The D'Amelio Family
  1. Sweet Coffe

    Sweet Coffe7 hours ago

    Eu sou o comentário brasileiro que você procura:

  2. Nathan47 _07

    Nathan47 _077 hours ago

    How the fuck did anybody like this

  3. Jonathan does Random Stuff

    Jonathan does Random Stuff7 hours ago

    ⚠️Warning⚠️ : This is a very controversial comment section

  4. Eric Allen

    Eric Allen7 hours ago

    Horrible family and such rude behavior they ought to be ashamed of themselves. Acting like their s%$t doesn't stink

  5. Bruh

    Bruh7 hours ago

    Imagine getting mad over Dino nuggets

  6. Esther Macatol

    Esther Macatol7 hours ago

    We all have dreams charlis dream is to hit 100m

  7. Too Hip to Hop

    Too Hip to Hop7 hours ago

    I don't know these people, came across this because the 100 million thingy was in the news. But the moral crusaders in the comments are more disgusting than anything happening in this video

  8. MigZhy

    MigZhy7 hours ago

    I prefer reading the comments than watching this

  9. mabellbb

    mabellbb7 hours ago

    This whole video has me shocked. Shocked by how privileged they are. The fact that they had an entire meal made just for them, yet they spat it up, scrunched their noses in disgust, and showed absolutely NO table manners at all. They completely overreacted. Dixie is an entire adult, yet acting like a toddler. Not even a toddler, because I've seen toddlers with better manners than hers. Absolutely disgusting.

  10. Emily Carmen Arreaza

    Emily Carmen Arreaza7 hours ago

    Hey I put jalapeños in my subway samich to impress my older brother that he is not the only one that can take the hot food so I put them on my Samich 2 hours later I threw up on the floor with only the jalapeño a bit of bread crumbs

  11. Stefani Zamba

    Stefani Zamba7 hours ago

    I think Charlie for some reason is so spoiled for me but at Tik Tok when she makes videos she looks like a different teen girl

  12. sixth

    sixth7 hours ago

    12:39 keep an eye on dixie

  13. shanmukhi shikaram

    shanmukhi shikaram7 hours ago

    bitches insulted the snails and it became bad luck and bad omen oml

  14. Milena Kujawska

    Milena Kujawska7 hours ago

    nwm co sie tak przyczepili do char

  15. Karel karel

    Karel karel7 hours ago

    Bull shit familie

  16. luxz

    luxz7 hours ago

    It kinda looks like they are tryin to make charli more popular than dixie even tho she alrdy is.. (idk just kinda sus and its my opinion-)

  17. Aigerim Zhuban

    Aigerim Zhuban7 hours ago

    Зазвездились🤬 не нравится не едите😡ещё Чарли говорит мой подписчики цифры🤬 фу фу Чарли не достаена эти 90 мил потписчиков ПОЗОРРРР УЖАСС

  18. Brave WillyWax

    Brave WillyWax7 hours ago

    6:53, What the chef told to Dixie is true it does give fortune to who eats it, an they are also very tasty once they are cooked.

  19. Michael Wizouski

    Michael Wizouski7 hours ago

    Scumbags... Karma or lack of character will find them someday

  20. Draco’s Green Apple

    Draco’s Green Apple7 hours ago

    JK I still love char!

  21. Rica Rafael

    Rica Rafael7 hours ago

    When they asking you & there not a good listener 🙁.OUT OF PLACE

  22. Luana Ayanna

    Luana Ayanna7 hours ago

    vim pelo Jean LucaKKKKKKKKKKKK

  23. Brave WillyWax

    Brave WillyWax7 hours ago

    I gotta say something for the chef... The paella you just made is not the original, the paella you just made is usually made in the center of Spain, the original paella is just the rice with prawns and shellfish, everyone who is reading this you have to trust me because I'm Spanish and my uncle is a paella chef so I know what I'm talking about. I hope you take it in consideration and I mean no harm

  24. Michael

    Michael7 hours ago

    What a meaningless, empty people. So, this is popular these days? Wow... happy I'm from the seventies:-). Have a good day all!

  25. Милана Третьякова

    Милана Третьякова7 hours ago

    Аааааааааа почему нет НИ ОДНОГО РУССКОГО комента?

