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we broke up

we broke up

3 months ago

  1. Play Boy Agent

    Play Boy AgentDay ago

    Mike acting different ever since lana gave him a chance...

  2. GireaFFE

    GireaFFEDay ago

    Comments here didnt age very well

  3. Alissa Caputo

    Alissa CaputoDay ago

    Anyone else have more anxiety watching the dog walk around and eat near the plate shards than the fight that's about to happen?

  4. rasmus fastesson

    rasmus fastessonDay ago


  5. Skirtzz

    SkirtzzDay ago

    Just came because the thumbnail

  6. Dany boy

    Dany boyDay ago

    What is her name

  7. Sharav Joshi

    Sharav JoshiDay ago

    How's the mid-life crisis going?

  8. Paul Santos

    Paul SantosDay ago

    I would love too be a pro knowing she has a boyfriend!!!

  9. Angel Hernandez

    Angel HernandezDay ago

    P.O.V everyone here is underage 👀

  10. JamesG

    JamesGDay ago

    Everyone hating on mike because he doesn’t want to have kids like wtf let him live his life he’s richer than all of u anyway 😂

  11. Dober

    DoberDay ago

    Who’s watching after they broke up for good in 2021?

  12. Mr. McNuggets

    Mr. McNuggetsDay ago

    Pee pee poo poo pee pee poo poo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!97855...??

  13. Hussain Sial

    Hussain SialDay ago

    17:15 ur welcome

  14. pocoyo

    pocoyoDay ago

    Make a video I wanna see how many views u get now

  15. issac sanchez

    issac sanchezDay ago


  16. ossiferfunk

    ossiferfunkDay ago

    Man child alert. Dudes nasty

  17. Paul Santos

    Paul SantosDay ago

    Bro Lana is so cute and funny, you need to wife her up!!

  18. Paul Santos

    Paul SantosDay ago

    I nearly came to this video!!

  19. Scorpiog 946

    Scorpiog 946Day ago

    Hi god bless have a good one

  20. Severio Hernandez

    Severio HernandezDay ago

    can Lana go back to p?

  21. Donut eater 21

    Donut eater 21Day ago

    I just heard a whole Ted talk about in and out

  22. Matt Flynn

    Matt FlynnDay ago

    former heroin addict won't go to an ihop in a strip mall... progress

  23. Isaac Duncan

    Isaac DuncanDay ago


  24. James Fisher

    James FisherDay ago

    the views about to dip again

  25. Thomas E. Kouri

    Thomas E. KouriDay ago

    Con man

  26. Matt Lamb

    Matt LambDay ago

    Who’s here after they broke up

  27. Brandon Monsey

    Brandon MonseyDay ago

    Please try dfw bbq

  28. Brandon Monsey

    Brandon MonseyDay ago

    Logans mud flat of a mullet has me dead

  29. Mr Mayhem

    Mr MayhemDay ago

    Brad should be scared , too much time with the fake weight's

  30. sad.3editzz

    sad.3editzzDay ago

    Mi comprender español my friend gg

  31. alex deleon

    alex deleonDay ago

    Im buggin ?? Whaever happen to evan ?

  32. Aj Chairez

    Aj ChairezDay ago

    The site doesn’t work

  33. Sauceee

    SauceeeDay ago

    9:08 lmaoooooo

  34. Ghravity

    GhravityDay ago

    legendary mouse

  35. Tyler Hatch

    Tyler HatchDay ago

    end of the vid "woahhhh"

  36. Lil' Star

    Lil' StarDay ago

    Still using her for ur thumbnails

  37. Bareilly FRS

    Bareilly FRSDay ago

    mike = vin diesel

  38. herebia a

    herebia aDay ago


  39. Anatoli Curtis

    Anatoli CurtisDay ago

    That wasn’t Dobrik right? Sounds just like him

  40. mariah ayala

    mariah ayalaDay ago

    Kims friend looks terrible he needs to stop smoking crack.

  41. MrPetrolucio

    MrPetrolucioDay ago

    Lol Mike really 36 years old mentality of a 20 year old and in a bad way, you will soon learn that money isnt everything in life. But actually who the fuck cares do what you want, you have your destiny go back to drugs because people you stick to are drug addicts.

  42. AlejoYT T

    AlejoYT TDay ago

    who's watching now that they broke up

  43. Joon Lee

    Joon LeeDay ago

    pink is hot

  44. Bo sanders films

    Bo sanders filmsDay ago

    I found Lana on the hub

  45. Mahdi Mvs

    Mahdi MvsDay ago

    My favorite handjob story of all time>>

  46. Fnima

    FnimaDay ago

    Are we just going to ignore that he said “switching gears” after talking about Corey

  47. BurningWater95

    BurningWater95Day ago

    date alex next?

