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  1. Donna Bordage

    Donna Bordage22 hours ago

    What what who is this judge she needs to be fired and put in jail her self I can’t believe how she’s speaking to these children forcing them to have a relationship with somebody absolutely terrifying these children she is abusive that judge needs to be removed

  2. Michael Smith jr

    Michael Smith jr22 hours ago

    Justice yessss awesome get that crooked judge out of there

  3. Ten Seven

    Ten Seven22 hours ago

    Lol the ambulance driver was getting so annoyed at the chick. His responses...XD

  4. Оксана Нижник

    Оксана Нижник22 hours ago

    I believe police would better have a deal with cow than with some stupid human

  5. Off Duty

    Off Duty22 hours ago

    Did the Poland Spring bottles ended in the dumpster?

  6. Eric Northman

    Eric Northman22 hours ago

    WRONG , you can't live anyway you want in a neighborhood. These people are old enough to know that. They should have moved out in the country.

  7. Michael Smith jr

    Michael Smith jr22 hours ago

    Where is this at

  8. Romeo Bond

    Romeo Bond22 hours ago

    That guy spitting should never be realised because the day he is he will do more than spit on someone else he has no respect for himself or anyone else these sort of people just have hate inside them and nothing more.

  9. Michael Smith jr

    Michael Smith jr22 hours ago

    Disorderly conduct disturbing the peace contempt of court that judge should be in jail

  10. Proud Conservative

    Proud Conservative22 hours ago

    I didn’t know the reason Andrew luck retired from football was so he could become a police officer in Montana. Props to him

  11. Michael Smith jr

    Michael Smith jr22 hours ago

    A round of applause for that attorney for standing up for him and his clients rights shame on that judge get him off the bench he needs to be in jail

  12. Michael Smith jr

    Michael Smith jr22 hours ago

    That judge should not have threaten that attorney you should be held in contempt of court that judge should shame on him

  13. Eddie Gorninos

    Eddie Gorninos22 hours ago

    Spitting pathetic

  14. cureable 7890

    cureable 789022 hours ago

    Watch my undertaker 1990 tribute.subcribe. I'm doing kane 1997 next. Don't miss out.

  15. Michael Smith jr

    Michael Smith jr22 hours ago

    That judge should be put in prison how dare him for inciting a riot

  16. scott conway

    scott conway22 hours ago

    He grew up in the projects? Probably didn’t have much as a kid growing up, and he became a very successful man in life. There’s probably something there with his past and the psychological impact from his childhood.

  17. Dreezy514

    Dreezy51422 hours ago

    Dude looked like Trippie Redd No 🧢💯😂

  18. Brandon Frainer

    Brandon Frainer22 hours ago

    Typical Twitter user

  19. tangogent

    tangogent22 hours ago

    In the end, I didn't like Tim at all.

  20. cureable 7890

    cureable 789022 hours ago

    Watch my undertaker 1990 tribute.subcribe. I'm doing kane 1997 next. Don't miss out.

  21. Eliud M

    Eliud M22 hours ago

    Judge: can you explain why you want a restraining order? Guy : With The Kevin Hart famous quote, " It's About To Go Down 😂

  22. Chiamano

    Chiamano22 hours ago

    Firing squad

  23. spinalcrackerbox

    spinalcrackerbox22 hours ago

    What I don't get: If you don't respect the rules & laws it makes no sense to quote rules & laws back at cops & judges and expect them to respect yours. Common sense, no?

  24. alex dog

    alex dog22 hours ago


  25. Pussycats 4

    Pussycats 422 hours ago

    If that child is eighteen months old I’m eighteen years old. I’m really not.

  26. bo0tsy1

    bo0tsy122 hours ago


  27. SacTown TV

    SacTown TV22 hours ago

    Shorty built like a melted ice cream cone

  28. bt.aileen.l ll

    bt.aileen.l ll22 hours ago

    He said at the start of the video it's people's own choice to take drugs not so much a choice when it's his own kid, sounds like a bad cop before god turned tables on him , never look down on anyone it can come straight to your own door

  29. Dominic nieves

    Dominic nieves22 hours ago

    Can anybody lmk wat the tatto say im curious ash😭😭

  30. Pussycats 4

    Pussycats 422 hours ago

    His behaviour isn’t professional because he’s not a member of staff, he’s a member of the public.

  31. silent_ride_home

    silent_ride_home22 hours ago

    I mean he had pretty good aim tho.


    NECROPHAGE Ω22 hours ago

    Problem is we don't make examples of beasts like this. Injection is going to sleep to die, I would be a little more creative. And at what point do u stop adding years up and just be done w IT

  33. Nathan d

    Nathan d22 hours ago

    Some of these sentences seem a bit harsh hahahaha

  34. Moomy 49

    Moomy 4922 hours ago

    she's def sleeping with the father

  35. Kieran L

    Kieran L22 hours ago

    Who names there child after a fish

  36. Cajun Quandary

    Cajun Quandary22 hours ago

    To everyone upset that he didn’t first think of the pup- I find a lot of patients become really disoriented after such a jarring experience and tend to focus on small things that seem insignificant to the rest of us, because it’s almost like their minds are stuck until the initial shock wears off. That’s okay; it’s why we’re there! ❤️

  37. Jessenia Lara

    Jessenia Lara22 hours ago

    Dennis is a b..

