Nick DiGiovanni
  1. M.r Nice guy

    M.r Nice guy5 hours ago

    “Nice brown butter” aka burnt as fuck💀😂

  2. :D Infinity

    :D Infinity5 hours ago

    His clavin underwear

  3. cassidy vlogs

    cassidy vlogs5 hours ago

    Thank you for sa- *the blood orange is prettier*

  4. GvdlyCxpalot

    GvdlyCxpalot5 hours ago

    Btw remove the blood from it so u can get a clean fish

  5. min yøøngles

    min yøøngles5 hours ago

    My anxiety went: 📈📈📈📈📈

  6. GvdlyCxpalot

    GvdlyCxpalot5 hours ago

    The Fisk is like a got em head thank you Nick

  7. Amelia Rhodes

    Amelia Rhodes5 hours ago

    “Man I miss Mr. Crabs” **cRaCk**

  8. combsw

    combsw5 hours ago

    Dose Tennessee wisky work too?

  9. E Briggs

    E Briggs5 hours ago

    Ok Nick; So what do I do with the flaky salt once it’s made, and dry? Do you use it as a meat rub, is it decorative on top of your food, or is there a reason why you made the flakes larger than they already were? The salt is certainly too big to go on the rim of a margarita glass!

  10. Darshae Reddy

    Darshae Reddy5 hours ago


  11. Vinix Edits

    Vinix Edits5 hours ago

    Bruh the end and the beginning is soo looped

  12. HoneyBunny WaffleMonkey

    HoneyBunny WaffleMonkey5 hours ago

    What's this kid doing cooking? He needs to be modeling underwear somewhere

  13. Dr. steav BustANut

    Dr. steav BustANut5 hours ago

    bro, 25 days dryaged is good enough, at this point it just looks rotten...

  14. LazyLuck23

    LazyLuck235 hours ago

    You are worth more than 3K, Nick ;-;

  15. mm basic attack goes brr

    mm basic attack goes brr5 hours ago

    In Germany we say:KaLoRiEnBoMbE

  16. Wala Salhi

    Wala Salhi5 hours ago

    This fish is the most beautiful fish for me *SLAPS*

  17. Jamilla Cenia

    Jamilla Cenia5 hours ago

    we have that in the philippines

  18. Frank Moslener

    Frank Moslener5 hours ago

    Did he even eat it

  19. Ronald Williams

    Ronald Williams5 hours ago

    Where Do You Get The Maple Crumble

  20. hadigaming

    hadigaming5 hours ago

    What a minute why is he kissing Mr crabs but Mr crabs is a man so he's gay WHY ARE YOU GAY

  21. Gunner Looker

    Gunner Looker5 hours ago

    I want

  22. Mrs. A Torres

    Mrs. A Torres5 hours ago

    I would’ve cut right through the nickel... on my hand!

  23. Nakshatra Nagaraj

    Nakshatra Nagaraj5 hours ago

    Fact : he actually made his own butter

  24. Jose Rivera

    Jose Rivera5 hours ago

    I got confused when he said "when i was in..." But i completely understood when the camera showed him chilling up there.

  25. Azgothe Defiler

    Azgothe Defiler5 hours ago

    The first time I saw this was on spam websites using this image instead of "the thing"

  26. Ak's Vlogs

    Ak's Vlogs5 hours ago

    I can feel the spirit of the crab haunting nicks dreams

  27. Anxietyyh •_•

    Anxietyyh •_•5 hours ago

    I would hire nick as my personal chef paying him 3 mil for 3 years and then another contract of 5 years for 6 mil if I were rich

  28. Haider Alsafwani

    Haider Alsafwani5 hours ago

    This thing ain't hlal

  29. Ace_ Jellyfish

    Ace_ Jellyfish5 hours ago

    This man just really just smacked the seadick

  30. Fruitsie

    Fruitsie5 hours ago

    How to ruin your expensive knife

  31. riley mcgorty

    riley mcgorty5 hours ago

    Taste good

  32. riley mcgorty

    riley mcgorty5 hours ago

    My feet looks like that

  33. Shizu

    Shizu5 hours ago

    Man 🦀

  34. Gabriel JrP

    Gabriel JrP5 hours ago

    Imagine he didn't record it

  35. Fragment101 -1

    Fragment101 -15 hours ago

    Not fair, slap the crab. 😁😁

  36. Alan McLain

    Alan McLain5 hours ago

    That vegan teacher: EATING ANIMALS IS WRONG Nick: lets cook a 300 dollar stake

  37. Are you Serious

    Are you Serious5 hours ago

    I seen this part in 50 cents movie “get rich or die tryin” 👀😂

  38. Arad Abdollahi

    Arad Abdollahi5 hours ago


  39. kenma kozume

    kenma kozume5 hours ago

    The board: u got me messed up

  40. Semih Ezen

    Semih Ezen5 hours ago

    Welcome to Nick's test kitchen today we are making gourme gummy bears

  41. Abidabi Booh

    Abidabi Booh5 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsay jr

  42. Kaylynn Brantley

    Kaylynn Brantley5 hours ago

    “it doesn’t change the fact that i still have some of his legs” 😭😭

  43. Anxietyyh •_•

    Anxietyyh •_•5 hours ago

    I wanna see you season steak with takis fuego dust

  44. Rukii

    Rukii5 hours ago

    This loops perfectly

  45. 6958 Joana

    6958 Joana5 hours ago

    why is the chick at the start not alive?

