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  1. Tonkin Blake

    Tonkin Blake5 hours ago

    Until this day, it's continue to be my favourite show ever.

  2. MSQ Security

    MSQ Security6 hours ago

    Guy in the white top is talking rubbish , kanos hand is just covered in blood fire this imbecile

  3. tommyZ _YTgaming

    tommyZ _YTgaming6 hours ago

    We live in a society were josstice league is a painful memory

  4. Daniela J.

    Daniela J.7 hours ago

    As far as Hayward, I feel like he's been trying to get Vision online for a long time, and looking for a power source, and since it's common knowledge that Wanda and Vision are both tied to the stone, he figured that maybe using energy gained from that same source might get Vision back online. As he said, he's been trying everything--every power source--and taking him apart and putting him back together. This was just another avenue that he was attempting. But I don't think that makes Wanda a victim, because the fact is, she didn't bring Vision online, not the way the wanted her to. She subconsciously created a new version yes, and she did lose her temper and unwittingly leave them a bit of her energy, but I don't think any of that was due to Hayward's masterplan, so much as he was opportunistic and took advantage of the situation..

  5. Namaku Mana

    Namaku Mana8 hours ago

    sub zero - killer

  6. StrayThrawn

    StrayThrawn8 hours ago

    Yub yub

  7. Muttu Kulakarni

    Muttu Kulakarni8 hours ago

    Waste of my time for your video ..... Rip 3 idiots

  8. Skudo Pludo

    Skudo Pludo14 hours ago

    4:23 Toby sus

  9. Superhero Alerts

    Superhero Alerts14 hours ago

    Ah the penny has dropped now yeah 😂 you guys from the start were cussing this show off and I just held my tongue because I knew you'd get there in the end 😏 I loved the show from the start and it just gets better and better each episode and each season! Well late to the party but at least you reached - eventually 😂

  10. Samyajit Gupta

    Samyajit Gupta14 hours ago

    4:14 Video starts here

  11. shree ganesh

    shree ganesh15 hours ago

    it's not only movie its our feelings dont play with our feelings

  12. Jason Bourne

    Jason Bourne16 hours ago

    Yall need to put some reactions on you Tube bruh

  13. NYSBGamal

    NYSBGamal16 hours ago

    Please do a review of emergency awesome breakdown of ep 8 of wandavision. Would love to see ur thoughts on it. Keep up the great work. I share ur videos with my friends.

  14. Uncle Kyle

    Uncle Kyle16 hours ago

    Nirvana + Batman = Me in heaven

  15. Prat J

    Prat J18 hours ago

    you guys are my spirit animal ,love you guys

  16. Pakin 86

    Pakin 8620 hours ago

    I call it! Through MOST of the movie Superman is really Martian Manhunter

  17. NI3

    NI320 hours ago

    I’m convinced Cole is from Hanzos clan possibly a direct descendant. Cole could be a medium/avatar to scorpions spirit. All speculation of course

  18. souR KLout219

    souR KLout21921 hour ago

    When Wanda said I can’t feel you 😥😓

  19. Eleisha Tamiya

    Eleisha Tamiya21 hour ago

    what is the intro song that always plays at the beginning please?

  20. Geek Sensei

    Geek Sensei23 hours ago

    Shout out to the dickhead who decided to drop a massive spoiler here. I love to come here like and reply back to comments, but when certain eeeeediats can't contain their dumbness it spoils our interactions with the real ones. Don't be surprised if you stop hearing from us in the comments.

  21. Joey B

    Joey B23 hours ago

    Kong wins

  22. celeste

    celeste23 hours ago

    Glad you guys are here at midpoint! Edit: Now it’s time to put Raven on Ward watch lol 😏

  23. Raman Saab

    Raman Saab23 hours ago


  24. andrew isoa

    andrew isoaDay ago

    This reaction right here is priceless. The best I have seen yet. 👏😎

  25. gchicago9

    gchicago9Day ago

    ahhh i wouldnt feel too bad about not being into the show when it was airing. it started rough and a lot of people gave up on it after a couple episodes. i also think skye is terrible and unfortunately the show REALLY wants you to like her....