  38. Phat mike Gaming

    Phat mike Gaming22 hours ago

    I don’t trust there dogs so called alerts on any videos I think that’s honestly bs they use to try and loophole searches

  39. Madhan Raja

    Madhan Raja22 hours ago

    That time, it was Kane, the Undertaker.

  40. Public Name

    Public Name22 hours ago

    Yahoo a new penpal.

  41. Fmllisa

    Fmllisa22 hours ago

    I love how nonchalant the old man is "Yup im good"

  42. Fanćy💋

    Fanćy💋22 hours ago

    Hearing Debbie yell for help broke my heart smh

  43. Yojnna

    Yojnna22 hours ago

    That dog looked vicious? Any time this officer has to testify in court the defense can just present this clip to destroy his credibility.

  44. Cody Rush

    Cody Rush22 hours ago

    There are few things more frightening or more free in the world than a man with nothing to lose. If you're going away for life, what's another contempt of court charge? What's another four? What are they gonna do, send him to prison prison?

  45. Jon Agro

    Jon Agro23 hours ago

    good sense of balance like a mountain goat lmao I'm in tears

  46. Mannu Thakur

    Mannu Thakur23 hours ago

    So this is the very reason how you gain subscribers.

  47. Karla👁Ver

    Karla👁Ver23 hours ago

    So sorry for your loss Kevin I agree with you on opening spaces I have to say some of the treatment facilities also sadly have access to the drugs from other humans not actually there for the right reasons It’s a very unfortunate reality in your world

  48. Toothless Raider

    Toothless Raider23 hours ago

    I believe in God, but this type of Christian makes me sick. Waaay too pushy with her religious belief.

  49. Jay R Jr Jay R Jr

    Jay R Jr Jay R Jr23 hours ago

    And that folks is just how fast one can go from freedom to go and do whatever you want, too being an inmate sharing a 6 by 9 prison cell with a stranger

  50. frere jacques

    frere jacques23 hours ago

    In your own words, can you describe why you’d like a restraining order? Wait for it.....

  51. Kashlor Webb

    Kashlor Webb23 hours ago

    2015 was such a simpler time

  52. Karla👁Ver

    Karla👁Ver23 hours ago

    Good for you Kevin! More parents could and should use you as an example! I commend you tremendously!

  53. J J

    J J23 hours ago

    I like how the cop made that guy pick up his cigarette butt.

  54. Tay B

    Tay B23 hours ago

    These two are completely unhinged jfc

  55. Syed .Labib

    Syed .Labib23 hours ago

    Man didn't just wake and up chose violence, he was born and chose violence

  56. Michael Duarte

    Michael Duarte23 hours ago

    You get caught with weed in Asia . Your doing at least 5 yrs.

  57. Ebay Addicts

    Ebay Addicts23 hours ago

    Nice work ✨🎆🎇

  58. J Smith

    J Smith23 hours ago

    The detective that coerced a child's confession without a lawyer present should now be on trial

  59. natascha bertschi

    natascha bertschi23 hours ago

    Sorry for lost the battle 🙏😔✨🌹✨💐💐💐💐💐


    NICK EVAN23 hours ago

    Yeah they never wanted to help those guys I mean his left hand in numb!? What about your patient?

  61. marskeins

    marskeins23 hours ago

    That shows you he has no remorse whatsoever. He doesn't care he's a murderer. Really should of saved tax dollars on bums like him.

  62. Victor Odin

    Victor Odin23 hours ago

    Hey Sistah, thanks for not perpetuating the stereotype 🤷🏾‍♂️

  63. RT Taylor

    RT Taylor23 hours ago

    OMG 😳 they are both so far gone

  64. alyssa Scalf

    alyssa Scalf23 hours ago

    They made this so much more difficult than it had to be. A lot of strong personalities in this episode

  65. Оксана Нижник

    Оксана Нижник23 hours ago

    Starving poor thing

  66. Karla👁Ver

    Karla👁Ver23 hours ago

    Thank you for your service Kevin💌🇺🇸💋

  67. th3azscorpio

    th3azscorpio23 hours ago

    Isn't it interesting how most of these hoarders are obese.

  68. Beyond London

    Beyond London23 hours ago

    He needs to get a new fiancée. She is utterly useless and selfish!!

  69. Jose Sanchez

    Jose Sanchez23 hours ago

    Boom he shudda stayed with the luchesse family , and it's funny it was gaggi who killed him n the end

  70. Freshwater Sailing

    Freshwater Sailing23 hours ago

    You can get temporary tags on a car you already owned for a while. So you can just go get one anytime you want. COME ON!!!Please officer of the LAW HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW THIS STUFF.

  71. angela duffield

    angela duffield23 hours ago

    I really wonder if she ever had an air streamer to live in....

  72. Kulana Hall

    Kulana Hall23 hours ago

    just straight evil. praying for everyone involved in JESUS name

  73. S. AVA

    S. AVA23 hours ago

    This man and his wife are absolutely incredible

  74. Josie D

    Josie D23 hours ago

    I adore you ♥️

  75. __________________________________

    __________________________________23 hours ago


  76. Thath Plays

    Thath Plays23 hours ago

    I mean wow great job officers you took a bunch of dangerous pot heads off the street. I feel much safer now knowing that civil forfeiture is a thing and some white kids selling weed are off the streets.

  77. BIG PESA

    BIG PESA23 hours ago

    🕸🕸NO F'S GIVEN🕸🕸

  78. jcathome

    jcathome23 hours ago

    Yolanda: "About how many beers did you have?" Drunk tie-dye guy: "All of them."