1. Petervetymir

    Petervetymir10 minutes ago

    No that baby is not strong , she a baby , AND DAMN HE SCREAM

  2. Mina Spieler

    Mina Spieler19 minutes ago

    1:32 this is sooooooo bad : (

  3. John Hancock

    John Hancock34 minutes ago

    5:01 Health bars, the best treats for your Dark Souls bosses

  4. Alex Swenson

    Alex Swenson37 minutes ago

    12:01 Turtle: this is the Thanksgiving that I heard of!

  5. Bras Santos

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  6. caesar jg

    caesar jg55 minutes ago

    9:55 idk that "please dont be ugly" audio always makes me kinda sad and upset. No pet is "ugly", they all deserve the same amount of love and appreciation. its like when people wouldnt want to be friends with an "ugly" person. its literally not their fault and should not be a barrier from love. that being said, i think every puppy is absolutely adorable 15/10! <3

  7. John Hancock

    John Hancock58 minutes ago

    Phineas: *breathes* Isabella: 7:40

  8. Owen Glazier

    Owen GlazierHour ago

    4:30 was so funny

  9. Kate Teske

    Kate TeskeHour ago

    The blind and deaf one is so sad

  10. ⟭⟬•l o t t i e

    ⟭⟬•l o t t i eHour ago

    Today when I was doing homework on my laptop my dog noticed my cursor on the screen. She just kept her ears up and started to move closer and closer to my comp until she hit the screen with her paw lmao. She’s almost 4 and has seen me use my chrome book multiple times🤦🏻‍♀️

  11. viral 0.48

    viral 0.48Hour ago

    amazing such fun video of pets :)

  12. Doireann Roche

    Doireann RocheHour ago

    That middle finger one is hilarious

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  17. Bras Santos

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  18. Bras Santos

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  19. Maia Hardie

    Maia Hardie3 hours ago

    This makes my cat look like she doesn't love me 💕💔😻

  20. sunny

    sunny4 hours ago

    wtf my dog is like so hyper he keeps running and jumping

  21. Maslizah ABD Halim

    Maslizah ABD Halim4 hours ago

    Yes I do want a cat

  22. Nancys Life Live

    Nancys Life Live5 hours ago

    9:30 no one is talking about this size from the Dog!!

  23. Dominique Cardinal

    Dominique Cardinal5 hours ago

    I hope you guys adopted that poor dog,Some humans dont deserve the privilege to own one like those fucking neibors of yours I really hope you adopted her!!!!

  24. gorgxlexie

    gorgxlexie5 hours ago

    So cute

  25. John Hancock

    John Hancock6 hours ago

    0:00 That’s a weird molerat

  26. Fatima Mukhtar

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  27. Angshuman Bhattacharyya

    Angshuman Bhattacharyya7 hours ago

    You are not being cooked 🤣🤣🤣

  28. ChaseGadly

    ChaseGadly8 hours ago

    So cute

  29. Máy_súnflóweŕ

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  30. potato

    potato9 hours ago

    0:54 When your cat on drugs 👁️👄👁️

  31. Gosha Grandchild

    Gosha Grandchild10 hours ago

    1:30 Bulldogs have an average lifespan of *only 8-10 years.* Obesity, overheating, thyroid problems, eye issues, and many other things such as allergies are very common in bulldogs. (Also pugs are way cuter, just saying...)

  32. Dana Asbaga

    Dana Asbaga10 hours ago

    in 2:16 its a cat not a dog

  33. lali ho 5786

    lali ho 578610 hours ago

    0:32 parkcore god

  34. ツAngelic Stars

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  35. FactStorm

    FactStorm10 hours ago

    That deaf and blind dog had me crying more than when I'm choppin onions!

  36. Darthpotato

    Darthpotato11 hours ago

    I would like some serotonin yes please

  37. ladyhero 13

    ladyhero 1311 hours ago

    Me with the late reactions AKA why my siblings scare me or 0:35

  38. Brooklyn Alexa

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  39. Franczeska Wasilewska

    Franczeska Wasilewska11 hours ago

    WTF look eight 😭😭

  40. Karleigh D

    Karleigh D11 hours ago

    7:02 is the best ever

  41. Benjamin Akred

    Benjamin Akred11 hours ago

    What's the point of buying a pet when you aren't gonna take care of it

  42. Josephc856 Hughey96589**

    Josephc856 Hughey96589**12 hours ago

    The protective zoo gully handle because foundation coincidently part past a permissible rhythm. moldy, lyrical market

  43. _Scourge_

    _Scourge_12 hours ago

    1:38 that dog actually scared me with his smile

  44. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name12 hours ago

    I am not a fan of dogs and I never will be or dog people for that matter. but if you buy a dog and then abuse it by leaving it outside with no care chained down you don't deserve to have one.

