Charlie Green (CG5) is a singer/songwriter/music producer.

Murder Hornet (song)
CG5 - Million Dollar Day
CG5 - Famous

CG5 - Famous

8 months ago

CG5 - Patiently

CG5 - Patiently

8 months ago

CG5 - Can't Find Love
Stay at Home! (song)
Bob Ross (song)

Bob Ross (song)

9 months ago

Baby Yoda (song)

Baby Yoda (song)

10 months ago

Area 51 (song)
Kahoot (song)
Half a million
Duolingo (song)
Egg (song)

Egg (song)

Year ago

2018 Recap

2018 Recap

Year ago

Big Chungus (song)
  1. Ultimate Ninja

    Ultimate Ninja19 hours ago

    Rick Astley vs CG5! Who's gonna win?

  2. Yahir Cepeda

    Yahir Cepeda19 hours ago

    This is horrible

  3. Earka Raditya

    Earka Raditya19 hours ago

    Innersloth is proud to see this

  4. MeepersGaming

    MeepersGaming19 hours ago

    d a n g a r o m p a 2:18

  5. Dennis Rocketx

    Dennis Rocketx19 hours ago

    69k likes NOICE

  6. Mika Kai

    Mika Kai19 hours ago

    Im not gonna lie here- THIS LOOKS AMAZINGGGG

  7. The meme

    The meme19 hours ago

    Last one,imagine if we can do that in among us.

  8. Devon Umar F. Balagtas

    Devon Umar F. Balagtas19 hours ago

    Well all i can say is that this is real detective stuff here...

  9. PokeManiac Qolem

    PokeManiac Qolem19 hours ago

    the moment I saw "cute" next to pink, knew that would have to be the impostor :D

  10. Dennis Rocketx

    Dennis Rocketx19 hours ago


  11. Matt and ray vargas

    Matt and ray vargas19 hours ago


  12. Birdboy109 Bird

    Birdboy109 Bird19 hours ago

    That was awesome.

  13. Teodoro Carranza

    Teodoro Carranza19 hours ago

    You should make another one

  14. Alex Rodriguez

    Alex Rodriguez19 hours ago

    No ones comentarys

  15. Delima Gamer

    Delima Gamer19 hours ago

    at 0:38 at pink pic it says cute and at the and pink was the imposter

  16. Rakesh Kumar

    Rakesh Kumar19 hours ago

    Spying on me - among us song

  17. Ultimate Ninja

    Ultimate Ninja19 hours ago

    So Black was just gonna vent then point at Orange... That's sus man

  18. landon Hester

    landon Hester19 hours ago

    Me *has Faith and the holy spirit* Cartoon cat: when he sees

  19. Isis iMara

    Isis iMara19 hours ago

    I never thought such an awesome song could exist!

  20. Shadow Spector

    Shadow Spector19 hours ago

    That ending was absolutely amazing! Got me cheering at my screen.

  21. Silver Animations

    Silver Animations19 hours ago

    I was sus of orange but what a Twist 😂😂😂

  22. SharkBite

    SharkBite19 hours ago

    Imposter: Kills someone Everyone: Oh no! Anyways... Brown: Slaps orange’s hand Everyone: Oh my! This will not be tolerated!

  23. giant taco god

    giant taco god19 hours ago

    Yellow is obviously a egg

  24. Boppy Penguins

    Boppy Penguins19 hours ago

    When pink followed red where was the party hat??

  25. Gokaes

    Gokaes20 hours ago

    0:38 pink is "cute" is swear its pink pink just making him third imposter

  26. KeithSkate

    KeithSkate20 hours ago

    i totally forgot it Will Premiere. Flip!

  27. 핫타임 hot time!

    핫타임 hot time!20 hours ago

    It’s the best song!

  28. Kaptain Kub

    Kaptain Kub20 hours ago

    Just another day on the Skeld

  29. Andreas Wahyu Prasetya

    Andreas Wahyu Prasetya20 hours ago


  30. Shadow Wolf

    Shadow Wolf20 hours ago

    Me who is Pink: OwO * nervous sweating *

  31. Lexx D'King

    Lexx D'King20 hours ago

    brown was smelling orange because he smells cap!

  32. Alex Mora

    Alex Mora20 hours ago


  33. Mirian Munoz

    Mirian Munoz20 hours ago

    Did anyone else noticed that he dabbed

  34. late pumpkin

    late pumpkin20 hours ago

    thank you i don't trust that shy guy is not real even thought he is not real i'm not taking chances

  35. Amos Santana

    Amos Santana20 hours ago

    Its not a room yes its hospitality

  36. Jheon Iway

    Jheon Iway20 hours ago

    Omg how did you make that its so. Bootifull

  37. hi there

    hi there20 hours ago

    why is this popping up in my rec again no

  38. Claudia I Guevara I

    Claudia I Guevara I20 hours ago

    i hate to restart the song ):<

  39. Fandom Ben

    Fandom Ben20 hours ago

    That was cinematic as hell. This could be the Among Us movie!

  40. Adriaan Mateo

    Adriaan Mateo20 hours ago

    A love it my favorite

  41. Zombie 105

    Zombie 10520 hours ago

    That danganronpa part at the end was great

  42. Zander Batayola

    Zander Batayola20 hours ago

    I just realized that the detective thought Ellie was cute.....

