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  1. M Da

    M Da9 hours ago

    This is totally the fakist mutch i ever seen

  2. Sunita Devi

    Sunita Devi9 hours ago

    Yen India aale hain marenge 4 ar ginne gen 1

  3. Muhammad Hatim

    Muhammad Hatim9 hours ago


  4. Sean Henderson

    Sean Henderson9 hours ago

    Honestly, l would’ve liked Roman Reigns and the Uso’s to team up as a heel called the “bloodline” with Uso’s like gear more but this isn’t bad. 🤷‍♂️

  5. JRA MaloChico

    JRA MaloChico9 hours ago

    Tony Nese should go to AEW.

  6. Alexavier Graulau

    Alexavier Graulau9 hours ago

    I don’t know which family is more messed up, alaiyah and Rey mysterio, or the USOS and Roman reigns

  7. Kevin Campbell

    Kevin Campbell9 hours ago

    This match is so one-sided. No one expects Uso to win and the WWE didn't bring Roman back to drop the belt. Roman will retain and the Usos are gonna fall in line and the new faction will be born.

  8. Banita Jaggi

    Banita Jaggi9 hours ago

    Braun 💪💪💪

  9. Afsar Zaidi

    Afsar Zaidi9 hours ago

    He looks like JBL

  10. ROCA MGC

    ROCA MGC9 hours ago


  11. Jens Rahm

    Jens Rahm9 hours ago

    Jodu would have been a great champ. Think he should have beaten brock

  12. jose da

    jose da9 hours ago

    she beating alexa

  13. DEATH MARK360

    DEATH MARK3609 hours ago

    I think it’s time for Kevin owners be a heel lol he way better heel then baby face

  14. Carlos Reyes

    Carlos Reyes9 hours ago

    I could not watch wwe bc dumb mlb

  15. JRA MaloChico

    JRA MaloChico9 hours ago

    Jey Uso vs Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship inside Hell In A Cell in a I Quit Match this Sunday.

  16. Golam Rabbani

    Golam Rabbani9 hours ago

    There's something in this man

  17. Kisha Maze

    Kisha Maze9 hours ago


  18. 5000 subscribers challenge with vidoes

    5000 subscribers challenge with vidoes9 hours ago

    Imagine scott steiner vs braun stroman it will be really epic guys

  19. Master wong

    Master wong9 hours ago

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  20. Jay Nelson

    Jay Nelson9 hours ago

    Crazy potential.

  21. h0rnhead

    h0rnhead9 hours ago

    Seth Rollins is so overrated

  22. omar proctor

    omar proctor9 hours ago

    Bianca lifted zelina up like she's on a weight bench pumping iron😂😂😂

  23. Frank Woods

    Frank Woods9 hours ago

    What did say to the refree in 1:01

  24. JoJo Kingsland

    JoJo Kingsland9 hours ago

    Remember when Zelina poisoned Montez lol

  25. Angela Xenikis

    Angela Xenikis9 hours ago

    YASS Sasha banks! U are the boss of the cell u can do it!!!!!

  26. Aaron Kilby

    Aaron Kilby9 hours ago

    We've got the old Murphy back, hopefully they'll treat him right

  27. ThaiDuiTx

    ThaiDuiTx9 hours ago

    The reason they’re so sad is because E is going to get buried without the New Day.

  28. Master wong

    Master wong9 hours ago

    Great Entertaining video guys subscribe to watch thanks

  29. Sigaw Impyerno

    Sigaw Impyerno9 hours ago

    Look how roman do paul heyman's job for him

  30. Teresita Groyon

    Teresita Groyon9 hours ago

    Natalya need rondaa😩

  31. James Niagu

    James Niagu9 hours ago

    Everyone gonna ignore the APA Reunion?!!

  32. JRA MaloChico

    JRA MaloChico9 hours ago

    Buddy Murphy future Intercontinental Champion or WWE Universal Champion.