  46. ninja boy169

    ninja boy1695 hours ago

    The crab was crippled I think

  47. k33le

    k33le5 hours ago

    Yea nobody asked for this shitty info

  48. Mariam Glisson

    Mariam Glisson5 hours ago

    Him: Man sure do miss mr carbs Five seconds: later brakes him in half

  49. Sherrie Tenpow

    Sherrie Tenpow5 hours ago


  50. Jay-r Alcaide

    Jay-r Alcaide5 hours ago

    0:15 bruh I laughed so hard Strawberry: uhh~

  51. Apple Jacks

    Apple Jacks5 hours ago

    Who wants flaky salt???? It’s very unreliable.

  52. Bansjee

    Bansjee5 hours ago

    Fake fake fake look at them amazing store bought salt crystals. salt crystals does not form in perfect square crystals. Come on man.

  53. Sherrie Tenpow

    Sherrie Tenpow5 hours ago

    U makeing me hungry😳

  54. Jensen the Christian

    Jensen the Christian5 hours ago

    Dislike for cookies and like for cookie dough

  55. Galactic Cheese cake

    Galactic Cheese cake5 hours ago

    My god your so SHELLFISH

  56. Joseph Palamara

    Joseph Palamara5 hours ago

    Uhm i wonder how many holes in that table when he threw the knives

  57. Flapxr

    Flapxr5 hours ago

    Hes getting good at these transitions

  58. Psych aLeX

    Psych aLeX5 hours ago

    Lol it really looks like "that" there is even the penile skin!!!

  59. おにー

    おにー5 hours ago

    “man I miss mr. crabs” *proceeds to break his limbs*

  60. James Deane

    James Deane5 hours ago

    Looks lovely yum!

  61. Brent Johnson

    Brent Johnson5 hours ago

    Watch him just OOPS I cut my finger off 😃

  62. Gaby

    Gaby5 hours ago

    No one: talking about his girlfriend Everyone: “everyone: talking about his girlfriend me: ____________”

  63. kiki nfl star

    kiki nfl star5 hours ago

    He always slams a knife on the table lol😅🤣🤣😂

  64. Panda MilkShake

    Panda MilkShake5 hours ago

    My stupid-ass that was its's mouth and the fish was all like >:O

  65. Bzen YT

    Bzen YT5 hours ago

    Did anyone else see where he was holding it ;-;

  66. Kriz Jaren

    Kriz Jaren5 hours ago


  67. Pod

    Pod5 hours ago

    How does the meat not go out of date during the dry aging process?

  68. Pug Tato

    Pug Tato5 hours ago

    Why would I ever want to do this

  69. ꧁•ᴇʀʀᴏʀ•꧂

    ꧁•ᴇʀʀᴏʀ•꧂5 hours ago

    crab: Hi- him: *NO*

  70. Thane Fenrir

    Thane Fenrir5 hours ago

    I feel bad for the knife more then anything!

  71. UnluckyHD

    UnluckyHD5 hours ago

    Nick could you mabye make spare ribs or spring rolls but not like normal but Vietnamese Spring Rolls! I would like to see you make that!

  72. Isaiah Petty

    Isaiah Petty5 hours ago

    king of cringe

  73. Linda Warren

    Linda Warren5 hours ago


  74. Boxed by tyler

    Boxed by tyler5 hours ago

    How to make salt ingredients: salt

  75. Mateo Ocaña Paez

    Mateo Ocaña Paez5 hours ago

    Were do you buy the cacao pods ??

  76. Leenah Audio

    Leenah Audio5 hours ago

    I thought I was your favourite snack 🥺

  77. // Ginpachi //

    // Ginpachi //5 hours ago

    That look super good and all, but PICKLE JUICE??

  78. The Chaotic Siblings

    The Chaotic Siblings5 hours ago

    Okay but the loop-??

  79. joprey zaid

    joprey zaid5 hours ago

    Don't understand where's the garlic come from tbh. It's the best fruit in the world.

  80. Konnor Simmons

    Konnor Simmons5 hours ago

    He can see through