  26. BrownTownReviews

    BrownTownReviewsDay ago

    Incredible intro

  27. Chris Carvajal

    Chris CarvajalDay ago


  28. Vegito Sama

    Vegito SamaDay ago

    army of the dead teaser reaction bruhhhhh

  29. William Abbott

    William AbbottDay ago

    I agree and feel that the books are almost better than the movies

  30. Jared Dawkins

    Jared DawkinsDay ago

    The funniest reaction to a Mortal Kombat character that I have ever seen...Joe's reaction was simply hilarious lol

  31. Nofear At All

    Nofear At AllDay ago

    Ngl I’m on Patreon and I don’t see the watch along

  32. Ameen Hussain

    Ameen HussainDay ago

    Naaaah Monica’s powers is more like captain marvel not a witch

  33. Righteous247

    Righteous247Day ago

    quan chi resurrects hanzo to create scorpion

  34. Ameen Hussain

    Ameen HussainDay ago

    There’s obvs been magic in the mcu , look at the ancient one. Lmao why is she known as the ‘ancient one’ she’s been there since day!

  35. Taylor Osborne

    Taylor OsborneDay ago

    None of them knew the music was nirvana 😂

  36. Jo

    JoDay ago

    Y’all got no clue what’s aboutta happen😂 this show is peak mcu. PEAK

  37. Crom Mocks You

    Crom Mocks YouDay ago

    Completely agree on certain characters, but without spoiling... Nobody does character development like AOS.

  38. Lamont Cranston

    Lamont CranstonDay ago

    Kano’s hand just covered in blood It’s not a robot hand

  39. Jenna Doppler

    Jenna DopplerDay ago

    Great review, as always! Love your journey from thinking the show is boring to saying that it's peak. And you haven't reached the climax of the season yet! Y'all are truly in for a treat. I will say, there is maybe 2 or 3 filler-like episodes left this season. That being said, it's not like the first half of the season where the filler is the whole episode. Usually the A-plot is more villain-of-the-week, but the B-plot keeps moving the story along at a brisk pace. It's at this point of the series that the story structure moves onto more serialized story-telling rather than these episodic adventures, and the entire show benefits from it. The pacing definitely improves by leaps and bounds from S2 onwards.

  40. Amir Majid

    Amir MajidDay ago

    you please react to the lady of heaven trailer،

  41. Crom Mocks You

    Crom Mocks YouDay ago

    Now the soil is ready for the many fruits to come in the future 👍😎

  42. Dex Domain

    Dex DomainDay ago

    From what I gather the kids and Vision can survive even if Wanda shuts it down. Agatha stated that the power she wields has the capabilities of creation not just transmutation or matter manipulation like we thought. But I still don't see them surviving.

  43. Nishant Maravi

    Nishant MaraviDay ago

    Guys It's Become So Much Better When It Becomes Non-Canon Maybe In Season 3

  44. Jay S

    Jay SDay ago

    So, this episode of Wandavision showed us that Marvel Studios is not afraid to show that the universe was always bigger than we realized, and that the Avengers and Dr. Strange and Guardians were just what was happening on the "main stage".... Now, imagine you're the X-Men, trying to survive in a world where the Avengers, Shield, Hydra, aliens are all running around like a madness...wouldn't you want to keep as low a profile as possible? You know, still there, just quiet...under the radar... Calling it now, the X-Men universe was there all along...and Marvel is about to show us what we didn't know. Can you imagine a series of mutant movies that take place with New York and Sokovia and Thanos as the back-drop for what they've been doing all along? All culminating in seeing Endgame AGAIN from a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE, with DIFFERENT BATTLES??

  45. deathdareaper6 Bailey

    deathdareaper6 BaileyDay ago

    I know this is from left field, but y'all should react to The Race by Taye k

  46. Michael Dawodu

    Michael DawoduDay ago

    You guys are in for a big treat!!! hope the mcu brings them back in secret invasion

  47. deathdareaper6 Bailey

    deathdareaper6 BaileyDay ago

    The crud in this show is next level from here.

  48. OllieG Hamster

    OllieG HamsterDay ago

    The best villains are sympathetic and we understand their motivations-like Thanos. Hence why it makes a lot of sense that Wanda can be both the villain and the victim of manipulation. And you have to remember, the SWORD director said they tried a million other things to power Vision, so that implies they got lucky when they tried using the drone that came out of the Hex.

  49. Lenox W

    Lenox WDay ago

    You guys should have definitely been on this show while it was still airing. It only gets crazier from here.

