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"TstreeT CONTROVERSY Live" was created July 29, 2014 and USlikes Partnered in August of 2014. TstreeT CONTROVERSY has been covering boxing on USlikes since November of 2010 and along with a former partner amassed 28,000+ subscribers and millions of views on a now non-existing channel and now 25,000+ subscribers on this channel. This channel is dedicated to original while unique entertaining views and/or commentary on boxing news, politics, rankings, rumors, and all information in regards to upcoming bouts. We also specialize in press conferences, media workouts, interviews, post and pre fight LIVE results, podcast, live streaming post fight analysis and much more.

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  1. Kyle Edward

    Kyle EdwardHour ago

    I pre ordered the Claressa Shields event.

  2. Victor Jimenez

    Victor Jimenez2 hours ago

    If BJS is focused. This man can become a mini Tyson Fury. Canelo vs BJS is going to be a great fight. Shout out to Canelo for going after the big belts

  3. Dj P Avenue

    Dj P Avenue4 hours ago

    Crazy cause Eubank jr and dirrell went some round with yildrim and Canelo smoked em in 3. Goes to show how great of a fighter Canelo is. When he beats Saunders and plant later this year all the haters are going to want Canelo to fight beterbiev and Anthony Joshua next year.

  4. mercy grace

    mercy grace4 hours ago

    Canelo acting like he killed a Lion😊

  5. Dodge Jay

    Dodge Jay5 hours ago

    When is the real competition going to show up....??

  6. Andrei Korbachenko

    Andrei Korbachenko5 hours ago

    Hey man I don't know what happened? I was subscribed to you for years since like 2011 & all of a sudden I couldn't find your channel anymore. I thought you got murked. Philly being Philly for real 4 real. I'm from there & lived in Philly for over 26 years. Another USlikes's finally contacted me back as I thought he was you & you changed ypur channel as of last year when I subscribed to his channel. " counter punch boxing " I thought your channel was E Street controversy & he let me know your still alive & your channel is T street controversy. So I'm glad you still here & all good so I'm resubscribing.

  7. Chuck Silver

    Chuck Silver5 hours ago

    Turn da fucking mike off πŸ˜‚

  8. Chad Fletcher

    Chad Fletcher6 hours ago

    Don’t lie Canela, 168 is one of the weakest divisions and you’re gonna pull guys up from 160 eventually...

  9. J C

    J C6 hours ago


  10. Chad Fletcher

    Chad Fletcher7 hours ago

    Hungrier than a hostage!! Lolol... How the fuck was he the mandatory while fighting a guy with a 3-24-3 record 3 fights ago?! In the words of Creepy Uncle Joe... C’mon MAN!!

  11. TonyArana

    TonyArana7 hours ago

    "Anybody can get it" 🀣🀣

  12. Jetsn10

    Jetsn108 hours ago

    Wolf blood wasn’t there tonight πŸ˜…

  13. arp thirteen

    arp thirteen9 hours ago

    Boxing giving us another weak ass fight... long live MMA/UFC.

  14. Muttly One

    Muttly One9 hours ago

    Canelo would rather fight Plant before BJS but PBC keeps their fighters under lock and key. PBC is the worst thing for boxing has decent fighters, claim they have the best fighters but never let their fighters out of PBC cage.

  15. Luis Hernandez

    Luis Hernandez9 hours ago

    I wonder what the numbers are for this?


    CELEBRITIES GALORE10 hours ago

    Canelo says he wants to fight the best lmaoo yea ...as long as their not black

  17. Tasheem Hayes

    Tasheem Hayes10 hours ago

    My thing is this canelo don't make the ranking system. He would have had to fight him to keep the belts this time

  18. the real yaco

    the real yaco10 hours ago

    I guess there no such as a Turkish wolf

  19. Other

    Other11 hours ago

    Canelo vs BJS another fight that woulda been great about 3 years ago....Canelo wins pretty easy.

  20. Mark Whittle

    Mark Whittle11 hours ago

    I honestly believe Saunders beats Canelo on points.. I see all arguments on why Canelo p4p but bjs just hits an moves I can see him running away with first half of the fight just need fair scoring

  21. Alexander Shamsai

    Alexander Shamsai11 hours ago

    This was a fixed fight. Period!

