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Die Hart Teaser Trailer
  1. TubeToons

    TubeToons11 hours ago

    Some of his movies I like, his standups are pretty mediocre but he's a likeable dude so people support him.

  2. 原田ジェリンKGH

    原田ジェリンKGH12 hours ago

    Kevin looked so cute 🤣🤣

  3. mdr893

    mdr89312 hours ago

    Yo, is that virginity is real tho? man, it takes a lot of dignity and self-control for that, mad respect for her.

  4. annag cocl

    annag cocl12 hours ago

    I was actually tryna see Kevin take body shots from Ryan

  5. Splamming Imre

    Splamming Imre12 hours ago

    USlikes is getting real comfortable with these double “unskippable” ads

  6. Splamming Imre

    Splamming Imre12 hours ago

    She’s the cutest thing and so is Kourtney


    SCREWSTON TEXAS12 hours ago

    🇲🇽 !!!!!

  8. DeepspaceAlien

    DeepspaceAlien12 hours ago


  9. William Brown

    William Brown12 hours ago

    Stick to movies. Stand up just isn't it nomore. Black comedians have to talk about more than family and staff.

  10. DeepspaceAlien

    DeepspaceAlien12 hours ago

    "THE BUSH PUSH" YEAH THE RON JEREMY FILM🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. mrgogetit

    mrgogetit12 hours ago

    Kevin is WRONG Tariq didn't bash him...he should apologize. He is losing steam aka credibility

  12. DeepspaceAlien

    DeepspaceAlien12 hours ago

    "EXOTIC DANCING?" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Seb lockwood

    Seb lockwood12 hours ago

    Wtf Kevin got all the way in the tub?

  14. J0 5h

    J0 5h12 hours ago

    Bam is the best! 😂

  15. Vuyoe Ndlovu

    Vuyoe Ndlovu12 hours ago

    Why wasn't he this natural with the bellas.

  16. Rest In Peace Kobe 24

    Rest In Peace Kobe 2413 hours ago

    Bro I drove for Uber and it was like this all the time me fucking with people

  17. Colin Hayes

    Colin Hayes13 hours ago

    Bam Bam carries this show

  18. Vuyoe Ndlovu

    Vuyoe Ndlovu13 hours ago

    Kkkk this is a tiny bit cringe cz Kevin is in character and its hard for them to play along and be all comical. It would be hard for me too

  19. Young Q

    Young Q13 hours ago

    Lmao 😂😂 this was a funny one

  20. Adrien Perez

    Adrien Perez13 hours ago

    Am I the only person that thinks Kevin Heart Is corny and not that funny In this?

  21. A J

    A J13 hours ago


  22. Alexander Rodriguez

    Alexander Rodriguez13 hours ago

    I love bam bam

  23. Colten VanderMeulen

    Colten VanderMeulen14 hours ago

    Kid is a cornball, go look up tank Davis and you'll see a real boxer

  24. Damien S

    Damien S14 hours ago

    Does Jujimufu get royalties off this?

  25. Lowkeyedaf

    Lowkeyedaf14 hours ago

    "Not going to say his name, dont want to give him amy clout." Too late, already did when Kev responded to his tweet, unsolicited at that. 😂 Kevin Hart using his success to hide behind the fact dude got him butthurt speaking truth about him. Kevin clearly has fucks to give. The title of that standup special impresses his white fan base only.

  26. hin991mis ;ceq'duc

    hin991mis ;ceq'duc14 hours ago

    The guy showing the animals in the beginning after Kevin runs off: 😐

  27. Kymani B

    Kymani B14 hours ago

    Pete is just dying man

  28. Steven Hidalgo

    Steven Hidalgo14 hours ago


  29. Jelly jam

    Jelly jam14 hours ago

    4:54 best part

  30. Brian Harvey

    Brian Harvey14 hours ago

    When u gotta start bringing up numbers u gotta hold that L

  31. Morrisey Abdallah

    Morrisey Abdallah14 hours ago


  32. 863 Music

    863 Music14 hours ago

    Definitely the biggest legend in skateboarding but definitely not the greatest of all time



    1 John 5:19 And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness.

  34. Elvon 64

    Elvon 6414 hours ago

    Have gervontae Davis on the show next

  35. Tuesdays Child

    Tuesdays Child14 hours ago

    It's marketing and the numbers will be high but at the same time if what you're driving people towards isn't good quality there? I mean unless his clubhouse investment is more important to him so it doesn't care what attention he gets but surely if the last two specials aren't funny and that is your craft who is going to watch for the third time. I don't think I will tbh. I'll watch a movie or a show by Kevin but not his stand up. It's just not that good. But if business wise he doesn't need it to be then fine. I think tbh he gives a little f*ck. He also needs to not engage in putting all black people together in this we tear each other down ish especially if it is for marketing. We can't all continuously be bungled into one or not allowed to critique something because it's now us as a race falling short. It's not that serious. It's just wasn't funny, period.

