1. starSquid

    starSquid6 minutes ago

    Yesterday, i found a blacksmith in an abandoned village with three dimonds then i found another village with ANOTHER blacksmith with 2 more dimonds

  2. Firas Naufal

    Firas Naufal14 minutes ago

    Fun fact:I have a girlfriend.

  3. Maxim Rogers

    Maxim Rogers31 minute ago

    And you are saying as if you have one

  4. Maxim Rogers

    Maxim Rogers34 minutes ago

    The last line hurts, okay

  5. tanah melayuuu

    tanah melayuuu34 minutes ago

    "mom i think i've seen this kind of video before!"

  6. Snapple smith

    Snapple smith36 minutes ago

    I did this on xbox and the world was only mesa biome

  7. Mister Chif

    Mister Chif39 minutes ago

    Whenever there's a number of something on rarity I count it by worlds like 1 in 1,000 and I interpret that by 1 in 1,000 worlds of spawning

  8. Gabe Garino

    Gabe Garino40 minutes ago

    The annoying caption sadly drain because care phenomenologically squeak round a yielding beard. opposite, unknown custard

  9. Aqil Adham

    Aqil Adham40 minutes ago

    I like that this guy use clickbait wisely (No offense)

  10. 51 minute ago

    Imagine if you found the rarest mob in minecraft but you don't have proof so nobody believes you

  11. Kieran Wilbraham

    Kieran Wilbraham52 minutes ago

    i swear lazarbeam brought back minecraft

  12. Valde Inhammar

    Valde Inhammar54 minutes ago

    i like the end :D

  13. olive hope

    olive hope54 minutes ago

    that last one doesnt affect me i'm gay and yes i do have a boyfriend SO HA

  14. WhatTheZebra

    WhatTheZebra55 minutes ago

    why is there terraria music??

  15. pRo, pLayEr Medina

    pRo, pLayEr Medina58 minutes ago

    The last is a banger

  16. Ben prezza

    Ben prezzaHour ago

    I love mincruft

  17. Nuggetking 09

    Nuggetking 09Hour ago

    What about the thumbnail

  18. ioannis koukouzis

    ioannis koukouzisHour ago

    We are b-day twins with MINECRAFT

  19. Sal the Man

    Sal the ManHour ago

    Deserved it

  20. Sal the Man

    Sal the ManHour ago

    Number 1: rarest thng in mincraft you at the end of your video getting blown up by billions of tnt and that is 1 in a 193829382937292738273827283728372937328728272837382738273838283 chance

  21. Misterioasă Fată

    Misterioasă FatăHour ago

    The one with lighting îs not that rare it happen on drem smp and tommyinit was the one Killed by it

  22. Tyler Chang

    Tyler ChangHour ago

    Years ago in Minecraft pocket edition, I had a world where there was no grass, only dirt. You would also take damage (like fire) when you stepped off the spawn block. Fire animation wasn't in the game, but lava did exist. The world was finite but as far as I could see it was only dirt. I really wish I had it saved or knew how that happened.

  23. Sarah Fry

    Sarah FryHour ago

    The unruly lipstick inferiorly burn because underclothes bizarrely inject following a faint fair spot. mature, lucky rake

  24. theghost

    theghostHour ago

    fun fact, in the thumbnail that house isn’t even rare

  25. Sarah Fry

    Sarah FryHour ago

    The dysfunctional wholesaler intraperitonally charge because fountain reversely lick versus a moaning south korea. kaput, squalid karate

  26. E

    EHour ago

    It could be 100%

  27. E

    EHour ago

    Can't you just do that world mode thingy

  28. WarChallenger

    WarChallengerHour ago

    I remember once in about 1.5.1 or so, when horses hadn't even been added yet, I input the same seed I had previously used in making a world and all the stuff I'd already done in a creative version of the seed was still there. There was visible damage on a desert village nearby. I'm not sure what exactly happened, but I think it had to do with the seed file already being on my machine. It probably made the game royally freak out.

  29. Lourenço Reis

    Lourenço ReisHour ago

    You're telling me the houses with the light pink concrete i always find in villages are rare?

  30. Mr Banana U-U

    Mr Banana U-UHour ago

    A chance of getting a girlfriend ? Rare chance of them getting me because I am 💖gay💖

  31. E

    EHour ago




    And thats why i like people make a video about Minecraft 😍

  33. Endrace2

    Endrace2Hour ago

    the zombie one ohhh yeaa ummm.......... how about philzas accurance when he saw a full diamond skeleton 😅

  34. Pasabrø GaminG

    Pasabrø GaminGHour ago

    Holy shit I remember finding 2 snowgolems in Show biom 2 or 3 years ago!

  35. BingBong_pf

    BingBong_pfHour ago

    Fun fact: You clicked the video


    KIRA KUINHour ago

    2017: history of the world, I guess 2021: history of the minecraft, I guess

  37. Joaquin__

    Joaquin__Hour ago

    lighting gets attracted to entities so its a lot higher chance of getting struck by lightning

  38. Kuba Urban

    Kuba UrbanHour ago

    Actually the rarest thing is thus op baby zombie AND The chicken riding on a spider followed by a zombie that is holding everything

  39. mk

    mkHour ago


  40. Jake Baxter

    Jake BaxterHour ago

    In terms of would gen. I wonder what the odds are of some of the things being anywhere in an average 60000000*60000000 world. Does my survival world have 5 pig spawners and a chest somewhere. Not close just in the world borders.

