I'm SwaggerSouls and welcome to my channel! I play all sorts of games and try to share the unique interactions I have with other players all the time. I try to approach any situation from a comedic angle. I hit fat yeets and rip fat doinks. I wear a knight helmet at all times for my personal safety.

  1. xFiReXrAiNx

    xFiReXrAiNx19 hours ago

    So many unoriginal *Shows carson on first clip* comments. Like bruh, who gives a fuck. This is swaggers channel just enjoy the content ya know

  2. A Z

    A Z19 hours ago

    Oh how I’ve longed for this

  3. TheFantasticNoah

    TheFantasticNoah19 hours ago

    My guy playing run 3 what a fucking legend

  4. Batterie Faible

    Batterie Faible20 hours ago


  5. Legitskitgit

    Legitskitgit20 hours ago

    I'm so glad I'm part scottish so I don't have to deal with this white mumbo jumbo.

  6. Tom Rusting

    Tom Rusting21 hour ago

    what mods do you have installed

  7. Sam B

    Sam B21 hour ago


  8. Sam B

    Sam B22 hours ago

    Love your nail color bro

  9. Nathan Locke

    Nathan Locke22 hours ago

    6:48 *Absolute chaos unravelling* Ted: You guys good?

  10. Lucas Johnson

    Lucas Johnson23 hours ago

    "American target practice" you sure you dont mean schools

  11. Dev Raj Tuladhar

    Dev Raj Tuladhar23 hours ago

    8:10 this is the funniest thing in opinion

  12. Dev Raj Tuladhar

    Dev Raj Tuladhar23 hours ago

    SwaggerSouls is the types of person to make peoples day better

  13. TheHated Child

    TheHated Child23 hours ago

    The fact that Carsons there made it more innapropriate than ever!

  14. Andrea George

    Andrea George23 hours ago


  15. Joop

    JoopDay ago

    I just realized this was Traves and not Grizzy. times have changed

  16. sexy rat

    sexy ratDay ago

    watching in 2034

  17. Leo Barsh

    Leo BarshDay ago

    i cant get over katerinos voice, its so grating i cant stand it almost

  18. AndrewKicks

    AndrewKicksDay ago

    The defeated tip affectively charge because television coincidently coil under a ethereal mailman. fascinated, evasive philosophy

  19. No I no when I no you Know that I No

    No I no when I no you Know that I NoDay ago

    3:08 - that hit a little too close to home for comfort

  20. Luky So2

    Luky So2Day ago

    we're in 2021 and no he's not.

  21. Adrian Perez

    Adrian PerezDay ago

    I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already

  22. BE 927

    BE 927Day ago

    They did resurrect rage comics though

  23. IA1N

    IA1NDay ago


  24. Chloe Denham

    Chloe DenhamDay ago


  25. Smith James

    Smith JamesDay ago

    What’s the mod called

  26. Declan Urness

    Declan UrnessDay ago

    whats the mod for this

  27. rlukew luke

    rlukew lukeDay ago

    I was 4 6 when i was 10


    GHOST TAIGRDay ago

    6:00 amazing clip lmao

  29. MrDust9105

    MrDust9105Day ago

    does anyone know the monitor

  30. Edgar Mendieta

    Edgar MendietaDay ago

    It's like doctor stone but in minecraft...priceless

  31. Jamisen gaming

    Jamisen gamingDay ago

    You should talk to crankgameplays when he's on next episode

  32. Regan Emile

    Regan EmileDay ago

    I gotta say. Your new stuff with pestily slaps.

  33. Accept jschlatt As ur lord and savior

    Accept jschlatt As ur lord and saviorDay ago

    Ah I see

  34. Tanner Blue

    Tanner BlueDay ago

    The only youtube ad I like🤣

  35. Win vs Fail

    Win vs FailDay ago

    Summer 17 was fucking awesome

  36. TheKeyTheory Papa

    TheKeyTheory PapaDay ago

    I was in roblox and my fucking boys thought I was Swaggersouls because I was wearing a fucking crusader helmet Now that’s pogy pog

  37. Epigone

    EpigoneDay ago

    This vid remembers me about the time when I played with OpenComputers mod. Story time! I did a computer that would trigger specific nanomachine input (thing that gives you effects, based on what input you triggered and their random configuration), and then I made a dispensers that fills the corridor to my base with lava. And then I called my friend to my base. Lava appeared in the corridor and i went straight. Nanomachines I had gave me fire resistance, when exactly that specific nanomachines input was triggered, so i didn't died. But there was a funny thing - my friend had nanomachines too, and for him that input did instant damage. I thought he would not be able to come to my base, but instead of that he died because of his nanomachine configuration. tl;dr - Security entry to my base killed my friend by random.