  50. Shashank N

    Shashank NDay ago

    You guys are in for it , the back half of this season is awesome

  51. A Moon

    A MoonDay ago


  52. Rohail Hanif

    Rohail HanifDay ago

    Totally agree with Raven, the actress of Agtha goes by Kathryn Hahn and she has done a fantastic job playing this iconic witch. - Secrets

  53. Steven Ritchie

    Steven RitchieDay ago

    The myth is CHTHON BIG BAD INCOMMING THEORY CHTHON, is one of the most powerful Elder Gods of Earth, who has degenerated into a demonic state. He has manifested himself in humanoid form, but can take various forms; (rabbit, stork, butterfly maybe) the creator of Chaos Magic. This magic can destroy the cosmos (Enter doctor strange). He is the original author of the Darkhold (the book in agathas basement), an indestructible collection of evil mystical knowledge and spells that he intended to serve as the medium through which he could return to Earth. (Agatha's plan) WANDA IS KEY FOR HIS RETURN (ENTER THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS) Agatha's theory is and she's right, wanda is a nexus being. Shes talking about the myth, the myth is powers of chthon. Who now is confirmed to be real. She csn literally create life. Shes probably wanting wanda bring mephisto or her son this realm. but To get these powers you need to be touched by CHTHON maybe chthon touched the mind Stone Also wandas flowers in her garden are pink resembling her powers Agatha flowers are purple Dotties flowers are yellow. Shes a sorceress called Arcanna Jones who's powers manifest in various shades of yellow. Your welcome

  54. KawhiSexual

    KawhiSexualDay ago

    U guys from Toronto?

  55. Ayllien

    AyllienDay ago

    The scariest thing about this movie is that Joker could be anyone

  56. Dessydd

    DessyddDay ago

    Did you guys buy your subscribers?

  57. Todd Johnson

    Todd JohnsonDay ago

    Cobra kai forever

  58. MistGan Misthell

    MistGan MisthellDay ago

    Nice prewiew....fucking rasists

  59. Todd Johnson

    Todd JohnsonDay ago

    Jim loves Bruce Lee

  60. Todd Johnson

    Todd JohnsonDay ago

    Jim Kelly forever

  61. Todd Johnson

    Todd JohnsonDay ago


  62. Todd Johnson

    Todd JohnsonDay ago

    Bruce Lee forever

  63. Uzair CHAUDHRY

    Uzair CHAUDHRYDay ago

    I feel like when he said come over here I didn’t get the mk like scorpian

  64. Jason Thompson

    Jason ThompsonDay ago

    Having the episodes based on sitcoms makes so much sense. In the past the sitcoms have been her safe place every time her life has been rough so now at her worst she's actually managed to escape into her safe place

  65. Benny Congo

    Benny CongoDay ago

    This reaction still fire bruv ✨

  66. VoxKyle PH

    VoxKyle PHDay ago

    10:02 Yeah Godzilla is Not Mad That Thing Right There That Is Not Godzilla That is Mecha Godzilla

  67. jason fields

    jason fieldsDay ago

    Ill make it simple for ya. Cole young is a new character they introduced to stand in as the viewer who is a combatant who is being introduced to the world and reality of mortal kombat for the first time. JC himself is a fan favorite but is not imporant to the general storyline. I figure that is why he isnt in it. He might pop up sometime in the future but remember cage died in like MK2 and was brought back in other games.

  68. jason fields

    jason fieldsDay ago

    Cole takes the place of johnny cage. The guy you see fighting Goro is cole in a battle armor.

  69. jason fields

    jason fieldsDay ago

    I like the theory crafting. Some say Cole is a decendent of hanzi mushashi and that is why he has the flash backs and why scorpion keeps popping up in his presence.

  70. TheBubspace

    TheBubspaceDay ago

    I love y’alls reviews!

  71. Dimitry Anyanwu

    Dimitry AnyanwuDay ago

    Haywards probably knows that wanda got her powers from the mind stone (as everyone knows about the avengers lifestyle) and so wanda is a source of the mind stone, as she even created her own mind stone.

  72. Athuljith D. R

    Athuljith D. RDay ago

    Guys, please react to godzilla vs kong trailer 2 and some tv spots.😥👏...I love your reactions,,PLS BRO

  73. Tan man

    Tan manDay ago

    React to fist fight documentary scene it’s so funny😂

  74. XDARK__x __JOKERX

    XDARK__x __JOKERXDay ago

    Po myrkale😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  75. Vshock Sunny

    Vshock SunnyDay ago

    This teaser reaction will have the world record for the highest number of dislikes😂.. I contributed one for the world record👎.. did you? 😎

  76. Rocketboy H

    Rocketboy HDay ago

    This show gets better every episode. They're definitely sticking to the comic book with the White Vision

  77. The Last Spartan

    The Last SpartanDay ago

    This episode was mad 🔥🔥... has anyone thought of Agnes husband "Ralph" as the Rabbit ? im still holding on to that theory..