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The official podcast of Ethan and Hila Klein of h3h3productions.

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  1. Franky Ramone

    Franky Ramone7 hours ago

    “Zach Snyder’s 100” - Ethan Klein, 2021. 2:00:04

  2. Ike Dre

    Ike Dre7 hours ago


  3. Love Tricia

    Love Tricia7 hours ago

    I NEED A Second Episode A Week.. Pleaseeeee 🙏🏾🙏🏾😭😭😭

  4. lionsmanexx

    lionsmanexx7 hours ago

    I feel like Whitney really shined with you all.

  5. Mariel Colley

    Mariel Colley7 hours ago

    I forgot what a huge hypocrite Ethan was at the beginning.

  6. Community Board Shop

    Community Board Shop7 hours ago

    low key aquaman was bad ass

  7. FOODY Oozy

    FOODY Oozy7 hours ago

    What’s the juicy beef 🥩

  8. Keto Momma

    Keto Momma7 hours ago

    chiptole has cauliflower rice and its bomb!

  9. Daisy Contreras

    Daisy Contreras7 hours ago

    40:00 ok but 😭

  10. MIKE D

    MIKE D7 hours ago

    Hila: *tries to avoid balenciaga lawsuit / ruining a possibility for future collab* Ethan: “THIS SOME COSTCO SHIT FUCK THIS TF4LYFE BRO”

  11. DoPe ShOw

    DoPe ShOw7 hours ago

    Now they have turned into the people leading the anger mob with pitchforks an torches, they better not be hiding anything cause karma is a bitch..

  12. Hilda A.

    Hilda A.7 hours ago


  13. Brittney

    Brittney7 hours ago


  14. Stunt Panda

    Stunt Panda7 hours ago

    Republicans 100% have a plan to destroy the public school systems. They need poor people to do the menial tasks while the rich avoid paying taxes. Not only are the rich destroying public schools they're syphoning off the budgets of public schools using school vouchers.

  15. Keto Momma

    Keto Momma7 hours ago

    i lost 90 lbs in the first year of keto.

  16. estefany cardona

    estefany cardona7 hours ago

    Idc how much of a fan you are ! When that video came out it made everyone feel uncomfortable!! I felt uncomfortable watching it when it come out !! And I remember that video of just flashbacks of what happen with David’s ugly laugh playing

  17. Ester Erives

    Ester Erives7 hours ago


  18. Keto Momma

    Keto Momma7 hours ago

    ethan get smooth move tea it works wonders

  19. Camille L

    Camille L7 hours ago

    I agree with Ethan. Republicans want people to be uneducated so they can continue brain washing them

  20. Ellie Saafi

    Ellie Saafi7 hours ago

    Queen Hila putting Ethan in his place and Im here for it <3

  21. Stunt Panda

    Stunt Panda7 hours ago

    How to keep Trader Joe's employees from talking to you: say, "I'm sorry I don't speak English" in a perfect American accent.

  22. Nikki Nak

    Nikki Nak7 hours ago

    It's strange hearing the way Ethan pronounces turmeric 🤣, it sounds like hes saying tumerick🤣. I'm Scottish and we pronounce it choormeric /toormeric some people even say choomeric 🤣🤣🤣. . Love hearing all the differences

  23. bon bon

    bon bon7 hours ago

    You guys are forgetting one the most iconic joker performances on USlikes called My JOKER performance. It goes down in history as one of the best cringe videos. I think it deserves some recognition.

  24. Jerad Ibarra

    Jerad Ibarra7 hours ago

    Ethan: I love you Hila you’re beautiful Hila: ..........thanks..........

  25. soops

    soops7 hours ago


  26. Pig Benis

    Pig Benis7 hours ago

    Gila monsters energy gives me life! Especially when she wants the show to end. Please give me more of this miserable childish artist wannabe 🤣🤣🤣 sorry that might be harsh for this audience but seriously cmon, Ethan at least acts interested in her fashion, she can’t care less about what he likes. I can’t be the only one noticing this

  27. Jay- ha

    Jay- ha7 hours ago

    When you have something to get off your chest in your cauliflower cult 17:19

  28. Rosa Guzzo

    Rosa Guzzo7 hours ago

    Wait chipotle has cauliflower rice is that not keto?

