mostly the music ☺️💞

  34. Bj Dailey

    Bj DaileyDay ago

    Why bruh kept hugging yak tho 😭

  35. Brayden Crawford

    Brayden CrawfordDay ago

    If he isn’t a clone then why in his new music video he has his old tattoo and these other vids he don’t

  36. izz

    izzDay ago

    Take me back to summer 16

  37. Del3rd WitDaFacts

    Del3rd WitDaFactsDay ago

    Faux locs and faux braids..but they both are for real g a y.



    stupid hard

  39. David Kim

    David KimDay ago

    The vagabond grain cytologically scream because surgeon extragingivally rule alongside a synonymous fibre. quarrelsome, chemical flame

  40. z a n e a f k

    z a n e a f k2 days ago

    the first bit was insane but i didnt get a word of it

  41. Elvis Kabeya

    Elvis Kabeya2 days ago

    Kodak superstar...the lifestyle make me crazy and Much jewelry More money Business

  42. Anita Robinson

    Anita Robinson2 days ago

    look at Gucci Mane lmao

  43. La Sutancia

    La Sutancia2 days ago

    Why y’all got to adress people like he don’t know his self he not a clone

  44. z a n e a f k

    z a n e a f k2 days ago

    this song is acc good

  45. Maleek jones

    Maleek jones2 days ago

    Niga wack af

  46. Tanaka Nhundu

    Tanaka Nhundu2 days ago

  47. Corleone

    Corleone2 days ago

    Trippie so nice wit the make sum noise for lil boat

  48. Mindless

    Mindless2 days ago

    yatchy been doin his thang fr

  49. 999 forever

    999 forever2 days ago

    Only if lil yatchy didn't add drill type beats to his flow he could of kept this same flow in each of his songs most of his songs would blow up.

  50. Roddytherichy

    Roddytherichy2 days ago

    Me to mine school lunch 1:26

  51. missing kelp9

    missing kelp92 days ago

    But I hop that is him hope he not deas

  52. missing kelp9

    missing kelp92 days ago

    If u didn't know kodak black is dead bc that's why they called him a clone bc he doesn't look like kodak black he sound like him

  53. marley kino

    marley kino2 days ago

    bruh this man got the bape 07 shibuya hoody damn near mint i NEED that smh ..

  54. Jevon Grant

    Jevon Grant2 days ago

    Shit knock #littleboat

  55. M e n t e D i a b o l i c a

    M e n t e D i a b o l i c a2 days ago

    Kodak looks stupid with those dreads shorts ones better

  56. Joey Evans Sr

    Joey Evans Sr2 days ago

    That food do looks good #majikgrindhardst.Petefl

  57. Undie Cover

    Undie Cover2 days ago

    Bro this nigga basically speak an entire language of his own

  58. BleedBlueNSilver1

    BleedBlueNSilver12 days ago

    That detroit beat was nastyyyyy

  59. xoxo Trevan

    xoxo Trevan2 days ago

    hmmmm interesting

  60. Jamal Richardson

    Jamal Richardson2 days ago

    😂 😂 3:59 bruh kept hugging on him

  61. Alejandro FF

    Alejandro FF2 days ago


  62. Jimmy Beats

    Jimmy Beats2 days ago

    5000 for my matras it don’t have springs ! On BD we out hea Yachty 💯 ⛽️ 💨 😂

  63. hamad alsaadi

    hamad alsaadi2 days ago


  64. Ezekiel Soto

    Ezekiel Soto3 days ago

    yachty fell off no cap

  65. John Fremont

    John Fremont3 days ago

    Genius, he rhymed out with out🙄🙄🙄

  66. Josh Flores

    Josh Flores3 days ago

    I understood a little...

  67. Snxttynozedoc!

    Snxttynozedoc!3 days ago

    Yachty outchea buying friendship 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  68. Bryce anderson

    Bryce anderson3 days ago

    First of all. Hes becoming a man.. Second of all none of y'all know what the slammer does to you. He's just looking healthy tbh. 3rd if y'all ever went to the slammer you'd understand. He ain't a clone. He glowing, getting physically and mentally smarter About the game. And he's fluent in his English because he been work 'en on it. Salute the nigga..

  69. Tenacious T

    Tenacious T3 days ago

    11:43 you can see the king with his helmet off

  70. you play you lay

    you play you lay3 days ago

    Lil Yak ,lil⛵

  71. Terance Goodwin

    Terance Goodwin3 days ago

    I feel like this house will actually be lived in. I think lol

  72. Vee Pee Cee

    Vee Pee Cee3 days ago

    This that shut I do like

  73. Oscar

    Oscar3 days ago

    This a clone

  74. Calebmufcthompson

    Calebmufcthompson3 days ago

    I thought it was a girl on the chorus with Yachty when I first heard this, and so did you... 🤣

  75. aaron cole

    aaron cole3 days ago

    that was a buncha mumbo jumbo


    CHAMBVRS3 days ago

    hate this nigga music if you want but everything about this is INSPIRING...big love

  77. Andy Fisher

    Andy Fisher3 days ago

    I miss 2016

  78. strictlybuckets

    strictlybuckets3 days ago

    bro ts really got me crying

  79. GFR x Dre

    GFR x Dre3 days ago

    Everybody that dislike this video was the people he was talking about Salute BOAT


    JAMES MCQUEEN3 days ago

    Damn bro, I miss boat & perry & kpreme