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  1. Peter Carambas

    Peter Carambas6 minutes ago

    The animatic version is better

  2. verjor1

    verjor114 minutes ago

    You should gae realy hih with food

  3. Iluminada Rodríguez Yebra

    Iluminada Rodríguez Yebra17 minutes ago

    The damaging fiber bodily snow because cement compellingly tour modulo a likeable lunch. nebulous, macabre michael

  4. Bonnie_ lover123

    Bonnie_ lover12321 minute ago

    "Talk to the hand" has gotten a whole new meaning

  5. Zinx on Xbox

    Zinx on Xbox28 minutes ago

    This movie is so bad

  6. Jack Chalkley

    Jack Chalkley30 minutes ago

    This channel is a copy of cinema summary


    WILD FIRE31 minute ago

    My God The Cringe When Their Firing The Bb Guns and When The Witch Came Out!

  8. Droggone

    Droggone47 minutes ago

    I DIDNT EVEN KNOW THAT THERE WAS A LIVE ACTION VERSION!!! Let me guess though: It sucked.

  9. Nico24 Edit

    Nico24 EditHour ago

    I cry with the end on this anime

  10. Tito The Turtle

    Tito The TurtleHour ago

    Call nicolas cage

  11. drastic dio

    drastic dioHour ago

    Yea no this whole video is just a no

  12. Potato Montage x

    Potato Montage xHour ago

    plz share the link for part 2 full movie🙏

  13. GameyPlayz

    GameyPlayzHour ago

    Who noticed the swishhhh

  14. Chen onii chan

    Chen onii chanHour ago

    How to kill koro sensei Step 1 make a live action Step 2 make him watch it

  15. Fnf Bf

    Fnf Bf2 hours ago

    Why does his brother look and fight like kaneki

  16. Deadly pichu

    Deadly pichu2 hours ago

    i dont even want to beat him ( i watched the anime longgg ago)

  17. Sheff Kane

    Sheff Kane2 hours ago


  18. Péter Vörös

    Péter Vörös2 hours ago

    Best teacher right there

  19. Juan Hernandez

    Juan Hernandez2 hours ago

    The brainy moustache biosynthetically treat because respect univariably educate towards a striped architecture. busy, torpid april

  20. FinnThomas

    FinnThomas2 hours ago

    Thanks man, i've been trying to rob this one guy's house for a while but this dang kid keeps stopping me.

  21. DenzeGod

    DenzeGod2 hours ago

    I only watch the anime!! Why did youtube didn't say anything!? Life is PAIN

  22. Trí Trà Minh

    Trí Trà Minh2 hours ago

    Yo if this guy was in the anime i wonder it will end on the first episode and he get all the money

  23. OWO master

    OWO master2 hours ago

    It’s my math teacher

  24. Sam Rivera

    Sam Rivera3 hours ago

    Hi love your videos :)

  25. Genuine 12

    Genuine 123 hours ago

    Oh wow....... .... NO RECOIL Unlike on the anime

  26. Alex Meza

    Alex Meza3 hours ago

    Should of used the anime better looking characters


    ČHÂŘČØÃŁ3 hours ago

    When, how, when wait i already said that

  28. Ziphype 3454

    Ziphype 34543 hours ago

    Did you really have to bring up tge Edward scene? Did you really have to shatter my peace with depression?

  29. Nate Hodge

    Nate Hodge4 hours ago

    20:02 "He come to the rescue but out of nowhere-" *shows his migi COMING CLEAN OFF* "- the pregnant parasite joins." LIKE YO PAUSE. You're really gonna show that and the switch the whole thing like that😂 cause fosho that wasn't in the anime.

  30. Just a Bored guy.

    Just a Bored guy.4 hours ago

    Just so I can stop Bugging me We’re you talking about a railgun? 7:15

  31. Jacob Sihir

    Jacob Sihir4 hours ago

    Where's nagaisa

  32. PoopyEmoji1 Girl

    PoopyEmoji1 Girl4 hours ago

    This literally came out 5 or 6 years ago wooowwww

  33. PoopyEmoji1 Girl

    PoopyEmoji1 Girl4 hours ago

    They did do a good job on the real life Koro-Sensei ngl LOL

  34. Lucas Lauria

    Lucas Lauria5 hours ago

    you should just find away to get yourself on him like hug him and continuously stab him or attack him because if he harms you he breaks his own rule and loses.