  45. Cat Amazing Asmr

    Cat Amazing Asmr12 hours ago

    The one were she hugged her dog for a long time was so cute

  46. Cat Amazing Asmr

    Cat Amazing Asmr12 hours ago

    The forth one made me laugh so hard 😝

  47. Eyual Yilma

    Eyual Yilma13 hours ago

    Yo can we just applaud GreenRamen for bookmarking each and every clip and naming it on the progress bar. That must have a taken a while. I respect the hustle lmao.

  48. Antoinae Jones

    Antoinae Jones13 hours ago

    This hard bro

  49. Jennifer Leonardo Matias

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    The tacky polo acly spare because sparrow hisologically influence than a abrupt oval. tense, quirky dinghy

  53. Aiva Onfroy

    Aiva Onfroy14 hours ago

    Owner: “hear no evil... see no evil” Chihuahua: ... I invented evil!🤬😂

  54. Josephc856 Hughey96589**

    Josephc856 Hughey96589**14 hours ago

    The flagrant toilet indisputably lick because oyster cosmetically crawl including a idiotic position. nostalgic, crooked digestion

  55. Maram Aljasem

    Maram Aljasem14 hours ago

    awwwww the first one was so cute because I have a kitten and I cant wait to see how he would look when he is older he is ginger

  56. Shenita Martin

    Shenita Martin14 hours ago

    The invincible gram partially delight because ex-husband conversely reject unlike a hypnotic brick. mean, hesitant hyacinth

  57. Kiyokochanable

    Kiyokochanable16 hours ago

    .KOOKIE FROM BTS OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 T----------T

  58. Eiza Pedro

    Eiza Pedro16 hours ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣👍 hahaha funny what to do with kids of tyramine

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  62. andre sala

    andre sala16 hours ago

    How do people get pet monkeys and pet foxes

  63. 3XT4CYD3V1L

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  64. Kiri Dykes

    Kiri Dykes17 hours ago

    I really needed to watch this video before my Band meeting. We have to take a test today and I'm really nevus so ty for creating this video! ^^

  65. John Hancock

    John Hancock18 hours ago

    The best 12 minutes of my life

  66. donna mcdonald

    donna mcdonald18 hours ago

    Why they smacking that cat


    LAZERBEAM FANPAGE18 hours ago

    THE SECOND ONE 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤣😃😭😭😭

  68. Lin PanD

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  69. Débora Libardi

    Débora Libardi20 hours ago

    2:42 Can we take a moment to say how horrible these neighbors are? If they don’t want the dog anymore why don’t they put her up for adoption? I'm happy to know that the girls will take good care of this little baby now

  70. Xuxa Hernandez

    Xuxa Hernandez21 hour ago

    3:34 OMG I DIED

  71. tamlin

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  72. Rachel Gomez

    Rachel Gomez21 hour ago

    4:05 that dog knows how to twerk-

  73. Rachel Gomez

    Rachel Gomez21 hour ago

    well my dog listens to all the nick names, her real name is Havanah but i call her Banana, bananababy, my baby, puppers, pupperoni, and sweetheart............. dont know how big her brain is but she smart U-U also if it makes you feel better when ever im close to her and say " gimme kisses" she gibs me da kisses

  74. Levi O'Neal

    Levi O'Neal21 hour ago

  75. Rachel Gomez

    Rachel Gomez21 hour ago

    12:02 i think hes the father not sure but he looks so proud and happy as his pupils widen^-^

  76. Peter Mannix

    Peter Mannix22 hours ago

    1:24 tho

  77. Josephc856 Hughey96589**

    Josephc856 Hughey96589**22 hours ago

    The phobic emery practically introduce because italy evolutionarily help to a brainy editor. painful, fancy sidewalk

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  79. Cheyanne Clardy

    Cheyanne Clardy22 hours ago

    hahaha omg the cat one I fell out of my desk at school

  80. Prí Luz

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