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  1. Chompy y sus compis

    Chompy y sus compis56 minutes ago

    Im still waiting for ocarina of time part 2...

  2. Fletcher King

    Fletcher King57 minutes ago

    Top 10 anime battles

  3. JosΓ© Abrego

    JosΓ© Abrego58 minutes ago


  4. MΓ‘ximo Junior Arias RodrΓ­guez

    MΓ‘ximo Junior Arias RodrΓ­guez58 minutes ago

    Guess the White pikmin is levi

  5. Julianna S.

    Julianna S.58 minutes ago

    Bro omelette du fromage 😭

  6. Heath RICHARDS

    Heath RICHARDS59 minutes ago

    i dont understand how anyone disliked it<:o

  7. Pablo Gonzalez 115

    Pablo Gonzalez 11559 minutes ago


  8. Francesco D'Ascillo

    Francesco D'Ascillo59 minutes ago

    6:10 wait a sec... SPYRO?!

  9. Christian Welsch

    Christian Welsch59 minutes ago

    Imagine doing these speedrun moves from mario in mario 64 or mario odyssey

  10. Brian DeJonge

    Brian DeJonge59 minutes ago

    Speed Runner Kirbo???

  11. Julio Asenjo

    Julio AsenjoHour ago

    2:49 SUPER SANIC?????????????????????????

  12. Robin

    RobinHour ago

    Disappointed 😞 so much potential wasted...

  13. irmΓ£os pra sempre

    irmΓ£os pra sempreHour ago

    Metroid fusion please!

  14. Gedeon

    GedeonHour ago

    This is Kirbo. He’s a really jolly fellow.

  15. Edwin Silva

    Edwin SilvaHour ago

    Bird Up

  16. Silas Tipton

    Silas TiptonHour ago

    4:11 I see now, after defeating Eggman, Super Sonic went off to fight (Speed demon)Mario.

  17. Julian Faber

    Julian FaberHour ago

    As it was, is now, and forever shall be, Arceus, creation continues

  18. AppachΓ© attack Helicopter

    AppachΓ© attack HelicopterHour ago

    This would have been so much better if boomy zoomys had been discovered

  19. HarmonyBunny

    HarmonyBunnyHour ago

    Ain't nobody talking about Mallow being in the clouds at 2:12?

  20. Satu Sinha

    Satu SinhaHour ago


  21. RAYQUAZA'S Wife

    RAYQUAZA'S WifeHour ago


  22. Chicken 64

    Chicken 64Hour ago


  23. OmegaExalted

    OmegaExaltedHour ago

    Sephiroth checks underneath his bed for Luigi.

  24. Natalia Martinez

    Natalia MartinezHour ago

    I am a Big boy why a complete this Game Whit the armor part Hearts and subtank's yea

  25. Andrei

    AndreiHour ago

    Why doesn't Sonic just stopped time? Mario may have infinite speed but anything times 0 is still 0. Hmmm...maybe Mario wouldn't be affected by chaos control,but I'm not sure...

  26. Crokobos

    CrokobosHour ago

    I liked the old title

  27. Hyperwolf2360

    Hyperwolf2360Hour ago

    parry grip: its raining tacos ditto: ItZ rAiNiNg eGgS

  28. Alfredo Aguila

    Alfredo AguilaHour ago

    Did fox's car turn red?

  29. Espideman 2.00

    Espideman 2.00Hour ago

    Γ‰picas batallas del frikismoooooooooooooooooooooooo

  30. HarmonyBunny

    HarmonyBunnyHour ago

    Time to update this with the Galar Pokemon.

  31. jie-seok jang

    jie-seok jangHour ago

    Run : 264,473,598,772

  32. amywatkins1000

    amywatkins1000Hour ago

    12:48 what is the music called anyone?

  33. Chiler Haha

    Chiler HahaHour ago


  34. Crimson Prince

    Crimson PrinceHour ago

    9:38 I love this

  35. amywatkins1000

    amywatkins1000Hour ago

    10:17 that face do be creepy

  36. kivenz YT Ouano

    kivenz YT OuanoHour ago

    so i got a theory the fire cute little thing that theres anothet speed demon maybe its green I think luigi is trying to be number 1 he tries to get the speed demon in him

  37. Samuel Fernandez

    Samuel FernandezHour ago

    I wish they would have trolled us with Geno and Sephiroth just comes in with his down air. He just gets revealed like that. I think that would have been a much better way to do so. XD

