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  1. Laura Denogean

    Laura Denogean12 seconds ago

    That federal job that block it is. Good. He knows. America first our President. Trump want American 🇺🇸 people get the job first hmm 🤔 did i. Voted 🗳. Yes. Trump 2024. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Red!!!

  2. Mia Ace

    Mia Ace19 seconds ago

    Texas and Mississippi have said goodbye to masks, then of course take a look at South Dakota never had a mandate people are free to wear them if they want but never mandated.

  3. Martha Vargas

    Martha Vargas26 seconds ago

    All mask mandates should be taken from all businesses and from every state because the vaccination has been put in place supposedly for those that are walking in fear of getting COVID-19!

  4. Vanessa Rhice

    Vanessa Rhice29 seconds ago

    2022 they will not win; unless they cheat again.

  5. grifce

    grifce30 seconds ago

    give that sob his on medicine

  6. johnroy hella

    johnroy hella47 seconds ago

    ( LOOK AT ) Matthew chapter 7 verse 6..

  7. Donna Hyde

    Donna Hyde48 seconds ago

    No body would watch

  8. Denise J

    Denise J51 second ago

    Biden does not care, geez wake up.

  9. Rotor Ryan

    Rotor RyanMinute ago

    Nursing home murder is gonna grab a quick media conviction on a sexual scandal?

  10. Trish :

    Trish :Minute ago

    Once again - a disgraced coward shows up only because he maybe asked about Texas and what did he do to help. Well he did nothing but wait until it warms up - pathetic.

  11. James Sutton

    James SuttonMinute ago

    We could never be that lucky

  12. Cynthia Lecraw

    Cynthia LecrawMinute ago

    This man is not well, in more ways than one!

  13. migulikuti Wolfe

    migulikuti WolfeMinute ago


  14. Nate Lambert

    Nate LambertMinute ago

    They can't take it

  15. d arant

    d arant2 minutes ago

    People have been dummied down so there is No Commonsense or critical thinking Skills...God help the kids living in abusive situations.

  16. einreb clam

    einreb clam2 minutes ago


  17. Beverley Hagaman

    Beverley Hagaman2 minutes ago

    McCarthy is not trustworthy. If he is serious about the next election he will make sure that the elections are not rigged again i.e. Dominion machines. Right now he is all talk. He blamed Trump for the Jan. 6th riots and is a close friend of the evil traitor, Paul Ryan, Rino supreme.

  18. Shannon Calleja

    Shannon Calleja2 minutes ago

    Oh so you've seen him abuse people and you did nothing? So you're no better.

  19. Brian Griffin

    Brian Griffin2 minutes ago

    I just love how transparent the demonrats are.

  20. Mrs. Calabrese's Teaching Channel

    Mrs. Calabrese's Teaching Channel2 minutes ago

    I love DeSantis! I LOVE FLORIDA too! Great state and great guy!

  21. David Lotti

    David Lotti2 minutes ago

    With the situation on the southern border this potato head has caused should he not be impeached for crimes like child abuse an the supposed VP Harris should also be impeached for supporting these policies after all they are crimes against humanity ! High crimes an Misdemeanors!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Jeff smyth

    Jeff smyth2 minutes ago

    Your ether a patriot or communist Democrat ! If your not prove it ?

  23. Buddy Hawkins

    Buddy Hawkins2 minutes ago


  24. RL Rei

    RL Rei2 minutes ago

    Shelter what a viral potato head. Lol

  25. Tom Hill

    Tom Hill2 minutes ago

    Two peas in a pod

  26. Naomi Ashcraft

    Naomi Ashcraft3 minutes ago

    Does joe have the mentality to even understand this? Joe does not know what he is doing signing blanket laws placed in front of him. The dems do not care if they destroy this nation they only want a handful of powerful men and a nation of slave workers who are taxed to death so these leaders can continue to rule as tyrants who manipulate an control us with a few handouts.

  27. Carl burkey

    Carl burkey3 minutes ago

    That’s why I don’t watch New Year’s Eve They always bring in the drag queens

  28. Biden’s A crook

    Biden’s A crook3 minutes ago

    No wonder Jerry shits his pants and waddles like it’s natural.

  29. YouTube. Dark

    YouTube. Dark3 minutes ago

    Good they finally got their own treatment.