  48. Nicoxess 1601

    Nicoxess 1601Day ago


  49. Siddiq Alwi

    Siddiq AlwiDay ago

    whenever i feel cocky i come to these vlogs so i can make myself depressed thinking about the downfall of society

  50. pida siouy

    pida siouyDay ago

    prediction after logan moves out 1 mike and banks start their clout house 2.0 2 maverick house falls apart 3 george starts his own podcast 4 mikes stream views 4X

  51. Kadin Ohmer

    Kadin OhmerDay ago

    Bro @10:38 mike had that “I’m gonna risk it all” face

  52. Blake Weier

    Blake WeierDay ago

    Bro you 48 and trying to be a joe Rogan Tik tiker 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  53. Blake Weier

    Blake WeierDay ago

    Bro how does it feel to be broken up with your clout taxi and having to beg Logan to stay in LA another year so you don’t get left in the absolute dumps again?

  54. Masson Racicot

    Masson RacicotDay ago

    5 guys is the best! By far!

  55. Bigmark 300

    Bigmark 300Day ago

    All this hate hey he’s living his life 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ gotta love it

  56. deathbylight 123

    deathbylight 123Day ago

    Mike looks like Justin tipuric!?

  57. omkar Kurlekar

    omkar KurlekarDay ago

    You and me mike

  58. Robert Gibson

    Robert GibsonDay ago

    Do u have to by 18

  59. Gaming Freak

    Gaming FreakDay ago

    he talks way too much for a 36 years old

  60. Skirtzz

    SkirtzzDay ago

    The 3 boys didn’t even have to think about what Lana’s name was

  61. RapSnippet House

    RapSnippet HouseDay ago

    This guy has to be the most cringe guy ever. Like he wants to be part of that popular group by trying so hard.

  62. Gracia Aviles

    Gracia AvilesDay ago

    Lana looks so sweet and down to earth.

  63. zyphex

    zyphexDay ago

    "tik tok talent"

  64. Cleanest Best Pleasure

    Cleanest Best PleasureDay ago

    Mike "I love my woman, but I love my frat house better" Majlak

  65. Tony

    TonyDay ago

    Yea ur channel is dead

  66. wynillo13 b

    wynillo13 bDay ago

    Using Lana in the thumbnail as like his last chance to get more clicks.. should tell you enough about his personality.

  67. Mychal Lopez

    Mychal Lopez2 days ago

    He’s an adult

  68. Bryce Lehman

    Bryce Lehman2 days ago

    what are you from Appalacia? Where are the low end 100 million dollar penthouses.

  69. Bryce Lehman

    Bryce Lehman2 days ago

    Grip her to get her. And cause a big stir sir. Just not on the Russian space station Mir.

  70. Bryce Lehman

    Bryce Lehman2 days ago

    The stripper is better than a baseball playing Columbus Clipper, who is ID'de as Jack the Ripper, not three's Company Jack Tripper. Pick her, the stripper. But don't let her perform the female money stripper!

  71. Bismillah Sultani

    Bismillah Sultani2 days ago

    Logan is moving to Porta Rico because he doesn't wanna pay tax. Duck 🦆 you bro

  72. DonnKier Del Gallego

    DonnKier Del Gallego2 days ago

    Me and my girlfriend going out on a date: My girlfriend stopping by to get some food: come on I don't like burger I only like those big hotdogs Me in my mind: that's what she said

  73. jay naana

    jay naana2 days ago

    Damn cuh imagine being 30+ n choosing not to have your face sat on eeerry day by that, boy has actually gone crazy - independent, financially stable women ain’t easy to come by.

  74. Isaac H

    Isaac H2 days ago

    Who’s here now that they officially separated 😭

  75. BecomingThor

    BecomingThor2 days ago

    lana is so beautiful and loving and this dude really left her.

  76. M3NACE

    M3NACE2 days ago

    I miss Lana 💖

  77. Albin Gjelaj

    Albin Gjelaj2 days ago

    she should try walking around detroit

  78. ambessa shield

    ambessa shield2 days ago

    WARNING: Many jealous old heads that are stuck in boring relationships are hating on Mike in the comments

  79. Johnson Patrick

    Johnson Patrick2 days ago

    Drink from the bowl drink drink from the bowl

  80. Kyle Rowell

    Kyle Rowell2 days ago

    You’re a joke buddy nothing with out lana