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  1. Lisa Suzanne

    Lisa Suzanne4 hours ago

    The girl in the crowd is ridiculous and also completely out of line. I am beyond embarrassed for her.

  2. Marco

    Marco4 hours ago

    Either way. It's hard to put yourself in the position of deciding. I take solace in the fact I haven't been in that position. That lady will live with her decision for the rest of her life. Not justifying, but there is a cost to end the life. Forever.

  3. loveday344

    loveday3444 hours ago

    I consider myself to by socially Liberal, but this gender argument is a non-starter for me. sex and gender are almost indistinguishable. "That thing" i will assume is a woman since " it thinks that miss gendering is violence, have no point whatsoever. Damn it, she is full of hot air

  4. pjotar en de wolf

    pjotar en de wolf4 hours ago

    And i wil shame you haha

  5. Andrew Martinez

    Andrew Martinez4 hours ago

    It says no , nigga corrects her and then it says yes

  6. Skye Anthony

    Skye Anthony4 hours ago

    In Germany, it’s a 5 year punishable offense to critically question the holocaust. The truth should isn’t afraid of investigation... like why does Ashkenazi end with Nazi?

  7. Vital Ral

    Vital Ral4 hours ago

    my name is Nick you can call me Bob or any other name. how's that disrespectful?

  8. safehandsltd

    safehandsltd4 hours ago

    18:32 "System Overload!"

  9. VoelligHarmlos

    VoelligHarmlos4 hours ago

    She is so lost! I feel for her later husband

  10. MagicMan20

    MagicMan204 hours ago

    Lol Madison has 451 friends to give this a thumbs down

  11. Mike Oshea

    Mike Oshea4 hours ago

    Evidence, no concern, no commitment to correction, no surprise. Evidence that they know it incorrect and have no desire to fix it, only cover it because it is incorrect by design.

  12. MagicMan20

    MagicMan204 hours ago

    I’m offended 🤷‍♂️

  13. Dawn Drew

    Dawn Drew4 hours ago

    Act of violence...disrespect isn't ethical..ok ...I really think I need Jesus to come get me!!!

  14. OneQBit

    OneQBit4 hours ago


  15. Stinglikeabee502

    Stinglikeabee5024 hours ago

    She needs to take him ass on somewhere they be trip’n. Him didn’t even let her finish talking to they. Lol

  16. Mike

    Mike4 hours ago

    YIKES !

  17. Lisa Suzanne

    Lisa Suzanne4 hours ago

    She is whack and out of line.

  18. russell anderson

    russell anderson4 hours ago

    Frau Whitmer.... #whitmerdeathtoll

  19. Baba buyie Kaban

    Baba buyie Kaban4 hours ago

    This is a classic example of hypocrisy coming back to bite the scum on the rear end.

  20. Harald Blåtand

    Harald Blåtand4 hours ago

    What a tool

  21. Hinterfrage!

    Hinterfrage!4 hours ago

    This girl is lying ... we have no free speech ... if you have the wrong opinion you can go to jail "Volksverhetzung" and the scope is very big on this point ... and of course you can easy lose your job, bank account and so on ... Ursula haverbeck over 90 years old and in prison only for her opinion

  22. Libby A

    Libby A4 hours ago

    Believe the Science 🧬

  23. Be Con

    Be Con4 hours ago

    Fucking liberals always argue semantics when they have no argument

  24. Nathan matas

    Nathan matas4 hours ago

    I know there's some satire here but these cannot be real at all... can they?

  25. yoked scrote

    yoked scrote4 hours ago

    That dude looks worse than mrs doubtfire. How is that a real person.

  26. Gnarnia

    Gnarnia4 hours ago

    These college students are fuckin nuts now

  27. Lemmy Five Quid

    Lemmy Five Quid5 hours ago

    What’s really really scary about all this is not so much the fundamental disagreements and different points of view, but the tone that is being set in educational institutions, workplaces and public life. And that tone is what will stifle and silence any reasonable form of discussion or debate, because any harmless word or remark most people would otherwise make will be taken as aggression, hate, assault, with ramifications that can seriously fuck your life. So it becomes a lot easier to be another sheep and tow the line and accept the new order. I’m from Denmark and the Nazis burned books not so far from here in the 1930s. This isn’t very far from book burning.

  28. Jens-Ole Jürgens

    Jens-Ole Jürgens5 hours ago

    We all should be aware of one little thing: Puberty is the rebellion of the young against the old. If SJW´s will have kids at some time, those kids will become ultra conservative as an act of rebellion against their parents.You can count on that.

  29. Perspective matters

    Perspective matters5 hours ago

    Feminism has turned woman into baby killers.

  30. Be Con

    Be Con5 hours ago

    Question: why are all or most of the illegal aliens coming from south america fat? I thought it was horribly oppressive? But they're well fed?....and lazy...

  31. Kimberly Wiederhold

    Kimberly Wiederhold5 hours ago

    Put a wig on it. You're still a dude.