  30. Noe Rodriguez

    Noe Rodriguez3 minutes ago

    It's very true and Biden is also doing it to American workers. Bringing in undocumented to work while we are lockdown. Where is the taking care of AMERICA first?

  31. Judy Hughes

    Judy Hughes3 minutes ago

    That’s being racist. The influential families can pay tutors, their private schools, the best teachers, have all the equipment they need to learn in smaller classrooms. The lower & middle class income parents are working, if they have jobs. All can not afford private schools & tutors. They go to public schools & in larger classrooms. Parents are paying for child care, some can’t. Some can’t be home to help their children with their schoolwork. So sad.

  32. Tom Hill

    Tom Hill3 minutes ago

    That's not the dictators words.

  33. Steve Carter

    Steve Carter3 minutes ago

    You get what you vote for. California get what it deserves.

  34. terry pokorny

    terry pokorny4 minutes ago

    Joe and jill are full of it.

  35. Eve Thesecond

    Eve Thesecond4 minutes ago

    Is your visit to Texas, Biden, because you wanted to gloat over the $4 billion sell out on Texas over a test for new weather moderating machine in ... China?

  36. Tom Hill

    Tom Hill4 minutes ago

    Biden's an idiot and dictator, needs to be impeached

  37. Biden’s A crook

    Biden’s A crook4 minutes ago

    It pretty much sums up why we are in the mess we are in doesn’t it? God is pissed!

  38. Kenneth Barrick

    Kenneth Barrick5 minutes ago

    Don't trust anything that comes out of that Traders mouth

  39. Peggy Denton

    Peggy Denton5 minutes ago

    Find out who beat mitch McConnell black and blue

  40. jackie

    jackie5 minutes ago

    Go to hell already biden

  41. coopite

    coopite5 minutes ago

    Come on I love this channel I hate Cuomo and democrats but your blowing this out of proportion and acting like these idiots on the left

  42. Robert Rickett

    Robert Rickett5 minutes ago

    Mc Connell is too wishy washy, he needs to take a stand, and stop waffling.

  43. susan smith

    susan smith5 minutes ago

    Desantis is way more qualified than Biden. For POTUS to be beholden to the teachers union is pathetic. He thinks he's still a crooked congressman.

  44. AmericanFlag2012

    AmericanFlag20125 minutes ago

    Biden won’t last much longer Kamala is already interjecting her plans. Nancy and Chucks plan is working well. Look out for the return of Obama.

  45. Renee Lingk

    Renee Lingk5 minutes ago

    Although the Constitution grants us the inalienable rights of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion and all of the inalienable rights, that doesn't give DS Jerry Nadler the right to step on someone else's rights. This is the biggest problem with the Democrats, they want to destroy our rights and values for their political powers over anyone.

  46. Dono Dilly

    Dono Dilly5 minutes ago

    I wonder why the change of heart... hm

  47. Koko Lim

    Koko Lim5 minutes ago

    Biden admin and Radical left democrats are holding on to Covid 19 as long as possible. Using covid to stand up for teacher unions. Biden and Pelosi are POS's

  48. Donna Corbet

    Donna Corbet6 minutes ago

    Sacrificial Lambs - follow the money

  49. Benedicta Nazareth

    Benedicta Nazareth6 minutes ago

    Just look at the envious look on his face. Mitt, Mitch and 10 other RINOs must be removed.

  50. Robert Mills

    Robert Mills6 minutes ago

    When the hell are we going to stop INFLATING numbers !!! 50k have died FROM Covid , 500k have died WITH Covid !! Huge difference !!! 500k is just fricking ridiculous !!!

  51. heidi k-lady

    heidi k-lady6 minutes ago

    I can feel the plotting & planning from the left to keep DeSantis from 2024. Florida would really miss him if he moved up the political ladder.

  52. Roger Mcgrady

    Roger Mcgrady6 minutes ago

    Well why army and Republican not go after them

  53. Eve Thesecond

    Eve Thesecond6 minutes ago

    I think he is faking it

  54. K O

    K O6 minutes ago

    Nader will be neutered for that remark

  55. Alex Gonzalez

    Alex Gonzalez6 minutes ago

    It’s naptime Joey you better go night night don’t let the bedbugs bite and where are some depends

  56. Sandra Oleary

    Sandra Oleary6 minutes ago

    We are now the joke of the entire world...and it happened so fast..

