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  1. latentsea

    latentsea47 minutes ago

    I didn’t like the cover of the Zeppelin crashing and burning on that first Led Zeppelin album so I never listened to it. I’m just not into that type of thing... Who spells lead like that? So unrealistic.

  2. Jad Scout

    Jad Scout47 minutes ago

    If he listened to the last song till the end he would be blown out by the ending ...

  3. desert lobster

    desert lobster48 minutes ago

    !Crap music!

  4. Ron Sterud

    Ron Sterud52 minutes ago

    I love your list. I can clearly see the influences. Great compilation. Missing for me would be stranglehold, chuck berry, and more Clapton. I really enjoyed your list.

  5. cgraugaard

    cgraugaard54 minutes ago

    Always on the Run

  6. Scott T

    Scott T56 minutes ago

    OMG - yes Gish!

  7. David Goosey

    David GooseyHour ago

    Super locrian played as arpeggios sounds bitter sweet.

  8. Robert Henrickson

    Robert HenricksonHour ago

    Michael Schenker...

  9. Michael Cameron

    Michael CameronHour ago

    Ricks borrwed heavily fro the original The original is b etter than all 3 though Good bit of fun thouugh

  10. James Lee

    James LeeHour ago

    The fall of the Berlin Wall, The Gulf War and all these albums in 91 and hip hop and we all recorded mix tapes from the radio on blank cassettes than LA Riots. That small three or four year era from 89 to 92 was interesting

  11. Ad Hoccer's Wings

    Ad Hoccer's WingsHour ago

    Snarky Puppy, Okvsho, Igorrr, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Tool, Meshuggah, Woongi, Leprous (especially the older stuff), etc. smaller and bigger bands - they're not dead, they're just not mainstream anymore (most of them). They've moved to USlikes and Bandcamp and elsewhere since the radio is what it is. But why is modern radio the way it is? Maybe people nowadays don't invest their brain cells to listening to music; instead they want relaxation, and simple music. Maybe people of today are overwhelmed by the amount of "stuff" so they want simple entertainment as a counterbalance

  12. Steve Lueb

    Steve LuebHour ago

    In the Fall of '91, I saw Candlebox, The 4 Horsemen, Alice N Chains, Stu Hamm & Michael Bruce Band in Phoenix during their 1st South by Southwest Showcase. The 4 Horsemen & Candlebox were heads & shoulders above everyone. In spring of '91 the record company stopped all support for the 4 Horsemen. These Guys were IT! I saw their last show in Houston at Backstage. They were the Raw Emotion of what a Real Rock Band Should Be...

  13. The Drive

    The DriveHour ago

    Was waiting for "From the begining.".. ELP

  14. Brishear.70

    Brishear.70Hour ago

    They both sound like garbage to me

  15. Toby Townrow

    Toby TownrowHour ago

    Sounds like a Baba O’Reilly to me.

  16. 96NismoZ

    96NismoZHour ago

    thumbs down for all the ads

  17. John Adorjan

    John AdorjanHour ago

    There is only one 1 for me ; David Gilmour on Kate Bush’s “Love and Anger”.

  18. MOYLATOID Videos

    MOYLATOID VideosHour ago

    Thanks Rick. I am not versed in Joe’s music. He is a fun interviewee, very open, with a vast knowledge of the business and a crushing self criticism. Wicked fun. We can see the kid in the candy store in your face all through this post. Priceless. Cheers!

  19. Chad Hargis

    Chad HargisHour ago

    Awesome!!! Best video ever!

  20. Chris Rowe

    Chris RoweHour ago

    Gotta watch Steve Terreberry how to be Billie eilish

  21. Limit Bass Fishing

    Limit Bass FishingHour ago

    While not on this list, one of the greatest modern guitarists was born this decade. Brian Haner Jr. (born July 7, 1981), better known by his stage name...Synyster Gates, of Avenged Sevenfold.

  22. Pedro Vallejo Oviedo

    Pedro Vallejo OviedoHour ago

    Any of Iron Maiden.

  23. Piero Graziani

    Piero GrazianiHour ago

    Che cagata pazzesca....

  24. Jiii Piii

    Jiii PiiiHour ago

    hope john mayer next 🙂

  25. The Hessmo Show

    The Hessmo ShowHour ago

    Achtung Baby is the best album of that year. Ground Breaking.

