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What's going on USlikes, this is I Talk *insert meme here* here, and in today's video we have a brand new video.

This is my Fortnite USlikes channel! Here, I make a wide variety of videos ALL pertaining to Fortnite! I love to discuss unpopular opinions, leaks, rumors, teasers, and theories!

I like to throw my hat into the ring and have open discussions about everything Fortnite. I like to start a conversation. I like to hear a lot of differing opinions. I feel like my USlikes channel is something different, because something I've noticed with a lot of Fortnite USlikesrs, a lot of them clickbait, and mislead with their titles and thumbnails. That is something that I don't stand for and it's something that I want to change.

I hope you guys enjoy my content! I try to read every single comment. I really do care about you guys, and I cannot thank you guys enough for the endless support you guys give me. Thank you once again for giving me a chance.

  1. Golldii

    Golldii4 hours ago

    They need to make a ranboo skin now

  2. SplxshFC

    SplxshFC4 hours ago

    Wheres The Locker Tour !!! We need one !! U buy so much skins

  3. Gacha Lasagna

    Gacha Lasagna4 hours ago

    Really Surprised that I Talk's fave TikTok emote is Jabba Switchway and not the Flow, The Crow emote

  4. Outlaw

    Outlaw4 hours ago

    Still waiting for the Bohemian Rhapsody emote smh

  5. Billy Sanders

    Billy Sanders4 hours ago

    Chair emote literally me every day when I’m at school

  6. YKValentino

    YKValentino4 hours ago

    Badayadayadayada! That could be another emote coming to Fortnite 😂.

  7. Maza_Love

    Maza_Love5 hours ago

    I thought they were going to do for a season and because of that I jokingly said to my GF that I'll buy every license emote. Help

  8. Jacob Warner

    Jacob Warner5 hours ago

    I love the new emote soo much because I would love to spin on an office at tilted.

  9. Bliss

    Bliss5 hours ago

    I have no problem with them but they do get annoying and cringe sometimes, like the savage one

  10. ItsNotJuan

    ItsNotJuan5 hours ago


  11. Skull Ranger

    Skull Ranger5 hours ago

    Can some one add me please

  12. Chocolate Rulez1

    Chocolate Rulez15 hours ago

    That’s all we got new emote but uncool emote

  13. Elijah Adcock

    Elijah Adcock5 hours ago

    i used to think you sucked for a keyboard and mouse player now that i play on keyboard your cracked ngl

  14. Mizu luvs u

    Mizu luvs u5 hours ago

    I’m so glad old items are coming back thanks fortnite,

  15. WolfXGamer98

    WolfXGamer985 hours ago

    Best emote Office Chariot

  16. Namerramer

    Namerramer5 hours ago

    Devastator was the last uncommon skin I didn’t have now I have the full set :)

  17. Jacob Carter

    Jacob Carter5 hours ago

    The new emote is pretty cool!!!!

  18. Bimbo

    Bimbo5 hours ago

    Man I wonder if a half ender man that is friends with a friend of a color blind guy, spin on a chair for 5 minutes.

  19. Musical Lyrics

    Musical Lyrics5 hours ago

    I love them!

  20. レムレム

    レムレム5 hours ago

    savage emote dance is trash and music is trash

  21. cxrtis 200 pumped you

    cxrtis 200 pumped you5 hours ago

    U own everything in the game I swear but keep up the good work man

  22. taptap

    taptap5 hours ago

    Where is Marigold already

  23. Harry The Gamer

    Harry The Gamer5 hours ago

    The OG soccer skins are better

  24. Joseph Jumonville

    Joseph Jumonville5 hours ago

    That chair emote is for the Boss lady on the end of the phone, thats how she's gonna reveal herself.

  25. Atrillicx

    Atrillicx5 hours ago

    as someone who is in the tiktok emotes age range (14) i personally think these emotes are very dry and unoriginal, i like emotes like Rollie or Last forever, however some emotes like savage and renegade just make me cringe

  26. Doggy nuggies

    Doggy nuggies5 hours ago

    Emote office chariot: When your in work and you’re bored 🥱

  27. Sean Venuti

    Sean Venuti5 hours ago

    Pina cobblers finally came back

  28. Collette Prunty XS PSYHCO CODE

    Collette Prunty XS PSYHCO CODE5 hours ago

    It good

  29. Joe Dirt

    Joe Dirt5 hours ago

    what emote

  30. Orpheus The Crab

    Orpheus The Crab5 hours ago

    This reminds me of Ranboo’s chair spin for 5 minutes video.

  31. Nemo 124

    Nemo 1245 hours ago

    I think the female midas is gonna come out soon

  32. Breckin Arreguin

    Breckin Arreguin5 hours ago

    Huh the Pina Clobbers came back exactly 1 year later

  33. Cool Konch reboot

    Cool Konch reboot5 hours ago

    I love spinning chairs

  34. Blinddog 44

    Blinddog 445 hours ago

    Yo anyone wanna add Me my epic is my name

  35. FrostyFox

    FrostyFox5 hours ago

    It's weird that he doesn't even use his own support a creator code lol

  36. Dr Pepper

    Dr Pepper5 hours ago

    Congrats to Stephen Curry for winning the 2021 NBA All Star game 3 point contest

  37. saijeinen

    saijeinen5 hours ago

    He's using code lazar

  38. Josiah Bryant

    Josiah Bryant5 hours ago

    I am still waiting on the Rambunctious emote

  39. Krystle Harrison

    Krystle Harrison5 hours ago

    Hey Italk, can you tell me how long the marvel stuff will last

  40. Owen Fuller

    Owen Fuller5 hours ago

    I think they shouldn't just have Modern music. They should have Micheal Jackson, Aerosmith, etc.

