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  1. Jom

    Jom4 hours ago

    Wierd flex but ok

  2. roblox fan

    roblox fan4 hours ago

    9:30 😺

  3. MR.random57

    MR.random574 hours ago

    Get saved by Jesus so then you can go to heaven

  4. Abe Cervantes

    Abe Cervantes4 hours ago

    Okay but in all seriousness, why did you need Google Lens to translate when Instagram already does it for you?

  5. Gaurav Sharma

    Gaurav Sharma4 hours ago

    Real video starts after 6:00

  6. Vuk Slomović

    Vuk Slomović4 hours ago

    Lies I bought it and i can confirm that i am now -5 years old

  7. Boon

    Boon4 hours ago


  8. Infinite Vision

    Infinite Vision4 hours ago

    The story: *Kills the phone* me: *takes out the battery and puts it in* also me: fixed it.

  9. Alexander Quach

    Alexander Quach4 hours ago

    I thought we got cube charging bricks.

  10. 999 IQ

    999 IQ4 hours ago

    واو جملة شي حلو مره يخلي الجوال يعلق lol

  11. Dishant rollno 16 9A

    Dishant rollno 16 9A4 hours ago


  12. CookieCat123

    CookieCat1234 hours ago

    Cute kitten

  13. MrSpace Gaming

    MrSpace Gaming4 hours ago

    That's not how you kill Samsung, that's how you touch Samsung.

  14. Shhhadi

    Shhhadi4 hours ago

    If you’re not at LEAST a billionaire and u buy this than good riddance u don’t deserve the money💀

  15. Mosmith

    Mosmith4 hours ago

    the arabic text says "Look at the story after this".

  16. T.A.I .K.Y

    T.A.I .K.Y5 hours ago

    Translation The caption post was : ADD THIS TAG IT'S MY ORIGINAL ACCOUNT The first story was : SOMETHING GOOD the second story was : SOMETHING VERY GOOD AND SEE THE OTHER STORY And BOMB Your phone died

  17. GG Dispay

    GG Dispay5 hours ago

    I’m surprised the S7 did well on all but the reverse hammer hit. I dropped an S7 on concrete and the entire screen cracked, rendering it useless.

  18. enemy

    enemy5 hours ago

    Oh god it's the telegu symbol again, praise android.

  19. Joe Mango

    Joe Mango5 hours ago

    huh. on a Motorola Moto e6, Instagram simply froze but it caused the software updater to crash and be unable to download the update. I know it was a direct result because it popped up as soon as I tapped on the story, and I had to restart to fix it. Other then that it simply froze on all androids I tested and never opened the story.

  20. HiddenSquid07

    HiddenSquid075 hours ago

    He’s the kid who will actually read your full name, address, and location.

  21. SpaceXplorer 16

    SpaceXplorer 165 hours ago

    How do you accidentally Pre-order TWO Cybertrucks?

  22. Faze OSAMA

    Faze OSAMA5 hours ago

    Wait y’all phones lagged when opened this story I opened it one time and it didn’t lag

  23. Ben Parkison

    Ben Parkison5 hours ago

    Imagine owning an iphone

  24. hentai loves me

    hentai loves me5 hours ago


  25. JT Pineapple

    JT Pineapple5 hours ago

    with that last one i gotta say. when im gaming i love the feeling of cosines when its raining outside while im gaming so if they made a panel that could simulate like its a thunderstorm outside with additional speakers. oh man. that would make a gaming experience so much more relaxing

  26. Yadomie Sean

    Yadomie Sean5 hours ago

    Is it only me? Or anyone else hear's the BGM sounds like Dingga Dingga By MAMAMOO?

  27. PineCone

    PineCone5 hours ago

    We need that account memorialized

  28. Kibo

    Kibo5 hours ago

    I use the Pocophone F1. Now I want to upgrade and this seems to be the phone I want. So, it's funny you made that remark.

  29. Tae Stan:3

    Tae Stan:35 hours ago

    أحسه معاذ 😭😭😭😭😭

  30. Wil14m_69

    Wil14m_695 hours ago

    Its effective power all over again

  31. gl1tchygreml1n

    gl1tchygreml1n5 hours ago

    I wish I was that smart at 14, coincidentally I actually really wanted to be a robotics programmer at the time and I probably would have thought that Instagram hack was definitely goals. And now I don’t even know how to help my mom when she tells me one of the browser games on her computer isn’t working. Sometimes I wish I still had the desire to hack stuff and build robots... but for some reason I just couldn’t get through actually learning to code and make measurements.

  32. ThePhantomX17

    ThePhantomX175 hours ago

    my old galaxy s9 came with a preinstalled game that had the worst malware i've ever dealt with

  33. Nik Pete

    Nik Pete5 hours ago

    I have an lg android, i tried it, its froze the app but not the whole phone, i had to exit out the app and try again, its back on, pretty fuckin crazy

  34. malakool is cool

    malakool is cool5 hours ago

    1:16 translation: "look at the story after this" Also I think he's Saudi

  35. Treetop Jones

    Treetop Jones5 hours ago

    So as mentioned, if Instagram doesn't want this kid, or someone else, gumming up the entire site and demanding ransom, they need to get on their programming and add in safe-guards.

  36. Papinya Sakkunpitak

    Papinya Sakkunpitak5 hours ago

    I tried this on my IPhone 12 Pro Max, it pretty much crashed but after about a minute the app just closes and it went back to my lock screen

  37. Juan Velazquez

    Juan Velazquez5 hours ago

    Where can you buy one at in the USA?