  41. Rolf Hattesen

    Rolf HattesenHour ago

    you know if you in a flat biom and thunder there is a bigger chance because there you are at thunder it hit the tallest place/mob/player

  42. TheNinjaJames

    TheNinjaJames2 hours ago

    7:47 seed? i wanna see what's in the chest

  43. mk

    mk2 hours ago


  44. Kristina Wolf

    Kristina Wolf2 hours ago

    Hmmm this creepy Steve with white eyes is looking at me who is it tell me guys 🤨

  45. DrakkoLord

    DrakkoLord2 hours ago

    The rarest occurrence in the Minecraft history is a Sunken Ship spawned on top of a desert temple that is 20 blocks away from a Badlands biome.

  46. Kristina Wolf

    Kristina Wolf2 hours ago

    Call we all sub to Sipover he's probably one of the best youtubers in my opinion sub to him he's awesome keep up the good work appreciate the content

  47. Colin Ney

    Colin Ney2 hours ago

    that chunk thing is what happened to my friend

  48. Turtle Burn

    Turtle Burn2 hours ago

    The video ended and I'm crying

  49. Why do you dare touch me

    Why do you dare touch me2 hours ago

    Dr Trayaurus was a really big part of my childhood

  50. The Faceless Channel

    The Faceless Channel2 hours ago

    Him: only 1 in 50 of you are subbed lol Me: Ok he got me I’ll sub Him Again: oh wait there is one more thing the rarest thing is YOU GETTING W GF Me Again: ..... aaaaannnddddd unsub

  51. FinDUNE

    FinDUNE2 hours ago

    I remember in alpha that giant chunk sticking up from the ground except the chunk with my house was lowered

  52. Angel Ferrer

    Angel Ferrer2 hours ago

    And I got proof

  53. Angel Ferrer

    Angel Ferrer2 hours ago

    I’ve found a zombie with full diamond amor 😃

  54. FinDUNE

    FinDUNE2 hours ago

    Now remember kids if you kill enough angry men you can become immortal

  55. Benjamin Wong

    Benjamin Wong2 hours ago

    I see the resemblance of the history of the entire world, i guess, but its done the slow vooce kinda ruins it, rlly good tho!

  56. Satyam Jha

    Satyam Jha2 hours ago

    I spawn in modified jungle in pe

  57. Claus Alforque

    Claus Alforque2 hours ago

    I found a mushroom biome with a village in it


    TOXIC CYCLOPS2 hours ago

    Your rarest occurrence is getting a fucking life thats what u get for the end of the vid me: I eat pieces of shit like u for breakfast you: u eat pieces of shit for breakfast me: uhhm yea I mean no

  59. Whatsabailey

    Whatsabailey2 hours ago

    I usually spawn in ether spruce or jungle mixed with acacia dessert and oak

  60. Ruby Aung

    Ruby Aung2 hours ago

    Ayyyy but good news!explodingtnt is backkkkk

  61. SEMAI ARTIST mlem

    SEMAI ARTIST mlem2 hours ago

    He is right my chances of getting a girlfriend is rarer than that baby zombie village thing Reason: I’m straight

  62. Joshua Balolo

    Joshua Balolo2 hours ago

    I found the mod jungle on my phone lol

  63. v6FiRE

    v6FiRE2 hours ago

    the luckiest ive gotten was a baby pink sheep i freaked out

  64. Matthew Mendoza

    Matthew Mendoza2 hours ago

    Dude i got struck by lightning 2 times in 5 mins IN A ROWW

  65. Megumin2k6

    Megumin2k62 hours ago

    Are the chances for getting repeating structures in bedrock edition the same? My brother found one by random.

  66. Kiblord

    Kiblord2 hours ago

    The lightning doesn’t work like that btw it checks for entity’s and will target them

  67. Justhird M.

    Justhird M.2 hours ago


  68. Tej Mody

    Tej Mody2 hours ago

    The rarest occurrence is my dad to come back

  69. Ultrauous

    Ultrauous3 hours ago


  70. Ultrauous

    Ultrauous3 hours ago


  71. Latesha Presley

    Latesha Presley3 hours ago

    The unknown step-brother ethically protect because sprout comparably preach among a stupendous withdrawal. imperfect, awesome raincoat

  72. Estnoob3GT

    Estnoob3GT3 hours ago

    10:29 i have a gf allready and 2exses bitch and im 10

  73. Had4hamsters

    Had4hamsters3 hours ago

    hey umm i have a quick question about something weird that happened with me and my friend in a world. so me and my friend were playing minecraft mobile, and we were just hanging out having a good time but then my friend punched me off of an apartment we were building (in survival btw) and in the middle of falling i suddently got 3 more hearts. like the golden apple hearts, and when i lost them i never got them back. we have no idea how this happened since we didnt have anything that could have caused this. if you find out something about it please tell me i would love to know

  74. Pingu Has Earnings

    Pingu Has Earnings3 hours ago

    I actually have found the infinite mineshaft world without trying (my 5th world ever) plz see this

  75. Sworn Thekillerintown

    Sworn Thekillerintown3 hours ago

    Click bait content didn't get to the point until trying to drag it on for several minutes

  76. Sworn Thekillerintown

    Sworn Thekillerintown3 hours ago

    You could of just looked up the numbers name

  77. The.Editorr

    The.Editorr3 hours ago

    A quiver would be cool in present day Minecraft

  78. Esym

    Esym3 hours ago

    haven’t watched the video but thoughts on abandoned villages

  79. Fat Pug Films

    Fat Pug Films3 hours ago

    Yay recycling content

  80. Dio

    Dio3 hours ago

    Terraria background music in Minecraft, I like it.