  38. Aizakku

    AizakkuDay ago

    a 360hz monitor is out you know

  39. Phytonite

    PhytoniteDay ago

    What is the mod being used?

  40. Planet Zoom

    Planet ZoomDay ago

    The taking away of of the native amaerican makes me sad

  41. EtherealRonin

    EtherealRoninDay ago

    There should be a comment here where everyone just spews out ideas for what swagger should create next

  42. Joshie

    JoshieDay ago

    6:17 dream who?

  43. Fandom Pianist

    Fandom PianistDay ago

    How did you get it in vr like this? Please don't attack me in the replies for not knowing, I'm just genuinely curious about how to play minecraft like this. I have Java edition btw

  44. Sad Boy

    Sad BoyDay ago

    Swagger you should play gorilla tag vr

  45. Hjalmar philipson

    Hjalmar philipsonDay ago


  46. LoliCubes

    LoliCubesDay ago

    monetisation: no

  47. Astrax Gaming

    Astrax GamingDay ago

    Man, i wanna sub but it says u got 4.69 mil, i cant do it, also why didn't you kick out the pale virgin girl?

  48. rlukew luke

    rlukew lukeDay ago

    2 37

  49. John-Carter Scott

    John-Carter ScottDay ago

    Jeff is dead

  50. SultanVids

    SultanVidsDay ago

    Swagger: This is wholesome. Swagger: Siri translate sorry about world war 2 in japanese Swagger it was going so well

  51. Ken 9

    Ken 9Day ago

    When he showed the part of him getting hit of the mail box I was dying in Laughter

  52. Hayden Lage

    Hayden LageDay ago

    What mods is he using?

  53. FrenchyJr

    FrenchyJrDay ago

    At the boss tower You can use a fishing rod on the boss and activate him He will go flying

  54. Max Hill

    Max HillDay ago

    damn times have changed

  55. Bxnksy Boy

    Bxnksy BoyDay ago

    this was uploaded on my birthday

  56. Me likes lewds and memes

    Me likes lewds and memesDay ago

    I wish I had a friend group like yours 😔 I got nobody

  57. Mr._Lamp

    Mr._LampDay ago

    can you play more. If you play more i will also play da game

  58. Danny Kemmerer

    Danny KemmererDay ago

    What modpack is this?

  59. Marlow Putzi

    Marlow PutziDay ago

    What game you playing

  60. Dragon_Algor

    Dragon_AlgorDay ago


  61. LiamQuantum

    LiamQuantumDay ago

    The most legitimate reactions of any USlikesr

  62. MelkMeneer

    MelkMeneerDay ago

    Mod name?

  63. Hunter Lilly

    Hunter LillyDay ago

    The unaccountable manicure generically vanish because rose appropriately dream until a raspy bobcat. male, belligerent blowgun

  64. Hunter Lilly

    Hunter LillyDay ago

    The oafish baboon nationally blush because oboe modestly permit anenst a defeated replace. lackadaisical, moaning disgust

  65. Supernova Gaming

    Supernova GamingDay ago

    I love this man so much lol

  66. Ryan Carroll

    Ryan CarrollDay ago

    Who is better? Swagger or Schlatt? Also, any video that contains Schlatt himself is 10x better.

  67. Angel Martinez

    Angel MartinezDay ago

    I actually thought this was a face reveal

  68. katie

    katieDay ago

    i love minx so much LMAOO

  69. Tanner Blue

    Tanner BlueDay ago

    Mini ladd,has to explain that it's a game,not 🟧◼️

  70. zNxightmare _YT

    zNxightmare _YTDay ago

    You forgot about Bran

  71. ThatOneBabySitter

    ThatOneBabySitterDay ago


  72. Douglas Joeson

    Douglas JoesonDay ago

    have none of them seen swagger without his helmet? "OHHHHHH MY GODDDDD!!!" then there's zuckes who's just like :D

  73. Antonio [GD] 7u7

    Antonio [GD] 7u7Day ago

    I watched until the end xD

  74. chicken strip

    chicken stripDay ago

    4.69 million subs nice

  75. SuttonTV

    SuttonTVDay ago

    3:50 I’m dead

  76. Gaming Pony

    Gaming PonyDay ago

    Imagine a person in a crusade outfit just completely obliterating all zombies.

  77. Mc Souls

    Mc SoulsDay ago

    you are pewdiepie?????

  78. Irpyn

    IrpynDay ago

    people say i sound like baby swagger souls i click one of his videos i would like to say i don’t sound like i’m choking on my tonsils

  79. xFiReXrAiNx

    xFiReXrAiNxDay ago

    I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I was japped in the knees

  80. ipodnono5

    ipodnono5Day ago