  38. Michele Andreoli

    Michele AndreoliHour ago


  39. Samerix

    SamerixHour ago

    meta knight best character

  40. Tommity Rommity

    Tommity RommityHour ago

    funny comment

  41. Heath RICHARDS

    Heath RICHARDSHour ago

    now i feel like melee fox when my teacher asks me to do something

  42. amywatkins1000

    amywatkins1000Hour ago

    6:32 he do be usin da force

  43. SKBG64

    SKBG64Hour ago

    3:35 yosh

  44. Jacobbug 619

    Jacobbug 619Hour ago

    I hate coppa kirbo

  45. The7Guy

    The7GuyHour ago

    o wa o wa o

  46. amywatkins1000

    amywatkins1000Hour ago

    1:16. The face when your teammate stole ur weapon

  47. J Martinez

    J MartinezHour ago

    9:31 behold [keyboardsounds] Star fox OH

  48. El.Es. Juan

    El.Es. JuanHour ago

    Is it just me or is this another song? Had this on my play list and now it’s different

  49. amywatkins1000

    amywatkins1000Hour ago

    2:34 subtitles be like YOU WON 2000000$!

  50. Super Sonic

    Super SonicHour ago

    The moment you realize... ...Mario is faster than Sonic

  51. amywatkins1000

    amywatkins1000Hour ago

    1:19 me and the bois goin for a road trip

  52. Dark Cheese

    Dark CheeseHour ago

    id like to see speedrun mario beat this

  53. Siren sans

    Siren sansHour ago


  54. amywatkins1000

    amywatkins1000Hour ago

    0:43 me going to galactus live event

  55. Ethan Espinola

    Ethan Espinola2 hours ago

    F iglypuff

  56. Arceus

    Arceus2 hours ago

    1:38 finally waddle dee got a mouth

  57. Yuqie Keisha

    Yuqie Keisha2 hours ago

    NoPUNintendo 5 NoPUNintendo 5 NoPUNintendo 5 NoPUNintendo 5 NoPUNintendo 5

  58. Young Macroll

    Young Macroll2 hours ago

    I appreciate how different this is compared to the other skits that actually follow the linear story of the game.this is a nice change of pace

  59. Christian Price

    Christian Price2 hours ago

    For Fatalis, just get the Shrek Dragon but shade it violet

  60. Andrei

    Andrei2 hours ago


  61. Ellis Dent

    Ellis Dent2 hours ago

    POV: you are Pac-Man

  62. Lirehsa

    Lirehsa2 hours ago

    if exeggcute hatched from an egg, is the egg made of exeggcute or is exeggcute the egg's eggs?

  63. Christian Capolino

    Christian Capolino2 hours ago

    Can't wait until Netflix hires this man

  64. Young Macroll

    Young Macroll2 hours ago

    My favorite part is after super Mario bros 2 when he wakes up like HOOHOOOO

  65. Pepsaiko

    Pepsaiko2 hours ago

    hahaha that acid notation in the backgound was the best touch you could add to that video

  66. Agustina

    Agustina2 hours ago

    1:36 ofcourse we cannot be eaten by water because we still can swim out

  67. dabgamer_ 41

    dabgamer_ 412 hours ago

    Can you make a 3Mil sub battle with two teams. Team 1: speedrunner mario, melee fox, and super chili dogs. team 2: kirbo, meta knight rank ss, and luigi (with bible for speed demon) I hope it will be added as a new video

  68. Fred

    Fred2 hours ago

    Who was here before he blew up πŸ–

  69. Ava Harrison

    Ava Harrison2 hours ago

    im crying 🀣🀣🀣 wElL EXcUUUOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooSe mE PrINceSs

  70. Kaden Brown

    Kaden Brown2 hours ago

    I see there are some parts in the subspace emissary so is the emissary a parallel universe or...

  71. nutshack lover

    nutshack lover2 hours ago

    Regi 47.

  72. Marie villarreal

    Marie villarreal2 hours ago


  73. Kaden Brown

    Kaden Brown2 hours ago

    If the speed demon was spotted in another universe does that mean that mario is still possessed by the demon ot is mario free or is it not a parallel universe and just a different one.

  74. Sidney Ayers Young

    Sidney Ayers Young2 hours ago


  75. Trash Can Games

    Trash Can Games2 hours ago

    Nothing beats mario

  76. Marie villarreal

    Marie villarreal2 hours ago

    This is so cool

  77. lyla aspacio

    lyla aspacio2 hours ago

    Unfortunately kirby didn't collect all the treasures

  78. C.G. S.P.

    C.G. S.P.2 hours ago

    ah yess it’s my favorite anime fighter spaghetti man from attack on naruto