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  1. Alien Cakee

    Alien Cakee4 hours ago

    I like levi

  2. Anastasia Setzou

    Anastasia Setzou4 hours ago

    You are amazing

  3. Swati Sudhir

    Swati Sudhir4 hours ago


  4. suchi Kanth

    suchi Kanth4 hours ago

    I like your videos

  5. Kansas Mountain

    Kansas Mountain4 hours ago

    I have a dog named Bella she's 82

  6. superdrawstar nice

    superdrawstar nice4 hours ago

    I am a week girl kid

  7. Rahila Begum

    Rahila Begum5 hours ago

    The last boy and girl in earth love

  8. Hamsa Walid

    Hamsa Walid5 hours ago


  9. Maria Georgieva

    Maria Georgieva5 hours ago

    I love bad girl

  10. Radheshyam Mishra

    Radheshyam Mishra6 hours ago

    M. Is. But

  11. Mukta Kancharla

    Mukta Kancharla6 hours ago

    wtzy5 74k75t9hrfxqt3ht

  12. Ann Chris

    Ann Chris6 hours ago

    4:06 she is playing with a batminton racquet and a tennis ballπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  13. Nubiana Thurman

    Nubiana Thurman6 hours ago

    I love your videos I watch them every day

  14. Rama Parajuli

    Rama Parajuli6 hours ago

    mellany is beautiful

  15. Cookie

    Cookie6 hours ago

    the tiktok dance was too funny you made me choke my pizzaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  16. Sowmya Reddy Chitukula

    Sowmya Reddy Chitukula7 hours ago

    I like samanta I hate the poor melane

  17. Bray, Ash, and James T

    Bray, Ash, and James T7 hours ago


  18. leon silec

    leon silec7 hours ago

    Baby:mom i wanna wacht too mom im hungry mom i need something to drink

  19. Serah Osembo

    Serah Osembo7 hours ago

    I wish I was a beautiful like her

  20. Ray Ray

    Ray Ray8 hours ago

    2 Hjghrhtgvyfjk

  21. Lesego Reneilwe Seshoka

    Lesego Reneilwe Seshoka8 hours ago


  22. Eve Rose

    Eve Rose8 hours ago

    Did i hear they say "BTS"?AHAHAHHAHAHAH

  23. beyondonyx Namiq

    beyondonyx Namiq8 hours ago

    Good mom

  24. The ChallengeTakers

    The ChallengeTakers8 hours ago

    Yes I want to be rich πŸ€‘ like Jennifer

  25. Nasir qureshi

    Nasir qureshi8 hours ago

    The baby : the baby is so cute You:the first time you get pregnant

  26. Ava Denize Pascua

    Ava Denize Pascua8 hours ago

    I have a Barbie too

  27. Thin Khon Chon

    Thin Khon Chon8 hours ago


  28. muhammad ahmed

    muhammad ahmed8 hours ago

    The poor guys pets are so cute πŸ₯°

  29. Zainab Sufyan

    Zainab Sufyan8 hours ago


  30. Paper Adi Vine

    Paper Adi Vine9 hours ago

    What is a maternity ward

  31. chelsea estrella

    chelsea estrella9 hours ago

    BOBUX Noob Lol

  32. Shireesha Siripuram

    Shireesha Siripuram9 hours ago

    I think what my mom is but she is nice too me I love you mom ❀️

  33. Shashi Kumarao

    Shashi Kumarao9 hours ago

    I watch all your channel and I have even subscribed and I hate your channel and I will never subscribe

  34. Ismail Mohammad

    Ismail Mohammad9 hours ago

    Rich people have been

  35. Shikha Singh

    Shikha Singh9 hours ago


  36. QueenSamJuliet worlds of Adventure

    QueenSamJuliet worlds of Adventure9 hours ago

    donut glasses really like REALLY

  37. Zoe's Wonder Vlog

    Zoe's Wonder Vlog9 hours ago


  38. p and v Nani4949

    p and v Nani49499 hours ago

    Both are the best food eat some junk and healthy food


    ADI GAMING10 hours ago

    That cat to the rich girl is realy cute

  40. Lorato Marks

    Lorato Marks10 hours ago

    I'm bored and home alone the internet is not working proper

  41. S Samiprocep

    S Samiprocep10 hours ago


  42. Wayom The kip

    Wayom The kip10 hours ago

    00:05 how?

  43. Kumar Subedi

    Kumar Subedi10 hours ago

    I like soft boy

  44. Bb Vv

    Bb Vv10 hours ago

    can you gyus make part 2 i love too plsss

  45. sirajum munira

    sirajum munira10 hours ago


  46. HarleyVannyVampire

    HarleyVannyVampire10 hours ago

    5:40 dont give them a food in a can the can is sharp just saying

  47. Helena Raptor

    Helena Raptor10 hours ago

    Is any of these dogs harmed?

  48. Nkosi Mdanda

    Nkosi Mdanda11 hours ago

    I have a puppy

  49. HeroJoy 24

    HeroJoy 2411 hours ago

    Benjamin is my dog name

  50. Syed Rehan Arshad

    Syed Rehan Arshad11 hours ago

    l got 3 fluffiest kittens they are so cute l got in my birth day now thay are mom they have babie

  51. Christopher Sing

    Christopher Sing11 hours ago

    I think that have a boy

  52. ruth sagmayaoy

    ruth sagmayaoy11 hours ago

    evile girl

  53. Intan Farhana

    Intan Farhana11 hours ago

    I love this video

  54. Samantha Rizardo

    Samantha Rizardo12 hours ago

    so saaaaaaaaaaaaaad😒😒😒😒😒😒

  55. Meera Khalid Thani Bin Ghalaita Alheiri

    Meera Khalid Thani Bin Ghalaita Alheiri12 hours ago

    i love cats

  56. Ivan Jeharus

    Ivan Jeharus12 hours ago


  57. Patrick Echipare

    Patrick Echipare12 hours ago

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