  22. DreamChaser_ Cj

    DreamChaser_ Cj12 hours ago

    Harry Potter took Oscar place

  23. SISTIC1

    SISTIC112 hours ago

    Shit, guy came just for cheque!

  24. Chris Reyes

    Chris Reyes13 hours ago

    Yildirim got paid over a mill for each punch he landed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  25. Mr S

    Mr S13 hours ago

    So glad I went to bed just before the main event

  26. PunchQuote

    PunchQuote14 hours ago


  27. KaLi

    KaLi14 hours ago


  28. Life is Blessed

    Life is Blessed14 hours ago

    i only wanna see David Benavidez or Billy joe in that ring with Canelo...Bless

  29. Vince Shaw

    Vince Shaw15 hours ago

    Billy is a good fighter but too inactive. He needs 2 warm up fights b4πŸ‘

  30. angry brit

    angry brit15 hours ago

    Billy wont win the fight . But i would say 100 that bjs hits canelo more than gets hit over 12 rounds

  31. John

    John15 hours ago

    Dont sweat on the Saunders v Canelo fight, Saunders will find a way out the match happening.

  32. Igavehimadollar !

    Igavehimadollar !15 hours ago

    looking forward to the canelo vs saunders fight but i just cant see billy having the firepower T to keep him off and eventually canelo will wear him down

  33. Jimmy Spiteria

    Jimmy Spiteria15 hours ago

    That's why UFC fucking shits on boxing, just look at half the fights with the betting odds, ufc are all competitive fights.

  34. CPB 1

    CPB 115 hours ago

    Billy Joe Saunders will give Canelo problems

  35. RikoRamss3 optimal

    RikoRamss3 optimal15 hours ago

    168 is his weight becose there is no any good fighter in so he can win the title . He s natural weight is 180 why he dont chalenge beterbiev ???πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†why !!!!!

  36. RikoRamss3 optimal

    RikoRamss3 optimal15 hours ago

    He say he make a ko ???where ???fk you there is no ko he quit that s all .

  37. RikoRamss3 optimal

    RikoRamss3 optimal15 hours ago

    I canceled my dazn shit . This is not boxing . Mafia shit .

  38. C L

    C L16 hours ago

    Dude was fighting Canelo like Canelo was a heavy bag... TRASH

  39. George sullivan

    George sullivan16 hours ago

    Let's be honest, it was a poor quality fight

  40. victor santana

    victor santana16 hours ago

    He is on the weakest divisions of all divisions that's why he chooses that divisions

  41. G H

    G H16 hours ago

    What an horrendous fight. Canelo did was he had to do but Yildrim was pathetic. Biggest opportunity of his life and didnt through a single power punch and quit on his stool. Coward. Canelo and BJS is a good fight. If BJS is in top shape he gives Canelo issues. The lack of activity is s worry though

  42. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader17 hours ago

    Can we just go to september Canelo vs Plant for undisputed

  43. Soldier94 eMe

    Soldier94 eMe17 hours ago

    That translator is trash

  44. Soldier94 eMe

    Soldier94 eMe17 hours ago

    Canelo is the new man to beat . Floyd made him the beast he is .

  45. rob87

    rob8717 hours ago

    what a sad night for boxing possibly sadder than tyson vs jones jr.

  46. Tony Gucci

    Tony Gucci17 hours ago

    Fuck bj's ...gonna run and clinch all night watch

  47. Mr. DeviL

    Mr. DeviL17 hours ago

    Everybody knows that guys sucks

  48. sainttrunks1982

    sainttrunks198217 hours ago

    Canelo's staying at 168 to avoid Artur Beterbiev

  49. hawkermustang

    hawkermustang17 hours ago

    Canelo is the star and Yildirim is the jobber.

  50. King KO

    King KO17 hours ago

    Fa was holding for dear life all night. That boy is trash.

  51. JiTengful

    JiTengful17 hours ago

    This is why boxing is DEAD

  52. Matias Seaborg

    Matias Seaborg17 hours ago

    The english is gonna do some weird video in April to duck the heavy ammunition that is coming for him

  53. Kris Rock

    Kris Rock23 hours ago

    Late af but the man looked good in there active jab good movement

  54. Kaiani Rodriguez

    Kaiani RodriguezDay ago

    Parker vs Fa what a SNOOZE fest lord have mercy

  55. You numb Nuts

    You numb NutsDay ago

    Thanks for the video uso! πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½

  56. EL principito

    EL principitoDay ago

    this is not fight.. 2 guys cuddling each other. What a joke.

