Corey & Crawford
Corey & Crawford
Corey & Crawford

  1. Taylor Marbles

    Taylor Marbles6 hours ago

    the way crawf hugs nezza makes me feel like i’m being hugged... i literally hate hugs sm but i wouldn’t mind a huh like that from crawf- HABSHBAHSBA

  2. a-wanderingcloud 0-0

    a-wanderingcloud 0-07 hours ago

    9:58 Crawford’s smile here 😩🧡

  3. a-wanderingcloud 0-0

    a-wanderingcloud 0-07 hours ago

    2:38 That look Crawford gave to the camera though 😏 Nezza come get your man 😂

  4. a-wanderingcloud 0-0

    a-wanderingcloud 0-07 hours ago

    2:31 aww *Remembers Corey’s AirPod incident* 🥺😂

  5. Beckaboo3397

    Beckaboo33979 hours ago

    Ok I knew Crawford’s full name, how on earth did Franny not know it! lol

  6. Persia Bell

    Persia Bell11 hours ago

    Did anyone else hear when jazmine was throwing up, Oscar: Don’t throw up over there Franny: Oscar shut up! 😂

  7. V P

    V P12 hours ago

    Jake “your kiss is powerful” while nessa was falling LMFAOOOO

  8. Kennah Stern

    Kennah Stern15 hours ago

    datrie is like the real life version of poppy from trolls

  9. mg suriel

    mg suriel15 hours ago

    We all love Corey <3

  10. Christina

    Christina15 hours ago

    I’m glad the ladies split it!

  11. Christina

    Christina16 hours ago

    Why didn’t they just use the garage? No sinking then...

  12. Christina

    Christina16 hours ago

    This is 😆. This brought a smile to my face and made me laugh. Let’s go ladies!

  13. Faith Mandel

    Faith Mandel16 hours ago

    I don't remember if I finished this video or not so I'm watching it again bahahahahaha

  14. Lydia Lyle

    Lydia Lyle16 hours ago

    Somebody left the tea pot too long at 11:50 🤣🤣 I'm sorry Nezza I love your laugh 😆

  15. Juana O

    Juana O17 hours ago

    Where was franny and Nezza

  16. yaliso gioouy

    yaliso gioouy18 hours ago

    How many times does a heart beat a day? Crawford : at least three😂😂

  17. Libby Cotter

    Libby Cotter18 hours ago

    I love how she says "how many calories that would be" as if there are none bc she doesn't have the Apple Watch on 💀🤣

  18. it’s keyanna !

    it’s keyanna !18 hours ago

    tara is literally so cute i love her

  19. Chloe Bowers

    Chloe Bowers19 hours ago

    1. Love y’all 2. Y’all should like do “last to leave treadmill” or something like that 🙂

  20. Chloe Bowers

    Chloe Bowers20 hours ago

    Bro🥺 ok lowkey teared up when the guy said “I miss that other guy tho” and then crawford got quite for a second 🤧

  21. Lilian

    Lilian20 hours ago

    The girl who took out her extensions for this: was in it to win it

  22. Emma G

    Emma G21 hour ago

    i just love how he hasn't changed the name bc he knows that he is there is spirit

  23. Antonia Kattau

    Antonia Kattau22 hours ago

    But is Nezza okay now?🥺🦋

  24. kaiineldie x

    kaiineldie x22 hours ago

    Looks like every body got the 1st question wrong😂

  25. Isabella Johnson

    Isabella Johnson22 hours ago

    are crawford and mezzanine actually dating? cause they would be cute😂

  26. Kaylin Reyes

    Kaylin Reyes23 hours ago

    Tara & Crawford’s sister seems so sweet!

  27. Sarah Shae

    Sarah Shae23 hours ago

    My heart hurts for those poor shoes 😭😂

  28. Fofo Flashy

    Fofo FlashyDay ago

    10:11 I literally thought he was saying imma give u 2,500 each lmaooo

  29. Lia Bollin

    Lia BollinDay ago

    Tara tho... nice💪🏻

  30. Krystal Marie

    Krystal MarieDay ago

    Hi crawf

  31. Mat 6

    Mat 6Day ago

    Tara is so cute while going crazy on crawford😂😂🖤

  32. HxneyClxudy

    HxneyClxudyDay ago

    Crawford: My name is actually Crawford John Daniel Collins. Franny: *realizes she got it wrong* 2:45 *screams like she’s getting murdered*

  33. Eden

    EdenDay ago

    Crawford: breaks the chair Nezza: In so much pain JC: I should have never given up my chair Me: NO WAY, I AM LITERALLY CRYING 😂😂

  34. Thekenzieskye _

    Thekenzieskye _Day ago

    13:18 Only way I remember it’s Neil Armstrong is Neil A backwards is Alien

  35. sannio komi

    sannio komiDay ago

    Me next

  36. Jadis

    JadisDay ago

    Anyone else want to get a trampoline and see how long you can jump? No...just me 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

  37. Kelsey Carden

    Kelsey CardenDay ago

    Kian was so rude he was yawning and texting

  38. Kiara Pinto

    Kiara PintoDay ago

    I shouldn't have given up my chair - JC 🤣🤣🤣

  39. AWhackAssMilkshake ForMe

    AWhackAssMilkshake ForMeDay ago

    Why does Dylan look like he has a daughter?

  40. Rokaya Nasr

    Rokaya NasrDay ago

    poor nezza omg i can literally feel the pain- crawf went in with his entire elbow😭

  41. AngBeaVideos

    AngBeaVideosDay ago

    not the elbow on the boob 😭😭😭😭😭 i know it HURT

  42. It’s me Andrea Vélez

    It’s me Andrea VélezDay ago

    I speak Spanish but I’m from Puerto Rico so some words are pronounced differently but you were really good at pronouncing words!!