  38. ok

    ok5 hours ago


  39. vanoss gaming

    vanoss gaming5 hours ago

    Just another reason why android is better

  40. Imanoob260 Imdabest260

    Imanoob260 Imdabest2605 hours ago

    Ayooo rewatch this 3:04 HE HAS A IPHONE 12 IN 2019

  41. LastBreathSmoky 98

    LastBreathSmoky 985 hours ago

    6/10 fail for accidentally writing steak and not streak

  42. kingdom music

    kingdom music5 hours ago

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  43. Mr Positive

    Mr Positive5 hours ago

    I dont know when but i already subbed you and now i realize after the whole video maybe i watched something from you informative and i subbed ... Lol but ais i was going to sub it was already done but i dont remember when i did...

  44. Itsyoboiivan 325

    Itsyoboiivan 3255 hours ago

    Im gonna do it Edit: it didn't wor-

  45. You Mad

    You Mad5 hours ago

    Real ones will remember the link that crashed peoples iPhones 4 years ago

  46. adam 53

    adam 535 hours ago

    You're the boss of unboxing phones

  47. charge AZIZ

    charge AZIZ5 hours ago

    شوف الستوري اللي بعد ذا means look at the story after this one


    ME EAT YU WHOLE5 hours ago

    This went from terrifying to super cool

  49. not_stepashka

    not_stepashka5 hours ago

    iphones: am i a joke to you?

  50. Miss Facheese ϟ

    Miss Facheese ϟ5 hours ago

    Me as an apple user: 👁👄👁 obnoxion.

  51. lord anubis

    lord anubis5 hours ago

    come on dude thats spelled aryan not arran

  52. Fancypants McVomitshirt

    Fancypants McVomitshirt5 hours ago

    No average user is ever going to notice the difference, except probably with temperature. That almost certainly comes down to the manufacturing process used, with QUALCOMM being manufactured by TSMC. TSMC's manufacturing node is currently more advanced than Samsung's

  53. Arragance

    Arragance5 hours ago

    Nokia made the first actual rugged phone...

  54. Rithik Sidharth

    Rithik Sidharth5 hours ago

    Hey Arun can u tell the most preffered colours by people of all iphone

  55. Jayneko

    Jayneko5 hours ago

    a 14 year old who can create the next worldwide computer virus.. thats insane

  56. Natam

    Natam5 hours ago

    1:10 "do you remenber when iphones where for rich people?" People that dont live in 1st world countries: *ugly sobbing*

  57. انوس الصغير

    انوس الصغير5 hours ago

    انت عربي

  58. ok

    ok5 hours ago

    Its not the pinnacle of stupidity Its the pinnacle of comedy

  59. C'eonna

    C'eonna5 hours ago

    So it damages your phone for good?

  60. Miss Facheese ϟ

    Miss Facheese ϟ5 hours ago

    Me as an Apple user: 👁👄👁 Me knowing I don’t have IG: *keeps watching to kill time before a huge test tomorrow*

  61. MRbananalama

    MRbananalama5 hours ago

    pls talk more about this

  62. B L A N K K

    B L A N K K5 hours ago

    Imagine going to the apple store and setting this on all the phones

  63. midarvil

    midarvil5 hours ago

    Lol i watched this on my lG smartphone my self but i think my phone is still good

  64. clarkkent sadsad

    clarkkent sadsad5 hours ago

    Im a phone now?

  65. III VI IX

    III VI IX5 hours ago

    People congratulating this kid like he didn't do something malicious asf 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  66. Bernice Cruz

    Bernice Cruz5 hours ago

    what if i view the instagram story on the website on my pc??

  67. DorianPlayerOne

    DorianPlayerOne5 hours ago

    try the htc one, itll get through it, i know my boy will

  68. Imade Ary p.p

    Imade Ary p.p5 hours ago

    2:52 theres ewing in there?!??? Ada ewing anjim

  69. Winter does Shoutouts

    Winter does Shoutouts5 hours ago

    POV: your watching this in 2021

  70. D I E T W A T E R

    D I E T W A T E R5 hours ago

    4:49 Me watching Mrwho'stheBoss

  71. Scott Walker

    Scott Walker5 hours ago

    Has Japanese on his shirt, doesn't recognize "Evangelion"?

  72. Big Bloxian

    Big Bloxian5 hours ago

    1:16 lol Rick roll in the background

  73. zach moyer

    zach moyer5 hours ago

    Your lil “that's what she said”

  74. Doge Boi

    Doge Boi5 hours ago


  75. Mykah Shalom

    Mykah Shalom5 hours ago

    i told myself i would upgrade from s20 ultra to iphone 12 max pro this year but...sigh

  76. Matheus Ferreira

    Matheus Ferreira5 hours ago

    The fact that IPhone improved the efficiency to make the phone compensate to nearly 1000mah difference and outperform a galaxy S20 is cool

  77. zach moyer

    zach moyer5 hours ago

    Love how you catch your phone's haha

  78. Ender Elohim

    Ender Elohim5 hours ago

    what i learned from this video is even top end iphones are trash and apple can get away with it because no backlash thet get from their cult member i mean customers

  79. mellowtonin

    mellowtonin5 hours ago

    Instagram... please add sentinel values. Also, don't have these values in HTML. Please and thank you.

  80. Travis Brown

    Travis Brown5 hours ago

    what I don't understand linux runs on android also I just don't understand why apk files can't just run on the Linux Phones or on Linux Distro's like Debian Arch I mean you have to have a emulator if they can figure out how to run apk files an can pre install them on a Linux district or phone it will make a big game changer for the company but you will still have that privacy issue