1. norman casey

    norman casey5 hours ago

    Dude you are AWESOME

  2. andrew smith

    andrew smith5 hours ago

    This is quality music. This man is the future.

  3. Naomi Worth

    Naomi Worth7 hours ago

    Love it, needs to be on the radio!

  4. Chris&January Williamson

    Chris&January Williamson8 hours ago

    Love it!!!

  5. Tracen Phillips

    Tracen Phillips9 hours ago

    How does this song only have 100,000 views

  6. William Langdale

    William Langdale9 hours ago

    Love from Stockton Ga brotha

  7. Javon Troyer

    Javon Troyer13 hours ago

    The song is so fire

  8. dick lenahan

    dick lenahan16 hours ago


  9. Your Name Here

    Your Name Here20 hours ago

    Definitely don’t sell out, artists like you are hard to find πŸ‘Œ this song slaps πŸ”₯

  10. michael atkins

    michael atkinsDay ago

    Man this song hit hard on my soul.... Gave me straight chills

  11. Andrew Pansch

    Andrew PanschDay ago

    Caught this on the yee yee page. Love it man.

  12. VegasTommy

    VegasTommyDay ago

    I'll tell you right now... This song came on after another video I watched and when it started I wasn't sure what I would hear but I will say I did NOT expect that voice or that type of song to come out... This is awesome man! Keep doing you!

  13. Cory Touchet

    Cory TouchetDay ago

    Bruh I was happy when I heard this finally came out but now it passed my expectations congrats bro you should win a award

  14. Garden Doc

    Garden DocDay ago

    Just too good! Came straight from the TikTok can’t wait for more.

  15. A little bit of everything

    A little bit of everythingDay ago

    Lovin it my man

  16. HippieLovePunk

    HippieLovePunkDay ago


  17. Clay Rowe

    Clay RoweDay ago

    I'm from two towns down cuz "millwood " ! Georgia behind ya keep it coming

  18. The giant tree service

    The giant tree serviceDay ago

    Definitely jamming this out loud 🀘🏼

  19. Scope Gameing

    Scope GameingDay ago

    Man im so glad that I found you on Tik tok then found out you had a youtube and once I found you been a fan every since then saw that this was coming out I was so hyped its an amazing song and cant wait for you to get supper big

  20. Kody Stubblefield

    Kody StubblefieldDay ago

    This is the shit right here keep doin you homie



    Now that's the jam son!

  22. Wade Johnson

    Wade JohnsonDay ago

    This is the type of song you show to people who don’t like country. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  23. Metro dakid

    Metro dakidDay ago

    I fw this

  24. Harold East

    Harold EastDay ago

    Sombody tag Church. That collab would be dope

  25. Flying Anchovy

    Flying AnchovyDay ago

    First saw this on the forbidden app asking if he should release it. Glad he finally did. Shits a banger. Good stuff shad.

  26. Steven Smith

    Steven SmithDay ago

    Who's the idiots giving this song a thumbs down this song kicks ass

  27. The Black Sheep

    The Black SheepDay ago

    When he says he was brought up reading them words in red, is he talking about the Bible?

  28. Dr. Prepper NolteandGodfrey

    Dr. Prepper NolteandGodfreyDay ago

    Love this song. Real talent. God bless this American man. πŸ™ on my play list after God's country

  29. SA stealthebeast

    SA stealthebeastDay ago

    This is my new fav country song

  30. Justin Ellis

    Justin EllisDay ago

    Damn sounds like the next Brantley Gilbert. Hell yea

  31. Ben Wonders

    Ben Wonders2 days ago

    You+Church= Country Platinum

  32. Brody

    Brody2 days ago

    Dude. I just found you and my god. I love this shit. Keep it up

  33. Ashton Powell

    Ashton Powell2 days ago

    I know music labels are gonna be coming after you now so just stay independent because music labels cant give you shit but this is badass song

  34. Melinda Taldo

    Melinda Taldo2 days ago

    I’ve been waiting on this. This song is amazing!!

  35. Derick Coon

    Derick Coon2 days ago

    You and Upchurch would make a fire song 🎧

  36. Derick Coon

    Derick Coon2 days ago

    Damn boy get it.....yee yee

  37. David Taylor

    David Taylor2 days ago

    Coochee ga Yee yee

  38. crazy go karts

    crazy go karts2 days ago

    Yep it is I love it 😌

  39. GoldBadgeFarmDIY

    GoldBadgeFarmDIY2 days ago

    Oooooooh, Son! You're voice is SILK! And, your words really take me back! Story telling at it's best!!