  29. Downbythebay_

    Downbythebay_7 hours ago

    Ethans political logic is physically painful to listen threw

  30. Lucy

    Lucy7 hours ago

    I am really down rn bc lately I've been feeling nauseous all the time. Every time I eat I feel horrible, and it makes me feel sad bc i want to eat but I can't and medicine, nor tea, nor weed, nothing makes this sick feeling go away. And then I also have really bad anxiety that makes me feel even more sick like I'm going to throw up. It's really humbling when I hear someone who has went through worse and is still happy and smiling afterwards. I wish I could have that spirit right now. I need that type of strength

  31. Elen _

    Elen _7 hours ago

    He fights more with trisha than his own wife lmao 😅

  32. briar brudduh

    briar brudduh7 hours ago

    Eathin i love you broyou are the man but yur wife is the bomb

  33. Arbiter

    Arbiter7 hours ago

    16:57 Dan why would you read that as if it's true in the slightest? You can have a bad diet and lose weight if you burn enough calories, that's the dumbest shit I've ever heard. Stop telling Ethan that he's going to lose weight on keto alone, it doesn't work that way. YOU NEED TO EXERCISE AND PUSH YOURSELF! Anyone who says otherwise is full of shit, exercise is the one thing that will burn fat faster than anything else and it's a PROVEN FACT. It's not opinion, it's fact. I feel like I have to make this comment every episode because you just don't listen and expect results like losing 20lbs in a month from keto. If you don't exercise hard don't expect results, because you won't lose anything significant. Stop making excuses, just fucking do it and don't give up. I promise you that you'll lose weight fast and it gets easier and easier the more you push yourself beyond what you think you're capable of.

  34. BalanD.

    BalanD.7 hours ago

    everyone's in the comments dissing dr drew over here, and i'm just gonna come out and say it: the dissection of the fight without seeing it was horrible, he was totally siding with Trisha too much. But the dissing that continued on between Dr. Drew and Ethan was hilarious and I was so entertained by it

  35. Downbythebay_

    Downbythebay_7 hours ago

    Ethan def called hila a bitch lol busted

  36. Kaz and Winnie

    Kaz and Winnie7 hours ago

    "have you ever been around a 1.5 year old" "YOU ARE BEING INSENSITIVE BECAUSE IM INFERTILE" huh

  37. Alexia De la Mora

    Alexia De la Mora7 hours ago

    I love the PowerPoint lol

  38. Alisa Modin

    Alisa Modin7 hours ago

    I don't have ticktock but if Ethan makes a broccoli soup ticktock I will download it

  39. Aimee R.

    Aimee R.7 hours ago

    When Philip did bring up the David thing he never once mentioned Trisha. Why is that? David and Jason literally tricked her into getting her in a vulnerable spot, filmed it, and then would gaslight her into thinking her was crazy for feeling upset about what they did to her.

  40. Miika Niukkanen

    Miika Niukkanen7 hours ago

    Ethan don't become a mother flipping blueberry

  41. KittyPawDoll

    KittyPawDoll7 hours ago

    I always say McDonald's coke is the best! I had no idea they had a special fountain pop formula lol And yes men lose weight faster and easier then woman. Trisha i love your hair like this🥰

  42. Kara Tibbetts

    Kara Tibbetts7 hours ago

    *I just made myself some sautéed cauliflower as a snack for literally the first time in my fucking life and then he has an entire cauliflower segment...* SIMULATION CONFIRMED ✅

  43. Zach

    Zach7 hours ago

    Trisha is thick... headed.

  44. hollyheartbeat

    hollyheartbeat7 hours ago

    They are so a tie Trish one the jump rope sorry

  45. Norika Dolmy

    Norika Dolmy7 hours ago

    No worries girl jeffree's videos are getting way less views than last year he is tanking and his palettes are not selling out anymore

  46. Michelle Ariel

    Michelle Ariel7 hours ago

    Hila always makes me laugh 🥺 she’s so funny and witty

  47. CriticoolHit

    CriticoolHit7 hours ago

    If you support chic-fil-a you support anti-homosexual, pro-life and anti-trans rights legislature.

  48. kara reeder

    kara reeder7 hours ago

    “That’ll be my gift to me” why Trisha is my forever inspo

  49. Garmung -

    Garmung -7 hours ago

    I can't believe AB IS still getting crap. Give AB some love Ethan, I really don't think you had his back when he spends a good amount of time defending and backing up you AB stumbled in a "mock argument " and clearly stated he was playing devil's advocate. INFACT HE SAYS THAT A LOT I'm not a starkillar simp, but I can see that I don't think he did anything wrong. Part of his role is to question Ethan and keep him true to his word. I would say he excelled in that but going down in a rain of bullets. AB didn't commit any crime and we should love him for making Ethan strengthen his argument, because my my has been changed and opened up but the whole process. AB, you're a good dude, a really nice guy, even though we would agree on a fundamental level about stuff, I still think you're morals are in the right place. Come back to the podcast please?!?!?!

  50. DoPe ShOw

    DoPe ShOw7 hours ago

    It takes like 3 to 6 months to lose weight, especially when you are a husky girl like Ethan with no muscle mass lol.. Husky girl...