  41. BeyondTwoWorlds

    BeyondTwoWorlds5 hours ago

    Nexus War was an amazing season. Easily one of the best. Idc.

  42. Joselin Amador

    Joselin Amador5 hours ago

    Ok boomer 🙄😆

  43. Fire HubDaily

    Fire HubDaily5 hours ago

    1 more week left of season 5

  44. Breanna Prieto

    Breanna Prieto5 hours ago

    CODE ITF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Breanna Prieto

    Breanna Prieto5 hours ago

    spinning chairs are the best time of chairs and i love that emote

  46. Rayan Bouhenna

    Rayan Bouhenna5 hours ago

    wow the new office chariot emote!

  47. Otter bot48

    Otter bot485 hours ago

    I enjoy when I buy a new 800 emote that is made unique in its own special way.

  48. SSB Chippyj

    SSB Chippyj5 hours ago

    Lazarbeam is definitely doing a vid about this emote

  49. Raptor in a can

    Raptor in a can5 hours ago

    This whole season was ONE BIG AD there has been a handful of original skins. And a bunch of skins from different places idk really care because I’ve seen and play most of the cross overs this season but for other people I guess it have been annoying to others. To be real with you I just want drift with the hoodie and mask make a reskin of besides the swift I will buy it. But that’s just me :)

  50. Olly

    Olly5 hours ago

    I would love this. I've started playing three months ago and I'm having a great time, and I've missed so much like star wars, marvel, DC ect and I love those genres. Stuff like iron man or batman or Deadpool. The only time I played was for the marvel, star wars and mecha Vs monster event but I really missed out so much so yeah it would be cool for battle pass items in shop.

  51. Demolished By Hasan

    Demolished By Hasan5 hours ago

    Btw ur still using code Lazar

  52. Eatkitkat YT

    Eatkitkat YT5 hours ago

    The only issue I have with the tiktok emotes is that they all use the icon series rarity which feels like a ad instead of putting them rare.

  53. Qwinge

    Qwinge6 hours ago

    Is anyone gonna talk about where t-pose went?

  54. Andrew Muniz

    Andrew Muniz6 hours ago


  55. Scott 199

    Scott 1996 hours ago

    I dont like fortnite but that emote looks Funny

  56. KamiKazeKX

    KamiKazeKX6 hours ago

    i talk sounds a little sick today. i hope he’s doing fine and safe

  57. Foreignn Hundo

    Foreignn Hundo6 hours ago

    Fun Fact: Today is my birthday

  58. Argellis Sanchez

    Argellis Sanchez6 hours ago

    Who was watching the All-stars and came to see the video ?

  59. Foreign Lex V

    Foreign Lex V6 hours ago

    Love the Spyro music in the background!

  60. Ashton Dragon

    Ashton Dragon6 hours ago

    I agree with I talk bc it’s copyright 😤

  61. Petrona Solis

    Petrona Solis6 hours ago

    I love how in the comments use code ITF when he's using code lazar

  62. Jazz Ratazz

    Jazz Ratazz6 hours ago

    ranboo vibes from the new emote

  63. Lt xxx Olod

    Lt xxx Olod6 hours ago

    This emote is pay to win use it at long range and spin realy fast forward and back u will know what mean

  64. RT Chris

    RT Chris6 hours ago

    We all span on a chair like that

  65. HighRiseZz

    HighRiseZz6 hours ago

    I just don’t like that tik tok thinks they can claim a song and saying it’s a tik tok song/emote

  66. Drenic (DMD)

    Drenic (DMD)6 hours ago

    You were using Iris 😍😍😍 oh my god i love her so much

  67. icrashedthehonda

    icrashedthehonda6 hours ago

    I want the poki emote back I missed out😭❤️

  68. Dusk Knight

    Dusk Knight6 hours ago

    Enyone getting ranboo spinning in a chair vibe

  69. Austin Daddy

    Austin Daddy6 hours ago

    I feel bad for lazar and for epik whale like they are bringing out all this marvel stuff as their bundles are coming out

  70. Sourbuggy2008

    Sourbuggy20086 hours ago

    Omg that emote is sooooo realistic for me cause that’s what I do when I’m bored

  71. Arrow Accurate Gaming

    Arrow Accurate Gaming6 hours ago

    Lovin that roos tubes music in the background

  72. platinum trophie

    platinum trophie6 hours ago

    yes that's devastator first time back in the itemshop after 739 days

  73. YoCinco 4

    YoCinco 46 hours ago

    I bought the gleam team when it first came out and know I’m annoyed that it’s just another 30 day recycle

  74. bradyhans gaming

    bradyhans gaming6 hours ago

    i miss 2012

  75. Fire blasterpence

    Fire blasterpence6 hours ago

    Hey I talk! did you know the penny has a backbling she didnt come out with it yesterday but they put it in Sunday morning! just a little heads up! Have a Good day! \

  76. itswacky

    itswacky6 hours ago

    "U know were buying it"

  77. daytonthegreat

    daytonthegreat6 hours ago

    My devastator skin finally came up after 2 years...

  78. Zenq Fotis

    Zenq Fotis6 hours ago


  79. haze minii

    haze minii6 hours ago

    Btw you don't pronounce piña clobbers like pina it's like pin-ya

  80. KING G

    KING G6 hours ago

    Hey BTW on this emote the female skins does not raise their legs up while the male skins do and lazerbeam's emote the female skins close their legs. who noticed that?