Sherpa's Day
Sherpa's Day
Sherpa's Day

Sherpa's Day is an extension to USlikes Channel 'Sherpa', giving viewers longer videos and a more in depth look at how we live and the things we do, including the places we walk and the areas we explore and the Van Life we live :) Thanks for joining us :)

  1. Shlok Mishra

    Shlok Mishra

    Does the vet know anything about this turn that sherpa does?

  2. Jeremias Helminen

    Jeremias Helminen

    "sorry if i wake up your dog" you gave me heart attact

  3. Wiegand Phinney

    Wiegand Phinney


  4. Wilma Whempie’s Creatief

    Wilma Whempie’s Creatief

    You both take care and relax❤️🤗

  5. Micah V

    Micah V

    I think the way sherpa stand up at 2am and move slowly wth his head down is that somewhere inside his mind he can still remember the sound of those running horses and was afraid that they might comeback. He was protecting u..might as well u need to sleep next to him sure wth this sherpa will be comforted..also he is getting an age,😔😔 pls try sleeping near him

  6. Karen Atchison

    Karen Atchison

    Is Sherpa sleep walking? I hope he is okay.

  7. witch From the north

    witch From the north

    Lol!! You make it sound like it’s a bunch of t-rex 😂❤️❤️❤️ About sherpas ” episodes” , is he checked for epilepsy?

  8. Brent Aughe

    Brent Aughe

    I’m confused on why your paying for the shipping costs when it seems it’s the garages fault??? Maybe I missed something. But glad to see you and Sherpa are doing well.

  9. Alicia McDowell

    Alicia McDowell18 seconds ago

    Sherpa is thinking you should have ask Batdog to go walking with you, you know just in case

  10. טל אריאב

    טל אריאב23 seconds ago

    Jami, Sherpa not like Old dog. He behave like a yuong one inded. He run guikly. So hand some he is. From taly ariav From israel.

  11. Hoosier60

    Hoosier6050 seconds ago

    All that labor and transport costs should be covered by the repair facility’s insurance! Sherpa was telling you that he has to be who he is...loud and proud! Are you sure you brought enough anti-horse measures with you? Might need a few more.😂🤣. Poor Sherpa did look out of sorts at the end!😢

  12. Annette Maloney

    Annette Maloney55 seconds ago

    40 thousand congrats i watched the one with alxia almost 10 times you guys are the best

  13. Audrey Smith

    Audrey SmithMinute ago

    Such a shame you've lost the confidence to be out on the moors. Hopefully the attack was a one off. Is Sherpa drinking more than usual? Splintir had a water infection and it made him behave strangely. He's 13 and the vet suggested dementia. I didn't agree to further tests cos I felt sure Splintir would sort himself out. The extra drinking flushed out the infection and he was fine. This probably hasn't helped but just an idea to the strange behaviour. Hope he'll be ok. High 5 to Uncle Brian from me as well. You're so thoughtful, Jamie. 😄💛

  14. Dave Walker

    Dave WalkerMinute ago

    "Damn he's good" :D


    SRS1970CHEVELLE2 minutes ago

    Kind of looks like demintia acts seems confused about surroundings take care of that good boy Jamie hope all is well!

  16. Theresa Brown

    Theresa Brown2 minutes ago

    Congratulations on gaining 42.5k subscribers that's amazing. Seeing Sherpa's funny turn would scare me but if he's been having then since he was two and he doesn't have them very often and the vet doesn't know what it is, could these turns be hereditary maybe one of his parents had turns like this?

  17. Hege Hansen

    Hege Hansen3 minutes ago

    Hope you are doing okay, Sherpa ❤ we dont want anything happen to you ❤ Love you soooo soooo soooo soooo soooo soooo soooo soooo soooo soooo soooo soooo soooo soooo soooo soooo soooo soooo soooo soooo soooo soooo soooo much, Sherpa ❤

  18. barry heller

    barry heller4 minutes ago

    If the garage broke the glow plug then they should cover the cost of repairs. Check with your local trading standards.

  19. טל אריאב

    טל אריאב4 minutes ago

    Jami, I love your house. It is very beautitul. And cleen And organize every were. And sherpa is sklever dog. So good to you. I love him so much. From tal ariav From israel.

  20. Larry Wolf

    Larry Wolf4 minutes ago

    Honestly, it just looks like Sherp is hearing things outside that are probably beyond our range of hearing and is trying to discern what they are imo. It didn't look disturbing to me. Just like a dog listening.