  51. Autumn Carter

    Autumn Carter7 hours ago

    why is nobody talking about the trader joe's/chick-fil-a part it was so funny

  52. Dankrupt

    Dankrupt7 hours ago

    I had to turn this off. I couldn’t stand the awkwardness after Ethan attempts to make a joke followed by the silence afterwards. Poor Chad and jt didn’t even know how to respond to it

  53. Anna Neprawskey

    Anna Neprawskey7 hours ago

    me: "my friend never even calls me anymore" also me: 52:58

  54. Buffy Summers

    Buffy Summers7 hours ago

    Ethan please do keep in mind that even though the videos from the crappy drama channels that include slanderous and defamatory comments about Trisha only have around a thousand views, remember that those viewers are more than capable of spreading that information outside of the video and onto other platforms. The fact that examples she brought up of lies directly fabricated by this creator are things I’ve seen people legitimately tweeting and commenting on other videos as if they were legitimate fact only serves to prove that even though they only constitute a small portion of people, the viewers of those videos are literally the loud minority and using their overly amplified vocal inclinations to further spread this gross misinformation which is compounded by all the people looking for anything to use against Trisha willingly excepting lies without doing any research (it’s the internet after all so I suppose much more isn’t to be expected) but more importantly repeating what they hear and officially making it something Trisha has every right and reason to want to quash.

  55. Camise Reed

    Camise Reed7 hours ago

    I like lil peep so lil Tracy is featured in a lot of his music he was his best friend but he has sa allegations against him and if someone comes forward I take their word for it.

  56. lisbeth young

    lisbeth young7 hours ago

    1:16:49 someone should make a documentary about trish. what the hell

  57. Alexis Ayala

    Alexis Ayala7 hours ago

    LMAO I’m sorry but when Zach played the “F you AB” sound bite the first time AB speaks I DIED 😂

  58. S Ruiz

    S Ruiz7 hours ago

    Eila the fashion scientist

  59. Trey Basketball

    Trey Basketball7 hours ago

    Ethan needs to stop talking about politics on this podcast he sounds so arrogant

  60. S Ruiz

    S Ruiz7 hours ago

    Eila should pursue physics again!

  61. Daniel Martinez

    Daniel Martinez7 hours ago

    I’m at 4xl guess I’m screwed

  62. philip

    philip7 hours ago


  63. Kiana Abarca

    Kiana Abarca7 hours ago

    I think I saw the lip ring fall?

  64. Life of Mina

    Life of Mina7 hours ago

    Trish is right. you guys are too political recently...with peace and love

  65. Charlie Alexander

    Charlie Alexander7 hours ago

    52:26 have you ever been stuck on a six hour bus ride with a bunch of theatre/choir kids? because i have and this is giving me vietnam flashbacks

  66. Cara Figueroa

    Cara Figueroa7 hours ago

    Trisha got Hila’s answer right about the house burning down scenario and Ethan got Moses’ answer right 😅

  67. Cortney French

    Cortney French7 hours ago

    I called out Philly D for waiting til you guys called him before he did a story

  68. A

    A7 hours ago

    Trish looks extra good this episode

  69. natalie31535

    natalie315357 hours ago

    im so glad ethan brought up the tongue thing.. this has always bothered me so much

  70. Guitarware

    Guitarware7 hours ago

    18:15 Zach please soundbyte “It’s all for the ketosis.” Lol

  71. j s

    j s7 hours ago

    Can someone make the h3 theme in elevator music format?

  72. HetIsMats

    HetIsMats7 hours ago

    At 1:37:00 Zach got wild with the soundbites i love it

  73. Myka Inlow

    Myka Inlow7 hours ago

    Y’all should talk about destery.. and their weird bs

  74. BoB The Movie Guy

    BoB The Movie Guy7 hours ago

    Dan sounded just like james charles when he did the "ohhh nooo"

  75. notsyd

    notsyd7 hours ago

    this is the most chaotic podcast ever

  76. Lonestarr

    Lonestarr7 hours ago

    Is this the cancel network?

  77. Julianna J

    Julianna J7 hours ago

    I feel so bad for the hard of hearing student, I can empathize for her so hard. I have a severe learning disability and I have met so many teachers that are like that, just thing they are right no matter what.

  78. Cortney French

    Cortney French7 hours ago

    The match between your shirt and her headband is cute

  79. Miridmiir Gaming

    Miridmiir Gaming7 hours ago

    Thanks for bringing awareness to ASD ( autism ) with the segment about Sia’s film. I hadn’t seen or heard about the film and I’m glad to see the fam talk about this! H3ASD gang loves you!