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  1. Rebecca Caples

    Rebecca Caples13 minutes ago

    Thank you LA for everything thing you have done for me and all the american people God bless you and thank you again for all your hard work

  2. Anthony Tsangaris

    Anthony Tsangaris18 minutes ago


  3. Jennifer Gunter

    Jennifer Gunter19 minutes ago

    Do u got to go to your employer for hazard pay on this bill also ?

  4. Debra Lynn Bailey

    Debra Lynn Bailey22 minutes ago

    That doesn’t seem right it should be higher your still out there 😒

  5. Nigel Wagner

    Nigel Wagner22 minutes ago

    Executive order

  6. Darva Earnest

    Darva Earnest22 minutes ago

    I'm so disappointed. Next month when the $200. starts being added to SSI, my SSI has ended. They said since April has an extra husband's paycheck on the last day of the month then that throws me off SSI and Medicaid and foodstamps. All because a pay check falls on the last day instead of on the first of the following month. Praying people please pray for us. I can't even go back to my opthomologist or doctor. :(

  7. Shana Cantu

    Shana Cantu26 minutes ago

    ThAnk you LALATE for helping so much. I enjoy and look forward to watching you everyday. You encourage me daily with your happiness.

  8. Nigel Wagner

    Nigel Wagner28 minutes ago

    When is it going to be deposited in our banking accounts

  9. Jackie hgv a Toney

    Jackie hgv a Toney34 minutes ago

    What's Pua

  10. Gabriella Salinas

    Gabriella Salinas36 minutes ago

    The senators are full of crapola

  11. Teresa Peoples

    Teresa Peoples36 minutes ago


  12. Cramer Bryant

    Cramer Bryant36 minutes ago

    Your ok and we like your voice and your happy. way to be with the people on your show.

  13. D W

    D W38 minutes ago

    Great job reporting

  14. Kaycie Star

    Kaycie Star39 minutes ago

    I’d like to shake the hand of every person responsible for this grand financial mercy to Americans- who are in great need due to no fault of their own. You’ve restored my faith in my government and in my country. This law-abiding citizen salutes you. THANK YOU for a job well done. πŸ€— I’m very grateful.

  15. Roy Saxon

    Roy Saxon41 minute ago

    Good morning

  16. Pete Castillo

    Pete Castillo41 minute ago

    The virus is still active. Jobs are not out there. Believe me. A lot of us rather be working. Then relying on United States government.

  17. Roy Saxon

    Roy Saxon42 minutes ago

    Good morning

  18. Kristin Hudson

    Kristin Hudson43 minutes ago

    That's for your hard work L.A . I pray they give hospital housekeeping hazard pay as of now its only nurses and doctors

  19. kim h

    kim h44 minutes ago

    What about everyone who is working through this whole pandemic and it's called an essential worker What About Us do

  20. Kevin Barry

    Kevin Barry44 minutes ago

    Congress can only do two reconciliation bills this year. The next one they do is earmarked for infrastructure.

  21. Roseann Cisneros

    Roseann Cisneros45 minutes ago


  22. Patrick Ochoa

    Patrick Ochoa45 minutes ago

    It's about time.

  23. Howard Sexton

    Howard Sexton47 minutes ago


  24. Joe Helton

    Joe Helton47 minutes ago

    I just want to say one thing the government and really shown how much they really care about the poor and lower class people they don't care about us and the next election we're going to get somebody in there it does care about us thanks Jenna gave us a lot more than 1400 tha will help but it won't help the American people get on their feet they need to start giving us at least 2500 to $5,000 a month to work American people can get back on their feet and get them at home or the children and get down their stuff back that they lost their cars all the furniture I just don't like that was right they're living out on the street and it's not right it's not the American way this is never happened before and it should have never happened God bless everyone

  25. Charles Porter

    Charles Porter48 minutes ago

    Purple power think you LA for All you Do have did we’ll continue to Do we the Purple Power together we the people are A family together say Hi to our Cow at the casino my Friend love your new Digs my Friend

  26. David Schoppe

    David Schoppe49 minutes ago

    4th check or package will not go anywhere.

