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Jim's Automotive Machine Shop, Inc.
Jim's Automotive Machine Shop, Inc.

  1. Angry Twizzlers

    Angry Twizzlers6 hours ago

    Do you ever use torque plates when boring the cylinders? An Aerospace machinist enjoying what you do here.


    THE MITTEN SPY6 hours ago

    That a massive micrometer jesus

  3. Christoffer1973

    Christoffer19738 hours ago

    Some people don't accept that there are many ways to do a thing. I love your videos. Don't let those shit comments go in to you. Some people don't get it and they will never learn new ways of doing things. Love to watch your videos. I can close my eyes and smell the feums of oil and metal. Love your work

  4. Dirtyaznstyle

    Dirtyaznstyle10 hours ago

    More than one way to get something done, better to have the ability to do it this way than to only know how with the proper tools.

  5. Stunner Mane

    Stunner Mane11 hours ago

    I have no idea what I’m watching


    NUMB SKULL11 hours ago

    Whats wrong with lapping? If you got crappy seating, its probably a good idea.

  7. a4000t

    a4000t14 hours ago

    I've done so many 356/360/390/428 heads over the years,one of the worst factory machined head to begin with. Nice when you correct all the problems. I seem to recall heads with 1 or 2 spring seats taller than all the others on one end of the head.

  8. Yaroslav Broda

    Yaroslav Broda14 hours ago

    I saw you on tik tok and ended up finding you here. I want to see what you drive. What mill do you have under your hood? You've go the makings of a cool car youtube channel. You should colab with AvE.

  9. joseph ward

    joseph ward14 hours ago

    I looked away from my screen and just imagined he was talking about Star Wars LEGO’s

  10. Alphabet Soup

    Alphabet Soup14 hours ago

    That 90 bend is the shizzo.

  11. Bilbo_Gamers

    Bilbo_Gamers14 hours ago

    still beats walkin

  12. Zacheus Kuria

    Zacheus Kuria15 hours ago

    Really interested.

  13. Trevor S

    Trevor S15 hours ago

    Next time just try welding a bolt into the plug. Easier to get a good weld onto the bolt and it shrinks the plug a bit as well. It’s harder then most people realize to get a good weld on the inside of a nut.

  14. JT G

    JT G15 hours ago

    Just a humble observation here but at .060" over would it have not been better too to press in 8 sleeves to keep it nice and stout and closer to the original measurements? How much casting material is still left around each cylinder at this point that any cylinder may be prone to a crack is the reason why I ask? Under no way to critique the work, HELL NO, great work!

  15. Dave Osbun

    Dave Osbun15 hours ago

    How often do you need to service the mill for decking blocks? Does the cutting tool last 'X' amount of passes before it must be replaced, or does it stay sharp for years?

  16. MrHillfolk

    MrHillfolk15 hours ago

    I was gonna say pull the ol Massey Ferguson tractor in and pull a spark plug and put an air line in the hole. Hold er up 'round 2500 ripums and it'll do the job.

  17. Mountain Child

    Mountain Child15 hours ago

    Your Dad is a Good Man for Teaching You Something

  18. Michael Rogers

    Michael Rogers15 hours ago

    Were are you guys located

  19. Austin Lester12

    Austin Lester1215 hours ago

    Will there be a full video of this?

  20. Smooth_Ops

    Smooth_Ops16 hours ago

    The classic push pull hang and even kick method and quick but precise statement of "That ain't going anywhere" is what built this countrys infastructure and defeated the Nazis in WW2 and I'm glad that it continues today... The French did not believe in this statement and we see what happened to them...French fry's. "That isn't going anywhere"

  21. Apolinar Ponce

    Apolinar Ponce16 hours ago

    Just beautiful like a work of art

  22. Henry S.

    Henry S.16 hours ago

    Fun fact: The 340 V8 block is the same casting as the odd/even fire 231 V6. The 215, 300 and B. 350 are the same too! Beautiful machining work!

