1. mr killer

    mr killer9 hours ago

    Rift is a god i wish I saw him in real life

  2. Katherine Moss

    Katherine Moss9 hours ago

    Bruh 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶😵 how

  3. ch Kasid

    ch Kasid9 hours ago

    That flick was insane

  4. ch Kasid

    ch Kasid9 hours ago


  5. Piececntrol Kyle

    Piececntrol Kyle10 hours ago

    Epic : we are so sorry but editing has been removed due to ryfts edits

  6. ItzMe_ Zain

    ItzMe_ Zain10 hours ago

    i dont nee to use code Ryft to edit faster, i can just get macros

  7. Allison Blitz

    Allison Blitz10 hours ago

    Great burn

  8. Amimul Tafader

    Amimul Tafader10 hours ago

    Watch my newest video I edit faster then ryft

  9. W1llowmcYT

    W1llowmcYT10 hours ago

    A fucking good montage

  10. Ud' ZaLz

    Ud' ZaLz10 hours ago

    Epic games: due to an issue we disabled editing we will provide an update once resolved

  11. M’Z is alpha 味

    M’Z is alpha 味10 hours ago

    Another facecam video

  12. Renegaidz Boxed u

    Renegaidz Boxed u10 hours ago

    Ryft is it ok if you add me my epic is lama puff

  13. More TTV-ASFOURY

    More TTV-ASFOURY10 hours ago

    Good video100/100

  14. Key

    Key10 hours ago

    Why bro, those edits just ruined my internet. lol

  15. SnEaKy NinJa X lord

    SnEaKy NinJa X lord10 hours ago

    Ryft YT vs 1P Ryft to go

  16. NRG Zekkzy

    NRG Zekkzy10 hours ago

    Ryft if you didn't know they brought back scroll wheel reset.

  17. Bex&Ollie Chelton

    Bex&Ollie Chelton10 hours ago

    Tijuana jikijnjj jkk,man,lokkjjuujuuuuuuuuujujj

  18. Dragon_ Tiny1

    Dragon_ Tiny110 hours ago


  19. Zach Davis

    Zach Davis10 hours ago


  20. WLZ Ben 999 999

    WLZ Ben 999 99910 hours ago

    I love you man keep it up your so good

  21. *NOT DREAM*

    *NOT DREAM*10 hours ago

    I could do that ryfty buddy

  22. True Pink TOH

    True Pink TOH10 hours ago

    Due to a issue we have disabled editing

  23. The Toxic Sayajin

    The Toxic Sayajin10 hours ago

    Dual pickaxes with extra styles still have the dual pickaxe animation. No cap this is a glitch. Epic: due to an issue, everybody gonna by a deafault cuz we too lazy to fix glitches.

  24. xXShadowwolf91Xx FN

    xXShadowwolf91Xx FN10 hours ago

    Poor keyboard

  25. shahab shafiq

    shahab shafiq10 hours ago

    so now can you beat cxltures

  26. trixyx

    trixyx10 hours ago

    i wanna see how you do do a face cam when you do the map you played first pls🥺ಠ_ಠ

  27. Christopher Kierstead

    Christopher Kierstead10 hours ago

    Top 5 probably best editors: Ryft, Raider, Notluc, Cultxre, Tonz

  28. Alex Saw

    Alex Saw10 hours ago

    I tink hes girfrielnd are so happy with this hands xd :v

  29. Laco Kardos11

    Laco Kardos1110 hours ago

    I playing on console. 60fps and 40-100 ping

  30. Matrix Everything

    Matrix Everything10 hours ago

    I play on 90 - 130 ping 🙄

  31. LK_Jc

    LK_Jc10 hours ago


  32. Raf FN

    Raf FN10 hours ago

    can't believe people think he's good at the game

  33. DarkMonster

    DarkMonster11 hours ago

    U can do it ryft ur the edit godmaster

  34. Karson Simo

    Karson Simo11 hours ago


  35. Cosmic xyro

    Cosmic xyro11 hours ago

    ryft: fastest man alive

  36. Boxed By Goated Mate

    Boxed By Goated Mate11 hours ago


  37. Boxed By Goated Mate

    Boxed By Goated Mate11 hours ago


  38. S 3 C R E D

    S 3 C R E D11 hours ago

    Ryft you should do these maps again but with macros

  39. Raphael Miguel Santa Maria

    Raphael Miguel Santa Maria11 hours ago

    Bruh I play on 100 ling all the time and I hate it lloooll

  40. adam boukhtache

    adam boukhtache11 hours ago

    ngl ryft looks like notluc

  41. Christopher Allam

    Christopher Allam11 hours ago

    this is rap good lol

  42. Nixon Karasek

    Nixon Karasek11 hours ago

    You are so fast at edit can you friend me I have no friends I’m Hockeymom1012

  43. Lenout

    Lenout11 hours ago


  44. emaz alam

    emaz alam11 hours ago

    Looks like

  45. emaz alam

    emaz alam11 hours ago

    Is this macros

  46. vintage wizard very big fan

    vintage wizard very big fan11 hours ago

    Map name and where I can found this map?