  43. Team Georgie

    Team Georgie20 hours ago

    This video is 2 months old and CG5's second viewed video

  44. Hezekiah Mitchell

    Hezekiah Mitchell20 hours ago

    Red sus thins dies


    COOLGAMER777YT20 hours ago

    orange still sus tho

  46. Sada Awes

    Sada Awes20 hours ago

    0:28 chef hat ( Jordan) is cyan Literally the rest of the video: chef hat (Jordan) is white Me: *surprised pikachu face*

  47. Charles Calvin

    Charles Calvin20 hours ago

    Here's a fact: I thought this would be a SL parody of the song Crawling by Linkin Park.

  48. 1cy Turtle

    1cy Turtle20 hours ago

    Purple: Always dead. Brown: Detektive Pink: Cute Orange: Suffered Cyan: Chef Yellow: Egg Green: Stoner Red: *Sus*

  49. quarantine with Human!

    quarantine with Human!20 hours ago

    lmao brown cleared pink cuz "cute." remember kids, dont be a simp!

  50. Roselia Barbosa de Sousa

    Roselia Barbosa de Sousa20 hours ago

    Nobody now

  51. Lexx D'King

    Lexx D'King20 hours ago

    playing the pokemon character in hoen

  52. •Aspen San•

    •Aspen San•20 hours ago

    This is the first fan-animation/piece that I've seen where Orange survived.

  53. Chica

    Chica20 hours ago


  54. JetJunkie

    JetJunkie20 hours ago

    Mom: dinner is ready! Me: Mom: the guests already left Me: 2:36


    MARKO ČERKUČ20 hours ago


  56. ๓เςђคєɭ คŦՇ๏ภ UvU

    ๓เςђคєɭ คŦՇ๏ภ UvU20 hours ago

    Why is the among us ship the tortuga from wild krats? (XD(

  57. P O G C H A M P

    P O G C H A M P20 hours ago


  58. Buttercup Cookie

    Buttercup Cookie20 hours ago

    Green: sus Orange: sus Yellow: *egg*

  59. Facundo Trayan Sen

    Facundo Trayan Sen20 hours ago

    yellow = egg

  60. themelonboi

    themelonboi20 hours ago

    I again enjoy the hints it was pink And the reoccurring joke of heavy breathing

  61. Creepers

    Creepers20 hours ago

    Song: You're a sneaky little imposter! Aren't you? But Black just vented.

  62. Simon Willingham

    Simon Willingham20 hours ago

    The way to return 096 to the foundation is to sacrifice a D-Boi and make him look at a photo of the shy guy in a cell. Boom, bam, bop.

  63. Game 12 Master Mateo Ruiz

    Game 12 Master Mateo Ruiz20 hours ago


  64. TruBoomer 1

    TruBoomer 120 hours ago

    Even as a crewmate, they can't stop breathing on other people

  65. JC Dungog

    JC Dungog20 hours ago

    Nice edit bro even me cant do that

  66. Chica

    Chica20 hours ago

    Hi CG5 I'm quite Impressed that you made a song about cake thank you for that i approve this I LOVE IT. why is withered chica having a seizure in the backroom place please tell me she is okay because um she never had a sort seizure (she kinda hates toy chica) I know they both like cake but she HATES toy chica i kinda do to THE TOYS ARE WANNABES YEA I SAID THEY ARE WANNABES not mangle I feel bad for her. I'm Eating pizza right now btw and my b-day is after the new years its the 2nd I'M SO HAPPY IMA PLAY THIS SONG ON MY BIRTHDAY AND MY NAME IS CHARLIE TOO but here is how my name is spelled Charlee Sorry this took so long stay safe Bye oh and Chi-chi YOUR VOICE SOUNDS AMAZING I LOVE IT yours too CG5.

  67. Johnalcronos

    Johnalcronos20 hours ago

    Imma call the fire Department now This is fire

  68. Brandon Molina

    Brandon Molina20 hours ago


  69. Matias Rojas

    Matias Rojas20 hours ago

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  70. Junior Meh

    Junior Meh20 hours ago

    How do you get it to sound like that

  71. Aaliyah Veras is my real name

    Aaliyah Veras is my real name20 hours ago

    Every gangsta until youtubers pop into the comments.

  72. kiesha power-arts

    kiesha power-arts20 hours ago

    0:38 So now everyone's sus me: why does it say pink is cute hmmm PINK SUS

  73. cringelord_69_420 haha funny

    cringelord_69_420 haha funny20 hours ago

    don’t you dare lie to this man

  74. pee pee poo poo

    pee pee poo poo20 hours ago

    Here's some references I found on the video so far: 1:12 = The "Testimony" flicking in the top corner left is an Ace Attorney reference when a witness is testifying 2:15 the Danganronpa class trial layout If you have any more references that I missed please let me know in the reply section! :D

  75. mercedes capurro

    mercedes capurro20 hours ago

    1:17 OBJECTION. so if they all we're doing something and they we're far from the body. * slams table * What about pink?

  76. olga yma

    olga yma20 hours ago

    Its good song soo good

  77. Hernan Jr. Caneba

    Hernan Jr. Caneba20 hours ago


  78. Kellen Barry

    Kellen Barry20 hours ago

    i was watching for a second time i wondered if in the end brown vote himself probably because of the gilt from when he hit orange or if that's different either way it's a banger!