  27. oliver mendoza

    oliver mendoza49 minutes ago

    is HAZARD PAY included in this 3rd stimulus bill?

  28. Shirley Parker

    Shirley Parker49 minutes ago

    Hey everyone

  29. Pete Castillo

    Pete Castillo50 minutes ago

    1400$ will carry us to December.......πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ The fourth stimulus will Be in March 2022.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†

  30. Justa Awake

    Justa Awake51 minute ago


  31. Denise Frye

    Denise Frye52 minutes ago

    THANK YOU LAπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

  32. Ezella Barner

    Ezella Barner52 minutes ago

    Imma believe that when it comes into my direct deposit bank account πŸ€‘ πŸ€‘ πŸ€‘ πŸ€‘ πŸ€ͺ πŸ€ͺ πŸ€‘ πŸ€‘ πŸ€‘

  33. Shaggie Garcia

    Shaggie Garcia52 minutes ago

    How do a Uber driver get hazard pay?

  34. Denise Frye

    Denise Frye53 minutes ago


  35. Deanna Burris

    Deanna Burris54 minutes ago


  36. Crystyl

    Crystyl55 minutes ago

    I have been unemployed since the pandemic started. My unemployment benefit year is up today. Can I apply for a second year? Will they let me collect till September?

  37. Maryanne Yothers

    Maryanne Yothers55 minutes ago

    i have ask i dont know how many times nobody answer me how do u get free internet ,please there must be someone who lnows please someonr tell me

  38. Nancy Spivey

    Nancy Spivey56 minutes ago

    I appreciate you very much!

  39. Roy Saxon

    Roy Saxon56 minutes ago

    Good evening

  40. gay1019

    gay101957 minutes ago

    Does va benefit recipients get 200 monthly extra as well?

  41. Evelyn Greer

    Evelyn Greer58 minutes ago

    Thank goodness

  42. gay1019

    gay101958 minutes ago

    Does va benefit recipients get extra 200 monthly as well?

  43. captQ1

    captQ1Hour ago

    Whoop di doo

  44. Wendy Merman

    Wendy MermanHour ago

    NO YOU DID IT!!!!!

  45. Mar Brock

    Mar BrockHour ago

    Are Stimulus Checks taxable or will we get less Social Security ?

  46. Mar Brock

    Mar BrockHour ago

    The Social Security for year I could see what its like to live better

  47. Let’s talk Serial Killers

    Let’s talk Serial KillersHour ago

    Is there anything for dependants?

  48. Steve Austin

    Steve AustinHour ago

    Is there going to be a third draw of PPP, for sole proprietors who have already received and been forgiven for the first two draws of PPP loans, in the American Rescue Act of 2021.

  49. Mar Brock

    Mar BrockHour ago

    Section 8 Housing HUD is good too where I live there is a Charity that has gotten over 2000 folks Housing here in Oregon

  50. israel nicolas

    israel nicolasHour ago

    I love my uncle sam he's my biggest mob

  51. Sherry Johnson

    Sherry JohnsonHour ago

    What a joke πŸ™„

  52. Howard Mcintyre

    Howard McintyreHour ago

    What about our stimus? Please don't keep talking about things that we don't need. Or that doesn't apply to us.

  53. Ezella Barner

    Ezella BarnerHour ago

    I'll believe that when it hits my direct deposit bank account πŸ€‘ πŸ€‘ πŸ€‘ πŸ€‘ πŸ€ͺ πŸ€ͺ πŸ€‘ πŸ€‘ πŸ€‘

  54. Kathy LeBouef

    Kathy LeBouefHour ago


  55. Ezella Barner

    Ezella BarnerHour ago

    I'll believe that when it comes into my direct deposit bank account πŸ€‘ πŸ€‘ πŸ€‘ πŸ€‘ πŸ€ͺ πŸ€ͺ πŸ€‘

  56. Mike Everett

    Mike EverettHour ago

    Yes it's about time :-) all the way

  57. Leojuneb

    LeojunebHour ago

    Stimulus funds, and anything related to COVID should have been in a separate bill. The majority of the current bill has nothing to do with COVID! It is primarily PORK. What a disaster to and against our country. Who will pay for this? Rhetorical question.

