Simon and Martina
Simon and Martina
Simon and Martina

Welcome to our little slice of life. Hi, I'm Simon! Hi, I'm Martina!
Oh and this is Dr. Meemersworth the cat and Fudgy the puppy, hailing from Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦
We lived in the bustling city of Kichijoji located in West Side Tokyo for 5 years 🇯🇵
Before that, we lived in Bucheon City before moving to Seoul (South Korea) for almost 8 years ❤️🇰🇷
👩🏼‍💻🎥 We organize, study, film, eat, import, edit, upload, all of our own videos. We may not be pros, but we love our job and we love chatting in the comment section with the community 💗
🧬 🤔 “What’s up with Martina?” Sometimes I comment about being "sick" in our videos. I was born with hEDS (Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos) and I’m pretty open talking about life with a chronic condition and how I push through the pain and depression that comes with it using my technique of Build A Ladder
It might come up from time to time...when I’m not busy eating 🍣

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  1. ThePrincessnixie

    ThePrincessnixie3 hours ago

    I was having a really bad day not able to walk without severe pain. But I got ap and made these yesterday to put another step on my ladder and they turned my day around. I stopped self pity crying and was actually happy for the first time in days. Thank you so much for this video. You always help me through the darkest days xxxxx

  2. Jessica Stevens

    Jessica Stevens3 hours ago

    Love the rebranding of Covid to Coldermort

  3. Martina Hakl

    Martina Hakl4 hours ago

    I just made a stack of crepes for my dad and then I see this ^^

  4. Julia Madden

    Julia Madden4 hours ago

    This was so sweet and fun!! What an easy way to make crepes!! (I haven’t tried them yet, but boy am I inspired!!) It was so nice to see I’m not the only one that stands in front of the pie displays, because yes, pie>cake!

  5. i:s izzey

    i:s izzey4 hours ago

    hey great to see you again! hope you guys are great! allo from singapore

  6. Brian Lee

    Brian Lee4 hours ago

    If you think cake is better than pie, you're simply wrong. Sry I don't make the rules.

  7. Supersonicskyline

    Supersonicskyline4 hours ago

    I love your salior moon top! also now i want crepes sooo thats what im gonna make today lol! love to see martinas midnight munchies! <3

  8. ngan pham

    ngan pham4 hours ago

    Nooo!!! Dear Simon, u might not over herb it but those herb cost money , may be not much but it will be an unnecessary spending. I love you guys and the contents u give but just remember using herbs that way is not budget friendly. And yes, u will over herb it. Love u guys 💛

  9. MadProps

    MadProps4 hours ago

    I was today years old when I learned that Canadian Thanksgiving is in October. But for real, I had to check to see what month it was, because for a moment I questioned if I had somehow blocked out all of November. Oh, Covid-time-vortex, what did we ever do without you?!

  10. Naughtysauce

    Naughtysauce5 hours ago

    Hey guys, is your website down? Was watching your old vids and wanted to read the extended blog, but it says the website doesn't exist.

  11. graytokki

    graytokki5 hours ago

    Martina would you ever go back to teaching in Canada?

  12. tita vaughns

    tita vaughns5 hours ago

    How is it every single one of your video's make my day. It feels like I'm in a pocket universe with good food and good vibes only. Btw discount ripe bananas ftw! I got fruit smoothies galore for so cheap

  13. Leanne

    Leanne5 hours ago

    Haven't seen your vids in a long time but do you still have a cat. 😺

  14. Littikty Split

    Littikty Split6 hours ago

    Should have stayed in japan.. it's hell in canada

  15. Entei Raikou

    Entei Raikou6 hours ago

    How come Martina is in her parent’s house and then Simon seems to be in his parent’s house? Why are they not together and separated?

  16. amelia graham

    amelia graham6 hours ago

    Good eye martins lol I chose those too before you really panned over there lol

  17. kiki castaneda

    kiki castaneda6 hours ago

    Where is Simon?? 🥺

  18. jeszyjay

    jeszyjay6 hours ago

    I love Alton Brown too!!!!

  19. ChocolateExlax

    ChocolateExlax6 hours ago

    Simon and Martina, because of you guys and this video, my boyfriend and I got to experience this amazing restaurant last year! Yoko and the chef was incredible. Each dish was so special and I just loved how engaging the entire staff was. I'll never forget this meal! We got to try Abalone for the first time (Which is illegal in Canada) and so many beautiful dishes. We definitely were not 'fancy' compared to the other customers but we were still treated so special. Major splurge but we always talk about this experience and will never forget it! Highly recommend!!!!!

