1. Maria Julia Almeida Vasconcelos

    Maria Julia Almeida Vasconcelos4 hours ago

    love you kenz you such an inspiracion i start to sing to be like you and dancing to like maddie and now are my favorite thinks ever to do.

  2. Marina Abroad

    Marina Abroad4 hours ago

    Love the Vibe of the song :)

  3. Meelz MSP

    Meelz MSP5 hours ago


  4. Brooke Hightower

    Brooke Hightower5 hours ago

    And u look so pretty

  5. Brooke Hightower

    Brooke Hightower5 hours ago

    This is one of my top favorites songs u have done omg keep up with your music career because u are soooooooo good at it and everyone loves it especially me ❤️💕

  6. Nour Serhan

    Nour Serhan5 hours ago

    Omg I am a big fan

  7. Poppy Flint

    Poppy Flint6 hours ago

    Jungkook girl version? What

  8. QueenLizzo

    QueenLizzo7 hours ago

    I just want to stay home and eat donuts 🍩

  9. Estrella Gomez Salinas

    Estrella Gomez Salinas7 hours ago

    i love you

  10. Katrīna K

    Katrīna K9 hours ago

    I just love this song, its my fav now🤩🙊

  11. Léa Renna

    Léa Renna9 hours ago

    1:11 who else noticed that cute dogggg🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  12. _clearly chloe_

    _clearly chloe_10 hours ago


  13. Nahrein Daniel

    Nahrein Daniel10 hours ago

    Ok but why does Kenzie look like Jungkook from BTS on the thumbnail🤣

  14. 함형기

    함형기12 hours ago


  15. Mrunal Sontakke

    Mrunal Sontakke12 hours ago

    Whenever she says this Going round, and round Going right around me Why do I hear it like this Going wrackk wrackk Going wrackkk, wrackk me 🙄 But no hate to her I love her ❤️ 🥺

  16. SunsetXbaby

    SunsetXbaby13 hours ago

    Did you regret being on dance moms?

  17. SunsetXbaby

    SunsetXbaby13 hours ago

    If your an og member you would know “I just wanna stay at home and eat chips”

  18. Angela Reddick

    Angela Reddick13 hours ago

    Put a shirt on. You're to young to dress like that. Where's your mom.

  19. Amanda Perez

    Amanda Perez15 hours ago

    I love this song !!!💗

  20. Omarra Ferguson

    Omarra Ferguson15 hours ago


  21. Itz Me Diana

    Itz Me Diana15 hours ago


  22. Shaurya Deore

    Shaurya Deore15 hours ago

    The worst feeling ever at 0:28 😁😁

  23. flxral cherry

    flxral cherry16 hours ago

    I know I am late, but I am so proud of you, you have come SO far and there will be SOOOOO many opportunities for you and Maddie. You have great things coming for you❤️

  24. Kate Marie

    Kate Marie16 hours ago

    This song is extremely catchy! I like the music video, it gives me good vibes 😁

  25. Noann Brigido

    Noann Brigido17 hours ago

    Donuts 🍩

  26. Amelia Appels

    Amelia Appels17 hours ago

    I cannot express how much this video and song make me appreciate you so much. Thank you for (I hope no one takes this offensively) to your age. I mean it in the best way possible. HUGE FAN <3

  27. Reese L

    Reese L17 hours ago

    Am I the only one that noticed that there was a puppy in the background of some clips !🤣?🤣!🤣?

  28. Savannah's Rockin Roller

    Savannah's Rockin Roller17 hours ago


  29. Bianca Cooney

    Bianca Cooney18 hours ago

    That man w the sign lol💀💀

  30. P P

    P P19 hours ago

    Love it keep it up🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍

  31. Ng Kok kwang

    Ng Kok kwang19 hours ago

    Is nia in the video and I like the music

  32. tiana

    tiana19 hours ago

    i appreciate the lyrics in the description box!

  33. Emily Sullivan

    Emily Sullivan19 hours ago

    I wonder who sponsored this video? It like wasn't obvious at all XD

  34. Art Mathilde

    Art Mathilde20 hours ago

    It's an other level omg 😍😍✨

  35. Rudy Khairul

    Rudy Khairul20 hours ago

    She had every opportunity to remake the tokyo drift scene where han did donuts around the ladies ;-;

  36. Morgan Elizabeth

    Morgan Elizabeth21 hour ago

    ok but like why is this song so good???

  37. Jeannie Anstiss

    Jeannie Anstiss21 hour ago

    This is so good

  38. Tracey S

    Tracey S21 hour ago

    Any other Dance Moms fans start looking for other cameos after they saw Nia?