  21. Karin Kindt

    Karin Kindt4 minutes ago

    Have you had Sherpa's glucose levels checked? If food helps bring him out of it he may experience lulls in glucose (aka hypoglycemia)

  22. The brummie Rail enthusiasts

    The brummie Rail enthusiasts4 minutes ago

    That’s three vans that you have got problems with first was the old transit then the sprinter which the engine died whilst on the motorway and now it’s your Sherpa wagon

  23. Arlene

    Arlene5 minutes ago

    Don't worry too much about Sherpa Jamie,,,Sherpa's limp is nothing serious,,,just continue him taking his medications,,,in fact Sherpa runs faster than you Jamie,,,he can walk, jump and ran for hours without feeling tired when he's in the moors or other places. Sherpa will surely miss Uncle Brian,,,,Uncle Brian is so thoughtful and generous,,,always have yummy treats for Sherpa😍 The secret why Sherpa looks so young and thinks he is still a puppy,,, is because he is always HAPPY😍

  24. Gloria T

    Gloria T5 minutes ago

    CBD for animals is excellent for older dogs. It's much better than drugs

  25. The Anonymous Kaur

    The Anonymous Kaur5 minutes ago

    Wow that's a serious horse repellent kit! I need one too, but against some crazy aggressive Canadian geese that take over the Dutch dog parks and attack us hoomans and dogs in our back 😵

  26. Rose Keel

    Rose Keel5 minutes ago


  27. flagpoleeip

    flagpoleeip5 minutes ago

    I can't believe you're willing to pay for all the extra work to the van.


    ROBBIE BUNGE6 minutes ago

    Perhaps just sleepwalking?

  29. Steven Corey

    Steven Corey6 minutes ago

    Sherpa: "More limping, more sympathy chicken balls...Huskamute logic."😀😋😀

  30. Jasmine

    Jasmine6 minutes ago

    Your so Precious Sherpa ❤️❤️❤️

  31. M. Franca Serrau

    M. Franca Serrau7 minutes ago


  32. CLee Webb

    CLee Webb7 minutes ago

    I have always heard all dog breeds have seizures of some form, you said he has done this since he was 2 so that's a plus on his side as ling as his vet thinks he is good. And so glad y'all made it through the moors unscathed. Hugs for Sherpa

  33. Cammie Garrison

    Cammie Garrison7 minutes ago

    Add an air horn, a bag of carrots or apples and some sugar cubes to drop. For distraction.

  34. Kellie Jimenez

    Kellie Jimenez7 minutes ago

    Sherpa is such a precious dog! 🥰🐾🐾♥️ with all that fluff it looks like he would just float on the water.

  35. Tina Hanno

    Tina Hanno8 minutes ago

    Nice to see that you are equipped to defend our dear friend. Sherpa trust you. 😊👍👍👍

  36. Antoine Derksen

    Antoine Derksen8 minutes ago


  37. Turt L

    Turt L8 minutes ago

    Sherpas Dad, any advice for making your dog happy without feeding them too much?

  38. David Locke

    David Locke8 minutes ago

    Sherpas episode looks like human absentee epilepsy, not sure if animals have the equivalent.

  39. John Reilly

    John Reilly9 minutes ago

    Love to see the old boy run about in the water! The limp certainly doen't curtail his enthusiasm for activity! Maybe that time at nite he saw ghosties like Key

  40. Shanez Angel

    Shanez Angel9 minutes ago

    Maybe Sherpa saw a ghost?

  41. Naveeta M Vellupillai

    Naveeta M Vellupillai9 minutes ago

    Since when sherpa's video became action thriller...

  42. elli virta

    elli virta10 minutes ago

    Aww...poor boy I hope your foot gets better soon😘 Thank god those horses did not show up, hope they stay away from you now on. 🐺❤

  43. Dan Collins

    Dan Collins10 minutes ago

    Don’t let the garages take the mickey out of you mate. At the end of the day, they damaged your glow plug, so between them and the other garage, they should be footing the repair and transport costs. Sounds like they’re taking you for a ride. They need to be careful as being a USlikesr with a fairly substantial following, you could name and shame them and loose them business. I know that’s probably not they type of thing you’d do, but they don’t know that. It’s not like you, Sherpa and your big red Transit van aren’t recognisable enough.

  44. Christine m Aubrey

    Christine m Aubrey10 minutes ago

    My Sherpa has seizures but not the Gand mal type...maybe a petite type..dogs have seizures too.

  45. Greg Ward

    Greg Ward10 minutes ago

    his "weird thing" imo is him listening to something, might be a cat/mouse/etc walking around the building

  46. Christine Spry

    Christine Spry10 minutes ago

    Im no vet but it looks like a neurological episode ,maybe get the vet to watch the video ,it really upset me my old boy Alfie used to do a similar thing its scary , positive though you went back to the Horse moors well armed ,that alarm would work so would the extingusher , love to you both me and Dexter 💙🐺

  47. Linda Bell

    Linda Bell11 minutes ago

    I hope Sherpa doesn’t have seizures or epilepsy. He is so precious. Love that wagging tail and that handsome face. Glad you didn’t encounter the horses again. Congratulations on 400k subscribers🎉💕💙😍.

  48. Jeff Herdzina

    Jeff Herdzina11 minutes ago

    I shocked that none of the 500 chicken balls from a few days ago, made it into the survival pack. Jamie, If the garage messed up anything on your van, why are you paying for it, including the transport from garage to garage ? I would talk with a Solicitor about that. Besides, that would cover a few chicken balls.

