Lisa Nguyen
Lisa Nguyen
Lisa Nguyen

AKA Telehue Food

Bacon wrapped ramen
  1. Lhmlmrkqaz Oojlbuzchd

    Lhmlmrkqaz OojlbuzchdHour ago


  2. Nguyen An

    Nguyen AnHour ago

    not the original form of banh mi but ok

  3. Elijah Pressman

    Elijah PressmanHour ago

    thats my hot sauce

  4. Anita G

    Anita GHour ago

    Lisa your bored ..

  5. Nasrifa Matangcoy

    Nasrifa MatangcoyHour ago

    Bitter melon with eggs, my favorite since I was a kid

  6. Lhmlmrkqaz Oojlbuzchd

    Lhmlmrkqaz OojlbuzchdHour ago


  7. Assena Sadiqi

    Assena SadiqiHour ago

    She has gotten use to spicy now

  8. Nicole Burt

    Nicole BurtHour ago

    The real tittle for the video: I would tell you what all this stuff is but idk anymore😂

  9. Yuri Lee

    Yuri LeeHour ago

    I think smt with Wasabi could make your tolorance higher 👌

  10. Mazoku

    MazokuHour ago

    I'm sad I'm going through the clips and it plays the first part then I scroll and it's the third one

  11. Azors

    AzorsHour ago

    Try Yemeni spicy food

  12. Kathy Camilli

    Kathy CamilliHour ago

    So much pulled pork

  13. cameron garner

    cameron garnerHour ago

    She really stretching this into like 15 vids lol

  14. Dwmwgnnegg Asbgbxjvda

    Dwmwgnnegg AsbgbxjvdaHour ago


  15. ZephyteRBLX

    ZephyteRBLXHour ago

    that backround speech makes me mad

  16. FNAF is a CreepyPasta

    FNAF is a CreepyPastaHour ago

    Food Theroy on USlikes did I video on Spice

  17. NotJaj

    NotJajHour ago

    So relate able

  18. kaylee preece

    kaylee preeceHour ago

    I so asian I can’t see I have tiny eyes

  19. Ednwhwfncn Dhznofeqop

    Ednwhwfncn DhznofeqopHour ago


  20. cecile velasco

    cecile velascoHour ago

    Thats looks yummy im gonna starve right now

  21. Tavish Finnegan DeGroot

    Tavish Finnegan DeGrootHour ago

    U can eat the rice paper?

  22. Ednwhwfncn Dhznofeqop

    Ednwhwfncn DhznofeqopHour ago


  23. Tsku EditshUuu

    Tsku EditshUuuHour ago

    Did you know you cant put out your tounge while looking up?

  24. Cheetosauraus Rex

    Cheetosauraus RexHour ago


  25. Quinn Burrell

    Quinn BurrellHour ago


  26. Antonia Tan.

    Antonia Tan.Hour ago

    I hate it, it's too bitter

  27. ArchieBoy2809 Hayes

    ArchieBoy2809 HayesHour ago

    Put peri peri source

  28. Quinn Burrell

    Quinn BurrellHour ago

    Noodle omelette

  29. Mr. freddel

    Mr. freddelHour ago

    This should a happy meal in mc donald's.

  30. Tavish Finnegan DeGroot

    Tavish Finnegan DeGrootHour ago

    Poor or pour?

  31. Nicole Burt

    Nicole BurtHour ago

    Girl u go I can’t even take hot Cheetos! 👍👏🤣


    AYEN DANIELHour ago

    What do u know about Asian cuisine? People:Soy Sauce

  33. weird name

    weird nameHour ago

    2050: she'll be drinking lava for fun

  34. Notorious black Sheep

    Notorious black SheepHour ago

    That looks disgusting

  35. Manjula Kamath

    Manjula KamathHour ago

    Hi Lisa! I love your videos ♥️👀

  36. Isabelle Rose

    Isabelle RoseHour ago

    Looks yummmyy. Totally not me stopping myself from doing my homework even though it’s due in less than a minute just because Lisa Nguyen posted . Love your vidsss

  37. Cjaq Timothy Glodove

    Cjaq Timothy GlodoveHour ago

    I'm so tired and hungry after watching this

  38. Richard the Creeper

    Richard the CreeperHour ago

    That is what you need, a cute box, with vegetables, cheese and meat, and sauces, its nice

  39. Ozoix

    OzoixHour ago

    Yes and heeecckk no

  40. Glory Dawt

    Glory DawtHour ago

    I ate hotpot and idk how to make bc my brother and his friends made it but if that is fish ball I love fish ball so good

  41. Dunk Master Darius

    Dunk Master DariusHour ago

    When it's thick there are no regrets ;)

  42. Richard the Creeper

    Richard the CreeperHour ago

    A Bahn mi what?

