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Her "WINTER" aquarium
  1. Duvman gg

    Duvman gg20 hours ago

    no clams?? :cc

  2. prolific314

    prolific314Day ago

    What's the best size lava rock for surface area? I have some small gravel size, and currently have a larger marble size in now.

  3. P&j Cole

    P&j ColeDay ago

    love the data videos very interested 😊👍👍👍👍

  4. P&j Cole

    P&j ColeDay ago

    what a great video 👍👍👍👍 you are a great person Joey

  5. Michael Edwards

    Michael EdwardsDay ago

    You actually made me cry. Keep going

  6. Allen Mullikin

    Allen MullikinDay ago

    What’s the hold up I need you to finish the tutorial.....

  7. ChrisAquariums

    ChrisAquariumsDay ago

    Great video!

  8. VeryBadReputation

    VeryBadReputationDay ago

    Will glass silicone seal on the plastic?

  9. Jobert viva

    Jobert vivaDay ago

    Came here for his face reaction on the thumbnail

  10. Fishing Bro's tv

    Fishing Bro's tvDay ago

    Frog spawn and hammer Coral are different things they are very different and they are not called hammer head coral

  11. Fishing Bro's tv

    Fishing Bro's tvDay ago

    Joey talking about green star polyp like it’s a prized coral

  12. Jonathan Deniau

    Jonathan DeniauDay ago

    love it !!!! and so great you can see this tank evolve as well, and great set up so unique

  13. Elizabeth De Foy Bernier

    Elizabeth De Foy BernierDay ago

    Buddy's tank was one of the best one! it was unique and awesome

  14. Elizabeth De Foy Bernier

    Elizabeth De Foy BernierDay ago

    DO THEM nerd videos, most of us are here because we love fishies, so why not?

  15. Lauren Earll

    Lauren EarllDay ago

    What happens if you do the salt and peroxide at the same time?

  16. AngelofPluto

    AngelofPlutoDay ago

    I would watch more of this! This was actually really interesting and useful. I've been considering adding new discus to my 4+ year old fatties... but I need them to be big enough to hold their own, but I was thinking it would take forever. Now I feel like I have options.

  17. Tasso Demo

    Tasso DemoDay ago

    This man takes care of 10+ aquariums, with many different fish, and barely any of them have died. Me? I’ve had a fish tank for about a week, 30 gallons, and 2 of my GUPPIES died.

  18. Brady MXR

    Brady MXRDay ago

    How many gallons is the big tank? Also is that the only light you use above that tank?

  19. Shane Zettelmier

    Shane ZettelmierDay ago

    I like these informational videos 👍🏼

  20. Maya_Man

    Maya_ManDay ago

    How can one Not Like seeing someone share their enthusiasm and passion! So fun!

  21. Coxy’s Aquarium’s

    Coxy’s Aquarium’sDay ago

    Love it man. I’ve done a heap with fresh and now trying to get into salt. Love you are doing basically what I want to. Keep doing it. You are the king of all fish.

  22. Danny Webster

    Danny WebsterDay ago

    Really enjoyed this video!! Definitely looking forward to more types of videos like this

  23. Chris Cool

    Chris CoolDay ago

    this guy is too smart for USlikes. Subscribed.

  24. Jesus

    JesusDay ago

    So what ever happened to these sharks.?

  25. Cristi Karr

    Cristi KarrDay ago

    I'd love more info about the stingrays!

  26. Fidel Alvarez

    Fidel AlvarezDay ago

    Acans and Blastos are actually relatively easy

  27. Aquarium lover अरविन्द राणा

    Aquarium lover अरविन्द राणाDay ago

    What's Glass MM ??????

  28. Jorge Sanchez

    Jorge SanchezDay ago

    At first I was like 😐 but then I saw that tank being loaded and I said 👁__👁

  29. asraf ali

    asraf aliDay ago

    do more DIY stuff..

  30. Mj

    MjDay ago

    U should hatch sharks again

  31. Solid Gold

    Solid GoldDay ago

    I feel like have multiple tanks for plants would be a fun challenge so you can show noobie aquarist the greatest of them

  32. jay willingham

    jay willinghamDay ago

    What type of wood is that?

  33. ThousandDrake68

    ThousandDrake68Day ago

    Who else is watching in 2021?

  34. Reverend DragQnfly

    Reverend DragQnflyDay ago

    Love from MI. You are amazing and we/our family love your videos and be proud of your story! I am a survivor, too. You're helping others with what you do. Be Blessed! We stand with you, Joey. Again, much love

  35. Ro ach

    Ro achDay ago

    I fuckin hate my life.

  36. jayjoe123

    jayjoe123Day ago

    May we please have an update on this tank?

  37. Desiree Davis

    Desiree Davis2 days ago

    Those rays are so cool!

  38. skyistaken R

    skyistaken R2 days ago

    At 24:00 its an understatement to say your eyes lit up

  39. theodore sherron

    theodore sherron2 days ago

    A reef safe eel would be so dope in their!!!

  40. Justin Neuroth

    Justin Neuroth2 days ago

    Should really be using gloves when handling any kind of coral , Especially zoanthids, pallytoxin is not fun. Landed me in the hospital for a week. Haha, that plate coral is so slimy also.

  41. Alex Ea

    Alex Ea2 days ago

    Regardless of cost or difficulty level, they look great!

  42. Marnas 500

    Marnas 5002 days ago

    poor arawana i love at all r.i.p.

  43. Jim

    Jim2 days ago

    The clown trigger will eat your corals as well, don't they?