  58. Barbara Murphy

    Barbara MurphyHour ago

    I can't get PDF to print.

  59. James Brown

    James BrownHour ago

    If the median income was $75,000 to get the stimulus and you're an essential worker who made $27, 000 that still puts you way under the poverty level 25,000 is even lower than that and that makes no sense for essential workers that's a complete screw over to the low income families that are out here working through the pandemic I πŸ€” it should cover all essential workers and that totally cuts out first responders in medical staff

  60. Diana Meraz

    Diana MerazHour ago


  61. Sherry Ashley

    Sherry AshleyHour ago


  62. mike

    mikeHour ago

    read 10200 tax exemption on ui/pua etc is retro for 2020

  63. Patrick Garrison

    Patrick GarrisonHour ago

    Pelosi is Hazardous to America

  64. Chris Ballard

    Chris BallardHour ago

    Hazard pay AWESOME but do we get it automatically or do we file for it and who pays it out?

  65. Marlene Berumen

    Marlene BerumenHour ago

    They should send us the $1400. By this coming week faster than fast they are very behind paying us our stimulas around the world paying them once a month not America Buden is nothing but Laura just to get in as President there's more but why waste my time about it.

  66. Darlene Olson

    Darlene OlsonHour ago

    Just more hurry up & wait, no reason to keep us in limbo blame us for the pandemic make us struggle for a measely 1,400.00 while they get 14k seriously i cant work i cant wear a mask cant get a job this is crazy

  67. Ezella Barner

    Ezella BarnerHour ago

    Imma believe that when it comes into my direct deposit bank account

  68. pandaaandprecious

    pandaaandpreciousHour ago

    When are we getting our 15% raise on food stamps

  69. Cynthia Braxton

    Cynthia BraxtonHour ago

    How u get hazard pay in Illinois

  70. Dorene Hammond

    Dorene HammondHour ago

    Will the people on Social Security disability receive this stimulation stimulation stimulus check

  71. Jerry Richards

    Jerry RichardsHour ago

    Hi from Alabama

  72. Evelyn Alvidrez

    Evelyn AlvidrezHour ago

    Thank you LALATE for all you do for all of us Blessings πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  73. John Sedler

    John SedlerHour ago

    Biden should have signed it today not next week wtf

  74. Charslynn Woodall

    Charslynn WoodallHour ago

    Bernie Sanders gave his all thank you Annemae

  75. Gwendoline Miller

    Gwendoline MillerHour ago

    Need the executive order for ssi

  76. Curtis Williams

    Curtis WilliamsHour ago

    Smokeless Ashtray Make It Bigger . MAKE IT LIKE A TUFF SHED {NOW YOU HAVE A SMOG MACHINE]

  77. Joyce Leszyeski

    Joyce LeszyeskiHour ago

    Good evening everyone and Lalate

  78. Lydia Bemis

    Lydia BemisHour ago

    I really like you talking and everything you do a really good job and you make you make a lot of people laugh under the circumstances of what's going on in the world so I want to tell you thank you very much and I really appreciate it may God bless you abundantly kind of cute

  79. Yvette Rivera

    Yvette RiveraHour ago

    With regards to the fourth stimulus package. People on SSI and Social Security Disability are living below the poverty level. Moreover, people who have been on SSI and SSDI for decades are living a life of existence. As a result, their health has not been able too progress. It is tremendously important too act upon this as though ones life depended on it . Prayer's have been taken away from school's ; when our founding for Father's created prayers too stay in school's. Moreover, " children are killing children, weapons are sold too children and overseas; only to be used to kill one another. It has been said," the war on drugs actually started in the USA." End of quote. Big companies are getting richer ; and slowly but surely " this is becoming a third world country." End of quote. Hence, the additional two hundred dollars each month from social security is vital. .

  80. Robert johnson Johnson

    Robert johnson JohnsonHour ago

    Biden is lieing to us where is all these Stimulus checks on promises