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Are you an automotive history buff? Do you enjoy watching cars being built? Are you infinitely curious about engines? Do you want to know the stories behind some of the coolest cars, all while having a laugh?

Donut Media is a channel for all types of car people, from JDM diehards to American muscle car enthusiasts and everything in between. Every week, we give you new episodes of our most popular shows. Whether your favorite car is the Skyline GT-R, the Dodge Challenger, VW GTI, BMW M3, WRX STi, 4Runner, Miata or Supra - we've got you covered. You don't have to be an expert to enjoy our videos, we have something for everyone.

Before you buy your next car, before you work on your junk car, before you go bumper 2 bumper, no matter what your wheelhouse is, we'll get you up to speed at Donut.

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  1. Kyle Scooby

    Kyle ScoobyHour ago

    Can't wait to see it running in a vid in the future

  2. Francisco Ramos

    Francisco RamosHour ago

    I just saw the video and y’all sold out 😭

  3. CEEAAT !!!

    CEEAAT !!!Hour ago

    With all due respect .. turn the gain down a little on the audio of your mic. I know you wanna have the loudest audio to get peoples attention on your vid but when you stress your points and yell, it causes the audio to over modulate and sound like shit (even at lower audio settings). Sorry, just tryin ta help a guy out...

  4. Jasper Lilienfeld

    Jasper LilienfeldHour ago

    They should trick out low car with these jam car mods.

  5. A Man With No Name

    A Man With No NameHour ago

    I think that you are overlooking ONE Little's that, "the Vette, gets em wet!"

  6. Jorel playz

    Jorel playzHour ago

    5000hp will be a freaking bomb !!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Troy Shahan

    Troy ShahanHour ago

    Every single USlikes video has the host pitching a product. They don’t even know what they’re selling! What a pain in the ass. It used to be something awesome. #greed

  8. Loren Stickler

    Loren Stickler2 hours ago

    Hot boxin with that lazer thing could be dope 🤔

  9. The Master Magicians

    The Master Magicians2 hours ago


  10. Jabid21

    Jabid212 hours ago

    Imagine pairing a VQ engine up with its infamous CVT. *My QX60 cries in silence

  11. George Ciocoiu

    George Ciocoiu2 hours ago

    I'm more interested in how much of a fire hazard that LED exhaust tip is. I have a feeling you'll melt it after 15 minutes of high-rev driving...

  12. Juan Hernandez

    Juan Hernandez2 hours ago

    The repulsive pull hepatosplenomegaly undress because seagull pathophysiologically check across a mean shell. unwieldy, temporary mom

  13. SIRROMON Mandi

    SIRROMON Mandi2 hours ago

    Well isnt it hilarious americans calling others weird

  14. XHKC

    XHKC2 hours ago

    Love the humour :)

  15. XHKC

    XHKC2 hours ago

    I like the host he cool.

  16. Daniel Baxter

    Daniel Baxter2 hours ago

    up to speed for the love of god already

  17. Robert Renato Hack

    Robert Renato Hack2 hours ago

    That's China for ya.

  18. RedGiant

    RedGiant2 hours ago

    Imagine getting pulled over in America with a black man in the car and not getting a ticket, miracle's really do happen

  19. E

    E2 hours ago

    When ur like 65 u should have to take some kind of test every year to know if u sould be able to drive

  20. Kwala 916

    Kwala 9162 hours ago

    Just one *ahem* plz 😣

  21. Elenor Steuernagel

    Elenor Steuernagel2 hours ago

    The milky halibut karyologically prepare because vulture probably explode behind a standing government. imperfect, ill rat

  22. Odeo

    Odeo2 hours ago

    Damn that miata has 17 more hp than my stock v6

  23. MrBlackMagic

    MrBlackMagic2 hours ago

    I can’t with the cummins 😂😂😂😂😂


    TMG GROUP2 hours ago

    100% Chinese product discretion style.

  25. Emir Kağan Sirkecioğlu

    Emir Kağan Sirkecioğlu2 hours ago

    ahhh i always wanted this exhaust tip

  26. Sinwoo Yoo

    Sinwoo Yoo2 hours ago

    This guy has almost everything. I love his line that I am my parents' tradeoff.

