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  1. Jesús Salazar Durán

    Jesús Salazar Durán3 hours ago

    I only have one question. Where is Caboose?

  2. Angel Vazquez

    Angel Vazquez3 hours ago

    Penny: missile inbound

  3. Foxx Clawz

    Foxx Clawz3 hours ago

    nice rendering

  4. SMH 0217

    SMH 02174 hours ago

    Kinda surprised that it wasn’t mentioned that the Reds saved Sarge from a gunshot wound to the head by giving him CPR.

  5. Colored Lines!

    Colored Lines!4 hours ago

    Oop- we waited all 2020 for this

  6. mic 1133

    mic 11334 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure that this is the next chapter of red vs blue. After the reds and blues along with Carolina and Washington all battled against Felix and his men at the end of season 16 Carolina and Washington went her seperate way (Idk if church did) but I think this what is going on in their life now

  7. The Gay_churro

    The Gay_churro4 hours ago

    Sun is so cute🥺🥺

  8. Kre8 or

    Kre8 or4 hours ago

    "Low lets go get some popcorn, the comments section should be losing its mind right about, now"

  9. skipitty bop

    skipitty bop4 hours ago


  10. UBu

    UBu4 hours ago

    "Promise you won't get mad?" "No."

  11. R3TR0 pixl 343

    R3TR0 pixl 3435 hours ago

    I wasn't ready for that it made me laught so much 6:48

  12. Sage Coleman

    Sage Coleman5 hours ago

    when he says tejas tejas translated he said tiles tiles

  13. Virgo

    Virgo5 hours ago

    So Felix is like...deadshot mixed with deadpool

  14. Jorge Eduardo Ochoa Mojica

    Jorge Eduardo Ochoa Mojica5 hours ago

    Dios odoro como López habla español pero lo hablar muy mal jajaja

  15. Charles Shelton

    Charles Shelton5 hours ago

    Bow chicka bow wow

  16. Eric

    Eric5 hours ago

    Through chaos and shit, Geoff and Gus remain constant.

  17. Ares the God of War

    Ares the God of War5 hours ago

    This looks amazing. I *really* hope this show doesn't go the same way as Family Guy or the Simpsons

  18. Johnny Winn

    Johnny Winn6 hours ago

    3:14 Uh I think something’s wrong with her arms?

  19. blah blah

    blah blah6 hours ago

    She was my friend.....

  20. Nex

    Nex6 hours ago

    4:31 wash muffled screaming button

  21. Wolfie Ch. ウォルフィー

    Wolfie Ch. ウォルフィー6 hours ago


  22. Emilio crash

    Emilio crash6 hours ago

    looks a lot like halo

  23. Ultra_axe781

    Ultra_axe7816 hours ago

    The best way to do your worldbuilding is to forget about it the first time around, then give your viewers homework

  24. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama6 hours ago

    Please remake red vs blue in master chief collection

  25. Snow Fox

    Snow Fox6 hours ago

    Okay, I love change and all - I've loved every season of RvB so far, I just want to start with that. But... what the hell? This does not seem like change for the better. Everything about this seems forced and awkward. It doesn't feel like they're doing something like what they did with the freelancer ark, it just feels like they'r trying to write off the Reds and Blues for different protagonists, along with a COMPLETELY different atmosphere. This just seems like an attempt to retain the Red vs Blue title while making something completely different. I hope I'm wrong and this is just a temporary thing like the freelancer ark was, because Red vs Blue without the Reds and Blues would suck. I get Caboose's voice actor got fired but trying to replace the main cast of characters would be a piss-poor way to fix that.

  26. Diego Hernández

    Diego Hernández6 hours ago

    This looks good😃

  27. Alexos

    Alexos6 hours ago

    I think this is my favorite opening

  28. Kabul Budiansyah

    Kabul Budiansyah6 hours ago

    Wheres to watch?

  29. Seth Eaton

    Seth Eaton7 hours ago

    Hey, why did you remove all the main RWBY series?

  30. Ares the God of War

    Ares the God of War7 hours ago

    6:45 Well they were right: *There are fates worse than death*

  31. Bowen Orcutt

    Bowen Orcutt7 hours ago

    Didn't have to be this way. He could have just told them what's really going on with Carolina. The sad fact is though, he very literally isn't the person they knew in Blood Gulch. And he'd started to drift apart from them pretty much as soon as he got pulled out of the memory unit.

  32. Drakkaunix

    Drakkaunix7 hours ago

    "All you need to know to act as I tell you too" "Without you, I am nothing" ...... Neo will probably die

  33. Kre8 or

    Kre8 or7 hours ago


  34. 2007 Honda Civic

    2007 Honda Civic7 hours ago

    Camp Campbell's Cameron Campbell the Cameron Campbell Camp Campbell Camper

  35. Z-man 123

    Z-man 1237 hours ago

    So wait? They bring caboose, who can be completely divorced from reality, to do the time mission, yet don’t bring wash just because of a little brain damage?

  36. M.T.F guard

    M.T.F guard7 hours ago

    Glad to know they didn't decide to take off all the red vs blue seasons *Cough's* like what they did with all the Ruby episodes *coughs* so they can get more people on their broken site

  37. Snow

    Snow7 hours ago

    tucker is about to fucking become badass. You can tell the next season is tucker arc baby.

  38. Spooky Nigga

    Spooky Nigga8 hours ago

    bruh that it is that all we get to see man just give ironwood the entire show at this point

  39. Abraxas Tyndall

    Abraxas Tyndall8 hours ago

    I love how the triplets are here, they were funny May the rest in peace...

  40. Carlos Arturo Plascencia Hernandez

    Carlos Arturo Plascencia Hernandez8 hours ago

    The best serie... Aún recuerdo el nombre de algunos "personajes"...

  41. chilly thepenguin

    chilly thepenguin8 hours ago


  42. Random had appeared

    Random had appeared8 hours ago

    Why did the wolf have to die I have a such a soft spot for all animals I can’t help but cry even if the animal can kill me

  43. shittymeme guyperson

    shittymeme guyperson8 hours ago

    if you think about it this episode is basically the shape of water but in a camp

  44. Sebastian Garcia

    Sebastian Garcia8 hours ago

    The rwby universe ties in with the modern warfare universe

  45. MURDERBOT 1000

    MURDERBOT 10009 hours ago

    I love how the intro is a minute and 29 seconds left

  46. AsashinDaka

    AsashinDaka9 hours ago

    that "fuck" xD

  47. BurrYEETo live

    BurrYEETo live10 hours ago

    O malley startin to sound like a von karma

  48. Steamworks

    Steamworks10 hours ago

    First 1:30 of this. Saddest moment in rvb ever

  49. Joe Swanson

    Joe Swanson11 hours ago

    "He's a weenie!"

  50. Jason Norment

    Jason Norment11 hours ago

    Ah.....memories of Freshman year of high school and fucking off with friends.....i was the Grif of the group lol

  51. PokerSprout

    PokerSprout11 hours ago

    When you speed up the tex and carolina fight it doesn't look as bad

  52. Charred_Bunny

    Charred_Bunny12 hours ago

    Davids gonna betray him.

  53. Reaper The God Of Games

    Reaper The God Of Games12 hours ago

    Grif and Doc were the creators of pizza... MY WHOLE LIFE IS A LIE!

  54. Michael Rivers

    Michael Rivers12 hours ago

    #FreeRWBY #BringBackRWBY Also this "trailer" doesn't excite me.

  55. ゲームAce

    ゲームAce12 hours ago

    Sun is like Blake's brother