  32. morris w

    morris w5 hours ago

    „He is saying only 1/1900 are raped and I can guarantee, that more then one person here has been raped...“ Well... while this can be true, that’s not a counter argument. That’s not even how statistics work. It is pathetic, that she always uses strawmans instead of presenting her position like a thinking person.

  33. jesse sadler

    jesse sadler5 hours ago

    biological markers, its how we identify. it's in every species. Birds are drastic examples. Just look at the Peacock/Peahen

  34. -Hurtz-

    -Hurtz-5 hours ago

    I am disappointed in this woman. Sehr enttäuscht... Also how does she not see hate speech as a part of free speech? I especially don't agree with Nazis because of my Jewish ancestry, but I still want them to have the right to say it.

  35. Ryan NotNow

    Ryan NotNow5 hours ago

    Madison is the smartest person I've heard from her particular perspective. I've argued with a few gender-confused people myself, and they usually just say a lot of stupid stuff, and then ignore me. Madison actually makes some good points. The act of violence stuff just makes me roll my eyes. I wish she'd give that up and just call it disrespectful.

  36. beepboop beep II

    beepboop beep II5 hours ago

    For some reason Steven reminds me of Forrest Gump 😂

  37. Klipsen Dk

    Klipsen Dk5 hours ago

    I wonder, with all his executive orders, does she consider Biden a fascist?

  38. ApostelKrieger

    ApostelKrieger5 hours ago

    There are only Man and Woman...any Other ist civilasation BS...

  39. jhonis fandino merino

    jhonis fandino merino5 hours ago

    Just got dommer looking at this girl

  40. Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke5 hours ago

    "Do you want to interrupt or to listen"? That says it all. What about a dialog?!

  41. Self Less

    Self Less5 hours ago

    She sat down so confident too 🙃

  42. elliot Stannard

    elliot Stannard5 hours ago

    It's amazing how everyone called Trump Hitler... When Biden hired Joseph Mengele ...

  43. Kirill Lukesch

    Kirill Lukesch5 hours ago

    Comment for the algorithm.



    Whitmir just followed Cuomo's executive order. She looked at Cuomo as a visionary and she wanted to jump on that bandwagon. Whitchmir is one of the dumbest governors in the history of the United States.. Every decision she makes has no rhyme or reason. When the republicans begged her to reverse the order she knew if she did the blame would fall on her for the deaths. And remember during this time she was still in the running for VP.

  45. Lord Ginger

    Lord Ginger5 hours ago

    I would like the register to not have underpasses as addresses So you don't want us to update the register

  46. caspertoo

    caspertoo5 hours ago

    God she can't even agree that just because another society in history did something, that doesn't mean it was good.

  47. Kaleb Kaye

    Kaleb Kaye5 hours ago

    Congratulations to you all, you all survived abortion and have loving parents that actually care and aren’t sensitive like these fuckers. (Unless, your parents treated you like shit) be better than that

  48. angel pedraza

    angel pedraza5 hours ago

    She's funny because she's a joke. Lmao.

  49. Matt

    Matt5 hours ago

    Honestly it’s good that people like this are for abortion we don’t need them reproducing

  50. Jordana Divinorum

    Jordana Divinorum5 hours ago

    Why does every social justice warrior treat people with different opinions as the enemy? She wouldn't even shake his hand. I thought they were promoting diversity, freedom of speech and democratic ideals.

  51. Tony

    Tony5 hours ago

    Since when has anyone ended up in the hospital because of misgendering?

  52. elliot Stannard

    elliot Stannard5 hours ago

    It is trying to make sure that society doesn't get anything done... So that the elite can rule...

  53. מיכאל מרטין בנדיקטוס

    מיכאל מרטין בנדיקטוס5 hours ago

    In China there is ACTUAL structural racism against non-Han minorities, such as the Uighurs, in Saudi Arabia there is ACTUAL discrimination against women and Homosexuals (who in places like Iran have to fear for their life and freedom), and in the west people scream about not being called "zey". I have no more patience for this narcissistic self-centered ignorance and cowardice. They never point the finger at ACTUAL problems, such as teenage-marriage in rural Nepal because ACTUAL suffering is not "politically correct". Cowards.

  54. Harry Ballsacky

    Harry Ballsacky5 hours ago


  55. Harry Ballsacky

    Harry Ballsacky5 hours ago


  56. Harry Ballsacky

    Harry Ballsacky5 hours ago


  57. Igor Rivera

    Igor Rivera5 hours ago

    When will these people (gender theory im gonna shove down your throat), realise that most people dont give a f&*k about their feelings. (i heard lots of feelings being put forward by the interviewee than facts). On a planet of a couple of billion, their exist only 2-3 people that care about your feelings, the rest of the world only cares how you act.

  58. Dave Atkinson

    Dave Atkinson5 hours ago

    lying POS the guy on the phone

  59. McKendzie R-C

    McKendzie R-C5 hours ago

    Interview Tom Macdonald, please!