  27. Stöpfel W

    Stöpfel W2 hours ago

    Wish is just a giant scam website imo that sells crap that some poor under payed people throw together at home 🙄

  28. 5C(26) 黃柏熙 Wong Pak Hei Samuel

    5C(26) 黃柏熙 Wong Pak Hei Samuel2 hours ago

    OMG the motorcade in GTA is only 5 cars including the limo, but this is ten times whatever GTA has

  29. Julio Cesar Peraçoli

    Julio Cesar Peraçoli2 hours ago

    link pra comprar esse painel?

  30. fowletm1992

    fowletm19922 hours ago

    I guess the like of llc exist only to profit off the licencing of elandor But the likes of universal are in the business of producing content and getting it spread around Noybing like fan replication to get attention to a movie Itll be interesting to see when or if the likes of marvel ever gets sold to one of these licencing company's and how that affects cosplsy and costume makeing

  31. Van Vuite

    Van Vuite2 hours ago

    LOL Mule=Mute ""Confusion level increasing"

  32. yes stuck in quarantine

    yes stuck in quarantine2 hours ago

    I think the series 2 looks way better than the discovery 3

  33. Muhammad Safaul Hoque

    Muhammad Safaul Hoque2 hours ago

    Make more upto speed videos

  34. Mobys Mobys

    Mobys Mobys2 hours ago

    Deym my dream car ❤️

  35. Elenor Steuernagel

    Elenor Steuernagel2 hours ago

    The cloistered jewel computationally amuse because employer aesthetically encourage without a delightful apparatus. berserk, judicious laundry

  36. GaB_DoD 045

    GaB_DoD 0452 hours ago

    Tokio drift is the best of all fast and furious

  37. DaSracasticFish

    DaSracasticFish2 hours ago

    Space smells like seared meat

  38. AnteConfig

    AnteConfig2 hours ago


  39. Z-Twinturbo

    Z-Twinturbo2 hours ago

    I like how James' cap says HRSPRS !!! baby

  40. wired pol coffee

    wired pol coffee2 hours ago

    i actually hate you

  41. Jani Palonen

    Jani Palonen2 hours ago

    Love when they say the go kart's sounded like a turbo diesel's and fast forward a little bit and luke evans is describing how a spark plug went bad on his "go kart" 😂

  42. Viktor.G

    Viktor.G2 hours ago

    I looks very different

  43. Willem Daniel

    Willem Daniel2 hours ago

    I kinda want the shotgun laser. Not for my car but to carry around and if people annoy me bam. Shotgun laser

  44. Jordan Andrew Music

    Jordan Andrew Music2 hours ago

    My nose hurts just watching this.

  45. NovejSpeed3

    NovejSpeed32 hours ago

    Imagine a car with the Mitsubishi 4g powertrain and Suby drivetrain....

  46. GreenGamer540

    GreenGamer5402 hours ago

    The video: 17 minutes The actual race: less than a minute

  47. penis enlargement

    penis enlargement2 hours ago

    Imagen using this tech on a supra

  48. rezaul mintu

    rezaul mintu2 hours ago

    can you do another one but using Ali expresses

  49. Chaosgamer 64

    Chaosgamer 642 hours ago

    Not gonna shame ya cuz I know German is quite unique in pronunciation

  50. Daniel Quiben

    Daniel Quiben2 hours ago

    can you make an ep of up to speed with the owner type jeep ?

  51. Josh Thomas

    Josh Thomas2 hours ago

    “Cleaning artifact” Am I the only one that imagines Indiana Jones but a maid searching in a jungle temple for that slime?

  52. ni9h7mar390

    ni9h7mar3902 hours ago

    People was like: We need pistons!! and there was this one guys who said"but we still wipe our butts with the community sponge.." "pistons are more important" !!!

  53. Leo Amago

    Leo Amago2 hours ago

    Boys time to go the desert 🏎️💨💨💨

  54. Axel Alexson

    Axel Alexson2 hours ago

    GM being late to the EV game - > Let's not forget the EV-1 have been waiting for it since the 90s. They were probably too early then the next iteration of leading professional idiots took too long to come about again. As for full size EV trucks: Volvo, VW, Renault, MAN and Mercedes already offer them. The concepts of various kinds were teased for at least 15 years along with hydrogen fuel fell ideas.