  44. 440i_ blc

    440i_ blc2 days ago

    7:15 the trigger is already eyeing up his snack😂

  45. Linnea Karlsson

    Linnea Karlsson2 days ago

    Sorry for watching this so late, guess it’s not good for the algorithm but for sure I prefer the videos that you enjoy doing, love the experiment and the explanations

  46. Dem Milovanovic

    Dem Milovanovic2 days ago

    Mine loses prime when the pump loses power and then when it starts back up, the overflow doesn't start back up, I made it to your exact method yet it doesn't keep flowing after. I don't want to need another power source to run the tank (it costs heaps more here in australia). Its getting frustrating

  47. Scott Loudermilk

    Scott Loudermilk2 days ago

    i like the idea of a small tank set up like this with brightly colored shrimp. or a few really nice guppies, they are small and i think would accent this miniature environment. and, ive never seen you do anything with guppies. i like them myself. red dragon guppies and bright yellow shrimp against your black substrate and green mosses. perfect

  48. c Wuttke

    c Wuttke2 days ago

    Get some pulsing xenia, and torch coral !!!

  49. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name2 days ago

    “Super easy to keep coral” 🥲

  50. Frank Wolfe

    Frank Wolfe2 days ago

    Iam sure glad we don’t cull humans because there hair line is almost in the back of there head. If you think we should kill anything that isn’t normal for any reason then you to should maybe have been culled also.

  51. NickDoesDoozey

    NickDoesDoozey2 days ago

    I probably missed you explaining it but I'm surprised you don't quarantine or at least dip your corals

  52. Micheal LeDoux

    Micheal LeDoux2 days ago

    It looks awesome!!!!!

  53. Wes Lee

    Wes Lee2 days ago

    Definitely gotta do these vids. The "exciting" over the top vids are fun, but I think these vids are the ones we really appreciate as hobbyists and what we can learn a lot from.

  54. KK DeVeauXgue

    KK DeVeauXgue2 days ago

    Imagine this in your living room

  55. Phil Cavallini

    Phil Cavallini2 days ago

    Also wouldn't be the worse thing to check ur par levels on the rocks and sand where u have placed corals. Do it once and adjust ur led color settings and u will always know what u have.

  56. Phil Cavallini

    Phil Cavallini2 days ago

    For the plate coral what I have done in the past is use a pvc fitting to elevate the coral just above the sand this allows the coral to expand fully and better circulation around the coral itself.

  57. uncleDaddy Proctologist

    uncleDaddy Proctologist2 days ago

    Love your vids joey

  58. Christina

    Christina2 days ago

    Omg! The Oscars are huge!!!

  59. Brody Wilcox

    Brody Wilcox2 days ago

    You should get zoanthids

  60. Christina

    Christina2 days ago

    What a dream tank! Will that be big enough for the oscars through adulthood? Or will you have to select a pair at some point?

  61. Jael Lema

    Jael Lema2 days ago

    Poor fish they got played

  62. Pedro Silva

    Pedro Silva2 days ago

    Another tank going in the best direction for me... Really like communities! Smaller fresh water fish, bigger fresh water fish (but still not monsters) like you tree tank (don't remember the galons), and this one... So freaking cool ! And really like the rock formation in this one, it's actually a pretty natural shape.

  63. Ollie Humphries

    Ollie Humphries2 days ago

    I love the scape!! The nem rock in the middle is a wicked idea!

  64. Ian Marr

    Ian Marr2 days ago

    Why are puffers so damn entertaining? Great upload, progress of those little dudes will have me tuning in. Usually solitary so seeing a school of 3" long puffers will be so cool. Take care mate, Hope the family are well?

  65. Aquarium26g

    Aquarium26g2 days ago

    Love this tank Joey. Coral looks amazing. Great work 👍

  66. Distaff

    Distaff2 days ago


  67. Inert Gilles

    Inert Gilles2 days ago

    you should get a red coris wrasse. I just pick one up and it's such a beautiful fish. plus you've got the tank to have one.

  68. MrMushroomish

    MrMushroomish2 days ago

    Heliofungia needs more light, ad to middle of sand bottom

  69. Mad Zoas

    Mad Zoas2 days ago

    In the words of some King of DIY guy, that tank is going to look Phenomenal!!! LOL..... Joey it was meant to be just a saltwater tank. look at it, you're absolutely reefing now brother!

  70. Raymond Machuga

    Raymond Machuga2 days ago

    Bro, Frank may have made it okay for YOU to love fish and act this way toward fishkeeping, but YOU made it okay for me to do the same. Thank you, Frank. I cant offer anything else, except the chain reaction of Frank is definitely reaching out.

  71. John Koutsantonis

    John Koutsantonis2 days ago

    Most of those are lps, and goniopora is very difficult especially the green ones. But good luck.

  72. DC Reefer

    DC Reefer2 days ago

    I'm loving this. Wonderful

  73. Sesom Awlum

    Sesom Awlum2 days ago

    Indeed... this is the King of DIY. Thanks for the informative tutorial.

  74. David Avery

    David Avery2 days ago

    You need to do a predator tank next as you now have a reef tank so a predator tank sounds cool with kevin and a eels, trigger, grouper etc.

  75. Angelo Olivencia

    Angelo Olivencia2 days ago

    Hello, awesome video. Question, can you use lava rocks in a saltwater tank?

  76. Austin Webb

    Austin Webb2 days ago

    That triggerfish will 100% eat your coral. It might be instant or take weeks or months but he will eat it at some point and once he does he will go to town. In a short amount of time he can destroy a large amount of coral.