  36. Jojo Jones

    Jojo Jones15 hours ago

    Lavar is funnier than Kevin Hart by far

  37. Bull Dagger

    Bull Dagger15 hours ago

    jab jab salt

  38. Jia Hui Cao

    Jia Hui Cao15 hours ago

    Ken: no offence...BUT I HATE BALLET

  39. Morrisey Abdallah

    Morrisey Abdallah15 hours ago

    When they said, "Like an old lady in a skirt. "I'm late for church." I felt that. RIP Granny!

  40. Zomuana Hnamte

    Zomuana Hnamte15 hours ago

    Breathing through your eyelids🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣



    Revelation 19:16 And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.

  42. Zhen Jiang

    Zhen Jiang15 hours ago

    Kevin met his match with Adam. He was clowning him the entire time.

  43. Haron Takes Five

    Haron Takes Five16 hours ago

    If y'all hire an Asian dude for the hand guys, what would you call him in the show?

  44. Vision Avant

    Vision Avant16 hours ago

    The special was actually funny to me.

  45. ultra tech1

    ultra tech116 hours ago

    Hell for what’s going on n 2020,, It made me laugh. Anything that can make us laugh in 2020 is good. I liked the latest K Hart Netflix special.Keep the train going. Spank what’s up with the Sunglasses???? Just asking

  46. denis bute

    denis bute16 hours ago

    that dude with the hat bugging, like Mike said, everyone has something to say until they get punched in the f**king mouth!

  47. Narresh

    Narresh16 hours ago

    “Jab jab salt”😂🤣💀

  48. NYURBLGND ••

    NYURBLGND ••16 hours ago

    All Clearly Yes Men

  49. Seb lockwood

    Seb lockwood16 hours ago

    Fkn hell she is gorgeous

  50. Diane Williams

    Diane Williams17 hours ago

    Adam was robbed in both challenges.

  51. L V

    L V17 hours ago

    Get the rock on

  52. Phiba Basaiawmoit

    Phiba Basaiawmoit17 hours ago

    Borrowed babbyy 😂

  53. The Flyest Trucker U Kno

    The Flyest Trucker U Kno17 hours ago

    Hes a child.. lol

  54. The Flyest Trucker U Kno

    The Flyest Trucker U Kno17 hours ago

    Thy worst episode, Sheeesh! Wth...

  55. Kevin Irungu

    Kevin Irungu17 hours ago

    This is the funniest thing I've seen in a while

  56. ozü Eim

    ozü Eim18 hours ago

    Damn winter challenge 😂😂

  57. Gaurav prince

    Gaurav prince18 hours ago

    How sweet she is 😘😘😘😘wanna marry her

  58. Pia Maria Brodalen

    Pia Maria Brodalen18 hours ago

    i´ve never seen how pure Kevin Hart is🥺😍

  59. Su Zo

    Su Zo18 hours ago

    i love bambam 😂❤️

  60. Nishant Dere

    Nishant Dere18 hours ago

    Kevin is a soccer player

  61. Cristie Barto

    Cristie Barto18 hours ago

    Best anime crossover ever

  62. Cristie Barto

    Cristie Barto18 hours ago

    why is no one drawing attention to the kid who said “i once shot a bear.” and then everyone moved on like it wasn’t anything

  63. Master

    Master19 hours ago

    Mark Cuban, Kanye West, and Elon Musk are the most down to earth billionaires and I love it. Respect to Mark Cuban for being a true leader and a great owner


    A PROBLEM19 hours ago

    94?😂😂😂 didn’t even get that right

  65. Pete Marin

    Pete Marin19 hours ago

    You need to do mike Tyson!!!!!!!!💯

  66. isaac gutierrez

    isaac gutierrez19 hours ago

    He should’ve asked him a cheating scandal question 😂

  67. Darren Stone

    Darren Stone19 hours ago

    People refuse to accept Kev is older and his comedic style is based on life experiences. accept the humor is more mature , wife, adultery, ex-wives kids, being 40+..If your not there in life you simply cant relate thus the jokes loose impact....for me, I enjoyed the show..... BOP! BOP! BOP!

  68. Brian N

    Brian N19 hours ago

    I want all those minutes of my life back

  69. No.Hoes.E 4E

    No.Hoes.E 4E20 hours ago

    Bam is so funny