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Cleaning GIANT Tilefish
We Cooked a Dogfish!
  1. Just Jets

    Just Jets9 hours ago

    I am surprised it didn't capsize the boat!

  2. Get Over Here Fishing

    Get Over Here Fishing9 hours ago

    What amazing video dude huge fans watched ton of your videos ❤🎣




  4. Verdations

    Verdations9 hours ago

    Anyone else hoping he’d throw the flying fish like a paper airplane?

  5. Jared Hubmann

    Jared Hubmann9 hours ago

    I bet it don't taste right

  6. BPK Fishing CHANNEL เหยื่อตกปลานิล

    BPK Fishing CHANNEL เหยื่อตกปลานิล9 hours ago

    It's great. Big fish

  7. Michael Barbosa

    Michael Barbosa9 hours ago

    What about the cheeks?

  8. CallMeMuncher

    CallMeMuncher9 hours ago

    Bubble guppies

  9. Vinay Sagar

    Vinay Sagar9 hours ago

    Wow I not believe in

  10. therealmccoy2004

    therealmccoy200410 hours ago

    Anything that big should be threw back in the water!! All meat aint good meat!

  11. Lorchid23

    Lorchid2310 hours ago

    Why didn’t didn’t harvest the cheek meat???

  12. TEAM USN

    TEAM USN10 hours ago


  13. Killer cat

    Killer cat10 hours ago


  14. Donnie Cales

    Donnie Cales10 hours ago

    Man could fill a freezer with fish like that what’s the limit and rules to catching these

  15. Erik Larson

    Erik Larson10 hours ago

    Had to mute. Cool video, but this dude acts like a 12 year old on all the addy.

  16. Jamal Dumaka

    Jamal Dumaka10 hours ago

    I came here to find out how to clean my 400 lb grouper...thanks a lot buddy

  17. Blizzy Gang

    Blizzy Gang11 hours ago

    Yeah cuz I just have a fork lift sitting around to clean a grouper

  18. aviv logsdon

    aviv logsdon11 hours ago

    5:22 it will severe an artery (proceeds to run finger on it)

  19. Jay Burrough

    Jay Burrough11 hours ago

    Those men are like this dude is screaming like a little girl 🤣😹

  20. Laura Sanchez

    Laura Sanchez11 hours ago

    Don't you feel bad for the fish? Just letting it suffer by depriving it from water/oxygen, and then putting it in the cold box of ice while it's still grasping for air? I think your channel is cool, but it just hurts me to see fish suffering... And yes I eat meat (not fish but that's just cause I find the taste disgusting) but with other animals, at least they don't let it suffer.

  21. Corey Smith

    Corey Smith11 hours ago

    I think he should get Brian shaw Robert oberst and Eddie hall three of the world's strongest men give them a try lol ik this video is old

  22. The Jace Ramdass

    The Jace Ramdass11 hours ago

    Yes it will fit

  23. 1Philipho

    1Philipho11 hours ago

    Correct techniques and strength to land a big fish and NOT solely strength.

  24. The Offender

    The Offender12 hours ago

    How old is a grouper this size?

  25. anak desa Channel

    anak desa Channel12 hours ago

    Wow amazing

  26. Swamp Cabbage

    Swamp Cabbage12 hours ago

    When someone hangs a fish for cleaning like a deer I have no choice but to click

  27. Eddie B

    Eddie B12 hours ago

    Why? Won't taste good at all!

  28. Bart Grider

    Bart Grider12 hours ago

    That is the exact recipe that I use to cook fish in my air fryer. 400 degrees for 10 minutes and its money.

  29. ImJustIsaiah-_-

    ImJustIsaiah-_-12 hours ago

    No surprise it’s based in Florida 💀

  30. Ray Balser

    Ray Balser12 hours ago

    Quick someone go back and get the cheeks

  31. hawk7825

    hawk782512 hours ago

    That meat reminds me of the Water world fish

  32. Trigger Warning

    Trigger Warning13 hours ago

    "Nice set a loins on em, heh. This way!"

  33. rj1 trrc

    rj1 trrc13 hours ago

    Title: Strongest men vs strongest fish Actual strongmen atheletes watching: "Cute"

  34. ColdKillaColt

    ColdKillaColt13 hours ago

    Isn’t it illegal to take a Goliath out of the water? Let alone eat them.

  35. drewsbadatgame

    drewsbadatgame13 hours ago

    The cars going by 👁👄👁

  36. ...

    ...14 hours ago

    "Get ready Juji"

  37. Parker Kuntz

    Parker Kuntz14 hours ago


  38. Ponce

    Ponce14 hours ago

    3:45 left him hanging

  39. Paul Thoburn Outdoors

    Paul Thoburn Outdoors14 hours ago

    95% of people here are not trying to learn to clean a 300 pound grouper, lol awesome vid keep up the good work!

  40. Yohancee Santiago

    Yohancee Santiago14 hours ago


  41. Tony Oliver

    Tony Oliver14 hours ago

    That grouper is the same size as the two guy's put together that are cutting it's meat away to the bare carcass.