  40. BERTRAND850

    BERTRAND8502 days ago

    This song is incredible! Been awesome watching you grow brother! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

  41. Abe Hussein

    Abe Hussein2 days ago

    I is Village(East Africa) r and more than label. This is great 🎡 bro. Buck yeah !

  42. Combat Ineffective

    Combat Ineffective2 days ago

    I heard this on tiktok first and was waiting to hear the whole song! Awesome song! This should be getting air play on the radio for sure!

  43. Manuel cruz

    Manuel cruz2 days ago

    Let’s all call to all radio stations in our states and ask for this hit to force then to play it and make it a big hit!!

  44. Evan Ault

    Evan Ault2 days ago

    Hell ya brother... blowin up my speakers now!

  45. I am She.

    I am She.2 days ago

    The lyrics, the music.... THANK YOU πŸ’•

  46. Eric Thompson

    Eric Thompson2 days ago

    I'm so glad you popped up on my tiktok love your music bro!

  47. Wild Fire

    Wild Fire2 days ago

    TikTok brought me here!! Thank you!!! Bout time we had another legend raise up!! New fan!’ πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  48. Crimson 7

    Crimson 72 days ago

    Crazy people: cOuNtRy MuSiC iS rAcIsT!! Me:Stfu

  49. Vicious Tiger Playz

    Vicious Tiger Playz2 days ago

    An amazing song. U will make it brother keep pushin

  50. James Largen

    James Largen3 days ago

    Damn... just damn.

  51. Miss Daisy The Raccoon

    Miss Daisy The Raccoon3 days ago

    If someone watch this in mute, they would think this was a hip-hop rap video. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

  52. Lloyd Mayall

    Lloyd Mayall3 days ago

    #creeksquad #countryboy shit fuggin

  53. Colt.45

    Colt.453 days ago

    Bro you have one of the smoothest and badass southern tones!!! Love all the remixes you come out with and these last new ones are so damn good! Keep them songs coming brother

  54. Brandon Erwin

    Brandon Erwin3 days ago

    Hell yeah this shit hits hard

  55. Black Towken

    Black Towken3 days ago

    This is a country hit. I can't wait for a you and kirk jay song it would be heat for sure.

  56. Malissa Hayden

    Malissa Hayden3 days ago

    So good! Love it. I found you on TikTok

  57. Corvo Legend

    Corvo Legend3 days ago

    Thank you for putting this on youtube love this

  58. Todd Horton

    Todd Horton3 days ago

    I love this 😍 Keep it up brother The greatest never fade

  59. Rebel Rhodes

    Rebel Rhodes3 days ago

    Damn thats lite bro!!!!!

  60. Dusty Anderson

    Dusty Anderson3 days ago


  61. Dusty Anderson

    Dusty Anderson3 days ago

    Fuckin killed it .. YEE YEE

  62. MrTycee3

    MrTycee33 days ago

    You're keeping it real country with some tight Beats .. I'm Loving this my Brotha!!

  63. The Dot

    The Dot3 days ago

    Roots run deep like dat old oak tree. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ˜ƒ

  64. Kenny Nelson

    Kenny Nelson3 days ago

    Hell yeah sounds real good Yee Yee. Old man from the cave ky.

  65. George Flouro

    George Flouro3 days ago

    This was my friends favorite song

  66. Jesse Johnson

    Jesse Johnson3 days ago

    Damn good song


    LISHMANGIRL3 days ago


  68. George World

    George World3 days ago

    Best music

  69. one two

    one two3 days ago

    Here since tiktok bout time brother

  70. Josh

    Josh3 days ago

    Hell yeah he dropped it!! I'll be jamming it in the ol chevy bow tie!!

  71. Terry Greene

    Terry Greene3 days ago

    Mighty good tunes keep grinding!!

  72. Michelle

    Michelle3 days ago

    This is so good!

  73. DLT Prod

    DLT Prod4 days ago

    So dope

  74. David The Sun Devil

    David The Sun Devil4 days ago

    Love this jam!

  75. Jayvon Sauls

    Jayvon Sauls4 days ago

    Can you do when I pull up from Justin champagne

  76. Barthalemey Blakeney

    Barthalemey Blakeney4 days ago

    Hy lit song like this song man

  77. Allan Curtiss

    Allan Curtiss4 days ago

    New fan from WA keep up the good work man you definitely got an amazing sound

  78. Leon White

    Leon White4 days ago

    Love this song πŸ”₯πŸ”₯. Keep making good music.

  79. Austin Price

    Austin Price4 days ago

    Fuck yes. Damn good song keep it up brother 🀘

  80. Allan Hagan

    Allan Hagan4 days ago

    Just discovered you today. You on my Spotify now πŸ‘πŸΌ Also...would love to hear you and Upchurch on a track