  26. chogss

    chogss7 hours ago

    How ungrateful

  27. Matthias Fridolin Warburg

    Matthias Fridolin Warburg7 hours ago

    Jesus this comment section is shit 😂 stop getting offended on other peoples behalf lol

  28. mariam sherozia

    mariam sherozia7 hours ago

    Charli I love you

  29. Andi Andi

    Andi Andi7 hours ago

    Charli don’t listen to ur haters


    VIBEZ CLAPS7 hours ago

    Stop sending hate she dose not deserve it

  31. Jr Does Asmr

    Jr Does Asmr7 hours ago

    It really sad that ppl are really hating bc teen asked for Dino Nuggets, wtf?

  32. SuperNovaGirl90

    SuperNovaGirl907 hours ago

    Wow. I'm shocked that James is the only one in this video that has somewhat a personality and manners. This family does not belong in the lime light, the daughters are immature, entitled, rude, and disgusting. I know that one of the daughters can hand dance and by hand dance I mean, she literally can't dance just move her arms and hands and people actually praise her for it. It's mind boggling tbh. If this was 2000 or 2001, these girls would not have a platform at all.

  33. Mr. Dorraimon

    Mr. Dorraimon7 hours ago

    My respect for james charles📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

  34. Mr. Dorraimon

    Mr. Dorraimon8 hours ago

    My respect for damelio family 📉📉📉📉📉

  35. Mohamed Alsedawe

    Mohamed Alsedawe8 hours ago

    Like just be real why being fake and showing off thanks to James for saving the video

  36. Rawan MHS

    Rawan MHS8 hours ago

    Dixie is so disrespectful , Doing that infront of the person who put time and love to make this dish!! Is just so Rude

  37. Priscilla Cuellar

    Priscilla Cuellar8 hours ago

    10:58 Dixie and Charlie were really messing around, I'm glad James told them to Stop. Hell to the No, If my Mexican mom saw me being this disrespectful when eating.

  38. Riki Kris

    Riki Kris8 hours ago

    i feel bad for the chef, ... and also James.. you carried this one

  39. shea

    shea8 hours ago

    Why do I have a feeling there won’t be an episode 2 lol

  40. Lou

    Lou8 hours ago

    I feel so sad for James cus he like basically baby sitting the family

  41. Sabah Abdul Basit

    Sabah Abdul Basit8 hours ago

    Charli the child with great luck

  42. Khadija Ibrar

    Khadija Ibrar8 hours ago

    I would just eat it Cuz I know how hard the chef worked cooking it Dixie really needs to learn to respect and be humble🙄

  43. L0llitaP0p

    L0llitaP0p8 hours ago

    dafuq did I just watch

  44. RIP Rex

    RIP Rex8 hours ago

    Congrats Charli on 100mil

  45. Mohab Mahmoud

    Mohab Mahmoud8 hours ago

    She calls her followers numbers and says i love them wtf

  46. Fonsy ツ

    Fonsy ツ8 hours ago

    I would just leave the snail

  47. Emma L

    Emma L8 hours ago

    They couldn’t actually think someone like Dave chapel would come have dinner with them lollllll

  48. KrishFNBR

    KrishFNBR8 hours ago

    I understand that people are hating on their table manners and stuff but let’s be real everyone had their preferences on food and charli was just saying it would have been cool for her to hit 100mil. She is not being ungrateful jeez. Chill out with the mean comments. 👍

  49. 22Gz 2

    22Gz 28 hours ago

    I know he’s gay but he’s humble, so I respect that

  50. V PSY

    V PSY8 hours ago

    Not the fact that they got cancled after dis

  51. 22Gz 2

    22Gz 28 hours ago

    He the only dude on the table 😂😂😂😝😝

  52. ZAHRAA Shamseddine

    ZAHRAA Shamseddine8 hours ago

    What a rude ppl

  53. Jolie batzorig

    Jolie batzorig8 hours ago

    When Charli said it's just a number I thought these are fans I think I don't even have a thousand and she says the 99 million is just a number. 😡

  54. Ky Ky

    Ky Ky8 hours ago

    Idk about the snail shit but when dixie would randomly say rude shit when james was talking signaling he was talking too much. HOW TF ARE THESE GIRLS FAMOUS. I'm so confused on how and why I dont know anything about them but thisss

  55. Louise Cheng

    Louise Cheng8 hours ago

    How to waste 16 mins of your life. 😬🤣 No class Dixie & Charli's fake laughs CRINGE AF.

