1. Eleuterio Ruiz

    Eleuterio Ruiz4 hours ago

    Ayer Domingo 28 de Febrero escuche esta melodia en la serie de Amazon prime PREACHER temporada 3 capitulo 10.


    VIVORED6 hours ago

    chimba me gusta

  3. Lucas Castro

    Lucas Castro6 hours ago

    Que voz maravilhosa!

  4. Meerschaum Mountaineer 304

    Meerschaum Mountaineer 3046 hours ago

    This song is so fuckin cool it kicks ass all around . Good tune 🤘

  5. M S

    M S6 hours ago

    I actually starting crying during that guitar solo. Finally some rock music. The last rock band I liked was Nirvana.

  6. Rafa Soto

    Rafa Soto7 hours ago

    Robert Plant 😳 wtf

  7. Tobey A

    Tobey A8 hours ago

    I'm getting the vibes of Ziggy here

  8. Ingrid R

    Ingrid R9 hours ago

    I can’t stop watching ALL of their music videos!! I’m 60 years old 💕💕💕

  9. phoenixinferno06

    phoenixinferno069 hours ago

    They went from ripping off Zeppelin to ripping off Rush, this new song sounds eerily similar to Closer to the heart. GVF are the Kings of derivative music

  10. Eugenio Santillan Gutierrez

    Eugenio Santillan Gutierrez9 hours ago

    Playing now at Radio Máxima 106.7 fm #Guadalajara #Jalisco #México 🇲🇽 Congratulations 🌹

  11. Elvis

    Elvis10 hours ago

    What kind of Led Zeppelin is that?

  12. Bubbles Jean

    Bubbles Jean10 hours ago

    Joder, qué buena canción!!!

  13. Paul Bolton

    Paul Bolton10 hours ago

    These guys never do what I think they're going to do....I like that.

  14. borg cobra_360

    borg cobra_36010 hours ago

    Fuck off

  15. Paola Navarro

    Paola Navarro10 hours ago


  16. KingKillersKastle

    KingKillersKastle11 hours ago

    Why are people sleeping on this shit. This is way too good.

  17. Paola Navarro

    Paola Navarro11 hours ago


  18. Spookydog

    Spookydog11 hours ago

    we are all tools of the machine

  19. MissAmazanda

    MissAmazanda11 hours ago

    wow, one of their best yet

  20. Maverick Acres

    Maverick Acres11 hours ago

    Gotta have some super weird videos to be a legit rock band. They’re on their way to legend status apparently.

  21. fabiola olivos

    fabiola olivos11 hours ago

    I’m 54 and very happy to hear this amazing band. They sound like Zeppelin yes but also very refreshing, Josh, you sing like no other 😉

  22. Ferra T

    Ferra T11 hours ago

    Ok 1 or 2 ballads. Please don't sell and keep rocking


    SEOHO ONEUS11 hours ago

    Wow, me alegra haber conocido a este grupo tan talentoso.

  24. Maverick Acres

    Maverick Acres11 hours ago

    Don’t give a crap that they sound like Zeppelin. Maybe they can help save rock

  25. Paola Navarro

    Paola Navarro11 hours ago


  26. Paola Navarro

    Paola Navarro11 hours ago


  27. Paola Navarro

    Paola Navarro11 hours ago


  28. Paola Navarro

    Paola Navarro11 hours ago


  29. Paola Navarro

    Paola Navarro11 hours ago


  30. Paola Navarro

    Paola Navarro11 hours ago


  31. Paola Navarro

    Paola Navarro11 hours ago


  32. Paola Navarro

    Paola Navarro11 hours ago


  33. Paola Navarro

    Paola Navarro11 hours ago


  34. Paola Navarro

    Paola Navarro11 hours ago


  35. thomas wild

    thomas wild12 hours ago

    What makes them great is that their raw and virtually no stupid musical instrument effects.

  36. Paola Navarro

    Paola Navarro12 hours ago


  37. Paola Navarro

    Paola Navarro12 hours ago


  38. Paola Navarro

    Paola Navarro12 hours ago


  39. Reported Often

    Reported Often12 hours ago

    My guy face jus says Coked out 😭💀 he not on it tho

  40. John Cook

    John Cook12 hours ago

    One wish for the future. Greta live in concert. That’s all I want. So good.

  41. David Malla

    David Malla12 hours ago

    Choreo a led Zeppelin

  42. Reported Often

    Reported Often12 hours ago

    This is modern day Nostalgia ❤️😻🔥

  43. Valérie G-BERLIOZ

    Valérie G-BERLIOZ13 hours ago

    Nan mais comment on peut passer de Highway tunes à ... ça ???????????? Ah misère

  44. Livia Volpe

    Livia Volpe13 hours ago

    Love you boys

  45. Carole Peterson

    Carole Peterson13 hours ago

    Aerosmith are great but they are in no shape or form in the same league as Led Zeppelin. Zeppelin were the most amazing four muscians ever.