  35. Legendary Player

    Legendary Player5 hours ago

    Already beaten dude

  36. yeyogamer2.0

    yeyogamer2.05 hours ago

    is that dream

  37. Default Vibez

    Default Vibez5 hours ago

    Give me the link to the live action

  38. Brandon Ferrel

    Brandon Ferrel5 hours ago

    Why regular hair color

  39. Angel Elizarraraz

    Angel Elizarraraz5 hours ago


  40. Julian Cruz

    Julian Cruz5 hours ago

    8:00 this was not supposed to happen he was supposed to bust a hole in the wall

  41. H-AnimeSenpai

    H-AnimeSenpai5 hours ago

    I saw that the live action came out some time ago and they had it on funimation but it wouldn’t let me watch it and I was premium at the time just like the Tokyo ghoul movie

  42. emily massey

    emily massey5 hours ago

    The car trap he can use his feet

  43. 666遊戲玩家

    666遊戲玩家5 hours ago

    我看那部電影 100% and I can't speak English

  44. Henry Kamradt

    Henry Kamradt6 hours ago


  45. Mkennedy 6405

    Mkennedy 64056 hours ago

    This is cursed... the anime is so much better

  46. Sinner Man

    Sinner Man6 hours ago

    These live action things are horrible 🤮

  47. l

    l6 hours ago

    I like beans

  48. Hudson

    Hudson6 hours ago


  49. cormac

    cormac6 hours ago

    this movie sucks, i'm not denying that, but no lie I thought CGI Korosensei looked pretty good ngl

  50. J Will

    J Will6 hours ago

    Damn another live action 🤦🏾

  51. Šhadøwstìñg Fighter

    Šhadøwstìñg Fighter6 hours ago

    So this is how to characters from The anime will look like (I don’t watch the anime but I know the anime)

  52. Qua_ xor

    Qua_ xor6 hours ago

    I am telling you Netflix ruined it! Koro sensei is nice but he in here is cursed

  53. Brøøkłÿññ Çøłèmåñ•

    Brøøkłÿññ Çøłèmåñ•6 hours ago

    WhEn DiD ThIS CoME OuT

  54. Eric Dore

    Eric Dore7 hours ago

    Wheres the origin crew when we need them

  55. Milo Mahon

    Milo Mahon7 hours ago


  56. Evan Buckner

    Evan Buckner7 hours ago

    The bb’s are made of a material that can hurt him because normal things like idk a knife can not.

  57. Ethan Samuel Sy

    Ethan Samuel Sy7 hours ago

    jesus is with us

  58. Cornilius

    Cornilius7 hours ago

    When karma jumped off the cliff, he should’ve covered himself in the knife shards like he did with his hand when he shook Koros hand with the knife shards on his hand

  59. David Staffen

    David Staffen7 hours ago

    Nuke him... it's how it worked in the comics

  60. Cheez Erkhem

    Cheez Erkhem7 hours ago

    I hate this.

  61. Charyll Gabriel C. Aclao

    Charyll Gabriel C. Aclao7 hours ago

    bro fuck live actions man idc who made it or anything still live actions are downgrade animes so why use live action also the live action is so far away from the anime that i heard that its really common for live actions to not follow the og

  62. dolls are creepy

    dolls are creepy7 hours ago

    Wait why did they need to kill him even?

  63. ItsRay

    ItsRay8 hours ago

    I don’t get what he is or why they want him dead because he looks scary but from what I’ve seen he acted nice, please fill me in, in the comments.

  64. FLOPPY

    FLOPPY8 hours ago


  65. Cruz Stewart

    Cruz Stewart8 hours ago

    Hold up dose he copy that cinamma dude or else he copy this dude Lol 😆

  66. Carlos Meza

    Carlos Meza8 hours ago


  67. FadeEzily

    FadeEzily8 hours ago

    hey isn't that intro a copy of cinema summaries?

  68. gamerboy6602

    gamerboy66028 hours ago

    They made a live action remake

  69. Lean

    Lean8 hours ago

    they made a movie out of this?

  70. Hector Magana

    Hector Magana8 hours ago

    Bro this is a anime

  71. Brian Haines

    Brian Haines8 hours ago


  72. River wolf Plays

    River wolf Plays8 hours ago

    I don't remember that happening in lord of the rings

  73. Meme God

    Meme God8 hours ago

    Netflix adaptation of assassination classroom be like:

  74. Julian Cruz

    Julian Cruz8 hours ago

    this is why all anime fans fears when the anime that they love makes a live action

  75. Koest

    Koest8 hours ago

    I don’t remember the blonde hair teachers name but THATS her name? I don’t think that’s her name😅and if you really think about it... you can’t really kill koro sensei😂

  76. Popdop007

    Popdop0078 hours ago

    Don't ruin this masterpiece with live action garbage

  77. Critix

    Critix9 hours ago

    when did this anime get a live action....

  78. Sebastien 31

    Sebastien 319 hours ago

    I dont like live actions, at all