  33. Sam Papenhuyzen

    Sam Papenhuyzen9 hours ago

    Lesson: never cashing in money in the bank contract on any shield member

  34. emmia stokes

    emmia stokes9 hours ago

    That was funny


    ANGRY RABBIT GAMING9 hours ago

    Don’t know if Murphy gave them a smirk at the end or if he was just hurting 🤔

  36. Average Meme

    Average Meme9 hours ago

    Just realized chad gable looks and sounds like hunter avallone but buff

  37. Mahesh waran

    Mahesh waran9 hours ago


  38. İsmail Cem Dede

    İsmail Cem Dede9 hours ago

    Kralın saçlarına ak düşmüş

  39. LILOR

    LILOR9 hours ago

    about f%$$ing time!!

  40. dagrazLPG

    dagrazLPG9 hours ago

    Take the Title Us!

  41. LaquitaRaquel678 Raquel678

    LaquitaRaquel678 Raquel6789 hours ago

    Drew you can come and get me anytime sexy

  42. Golam Rabbani

    Golam Rabbani9 hours ago

    RVDs one was best

  43. AE Davis

    AE Davis9 hours ago

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! Now Michael Cole can stop calling him that

  44. Nick Moore

    Nick Moore9 hours ago

    GOOD JOB the miz

  45. Robert Crute

    Robert Crute9 hours ago

    Really hoping this stupid story ends soon

  46. Andy Lai

    Andy Lai9 hours ago

    Asuka made this more better

  47. denise Lim

    denise Lim9 hours ago


  48. jiggy chad neuman

    jiggy chad neuman9 hours ago

    She even messed up what she was saying 😂

  49. Soldier of Fortune

    Soldier of Fortune9 hours ago


  50. Linda Carter

    Linda Carter9 hours ago

    About Damn Time!!!! Let's Go Chad!!

  51. MidnightMetalMaster

    MidnightMetalMaster9 hours ago

    The second Scott Got tagged in and hit Sting with that Sit-out Tiger Bomb I marked out! Man that move looked cool ASF!

  52. Narendra Malviya

    Narendra Malviya9 hours ago

    Roman reigns sabka baap hai

  53. ธีระพงษ์ วันทาพงษ์

    ธีระพงษ์ วันทาพงษ์9 hours ago


  54. شخصية غامضة

    شخصية غامضة9 hours ago

    Why they are fighting 🤔 I like them i don't want to see them hurt 😁

  55. TDE

    TDE9 hours ago

    this is just a show its fake

  56. willard ogamba

    willard ogamba9 hours ago

    Two great acrobatic wrestlers very thrilling

  57. Lazy Paladin

    Lazy Paladin9 hours ago

    Gable. Gable, Gable. Gable, Gable. Gable, *Gable. GABLE!* That about sums it up.

  58. AE Davis

    AE Davis9 hours ago

    Ready, Willing, and Gable

  59. beener 2025

    beener 20259 hours ago

    Honestly Rey shud be the one to end Lars streak

  60. شيلات /Roman Reigns

    شيلات /Roman Reigns9 hours ago

    I am from Iraq.

  61. Master wong

    Master wong9 hours ago

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  62. Barry Gause

    Barry Gause9 hours ago

    I hate this storyline we all know the usos were in wwe before roman was

  63. Alwi new2020

    Alwi new20209 hours ago

    brock lenar nice

  64. reeceybyrne

    reeceybyrne9 hours ago

    Bailey got back!

  65. J Hutchings

    J Hutchings9 hours ago

    this will never end

  66. Kimberly Thomas

    Kimberly Thomas9 hours ago

    Not my boo 🥴😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  67. Taylor Best

    Taylor Best9 hours ago


  68. soapie sins

    soapie sins9 hours ago

    This is why i love wwe. So for people who say this isn't wrestling, at least wwe says they are sports entertainment

  69. Hetal Valand

    Hetal Valand9 hours ago

    I love you Charlotte flair

  70. 19D0474 Keshav gehlot

    19D0474 Keshav gehlot9 hours ago


  71. شيلات /Roman Reigns

    شيلات /Roman Reigns9 hours ago

    I've been waiting for this game for weeks.

  72. Alice Nè

    Alice Nè9 hours ago

    i love U usos

  73. SKZ EscolpioZ

    SKZ EscolpioZ9 hours ago

    roman has to stay heel its for the best

  74. Rajit Ghosh

    Rajit Ghosh9 hours ago

    Styles got the most cheer In second it was dolph.