  26. ebsiman

    ebsimanHour ago

    Dude.... I’m 68 and play bass with a cars tribute band.... The Stolen Cars, out of northern CA. You hit all of the little nuances of the song that makes it so enjoyable to play. You nailed it.

  27. Toby Townrow

    Toby TownrowHour ago

    Not enough of a mention in the comments about how influential Faith No More were to the scene. Huge.

  28. L L

    L LHour ago

    Could you do a top 10 review of this years Triple J’s hottest 100? It’s on the 23rd of Jan, this year & it the largest music poll in the world for best songs of previous year. Not so mainstream either.

  29. Brad Ard

    Brad ArdHour ago

    This is whining.

  30. Yvonne Diva

    Yvonne DivaHour ago

    That is a great effin' song! Classic!

  31. Bob Dobalina

    Bob DobalinaHour ago

    Just waiting for John Bonham to come slammin' in with his sledgehapper drumsticks.

  32. Ad Hoccer's Wings

    Ad Hoccer's WingsHour ago

    "Smashing pumpkins right" is one of my favourite bands

  33. Mitchell Weiner

    Mitchell WeinerHour ago

    I would love to know,after seeing this video,what year in music was the best in your opinion. You’ve mentioned 1978 and 1991 being breakout years. But,I’m curious to get your take on the ultimate year in music,according to you!

  34. Bob Dobalina

    Bob DobalinaHour ago

    This album WAS my junior year of high school. May it endure forever. Rock on 70s!

  35. James Lee

    James LeeHour ago

    This is kind of a brutal comment but I have to give it to Cobain, he was legitimate, he LITERALLY rather kill himself than sell out. I was 9 in 91

  36. Bob Dobalina

    Bob DobalinaHour ago

    "Oh, that song was made on a laptop". . . . And it shows. I'll take Led Zeppelin any day. I'll take a song made buy four dudes from England , over a laptop any day.

  37. MrEmbangweni

    MrEmbangweniHour ago

    I remember that I had a very loud stereo that fall, and the GnR UYI I&II blasted alot. And then a couple of months later, around christmas, on a road trip for a ski camp somebody had the Nirvana casette, and that was my introduction to that. It was a time with some great music, for sure

  38. Dulla

    DullaHour ago

    plugin versions of amps, is making those tones accessible to people like me, who literally live in an appartment that have a bedroom that is literally 4m x 3m (im not exaggerating, i measured it) and not only do i not have money to buy vox ac30, or a fender amp or whatever which i really want, but i still wanna record music without annoying my neighbors or even practice, so plugins being accessible, kempers, although i didnt really look up on the topic, i know that its a midway of amps and plugins, not fully digital, and not fully amps, and i feel like the next thing for kempers, is to get it implemented digitally or maybe get the technology to work more intuitively and not make it so hard and time consuming to let it work the way it should, amps will never die, but you cant say that everyone likes to take their expensive heavy amps, to shows, and to studios every week, its just inconvenient.

  39. Elizabeth Hazel

    Elizabeth HazelHour ago

    As I'm playing catch-up with your "What Makes this Song Great" videos, the sheer sophistication of this Rush song (melodic, harmonic, rhythmic) makes me wonder - why the hell would I be willing to dumb down and listen to contemporary pop songs with 4 chords and a drummer in a can? We grew up with the very best, most amazing music possible. I refuse to apologize for keeping my musical standards high. It's one thing to sell crap pop to 14 year olds, but where the heck is the awesome stuff for mature people who like great new music? (OK, there's some out there, but it's definitely not mainstream)

  40. Hernan Ugarte

    Hernan UgarteHour ago

    I have to say you did a master class and show how beautiful music is ... thanks

  41. Migs Ramirez

    Migs RamirezHour ago

    The Smashing Pumpkins’s Gish was also released on 1991 (May 1991) which was also then a groundbreaking album.

  42. Pat Meyer

    Pat MeyerHour ago

    Yup... people listening to pop and here I am blasting Skater Polly and King Giz records :P

  43. jay007dj

    jay007djHour ago

    Nice boxes though :)

  44. JoeDocMusic

    JoeDocMusicHour ago

    The Geezer bass MAKES it! Thanks for that Rick :D

  45. Dulla

    DullaHour ago

    i want more of these, just you three, talking about one topic

  46. Ai Vira

    Ai ViraHour ago

    I don’t know why but I never like Grunge music or period Grunge except RHCP !