  49. Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec

    Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec11 minutes ago

    Jaysus I hope the garage that broke the glow plug will cover the cost 😮😮😮

  50. Su Lloyd

    Su Lloyd11 minutes ago

    I think Sherpa deserves a pamper day, relieve some of the stress,. x

  51. E W

    E W11 minutes ago

    It sounds a little weird but they have acupuncture for animals. But I don't know if they do that in UK or if Sherpa would like it.

  52. Liz and Mike

    Liz and Mike11 minutes ago

    That's the way, get back on that horse :)

  53. Ξ

    Ξ11 minutes ago

    The longer version! Was waiting for this!

  54. Soneka Gangulee

    Soneka Gangulee12 minutes ago

    Brave Sherpa

  55. Chris Stewart

    Chris Stewart12 minutes ago

    you should give the horse one of your pancakes that will scare him.

  56. Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec

    Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec13 minutes ago


  57. Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec

    Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec13 minutes ago

    Did Sherpa's protection equipment arrive from Amazon?

  58. J Meee

    J Meee14 minutes ago

    Sherpa says “let them hear me!” Y’all be safe out there gents.

  59. gail kusek

    gail kusek14 minutes ago

    Keep the spray in your pocket. Things can go wrong quickly. Be careful of the chemicals in the fire extinguisher.

  60. Chrystal Vaughn

    Chrystal Vaughn15 minutes ago

    Good afternoon sherpa and Jamie

  61. chris Andrews

    chris Andrews15 minutes ago

    Jamie could Sherpa having a type of seizure?

  62. Andrew McEvans

    Andrew McEvans16 minutes ago

    You have some very odd mechanic shops in England. In Montana, we usually just do the job ourselves.

  63. Lorna Mackenzie

    Lorna Mackenzie16 minutes ago

    Beautiful day there! Oh no Sherpa's still limping. Good news about the van. Those pesky horses better not attack you again. It may be the recent fire spooked them. It must be so alarming to see Sherpa have a funny turn like that. I do hope its nothing serious. 🙏💙

  64. Fliss Gregory

    Fliss Gregory16 minutes ago

    The Garages shouldn’t be charging you all of these costs because they couldn’t get organised!

  65. Theresa Starnes

    Theresa Starnes16 minutes ago

    Chased? Attacked ???

  66. Nancy Fenity

    Nancy Fenity17 minutes ago

    Hi fellas...what a beautiful sunny day. Looks like you're prepared for emergencies. Hope the van is fixed and you get it back tomorrow. 💜

  67. Shannon Thurston

    Shannon Thurston17 minutes ago

    Poor Jamie as well. You both have had some bad times. 🤗 and 💘

  68. Greg Ward

    Greg Ward18 minutes ago

    a walking stick with a camera mount on the tops would imo be perfect for walking in the moors. Stick it in the group and use it as a mono-pod to get some video with both you in it. Not to mention a nice stick is ideal for testing how deep water crossings are.

  69. Paul Ryan

    Paul Ryan18 minutes ago

    Nice vid jamie .it looked lovely out there on the moors. Shame about the aggro with the van mate hope you get it back in good nick .. hope sherp is o.k 👍👍👍👍👍

  70. Dominique Cardinal

    Dominique Cardinal19 minutes ago

    Maybe Epilepsy? The tablets Sherpas take are thy inflammatory medecine? Your boy looks real good very Healthy,its just normal at his age to have some little BOBO S!!! Have a great day guys! : )

  71. dennis smyth

    dennis smyth19 minutes ago

    Keep up the good work jamie. You should make some training videos or a training dog channel. Sherps not scared hes good.

  72. Lilly De La Rosa Gonzalez

    Lilly De La Rosa Gonzalez19 minutes ago

    Sherpa is so cute 🥰!

  73. Shannon Thurston

    Shannon Thurston19 minutes ago

    Poor Sherpa. Breaks my heart for him. 💘, 🤗 & 💋

  74. Ann

    Ann19 minutes ago

    I think everywhere he goes, Sherpa is stronger with u by his side. I think he is no longer worry about the horses. Just don't forget to bring the new umbrella :)

  75. Odin Oddinson

    Odin Oddinson19 minutes ago

    It must come and go, or Sherps forgets about it.🤔

  76. Adam Szybki

    Adam Szybki20 minutes ago

    You know what i like about Sherpa that she is a beautiful dog and has really big eyes 👀 by the way i was supposed to play with a dog right now but someone bought the dog before me😔😔

  77. lundelover

    lundelover21 minute ago

    Just be careful not to make a horse mad by spraying him.

  78. Michelle Smith

    Michelle Smith21 minute ago

    Make sure batdog is on standby for backup just in case those bad horses show up 😊 we have your back from the U.S. Sherpa and Jamie

  79. Robert A

    Robert A21 minute ago

    Poor old fellow. I know he's getting the best care.

  80. Alex Bamsey

    Alex Bamsey21 minute ago

    Hi Sherpa I hope you had a nice walk with your dad