  39. Imsaal Ahmad

    Imsaal Ahmad22 hours ago

    This gives me Dua Lipa vibes, she killed it tho

  40. Juana Pérez

    Juana Pérez23 hours ago

    Esta muy buena la canción ❤️🥳

  41. Amin Fatou

    Amin Fatou23 hours ago


  42. Eduard Rojas

    Eduard Rojas23 hours ago

    Ta buena la rola

  43. Grace’s Roblox gaming Channel videos

    Grace’s Roblox gaming Channel videos23 hours ago

    And I really like Your Voice

  44. Grace’s Roblox gaming Channel videos

    Grace’s Roblox gaming Channel videos23 hours ago

    Hi I am a dancer I’ve been dancing for six years I am eight years old I’ve been starting when I was two years old I’m really good at tricks I kind of like singing🎤

  45. Serenity Julien

    Serenity JulienDay ago

    Is it just me or can kenzie literally rock ANY OUT FIT..❤ her music 😁

  46. elayna_ec

    elayna_ecDay ago

    Kenzie looks like Luke's sister from Gilmore girls ... ya think ?? | | | | V V

  47. JEON GUK

    JEON GUKDay ago

    this is so good ! <33 love u kenz

  48. JEON GUK

    JEON GUKDay ago

    agree or not before the D'amelios came to the limelight, Kenzie, Annie, John had more hype. 👁️👄👁️ Ofc not comparing them just facts.

  49. JEON GUK

    JEON GUKDay ago

    why hasn't this hit 1m yet?

  50. Rochell Cosgriff

    Rochell CosgriffDay ago

    this came out on my birthday

  51. Ana Karen Santana Gallegos

    Ana Karen Santana GallegosDay ago

    WEyyyyy vi la foto y pense que era JK jajajajajaja😔👊🏼

  52. Candy Cane

    Candy CaneDay ago

    Donuts, ??? Question, How much doe, does it take, to make ten million donuts ??? I Doe know? The Question is driving me nuts... Just kidding. 👼 I hope Kenzie Luv has a great, and wonderful day, the Kid

  53. Jennifer Vanderwerker

    Jennifer VanderwerkerDay ago

    I love it, another hit Kenzie

  54. berenicediazz

    berenicediazzDay ago

    omg nunca habia escuchado cantar a Kenzie,me gustó!🥰

  55. Shxrpxy

    ShxrpxyDay ago

    You look and sound amazing

  56. Thalia Methaisu

    Thalia MethaisuDay ago

    Who else streaming here

  57. Delphinium Snowdrop

    Delphinium SnowdropDay ago

    I love how all the USlikes comments are so much more positive then the ones on tiktok LOVE U kenzie 💕💕

  58. jonah jones

    jonah jonesDay ago

    Here if your here before millions like

  59. Yarah Mabugat

    Yarah MabugatDay ago

    Is it only me but I really thought she was selling donuts....

  60. Morris Ndambuki

    Morris NdambukiDay ago

    Okkkkkkk,this such a surprise. It is so awesome 👌. Love it, don't look at me like that, I was at a place where noooooooo devices aloud

  61. Tarnveer Bassi

    Tarnveer BassiDay ago

    Instead of chips, she would rather have donuts

  62. jfscn gaming

    jfscn gamingDay ago

    I want donut any one give me

  63. _clearly chloe_

    _clearly chloe_Day ago


  64. Zyaire Carver

    Zyaire CarverDay ago


  65. losangeleslovesyou

    losangeleslovesyouDay ago

    Nice to see Dick's Drive-In (Seattle) in the opening shot and TAIX (Los Angeles) for a lot of the rest of the video.

  66. The Awesome Vlog Channel

    The Awesome Vlog ChannelDay ago

    Thanks Kenzie for keeping me full of energy every day with your songs!

  67. Lemuel Nolledo

    Lemuel NolledoDay ago

    Love you kenzie😍

  68. Wilhelmina Lorraine Tan

    Wilhelmina Lorraine TanDay ago

    Luv this song 🥰

  69. Larry Lunceford

    Larry LuncefordDay ago

    listened to this like 30 times

  70. among us

    among usDay ago

    Am I the only one who thought it's Jungkook with long hair in the clickbait??? Just me??...okay

  71. Insaaf Dusart

    Insaaf DusartDay ago

    Who else thinks Kenzie and Tate Mcrae should do a collab together? Nope just me?

  72. Good vibes 101

    Good vibes 101Day ago

    This is so freaking good!! Like if you agree

  73. callmeclo

    callmecloDay ago


  74. Halee McKee

    Halee McKeeDay ago

    No one's talking about the mustang!?!?! Cause dang that car is GORGEOUS!

  75. Angie Is Weird

    Angie Is WeirdDay ago

    My aesthetic in one video

  76. helen grugett

    helen grugettDay ago




    This song its OK.🍱😌😉💜

  78. Camila Roldan

    Camila RoldanDay ago

    Kenz I will always love u❤️

  79. Wink wonk rainbows

    Wink wonk rainbowsDay ago

    Kenzie don't go back to blonde. This hair is AMAZING.🥺

  80. janelle lee

    janelle leeDay ago