  20. ShandyTown

    ShandyTown6 hours ago

    Martina’s got her mojo back! That was informative AND hilarious! Thanks! Good to see your sense of humor totally intact!

  21. kratos223

    kratos2236 hours ago


  22. ramblingnymph

    ramblingnymph6 hours ago


  23. Beclucifer

    Beclucifer6 hours ago

    What is that outfit. I need me one

  24. a bowl of makgeolli

    a bowl of makgeolli6 hours ago

    I'm glad you are doing your best to better yourself. I support you, Simon! Rest if you want 😊 I hope you well and good health. God bless to you both 💖

  25. Deidra Burgess

    Deidra Burgess7 hours ago

    PIE > cake !!! 1000000% WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PIE? 🥧 Mine is a tie between pumpkin 🎃 and apple 🍎🍏!

  26. Madam Runawaii

    Madam Runawaii7 hours ago

    Love some Martina Munchies! I need to actually try to make crepes some day. They scare me.

  27. Breanna Sadi

    Breanna Sadi7 hours ago

    The wrist part warmed my heart. I've been having to work on understanding my limits with EDS. Thank you for keeping it in ❤

  28. goldgreen andpurple

    goldgreen andpurple7 hours ago

    Looks delicious. Keen to see your Dalgona recipe when you have time.

  29. MoyaKong

    MoyaKong7 hours ago

    did simon reached nirvana yet?

  30. Jeldyn Mae Amer

    Jeldyn Mae Amer7 hours ago

    Watching that they are not together is 🥺 coz simon and martina is that couple that pushes through everything.. 🥺 hoping and wishing for your happiness ♥️

  31. IOPE

    IOPE7 hours ago

    Are they broken up?!.... The past two videos they haven't talked about eachother at all... Or show a bit of eachother etc... :( I hope they are Okey

  32. RandomnessLOL

    RandomnessLOL7 hours ago

    Repeat after me- Content creators owe us nothing. In exchange for their content and entertainment we give them time and that often translates to money. You are more than free to skip ads. Can we stop demanding much of their personal life? Of course we want to know, we’re emotionally invested with them, but let’s have just as much respect for them and their personal lives.

  33. Angelic_Songbird

    Angelic_Songbird7 hours ago

    I've missed midnight munchies!!!

  34. Coffee Milk

    Coffee Milk8 hours ago

    Please make a perogi video!!! The ones you posted on your instagram looked fab!!

  35. Hermione Benson

    Hermione Benson8 hours ago

    Loved this video!!!! I'll watch anything you make and I get so excited when I see a Martina video is up! Love seeing your little jaunts around town...I know it was only the grocery store, but I haven't been going much of anywhere for nearly a year now and its really getting rough in my mind palace. I always enjoy your cooking videos too because you make me feel like I can make anything. You make intimidating things (like crepes) feel approachable, but also fun! Thank you for the escape from reality for a bit. :))

  36. LeafOnTheWind123

    LeafOnTheWind1238 hours ago

    🤣 Love that Crocodile Dundee reference "that's not a knife" 😂

  37. Coffee Milk

    Coffee Milk8 hours ago

    This hair colour on you is SO BOMB Martina!!!

  38. TheLongView

    TheLongView8 hours ago

    Oh, wow. Now I want to break out the smoked turkey and a little bit of jellied cranberry sauce. Yuuum!

  39. A. Hahabas

    A. Hahabas8 hours ago

    WHAAT? This is so Odd, seeing you guys on the recommended page after like +7 years of no notice

  40. Eliana Negri

    Eliana Negri8 hours ago

    Congratulations Simon! I know it's daunting to put yourself out there to the world, and have them see you change. Change is a strange thing. Oftentimes people will oppose it and challenge it in any form since it makes them uncomfortable about something within themselves. But I can see as someone who has been through a similar experience, that this change is truely a benefit to you. Pay no mind to those who are "worried" for you on your own behalf. Well done for starting such a transformative practice. I wish you abundance and peace for you and your family~

  41. Connie Thevenin

    Connie Thevenin8 hours ago


  42. Connie Thevenin

    Connie Thevenin8 hours ago


  43. Jana Vidaurri

    Jana Vidaurri9 hours ago

    How perfect was your timing 💛 My mom n i were just talking bout crepes. Can't wait to send this video her way. 😉

  44. Vickie Pace

    Vickie Pace9 hours ago

    Coffee flour art piece!!!! 😂

  45. Mayra Lopez

    Mayra Lopez9 hours ago

    I do the same thing Martina does when she cooks, eat as I cook lol ( also guilty of licking a dull butter knife too)

  46. Alex C

    Alex C9 hours ago

    LOL the wintermelon is my fav, but not with those damn jellies. I still get regular boba with it.

