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CookingBomb 袁倩祎
CookingBomb 袁倩祎


My name is Vivian Aronson, and my Chinese Name is Yuan QianYi(袁倩祎)I moved to the U.S in 2005 from Sichuan,China. I grew up with my grandparents, My passion for cooking started at very young age, I started helping my grandma cooking since I was 8 year old, we were using honeycomb coal back that time in China. There weren't many restaurants to go out back then ,we always cook and eat at home.

My cooking show is all about Chinese HOME cooking, Most import thing is food prepared at home is healthier. We eat fewer calories when we cook at home, also on a lot lower cost than eating out. I cook for my family everyday.

Regardless of how close your family are, cooking is a fantastic way to get the whole family in one place and enjoying a delicious meal. My passion is help you to learn easier and better ways of cooking, and to know that cooking is for everyone at any age. You can cook fresh meals at home everyday!

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    A Stranger Who Stays for a While16 minutes ago

    I would like the sauce to be a little thick, I would've add a bit of starch water. But still, that looks amazing

  4. Taliah Greasby

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    Why did you crack a egg on your phone

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    What is the point of saying hello 2 times? We are not sleep only to be awoken by you hellox2.

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    Followed this recipe taste really bad.. wasted my meat

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    I thought you are 20 years and then I am speechless.... you never gets old

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    Ewww pork😖 haram!

  9. Tomes 23

    Tomes 2337 minutes ago

    Another great recipe to try. I had no idea that the sauce was so easy to make. I’m learning so much. Thank you!

  10. Røsé

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    Is that much red chilli is good for health I don't think so because dry red chilli powder won't do any benefit it just affect the body

  11. Taliah Greasby

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    Ooh no cleaning sighn me up also I love your videos



    Did you lose your accent at “look at the color” omg lol

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    When you hate mushroom then you know this exists

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    Eat with rice lah... 😅

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    The roof of my mouth hurts watching this

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    I love your first word hello hello

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    Am I the only one who saw the blood ooze out xD

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    There is a musical number that's called 'what a circus' and I always remember you whenever I listen to it 😂😂

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    Why does this have 10 million views lmao

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    My muslim stomach 🤢

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    cola water

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    Lol I like her * hello hello *

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    My mom cooked that for me sometimes. 😋😋😋

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    Is it me or does that fish look old as? The eyes are wired? Maybe it’s just the type of fish

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    Way too many pork videos.

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    Omg that looks freaking good

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    Ur the best!!

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    Those teeth were kinda scary- in real life 😂

  30. Janhavi Rawat

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    More ramen recipies please

  31. Crystal Leon

    Crystal Leon3 hours ago

    Your food looks great, but it’s the way you say smart remarks that made me follow you and beautiful women, thought you were sisters 😳😊

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    commenting for the algorithm

  34. Ana Yomieda

    Ana Yomieda3 hours ago

    I'm going to try this one later today, it looks delicious! Although if you take requests: do you know how to make dan dan mian? There are so many different recipes asking for so many different ingredients that I don't know who to follow haha

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    Your kids are so adorable 😻

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    Don't like fish so probably won't try this one.

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    Love that yogurt. And I reuse the jars. They make good tealight holders and juice glassez

  38. Umbriii Ii

    Umbriii Ii3 hours ago

    I’ve had those EXACT shrimp crackers before, they smell and taste kinda bad. And I love fish, and shrimp so it was unexpected-

  39. Umbriii Ii

    Umbriii Ii3 hours ago

    I swear when I have kids I’m raising them with asian foods like this

  40. Aji Rohman

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    Try some indomie noodle original

  41. Mr Gael

    Mr Gael3 hours ago

    Soy seezee

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    Me: hey guys I just bought a wok. Them not knowing what a wok is: don't say that there are children here. Me:😐

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  44. the confused kid

    the confused kid4 hours ago

    0:22 M-mariah Carey?!?!

  45. Ashley b

    Ashley b4 hours ago

    Looks so good, but my bacon has to be cooked way more than that


    GERALD GERNALE4 hours ago

    Wow..proud to be an Asian, many talented at cooking, baking, pastry etc. You are so amazing.. I would like to taste your moon cake.. for surely it's so yummy..

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  48. Lois Alysson Rena

    Lois Alysson Rena4 hours ago

    Filipino style chicken curry is 'almost' the same as how u cook it the chinese style. But on our chicken curry instead of water we use coconut milk. Not the ones u could buy on groceries. But those freshly opened coconuts we buy at wet market. No water at all as well. Plus theres carrots and bellpepper. But anyways. Your curry looks delicious as well🤤🧡😍

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    Awesome ❤️

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    Looks very yummy!😋❤ Love you!❤

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    Best mom! Homemade fun=Homemade love 💘💕❤. Keep it up!!

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    The fish look's very scarry 😱😨

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    love learning something new with each vid, keep it up mama

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    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 love u

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    Ameennn sum ameeennn

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    May Allah Protect u from evil eyes

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    Even we don't cook these recipe usually but I very liked ur vedios May Allah pak gives u more success inshaAllahhhh

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    I'm Pakistani from Lahore