  56. ZAHRAA Shamseddine

    ZAHRAA Shamseddine8 hours ago

    I never loved u but now I hateeeee u

  57. ZAHRAA Shamseddine

    ZAHRAA Shamseddine8 hours ago

    Stupid family

  58. J-Boogie _

    J-Boogie _8 hours ago

    I still don’t understand why ppl are so mad at Charli and Dixie. Like they’re still young and all they did was say they didn’t like snails and y’all probably wouldn’t eat them either. SHE ASKED FOR DINO NUGGETS AND PPL ARE TRIGGERED

  59. Ky Ky

    Ky Ky8 hours ago

    Not Charli saying 'we know' sneakily when James said I know how to get my point across. And when Dixie was like I like how you threw it out there your pallets was sold out rudely. Like wtf he is there to fucking talk and hold a convo

  60. Kixjrcortez

    Kixjrcortez8 hours ago

    7:50 Charlie do we have any Dino nuggets

  61. ashli neh

    ashli neh8 hours ago

    Safe to say she did NOT get good luck and fortune 😃

  62. rosie vlogs

    rosie vlogs8 hours ago

    I will be very honest, if I was in the chef’s position I would be very upset and sad that Dixie disrespects the food.

  63. Ben Best

    Ben Best8 hours ago

    14:57 for the scene you wanna see

  64. Izabela Toporowicz

    Izabela Toporowicz8 hours ago

    I don't understand this video

  65. Nikola

    Nikola8 hours ago


  66. Jala-peño the great

    Jala-peño the great8 hours ago

    0:38 lmao what’s with that laugh No hate tho

  67. Nytt Sardeñola

    Nytt Sardeñola8 hours ago

    everytime James talks, all of them just bow their heads and not maintain eye contact

  68. Lhean Dreigh Medios

    Lhean Dreigh Medios8 hours ago

    Yes she hated snails we got it but acting like that throwing up disrespecting the chef like you could just hide your disgusted face and take a napkin and spit it in there without even disrespecting somebody 🙄

  69. addison rae aesterling

    addison rae aesterling8 hours ago

    Why charli was said 100 million follower and its just a both number ??!! Whats your problem charli, u think your followers are just a number. IM SO SORRY FOR DAMELIO FAMILY PLS BE SHY!!

  70. Артур Агишев

    Артур Агишев8 hours ago

    Кто тут татар пиши я!!!

  71. loubinhu

    loubinhu8 hours ago

    desrepect the chef

  72. Unna wacklin

    Unna wacklin8 hours ago

    Dixie is disgusting...

  73. _Prannoy_

    _Prannoy_8 hours ago

    No one gives a f**k We all love you guyssss❤❤❤❤

  74. Amy Mellor

    Amy Mellor8 hours ago

    i'm a little weirded out with charlis facial expressions.... not gonna lie

  75. Lucky Donut

    Lucky Donut8 hours ago

    what the actual fuck is wrong with people these days? dixie and charli did NOTHING wrong and people are so quick to jump on the cancel wagon. snail is a unique food that most people don’t like and clearly, everyone at the dinner table was pressuring her to eat it because dixie is known to throw up easily. if she didn’t like the taste of snail, she can’t just hold in her vomit i know i would throw up too if i ate something gross, no matter the way it was cooked by the chef. sure, the chef might have been offended and she probably shouldn’t have said it was disgusting but it was one small comment made and suddenly the whole fandom is against her and her sister. commenting things like “they are overrated” and “money can’t buy you class and respect” are so childish and annoying, they didn’t ask for the fame, they got famous on tiktok overnight and are talented, kind people who don’t deserve all the hate. grow up everyone.

  76. Brave Sky

    Brave Sky8 hours ago

    dixie did NOT have to react like that 6:50

  77. Franklin Clinton

    Franklin Clinton8 hours ago

    The family is only famous because of there little shitty dancing sister, it’s not even dancing 😂

  78. kathy guevara

    kathy guevara8 hours ago


  79. Callie Anastasia

    Callie Anastasia8 hours ago

    Lmao when eating a snail is more disgusting than eating your own booger........Grow up, you’re 18.

  80. Onnahili Williams

    Onnahili Williams8 hours ago

    Ok can people just stop spreading hate comments im sure you have made mistakes and if you haven't then your not human being. They make mistakes just like us, being famous is not going to stop you from making mistakes or stop you from throwing up, Dixie was trying not to throw up but you can stop your body from working properly if she would have kept that in then it would cause major health problems and sure Charli should not have said " do we have dino nuggets" but some people are still growing up and she said so herself chicken nuggets are her favorite food she did still appreciated the food she still ate it so did Dixie, so can we all go on about our days a forget about all this a quiet telling people to kill themselves. If you dont feel good about yourselves and feel like taking it out on other people then keep it to your self. How would you like it if somebody told you to kill your self, not very much im sure so don't tell others to kill themselves.