  47. Ann clapped you FN❶

    Ann clapped you FN❶11 hours ago

    Ryft:Enters the impossible edit course map His keyboard and mouse: Nah I gotta disconnect

  48. og gamer

    og gamer11 hours ago

    10 out of 10 for the name

  49. BilalZzz BlitZzz

    BilalZzz BlitZzz11 hours ago

    I used to watch Ryft when he was a small youtuber and now look at him, the man's crazy!!

  50. BilalZzz BlitZzz

    BilalZzz BlitZzz11 hours ago

    I love how he is doing the warmup so fast, and I'm just here struggling to do quad edits. I can do triple edits, but I'm nowhere near doing quadruple edits.

  51. Mohammed Almarzooq

    Mohammed Almarzooq11 hours ago

    He is not piece control Kyle he is zack the real one is M1lk

  52. Soarvoid

    Soarvoid11 hours ago

    How to edit fast : Get 0 ping Me : 100-200 Ping

  53. Dragan theMasterGamer

    Dragan theMasterGamer11 hours ago

    I learned how to make the build invisible

  54. rossi jewell

    rossi jewell11 hours ago

    why is voice sound difrend about 18 just hit puberty ? lol

  55. BE Pedja

    BE Pedja11 hours ago

    BH Fraglie is faster than you

  56. Sherrie Duhon

    Sherrie Duhon11 hours ago

    Ryft: believe or not I actually have eranings:peice control Kyle your literally dog water no u don't how many do u have:ryft 360:me👀mm hmm

  57. R6 Imaad

    R6 Imaad11 hours ago

    Wait...you guys can see him editing

  58. Quazell Rodriguez

    Quazell Rodriguez11 hours ago

    0:50 what?!!!!!

  59. Mxrcy is santa

    Mxrcy is santa12 hours ago

    Ryft i think im the fastes 9year old

  60. Qrucify-

    Qrucify-12 hours ago

    Ryft: this ain't that easy Also Ryft: Uses speed pad and does twice as fast😂

  61. Storm

    Storm12 hours ago

    Can people just stop commenting '' hOw MaNy SuBs CaN I GeT FrOm ThIs CoMmEnT CuRrEnt 11''

  62. Maya Mokdad

    Maya Mokdad12 hours ago

    boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii u insaaaaaaaaaaaaane

  63. the ultimate gamers

    the ultimate gamers12 hours ago

    Now I know why ryfts aren't in the game too op

  64. Vexon FN

    Vexon FN12 hours ago

    4:42 Ryft said the the s word?

  65. Emmanuel Alozie

    Emmanuel Alozie12 hours ago

    You are better than Marco

  66. iconic.60fps

    iconic.60fps12 hours ago


  67. Hops 2.0

    Hops 2.012 hours ago

    Ryft doesn’t need macros macros need him

  68. RAYYANyt

    RAYYANyt12 hours ago

    Did you said your stopping editing you?

  69. Blu E

    Blu E12 hours ago

    Fast edts

  70. fr0zey

    fr0zey12 hours ago

    As the beat drops, an ad comes up.

  71. Petra Müller

    Petra Müller12 hours ago


  72. SWK

    SWK12 hours ago

    0:25, Its the gaming chair.

  73. FA_Zartou

    FA_Zartou12 hours ago


  74. FA_Zartou

    FA_Zartou12 hours ago


  75. GamixTheGod

    GamixTheGod12 hours ago

    Bh notluc: jimipapi Jimipapi: yes Bh notluc: ryft finally reached it hasn’t he Jimipapi: smiles...yes😂

  76. MixzyFN

    MixzyFN12 hours ago

    Epic Games: due to an issue we have disabled ryft

  77. Alexander stanojevic

    Alexander stanojevic12 hours ago


  78. GamixTheGod

    GamixTheGod12 hours ago

    My man ryft using 100 keyboards for this video😂

  79. Jose Cardenas

    Jose Cardenas12 hours ago

    You are reallyyy fast

  80. Leon Brekke

    Leon Brekke12 hours ago

    I love you videos ryft yt dont bh notluc🤝