  46. Virgy Burdese

    Virgy Burdese13 hours ago

    This song brings me hope and joy. ❤

  47. Dakota Carvell

    Dakota Carvell14 hours ago

    Bless You And Bless The New Age As We Come Together As Love Of All Things Through Music,I Am Special At Midnight ,I Am Balanced Universe, I Am Mojo Risen, I Am The Heart King, I Am Stepping On The Gas. I Am Overdrive 75, I Am The Li Te in Your Heart. I Am Olympus, I Am Valhalla. I Am Heaven On Earth, I Am KRYON, I Am Love, I Am Able


    JESUS SAVES14 hours ago

    I'm an old person. I really enjoy these young men! Quite gifted.

  49. João Eduardo

    João Eduardo14 hours ago

    INCRÍVEL ❤️🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  50. Colton L

    Colton L14 hours ago

    Skeletor up there shredding 😳

  51. wwwwaynex

    wwwwaynex15 hours ago

    Sounds a lot like Geddy Lee!

  52. Walter Tercilla

    Walter Tercilla15 hours ago

    Csm la guea buena...

  53. Tik Tokers

    Tik Tokers15 hours ago

    Perrisima la rola

  54. Jeroen Peters

    Jeroen Peters15 hours ago

    Already found the best song of 2021 (L) instant classic

  55. Jonathan Tosi

    Jonathan Tosi15 hours ago

    Grazie! The rock Is back. Hello from Italy!

  56. herman hauregard

    herman hauregard16 hours ago

    back of Plant?

  57. Kathy Shriver

    Kathy Shriver16 hours ago

    Love to lyrics "We do not fight for war, but to save the lives of those who do so". This song is about love and purity! FABULOUS! " CAN YOU FEEL MY 💕 LOVE!"

  58. Nubia6

    Nubia616 hours ago

  59. Steven Wody

    Steven Wody17 hours ago

    Why are people calling it bad? Because they made a couple of mistakes? I’d rather have a live band with a little bit of nerves (they’re new and on live TV) than some “pop star” who’s going to lip sync their track. This group has so much raw talent and they’re making 80s music in the 21st century. It’s so cool.

  60. MyMike305

    MyMike30518 hours ago


  61. George Yannopoulos

    George Yannopoulos18 hours ago

    I could easily stay quarantined for a couple of months more just listening to this.

  62. Cathy Brunson

    Cathy Brunson20 hours ago

    This song is amazing! The riffs are unmatched.

  63. VIC BOT

    VIC BOT20 hours ago

    This is a weak parody of Led Zeppelin

  64. I am Chandler

    I am Chandler20 hours ago

    This song is what happens when the pearly gates open, and all your past relatives are welcoming you with extended arms and open hands.

  65. Wm Fuller

    Wm Fuller20 hours ago

    Best American rock band to come along in many years!

  66. skobichevskii

    skobichevskii20 hours ago

    think they need to tone down the homage a bit

  67. rusty shackleford

    rusty shackleford20 hours ago

    music good singing sucks

  68. Alice Smith

    Alice Smith21 hour ago

    Does anyone know what Josh says at the end I just can't for the life of me figure it out haha, I obviously sing what I think it is but doubt im singing the right thing haha

  69. Tony R

    Tony R21 hour ago

    I have finally sealed my likening for GVF , my new RUSH replacement band

  70. wayland jennings

    wayland jennings21 hour ago

    It’s sad this band will never be as big as they should be. This generation just doesn’t go for this kind of music anymore...

  71. Helga Zubiz

    Helga Zubiz21 hour ago

    No no no! Warning! This is pop. You seem to hear Chris Martins when he was married to Gwyneth Paltrow🤮

  72. Misa N

    Misa N22 hours ago

    Led zeppelin?


    SAMPLE TEXTDay ago

    Im counting down the days until their new album on April 16th 2021 and i never do that its the first time in a very long time ive been excited for a bands new album

  74. Thomas Mueller

    Thomas MuellerDay ago

    Each time I watch this, more details come to the fore..... And it's getting better each time......!!.🙏☮️

  75. Mark Twang

    Mark TwangDay ago

    Decent tune with old vibes.

  76. bipin Ghimire

    bipin GhimireDay ago

    Dislike is at 666 please no more!

  77. John zeb

    John zebDay ago

    Please stop making music I will never get this time back omg very bad

  78. Juan Tremillo

    Juan TremilloDay ago

    Song sounds like it should be on a Riot album, Guy Speranza days. Thumbs up.

  79. unknown jungkook

    unknown jungkookDay ago

    You are guys so perfect !!


    Gyges3d.comDay ago

    They should work with MGMT on a track.