  43. De Holy Waffle _

    De Holy Waffle _Hour ago

    I was so hungry when I watched the video

  44. Ketamollycane

    KetamollycaneHour ago


  45. The Nazi German CountryBall\CountryHuman

    The Nazi German CountryBall\CountryHumanHour ago

    I can alreday hear Gordon Ramsay dissapointment noises.

  46. Ava katt

    Ava kattHour ago

    I think you should eat or drink sweet and cold things to help it. 🙂🙂

  47. Keegan Bond

    Keegan BondHour ago

    Well done steak

  48. Xuan Chen

    Xuan ChenHour ago

    I hate bitter melon, and that one time that my mom says the bitter melon that I was holding is looking better than me

  49. JestEr

    JestErHour ago

    ah yes and if i shit sideways money will also come in and not go out

  50. Iqbal Zarul9967

    Iqbal Zarul9967Hour ago

    Block all hatersssssss

  51. A.D. Jackson

    A.D. JacksonHour ago

    Toilet bowls in fear

  52. Jace Tjeerdsma

    Jace TjeerdsmaHour ago

    Ive tried the pepper sauce

  53. Bsss

    BsssHour ago

    It's me MARIO

  54. Anh Vu

    Anh VuHour ago

    I live in Vietnam so I have this all the time and it is sooo good!

  55. Bill C

    Bill CHour ago

    Super Mario Bros 3 rules!

  56. Hoàng Nam Trần

    Hoàng Nam TrầnHour ago

    hold up is she VIetnamese?

  57. saki healthbars

    saki healthbarsHour ago

    Weren’t you the person who bragged about a karate family when 9mms have been dirt cheap for 100+years?

  58. Relative Tea

    Relative TeaHour ago

    The sauce on the table bothered me, overall it was adorable tho. ❤️

  59. sgsdgaetv reavt6A

    sgsdgaetv reavt6AHour ago


  60. Roshill

    RoshillHour ago

    Omfg why do I keep getting these time to block this.... this lady has been living in a habanero for years now and still can't eat spicy.

  61. fish boi

    fish boiHour ago

    My brain while I'm about to take a bite off a ghost pepper: oh God why did I agree to this wait I can't he a hot cheese without coughing oh God goodbye world... And that's the end of fish boi truly sad Jk :)

  62. Plop Plop

    Plop PlopHour ago

    We actually used to make little fried bitter melon chips from slices of bitter melon, and it was actually so good! The bitterness really made it a unique tasty chip. At least I think that’s what we used, I’m pretty sure we did

  63. hey im hhzimq

    hey im hhzimq2 hours ago

    In malaysia we call it "petola" and kinda like it

  64. Cold Artist

    Cold Artist2 hours ago

    who was playing Super Mario Bros 3 at the end there lmao

  65. Red Fox FNM

    Red Fox FNM2 hours ago

    Who’s leaving everything just to watch this Me: yes

  66. ブルーDiamond Playz

    ブルーDiamond Playz2 hours ago

    I used to hated too but I started to eat it like 2-3 years ago? Maybe. And it's actually end up being one of my favorites lol

  67. ykitsmezey

    ykitsmezey2 hours ago

    where do we buy rice paper from?

  68. gaurab talukdar

    gaurab talukdar2 hours ago

    Your nostrils are so big i could fit in there

  69. Noxx -

    Noxx -2 hours ago

    I feel like i need this

  70. PXH

    PXH2 hours ago

    Its been years since I've last had it. Didnt like it very much as a kid but i guess ill have to try it again to find out as an adult. Ha

  71. Ηλιας Ηλιας

    Ηλιας Ηλιας2 hours ago

    Unhealthy af

  72. Rickey The Rat

    Rickey The Rat2 hours ago

    oooooh it looooooks soooo yummy i wish you were my roommate or sibling

  73. 「Aryynn Chaurasia」

    「Aryynn Chaurasia」2 hours ago

    Don't eat paper please :(

  74. Gideon Kibreab

    Gideon Kibreab2 hours ago

    Watching a minute of Lisa Nguyen a day keeps the doctor away.

  75. Marko Taradi

    Marko Taradi2 hours ago


  76. Kieran Sponagle

    Kieran Sponagle2 hours ago

    Banh Mi charcuterie, and Mario Bros. Man I wish I had Lisa’s life! 😆😆


    SELMON BHOI OP2 hours ago

    After eating this sauce-she has no reaction😱

  78. 정신리

    정신리2 hours ago

    *Sigh* I wanna Be Your Roomate D:

  79. Motzy

    Motzy2 hours ago


  80. ItsB ForBean

    ItsB ForBean2 hours ago

    you’re still “trying”??