  60. Sin Alder

    Sin Alder5 hours ago

    I know this is late and all, but around 21:30, half-Asian lawyer brings up a point that I always try to tell people. When you're confronted by an officer of the law, it's in your and their best interest to have clear and open communication. I've had run-ins with police when I've done nothing wrong, but they mistakenly believed I did and were scared for their lives so they were very on edge. I've had said police point their guns at me before, yet I've never been shot, and I believe a large contributing factor is I try to clearly communicate my intent before I do things, and if I can't comply with a request of theirs I calmly explain why, then ask what I can do to make them more comfortable. The more comfortable a police officer is, the less likely they'll feel force is necessary. For instance, when I deal with police, should I have either any weapon on me or anything that could be mistaken for a weapon I immediately notify them and ask to put it down, or at the very least if they would like me to. I also notify them of where I have things on me, such as my wallet, so if they ask to see my ID they know what action to expect me to take. Over all, the more information you give them about the situation they're in, the better equipped they are to make good choices, which is good for everyone involved.

  61. alfred lauridsen

    alfred lauridsen5 hours ago

    As a European i am baffled how planet fitness can be so extremely ugly and horribly designed. Why would people choose this shit?

  62. elliot Stannard

    elliot Stannard5 hours ago

    These SJW people are so draining...

  63. Pramana प्रमाण

    Pramana प्रमाण5 hours ago

    Was she an actor because she Was amazing.......🤭

  64. Yorkie Elliot

    Yorkie Elliot5 hours ago

    If she was an attractive girl , you can bet your bottom Dollar she wouldn't have the same values she's currently spurting out!

  65. Lee Ennis

    Lee Ennis5 hours ago

    "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those of mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind" The great Dr Seuss

  66. -Hurtz-

    -Hurtz-5 hours ago

    Just because someone says they want something doesn't make it good for them. Like a child wanting nothing but candy for dinner

  67. Kimberly Wiederhold

    Kimberly Wiederhold5 hours ago

    I think crazy bitch works. I also use Whitler. The bitch. Control freak. I've lived in Michigan most of my life. Not always by choice. It is becoming almost unbearable. Mostly because of the morons mindlessly obeying the furher.

  68. Layla Free

    Layla Free5 hours ago

    Expectation and achievement are directly related. Human nature to not do it if there's no expectation to do it. In college I did a research paper on the subject and found that it applies to all ages, though mostly to children and young adults. An example is that if a kid is not given the expectation from their parents to get good grades they probably won't. There's other things they'd rather do than study or homework. It's their nature. Small things like nodding when one child tells you something, but not another has an impact. One is underlined with unspoken expectations and the other isn't. Consequently I used, and still use, that knowledge when raising my kids. My older ones I don't have to anymore because they've left home and living their own adult lives, but the young ones I still do. It can be exhausting, because kids can be little brats, and sometimes you feel like just saying screw it, it's not worth the argument, etc. Grow up and be dumb and poor, I don't care. That's mostly when they're teenagers and full of drama. But you love them, so argue with them, take things from them, restrict their going with friends, etc until they at least try to meet the expectations. Can't set them above their capabilities though. For example math isn't the easiest subject for the 14 year old, because she doesn't like it. She excels in reading, writing stories and art so my expectations are for A's in those subjects but i expect her to try and get the best grade she can in math. Sometimes it's a v sometimes a c. The 16 year old loves math but hates writing English papers. have expectations for both, but they're not the same. The expectation for the 4 year old is to not pick her nose, do pick up her toys, don't carry the cat in a box, etc. Lol expectations are dynamic and ever changing with time as well as catered to the individual.

  69. Steve Cothran

    Steve Cothran5 hours ago

    Its called being gay

  70. Pixii

    Pixii5 hours ago

    "So this is YOUR setup and we have to follow YOUR rules?" bruh moment

  71. SeriaKilo Gaming

    SeriaKilo Gaming5 hours ago

    The left girl that walked away at the start tells you everything you need to know about them, They are looking for the argument not the solution.

  72. Green Jeans

    Green Jeans5 hours ago

    Over face diapers

  73. Dkayn233

    Dkayn2335 hours ago

    I am actually losing braincells listening to this holy fucking shit

  74. elliot Stannard

    elliot Stannard5 hours ago

    The thumbnail has that assistant medical officer on it... Looks like the Violator from Spawn... Make of that what you will...

  75. Brendon D.

    Brendon D.5 hours ago

    She told ppl they could not buy garden supplies.

  76. BBM

    BBM5 hours ago

    Gobble gobble

  77. Zulvalor

    Zulvalor5 hours ago

    I call for the harm of anyone who offends me...... come at me crowd whatever your name is 😂🖕🤣

  78. Josh

    Josh5 hours ago

    The dynamic trio?

  79. Pat McLaren

    Pat McLaren5 hours ago

    Maybe if he doesn't like Michigan he can go back to Canada or shut up but he thinks do nothing Donny did a great job, if its so bad in Michigan move to South Dakota or Florida where there Governors really did nothing

  80. Jeffrey Graves

    Jeffrey Graves5 hours ago