  47. PTM Productions

    PTM ProductionsHour ago

    The ending riff of the Frampton solo is spot on! Fun video, great job by all the players.

  48. Meditation Mayham

    Meditation MayhamHour ago

    This is very similar to Rappers who can rap fast. Are you capable of slowing down?

  49. Canadian Commie

    Canadian CommieHour ago

    god dammit they snuck the lick in there

  50. TerryCollins_TCP

    TerryCollins_TCPHour ago

    This should of been the list... #1: Live Forever - Oasis #2: Supersonic - Oasis #3: Listen Up- Oasis #4: Bring It On Down - Oasis #5: Cloudburst - Oasis #6: Stay Young - Oasis #7: Flashback - Oasis #8: Fuckin' in the Bushes - Oasis #9: Go let it Out - Oasis #10: Who Feels Love - Oasis #11: Where Did It All Go Wrong - Oasis #12: Turn Up The Sun - Oasis #13: The Turning - Oasis #14: To Be Where There's Life - Oasis #15: The Nature of Reality - Oasis #16 to 20: Live Forever - Oasis Biblical. Your Welcome - LG

  51. KC Bondurant

    KC BondurantHour ago

    I was 20 that year. I remember being stuck in the 80s with more new age and people like Enya or Clannad and Tangerine Dream. Resistant to what I called heavy metal I refused to give any other genre a chance. Not wanting to venture out from my comfort zone until I went to a lazer show in NYC back in 93' that showcased that music. Wow was I blown away. Couldn't avoid it anymore and went on a spree of collecting the 'alternative' music. I started collecting albums from Silver Chair to Seven Mary Three, to Bush, Soundgarden, (accidentally purchased Savage Garden album I was ordering so fast without even paying attention) . Had all the Stone Temple Pilots and Alice in Chains plus the Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins albums. Bought them all. You name it... Metallica, Our Lady Peace, Sevendust, Atreyu, Korn, Type O Negative, Red Hot Chilly Peppers. (a lot of these bands aren't considered 'alternative' but I mention them anyway) I was covering the more popular songs of these bands in the South West region of Virginia in the late 90's to early 2000's. I was hooked and still hooked to this day. What happened? Why did such a great thing die. The movie 'This is 40' kind of touched on the death of alternative rock and it depressed me.

  52. John John

    John JohnHour ago

    Lol!! none of it would i waste a moment listening to, when there is just so much better music, past and present in all genre's to liten to. It just sounds like cheap manufactured dead/fake 'music/muzak?'. In a word 'SCHLOK'.

  53. buk kuk

    buk kukHour ago

    So much fusss about primitive 'Soda-commercial' .. ?!? .. -) .. Fleetwoods needs more money ? Or what ? .. Idiocracy is here .. -) ..

  54. mtnbikerva1

    mtnbikerva1Hour ago

    I have most of Joe Bonamassa albums. And I enjoy them. I also enjoy bluegrass, punk, new wave, all rock & R&B mostly all before the early 2000, melodic jazz, Country Western.

  55. Toby Townrow

    Toby TownrowHour ago

    Use Your Illusion 1 and 2 are terrible, awful records. Guns and Roses died as soon as Izzy left. Someone said at the time that they’d turned from being the Sex Pistols into the Rolling Stones, and I thought it was bang on the money. All the others in that group are brilliant.

  56. Die Zwei Zocken

    Die Zwei ZockenHour ago

    I would put hole hearted on this list by extreme

  57. mike kohne

    mike kohneHour ago

    incubation....this is what allowed the grunge scene to nurture bands and create following...fast forward to now, everything happens instantly....

  58. Malcolm O

    Malcolm OHour ago

    you've made the big time! there were ads every five minutes during this video.

  59. The Infidel

    The InfidelHour ago

    I was 21 in '91 and from the U.K,whilst everyone around me was listening to the likes of Oasis i was heavily into Nirvana,Pearl Jam and Soundgarden,in fact i still am,a golden age.

  60. larriveeman

    larriveemanHour ago

    live sweet jane off the rock and roll animal album

  61. Snacker Flappin

    Snacker FlappinHour ago

    Chris Cornell is no doubt the greatest singer anyone will ever hear.

  62. fuck u

    fuck uHour ago

    u the best man

  63. Christian Sigfred

    Christian SigfredHour ago

    black dog?