  47. Nicole Davidson

    Nicole Davidson9 hours ago

    Please take our your Mamas kitchen more!

  48. Know Nonsense

    Know Nonsense9 hours ago

    Your videos are so therapeutic. I can’t explain it. Something about your style is stress relieving.

  49. Nikki

    Nikki9 hours ago

    Realising Martina knows like.. What? Four languages. Such a bad ass.

  50. Sally Stardust

    Sally Stardust9 hours ago

    This was awesome thank you!! Your videos helped me so much through some rough EDS times last year, and they continue to help me stay positive. It’s so good to see a video from you again 💕

  51. Breanna Ennis

    Breanna Ennis9 hours ago

    Sending much love, stay safe, scrub your hands and enjoy the small moments <3

  52. Wynneth

    Wynneth9 hours ago

    you can make banana bread with all those extra bananas

  53. Wynneth

    Wynneth10 hours ago

    pie > cake

  54. adultblues

    adultblues10 hours ago

    It is sooooo important to have a Good Pan for doing anything like crepes

  55. Slush Moviz

    Slush Moviz10 hours ago

    who the fk says *ANY* type of pizza is weird?

  56. Cynthia

    Cynthia10 hours ago

    I loved this, please make me one too!

  57. May

    May10 hours ago

    --- It's the Calcifer shots for me ----- <3 <3

  58. May

    May10 hours ago

    SENDING HUGGLES!!!!!!! Thank you soo much for the video! --- YES PIES over cakes all day

  59. Kasumi O

    Kasumi O10 hours ago

    Please don’t drink and drive honey ,

  60. Beaute Noiré

    Beaute Noiré10 hours ago

    Simon your life is your own, whatever is going on is yours to share should you want to, and if not that is also your choice. I’ve been watching you and Martina since you had moved to Japan my son introduced me to your Channel. Just be well, heal, be with your family. Whatever is going on will pass. I wish nothing more but say thanks for such great content, inspiring me to want to travel to Korea and Japan, thanks for all the Spudgy and meemers moments and, just watching you and Martina be fun. Wishing you both peace and sending love ❤️

  61. JudgeyJudgeyable

    JudgeyJudgeyable10 hours ago

    Girl, your hair looks amazing! Love that style

  62. Molly Littleford-Schacht

    Molly Littleford-Schacht11 hours ago

    NEED to know where you got your Sailor Moon top!!!

  63. Raymond Chien

    Raymond Chien11 hours ago

    WHERE DID YOU GET THE KIRBY TOWEL???????????????????

  64. afraidcomet

    afraidcomet11 hours ago

    Using a single chopstick?! Gasp

  65. Harrrgh

    Harrrgh11 hours ago

    I have the wine (saving it for America's election night though...I'M SO SCARED) and the flour. Thanks for the recipe!! Yeah, Team Pie.

  66. Mr.&Mrs. Santos

    Mr.&Mrs. Santos11 hours ago

    Just started watching. Where's Meemers?

  67. skybisonparty

    skybisonparty11 hours ago

    I tried these and they were AMAZING. I think we finished the whole pan in 2 days. Thanks for the recipe!

  68. Andres Severino

    Andres Severino11 hours ago

    Why we don't see Simon and Martina filming together?

  69. Sara M

    Sara M11 hours ago

    I'm not even two minutes in, but Martina I need you to come decorate my home. XD

  70. imnevermakingavideo

    imnevermakingavideo11 hours ago

    Bruh pecans are from the southern us. Its amazing how much Canadians rag on the us and then try to claim bbq corn bread and pecan pie as there own

  71. thu ngo

    thu ngo11 hours ago

    Laughing so hard at the end of the video! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe, Martina!!!!

  72. Nalijay

    Nalijay12 hours ago

    Martina love you, stay strong girl.

  73. Damian Teo

    Damian Teo12 hours ago

    Crap! Now I'm hungry for crepe!

  74. XY / BY

    XY / BY12 hours ago

    I was jelly then I’m jelly now, I WANT SQUID ON A STICK

  75. EVC

    EVC12 hours ago

    If there are stats for when you get the most likes within a video, I’d be curious to know if the moment you got the measuring cup stuck in the flour jar is the peak, because shit, I laughed so hard. Not because it’s happened to me before or anything like that........