  57. ARH78

    ARH78Day ago

    Boring as hell battle of the cheese burgers

  58. first light

    first lightDay ago

    Can't stand higgins reminds me of a crackhead trying to sell his mothers wedding ring.....

  59. Karl Kindle

    Karl KindleDay ago

    you can tell hes in a good place mentally.. hes gonna be dangerous

  60. MrSirFluffy

    MrSirFluffyDay ago

    Ill drop 1$ on Yildrim, if he wins I'll be the richest man alive haha

  61. Jason Gillow

    Jason GillowDay ago

    Can’t help getting injured and no I don’t think he’s faking shit. Anyhow, I’ll never forget how he worked Charlo, made him look silly landing the same shot over and over and over.He was winning the Eubank jr fight, and had a freak injury. This fight against Ellis didn’t look like he was overwhelmed or anything, but gets hurt again. Just sux for the sport, guy was really setting the bar for the division as a solid opponent. Will always be known for exposing Charlo.

  62. SISTIC1

    SISTIC1Day ago

    Tricky situation! Bob’ been through this shit many times before. Hope it ends well for Lopez!

  63. Walter Joseph

    Walter JosephDay ago

    I agree with you..bro for that experience he still cant read Fa game which hit and grab he shud take a step back..every time he leans in..never heard his coach say anything....And instead of a windmill Throw shots down in the middle..

  64. Bizzare77777

    Bizzare77777Day ago

    All that freaking money Canelo has and he still can't learn english? God damn!!!

  65. Jonathan D. Figueroa

    Jonathan D. FigueroaDay ago

    You're a lil but Turkish, you found out on ancestors dot com???....what a fucking stupid comment, that's suppose to make yildirim win??

  66. Jonathan D. Figueroa

    Jonathan D. FigueroaDay ago

    I thought this dude was gonna say....canelo needs to fight Joshua, wilder and Fury smmfh

  67. DUKO BiG RED

    DUKO BiG REDDay ago

    Parker las0 that was so stink I could smell his asS from here,waste the time,time you to look for a job boxing ain't your thing Keeeefffffffeeeeee

  68. Theo Greene

    Theo GreeneDay ago

    Parker in negotiations with chisora

  69. hanah pierce

    hanah pierceDay ago

    Ky will win

  70. Flip Warbucks

    Flip WarbucksDay ago

    T a old head lol. House phone n shxt lol

  71. Jonathan Lambarena

    Jonathan LambarenaDay ago

    I ain't chinese but I'm sure it's okay. Chinaman to me sound like american, just like Mexican, just like englishman

  72. Airyed

    AiryedDay ago

    What a awful fight I hope to never watch ever again

  73. Daniel Munoz

    Daniel MunozDay ago

    Where does he stream? USlikes or twitch?

  74. Riahs Crew

    Riahs CrewDay ago


  75. Riahs Crew

    Riahs CrewDay ago

    TamΓ£si’i, you cannot ever win a fight by holding hugging every 20 sec the ENTIRE FIGHT, I am haunted by the word BREAK πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ I accidentally back handed my wife and her mom every 20 sec πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ frm hearing Break in my head shammit you guys!!

  76. jumptube

    jumptubeDay ago

    This fight was so bad. If I was ref I would’ve just let them hug all night. Ref did more work than the fighters by having to break them up every 2 seconds.

  77. Jason Elliott

    Jason ElliottDay ago

    I talked shit about the purse bid but when T street broke down him potentially winning 10 belts in the long run that shit made sense I probably would've done the same

  78. Hauauru Cowell

    Hauauru CowellDay ago

    Did uno level 3 only got announced during the fight we were at level 1 b4 the fight happen

  79. Gary Folau

    Gary FolauDay ago

    Junior Fa clearly holding for surviving he wasn't fighting.. He felt joseph parkers power..

  80. Black Magick Genetics

    Black Magick GeneticsDay ago

    I hate when Fighters are so happy after they Loose..What a Monster of a Clown.