  42. Brewdaddy 18

    Brewdaddy 1815 hours ago

    Why didn’t they just slam the gas

  43. Frank Day

    Frank Day15 hours ago

    There's at least 20lb of meat on the head too. The cheeks are the best bits.

  44. DWS Outdoors

    DWS Outdoors15 hours ago

    SO... HUNGRY... NOW!

  45. tommise,the tank,engine

    tommise,the tank,engine15 hours ago

    macos are rare and endangered sharp species

  46. Dragon y2k

    Dragon y2k15 hours ago

    To start you need a long sashimi knife.

  47. st1rkyl

    st1rkyl15 hours ago

    I didn’t even know there was fish in the ocean that big

  48. Gigability Dontask

    Gigability Dontask16 hours ago

    Why just for USlikes really

  49. Mark Jay

    Mark Jay16 hours ago

    Yeeeah big boy!

  50. Tasleem Khan

    Tasleem Khan16 hours ago

    Do more videos

  51. pork chop

    pork chop16 hours ago

    That’s cool, I’m going to try it

  52. James Slocum

    James Slocum16 hours ago

    Is it smart to intentionally catch/eat fish that you know has high levels of heavy metals? Seems like a catch and release fish to me

  53. Stef.W

    Stef.W17 hours ago

    5:09 Shaggy has been hitting the gym lately.

  54. Team Sevins Fishing

    Team Sevins Fishing18 hours ago

    I knew it was gonna be an oceanic white by the shape of the outline. That is awesome ! Always wanted to see and catch one! They are a rarity these days. Bahamas seems to have a good bit.

  55. Team Sevins Fishing

    Team Sevins Fishing18 hours ago

    By far my favorite video you’ve done. I gave jackdup a follow on ig

  56. Kyle Meyers

    Kyle Meyers18 hours ago

    Need a collaboration between BlacktipH and Deer Meat for Dinner!

  57. raja Rout

    raja Rout19 hours ago


  58. Alfeddy Mendoza

    Alfeddy Mendoza19 hours ago

    Dejen de ablar ingles

  59. Joey Fingers

    Joey Fingers20 hours ago

    No drag 100lb line? Yall reel like Nothing! Lol good stuff

  60. Opkitt Katt

    Opkitt Katt20 hours ago

    The fish is giant!!!

  61. Geezee 5six2

    Geezee 5six220 hours ago

    I thought these fish was catch and release only

  62. Opkitt Katt

    Opkitt Katt20 hours ago

    I loved you video!!!

  63. Julian Colella

    Julian Colella21 hour ago

    Me: *sees knife* Also me: NOPE CYA XD

  64. Chauhan Om

    Chauhan Om21 hour ago


  65. Long TV Mancing

    Long TV Mancing21 hour ago

    Wow, amazing!!! What's name the fish? I've never seen before in Indonesia!!!


    BREEZZY B22 hours ago

    I’ve been wanting to see a grouper this big in a catch and cook for like 2 years

  67. Nick Rangel

    Nick Rangel22 hours ago

    Port O'connor is the place for these in Texas.

  68. 209brandon B

    209brandon B22 hours ago

    I wonder if anyone has ever died by being strapped to that pole on one of the strong ass fish and just being drunk and not knowing what they’re doing and get pulled over and then get pulled down and they’re connected to the pole an the line

  69. 209brandon B

    209brandon B22 hours ago

    Man the sharks look so strong the first thing I thought is they should have a wrist strap for those bolt cutters they look like they were almost going to the bottom


    WEST L I F E LOVER23 hours ago

    50 years late! Fish: this is our time,sjjejewjs wjwjabsbbwne

  71. quaid harrell

    quaid harrell23 hours ago

    7 year old struggling to catch a Goliath grouper ten year old me kinda struggling to reel in a 50 pound wahoo

  72. Faisal rasheedi

    Faisal rasheedi23 hours ago

    Does it work on a 5 pound Grouper?

  73. Lewis Frazier

    Lewis Frazier23 hours ago

    Women on steroids ain't pretty

  74. บุญเลิศ ฟิสชิ่งสีทอง

    บุญเลิศ ฟิสชิ่งสีทอง23 hours ago


  75. Joseph K.

    Joseph K.23 hours ago

    Great time hopfully you guys take out the misery of your bait fish too...that part i didnt like tbh..respect your catch

  76. Kevin Pearson

    Kevin PearsonDay ago

    Did you get the rest of the meat off? It would be a shame to throw away those cheeks and the throats/collars.

  77. Faris Fbareji

    Faris FbarejiDay ago


  78. Hank Xiong

    Hank XiongDay ago

    Are you serious?

  79. Sarah Williams

    Sarah WilliamsDay ago

    I wasn’t closep

  80. coolbreeze

    coolbreezeDay ago

    An ad each minute is too much. I couldn't follow the video. No more.