  43. rsalvador

    rsalvadorDay ago

    Nessa and Crawford are perfect for each other! They are the biggest clutzes ever 😂 look out world! Lol

  44. rsalvador

    rsalvadorDay ago

    “I should have never gave her my chair” 😂 JC’s line at the bestest time ever!!!!

  45. Abigail Smith

    Abigail SmithDay ago

    when chris passed out i felt physically sick to my stomach. that scared me sooooo much

  46. Kxrrin

    KxrrinDay ago

    How did Teddy bear dude win? Why did Christian #2 not stop? How did Christian#1 not win How TF DID ANYONE LAST LONGER THAN 5 MINUTES?

  47. Abigail Smith

    Abigail SmithDay ago

    the airpod comment made me so happy. especially since i watched the girls edition first and the neighbor commented on corey. 💙💙

  48. Maddie Payne

    Maddie PayneDay ago

    Did anyways else notice Tara said she wanted to leave because her boyfriend wasn’t there. I thought her boyfriend was jake. Confused

  49. Jas M

    Jas MDay ago

    LOOL the way both of the last two girls are like on the floor and crying bc they can’t stand up and then Crawford is like...”well... i guess that’s the ending...” 😂💀

  50. beedsj roiue

    beedsj roiueDay ago

    The girls are better than the boys..... this is more entertaining!!!!

  51. Melody Goodfellow

    Melody GoodfellowDay ago

    bro i paused at 12:52 lmao...........mistake

  52. Kxrrin

    KxrrinDay ago

    Why did this video make me smile so hard Me: 😁😁😁 Also I'm gone in 60 seconds, tf I look like

  53. Mia Nieves

    Mia NievesDay ago

    10:14 jc made me laugh so much with the “god do you?”

  54. Island Girl

    Island GirlDay ago

    I love how the boys especially JC always support Crawford and Coreys channel ❤

  55. Aliana Dueñas

    Aliana DueñasDay ago

    nezza & crawford are so cute 🥺🥺

  56. Alex Watermelon

    Alex WatermelonDay ago

    Crawfords sister looks like Dixie Damelio

  57. Jestrina Ackah

    Jestrina AckahDay ago

    When Crawford said lots of ups and downs I was like yeah, literally for over 2 hours

  58. Jestrina Ackah

    Jestrina AckahDay ago

    The girls episodes have so many motivational quotes😂

  59. xxASIA Txx

    xxASIA TxxDay ago

    Why did Tara keep saying after nezza? Like girl just get off

  60. Seashell BySeashore

    Seashell BySeashoreDay ago


  61. Rae Anne

    Rae AnneDay ago

    honestly, i was waiting for the chair to break right when crawford sat on it...

  62. carlie pride

    carlie prideDay ago

    No one, literally no one Chris: climbs to top of the tree 😂

  63. Rae Anne

    Rae AnneDay ago

    *trampolines going through the shoes* Crawford: oh noo i need more shoes i love that the solution was shoes and not something else more solid

  64. Tanya Krotowa

    Tanya KrotowaDay ago

    I could pay for 1,5 years of my education with this 5k

  65. Deccola RoBeRtS

    Deccola RoBeRtSDay ago

    Can I just say TARA IS A TROOPER Fur real💕💋

  66. Tanya Krotowa

    Tanya KrotowaDay ago

    7:02 JC, YOU ARE RIGHT! I have thought the same bc

  67. Tanya Krotowa

    Tanya KrotowaDay ago

    6:51 better Jc stayed in it You wouldn’t get a broken chair then 😂

  68. Léah Obm

    Léah ObmDay ago

    Datrie is like that Friend everybody wanna have in their lives because she always sees the positivity everywhere 😍😍

  69. Léah Obm

    Léah ObmDay ago

    That last part was amazing ✌️ I knew Datrie was gonna be a winner , congrats also to Kirsten , they killed it! Great performance ! I love so much the contents of this Channel, Good Work 💕💞💙

  70. Andjela Jovanovic

    Andjela JovanovicDay ago

    But the fall in slow motion hahahaha

  71. Charlotte Courtney Marie

    Charlotte Courtney MarieDay ago

    ahh i loved this series and the girls in this video! tysm Crawford for another great video 💙

  72. Lauren Plumb

    Lauren PlumbDay ago

    can we talk about how most of the boys were jumping the way that got jc out but no one said anything

  73. MariaG Garcia

    MariaG GarciaDay ago

    I think Tara should have won cause she’s soo cute and adorable 💕🥰

  74. Alba Talie Phillips

    Alba Talie PhillipsDay ago

    This series was so good,👏🏽

  75. dolans limelight

    dolans limelightDay ago

    am i the only one seeing some tension between deirdre & christian??

  76. Viridiana Velez

    Viridiana VelezDay ago

    Me: *watching the video* My little sister: Oh that’s Chris Knight!!

  77. dolans limelight

    dolans limelightDay ago

    i love how the girls got 3 parts (as they should 😌) and the guys got 2

  78. Genisis Elpidio

    Genisis ElpidioDay ago

    I love JC He's the best PA 😂 ( I love everyone in this video) ❤️😊❤️😊❤️

  79. Syeda Zehra

    Syeda ZehraDay ago

    I don't wanna be that person but um, I think Christian and Daetrie kinda have a fling maybe and I ship.. woop woop.

  80. J. Wett

    J. WettDay ago

    Corey is always they’re with uu guys in spirit I love you guys so much❤️🥺 it’s so much to take but I know uu guys got thru it🥺