  23. User Name

    User Name16 hours ago

    "That aint going anywhere" ~ Every machinist 4 seconds before launching whatever isn't going anywhere through the side of the machine.

  24. Shmeebitdog G

    Shmeebitdog G17 hours ago

    I went to school and got trained to do this and was given recognition for having the best built engine in 40 years in the school this was at the top automotive engineering school in the country or it was 10 years ago but the school has since shut down the program as the new director is a libtard dumbass but since I graduated I haven’t found a shop near me that does this that’s still in business seems most people just replace instead of rebuild it’s sad

  25. Moua Xiong

    Moua Xiong17 hours ago

    Angle grinder is all a man's need

  26. Harrison's Truth Media

    Harrison's Truth Media18 hours ago


  27. Mainely Bettas

    Mainely Bettas18 hours ago

    Always gonna be know it all trolls. And usually 99.99 percent of them time they’re wrong and don’t even know what they’re talking about.

  28. biG OZ

    biG OZ18 hours ago

    Cool wrenches

  29. The Moto Fix

    The Moto Fix19 hours ago

    Im a lathe setup machinist and I use a few fowler products. Id rate em fairly high for a budget inspection tool. Although our shop invested in 10 fowler 6 or 8 inch calipers and the id blades were not to spec. My 12 inch digital calipers I swear by for referencing tho.

  30. naptownsfinest2345

    naptownsfinest234519 hours ago

    Dude I wish I was half that smart


    KOBE BRYANT21 hour ago

    No indicator on that squareness jst a level idk my boy shit prolly out a few thousands out of square 🤣🤣🤣

  32. Colby Barbour

    Colby Barbour21 hour ago


  33. Renata Couch

    Renata Couch22 hours ago

    Yea this dude is awesome..

  34. Nestor Lugo

    Nestor Lugo22 hours ago

    Help junkyard Dave with his build

  35. Nestor Lugo

    Nestor Lugo22 hours ago

    Wish he was my dad

  36. Nathan Wilson

    Nathan Wilson22 hours ago

    Do you still lap valves once all the machining is done?

  37. Les Bratton

    Les Bratton22 hours ago

    Grease works fine if you don't have access to a welder, just takes a small amount.

  38. Joe Bledsoe

    Joe Bledsoe23 hours ago

    Any 2 bit machine shop can make replacement dowel rings for you.

  39. FordBronco95

    FordBronco9523 hours ago

    I've been binge watching all your videos..Glad I Sub'd to your channel

  40. Joshua Akester

    Joshua Akester23 hours ago

    I personally prefer using engineers blue as it's easier to apply to awkward valve seats but I never tried using marker pens. I'll have to give ita go.

  41. Marlon Tulloch

    Marlon Tulloch23 hours ago

    What would cause low compression in a MR20 engine??

  42. Rodrigo Henrique

    Rodrigo HenriqueDay ago

    Fala no pau da Globo

  43. Andrew Evans

    Andrew EvansDay ago

    I'm curious as to why you drill out ALL guides rather than just driving them out with an air chisel in the first place??? Most international harvester heads the guides are easily removed with an air chisel . On rare occasions you will encounter a stubborn guide but they are the exception not the rule. Certain applications are typically stubborn and do require drilling. JD 4010/early 4020 guides can be a pain and typically require drilling. I don't bother even wasting my time trying to remove them anymore , I just install guide liners inside the factory guide.

  44. Mike O

    Mike ODay ago

    Trolls on here put a loud muffler on their car and think they have a 2000 horse power race car.

  45. Mikel Cope

    Mikel CopeDay ago

    Don’t argue with idiots. They bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.

  46. TheTyphoon365

    TheTyphoon365Day ago

    Fuck me I miss the garage so much, I want to go home

  47. Sir Roadkill GTX

    Sir Roadkill GTXDay ago

    Just ordered that exact set of wrenches and cant wait to see how they hold up.

  48. Rafael Andrade

    Rafael AndradeDay ago

    Lmao, I was expecting an actual solution.... that was funny.! Well... I guess technically that is a solution lol.!