  64. NeilHolmes72

    NeilHolmes72Hour ago

    My sophomore year of college, damn, what a year!

  65. Papa John

    Papa JohnHour ago

    Rick, you should really know better that a good pop song is more than just some kind of chord progression. This is all copy and paste music. Thank god it does not bother at all.

  66. buk kuk

    buk kukHour ago

    Autotune playlist .. wow .. These pop-stars know their music s..cks .. so they try to be more .. 'indy' .. and 'jazzzy' .. -) .. Yeah .. all that 'big-star-artists' wannabees are gona be rememberd in music-history as modern .. Led Zeppelin or .. sth .. !?! .. -) ...

  67. Steve Rago

    Steve RagoHour ago

    I like your analysis of songs/music. I find it very interesting. Keep it up Rick!

  68. Colin Trend

    Colin TrendHour ago

    I was 17 years old in 1991. I obviously didn't realise what a privilege it was to be that age at that time and be able to experience this. Now at 46 years old, I definitely do.

  69. Yoshikage Kira

    Yoshikage KiraHour ago

    Plot twist: he was looking at flash cards the whole time! 🤯

  70. Night_Fiend6

    Night_Fiend6Hour ago

    Nothing really inspiring. Pop music was better in the 80s in that while there was a lot of bad stuff there was still quite a bit of good stuff. Good music is still being made it just isn't on the pop charts.

  71. Lorenzo B

    Lorenzo BHour ago

    Does the 2nd sound like ACDC's "You shook me all night long" only to me?

  72. Casey Hughes

    Casey HughesHour ago

    We have a 99x here in East Texas also. The difference is it plays only classic rock that was a hit. They only play 2 or 3 songs from maybe a hundred bands, of course y'all already know which ones. The same songs they played 20 years ago. Plus every commercial is cashing in on the covid19 "we're in this together" line.

  73. Elizabeth Hazel

    Elizabeth HazelHour ago

    Rick, honey, if you're a 1962 baby, you're NOT a Boomer - you're part of Generation Jones. It gets overlooked but it is a distinct and unique demographic generation (1958 to maybe 1972) followed by Gen X. I think the phrase you were hunting for is "Perfection is the hobgoblin of small minds," chopped down from Ralph Waldo Emerson's "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds." As you pointed out, contemporary pop is harmonically bland and over-produced. A listener can't tell if a singer can actually singer or not! Having studied Wiki's "Top Selling Female Artists" list, I decided the denizens of the list are split between top selling "performers" who rely a lot of choreography, catchy hooks and canned studio noise, versus "chanteuses", women who can actually SING and don't need to pimp lame-ass hooks in scanty clothing. Don't get me wrong, I like Rihanna and Taylor Swift well enough, but can they actually SING? Don't know, can't tell. And do their production companies actually let them choose repertoire that showcases their talent, or are the songs that get produced solely and entirely dedicated to what will turn a buck? I'm sure you know more about that than I do, but the range of singers' repertoires seems to be skinnier than a tobacco lobbyists conscience these days.

  74. BenjaminGessel

    BenjaminGesselHour ago

    Wow Rick, you're pretty complementary here.... I'm quite a bit less forgiving than you are with these "songs"...

  75. Leif-Ulrich Neuländer

    Leif-Ulrich NeuländerHour ago

    "F**k me til the daylight", DISCUSTING!!!!😤😤😡

  76. Raphael Pecoraro

    Raphael PecoraroHour ago

    I love when you do this pls keep doing this. I feel entertained in a way like I can somewhat relate. I'm a teenager born in this generation and I don't like music today, I listen to rock n roll and which I love. I thinks its very cool to see and be curious of whats up with the update of music these days. And with that, your personality and ideas are splendid. They surely are agreeable and they're very kind and relatable. Thank you rick and take care! Peace~ -RP

  77. Luther Nolan

    Luther NolanHour ago

    It was such a fun time! So many concerts to go to! I listen to just about everything. I was like a kid in a candy store at 20 yrs old!

  78. Peter Pavlonis

    Peter PavlonisHour ago

    No musician can deny that, that is some of the greatest music in history.

  79. Kristján Sigurleifsson

    Kristján SigurleifssonHour ago

    It would be interesting to hear your opinion on why you think that the songs that have nothing special to them still make it to the charts. I so agree on nr.5, not interesting arrangement and the composition is poor, still nr.5....why? is it money behind the artist or charm/persona?