  57. thank you

    thank you7 minutes ago

    Wait is Schumer at a bar drinking during working hours! what the!!! I guess you got to get pretty soused to live that closet life you live

  58. Clay Mind

    Clay Mind7 minutes ago

    She sounds like she is campaign mode running against the "president "

  59. Jana Dominguez

    Jana Dominguez7 minutes ago

    She’s a low-life just like Beijing Biden and Ho Harris!

  60. JoAnn Harris

    JoAnn Harris7 minutes ago

    Beijing Jill & Joe unfortunately are both cut from the same pathetic cloth. Trump concentration camps but Biden's doing the same thing is humane. So laughable

  61. Plain Truth

    Plain Truth7 minutes ago

    We're going to continue lying, while ignoring and rejecting the Truth whenever it arises

  62. Nancy Carver

    Nancy Carver7 minutes ago

    She is a joke

  63. Susan Hornsby

    Susan Hornsby7 minutes ago

    Okay, let's not say anything about the way he has to read what's written in front of him. And, he's not very good at that.

  64. Rick Hyden

    Rick Hyden8 minutes ago

    Gray, are you freaking kidding me. Are you freaking kidding? And President Trump lost ??? Know you know why 30 thousand troops are at the capital.

  65. christopher volta

    christopher volta8 minutes ago

    Hot dog heals up Harris will be in there before summers over someone who got veted out of the primary’s with a 2% vote is going to be the president of the United States let’s face it she fit the narrative that’s the only reason she’s where she’s at oh yeah an willie Brown.....

  66. Aaron Morber

    Aaron Morber8 minutes ago

    I am sure the supreme courts both state and scotus will put it away again

  67. Righteously Indignant Patriot Channel

    Righteously Indignant Patriot Channel8 minutes ago

    Let it be known: Ted Cruz is a great political theater actor. He is a certified rino. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  68. Joan Harper

    Joan Harper8 minutes ago

    She is a nobody! Unelected. Needs to keep her arrogant mouth shut. She knows better than anyone how senile Joey is and she pushed him into the arena. She is power hungry.

  69. Nancy Carver

    Nancy Carver8 minutes ago

    She is a joke

  70. Aaron Morber

    Aaron Morber8 minutes ago

    If the counts are fair

  71. Seth Thomas

    Seth Thomas8 minutes ago

    I want to know why the parents want to get their kids back into those indoctrination station's so bad? I think it's somewhat of a good thing that the public school system is still somewhat closed down, but the parents don't think it's good. It's the low income kids that are most indoctrinated to keep them voting demon-rat.

  72. djones1379cleo

    djones1379cleo8 minutes ago

    My gov rocks in FL

  73. Paul Rooney

    Paul Rooney9 minutes ago


  74. Claire N

    Claire N9 minutes ago

    The left are ignoring Trump as if he doesn't exist and is meaningless.....and they hope that will make him go away.... Very grandiose thinking...theyre thinking, we are just so much more important then what's his name..our superiority and dismissal of Trump is just so powerful because we are just so above him AND you too btw that if we pretend you don't exist you will disappear... If you noticed the left is literally refusing to say Trumps name...its hysterical ..communist PELOSI had a meltdown while making a video saying crazy stuff like OMG, I nearly said the name, I can't say the name oh you know who I mean, its what's his name..,phew thank God I didn't say the name...aahahahaha ..I swear she said this.....lololol....if you want to see it go to her FB page....they also refer to him as the previous occupant of the WH or the previous administration....its hilarious watching these unhinged left struggling to not say his petulant children "I'll hold my breathe til I get what I want" ...foolishness..,petulant childish behavior

  75. Craig Williams

    Craig Williams9 minutes ago

    Nadler’s comment is just another example of the increasingly antagonistic attitude of the democrats toward Christianity. This party is willfully drifting further from our countries Judeo/Christian foundation and into Godless MARXISM!

  76. Joseph Driesse

    Joseph Driesse9 minutes ago

    Ron DeSantis is someone patriots definately need to keep a close eye on. He's smart, tough and his heart really seems to be in the right place. I'm hoping and praying that God will place President Trump back where he belongs and the best case scenario that I can envision at this point would be a TRUMP/ DESANTIS administration with a cooperative congress! Our great country and indeed the whole world would become a much, much better place for everyone!